"GAH!" Mashiro sat up quickly as she woke up, but as soon as she shit up she shit back down as a sharp pain traveled all along her body. She winced in pain as she scanned the room she was in, it looked like just an ordinary room. She was lying in a bed, it had a few stuffed animals and a few extra more pillows then what was needed. A girls room, is what Mashiro instantly thought of. The door clacked open.

"Ah. I was right! You are awake!" A familiar looking girl said. She walked over to Mashiro with a tray of apples. Mashiro then realized who the girl was.

"Y-you're the girl from earlier!" Mashiro exclaimed. The girl chuckled.

"You just noticed. But I guess you did just wake up." She said as she sat down next to her on the bed. "My name's Akeno Misaki! I'm really thankful for you helping me!" She beamed.

"I'm...Mashiro Munetani." Mashiro responded. "Ah! Wait! I have school! It's my first day too! I can't be late!" Mashiro then said, trying to get out bed, but failing miserably as the pain consumed her again.

"School? You already missed it." Akeno said. "It's 7 PM right now."

"Huh!? No way!" Mashiro then said in disbelief, she looked out if the nearest window that she could see without getting up, and surely enough, she could she the sun setting. She just sighed in disappointment. "How unlucky..." Akeno just chuckled a little.

"Hey by the way, where did you learn to fight like that?" She asked, while she was cutting the apple slices into little bunnies.

Mashiro thought about it for a while. "Dunno. I was just fighting by instincts and adrenaline." She shrugged, Akeno then picked up one of the bunnies off the plate with a tooth pick in one hand and with the other, put it under for just in case if it fell.

"Here. Open up." Akeno said slowly bringing the apple closer to Mashiro's mouth. Mashiro shook her head.

"I-i can feed myself." She rejected. She tried to lift up her hand, but it felt like lead. She began to break a sweat just trying to grab the toothpick. After she put it into her mouth, she let her arm flop down on her stomach, which made her since in pain from both her stomach and arm. "See?" She said pridefully.

"Uh...it took you like 5 minutes to grab the toothpick. You're too injured to be doing something like that. "But I am impressed, needless to say."

"Fine." Mashiro then finally agreed as Akeno tried feeding her again.

"Say 'ahhh'" Akeno said holding the apple next to Mashiro's face.

"A-ahh." Mashiro said embarrassed, as Akeno fed her the sweet, crisp apple.

"There. That's the last piece." Akeno said.

"Thanks..." Mashiro said. "She then looked outside. "I should probably get going, I have school tomorrow after all."

"Sorry. But I can't let you do that." Akeno said. "You're injuries are too extreme and plus..."

Mashiro raised an eyebrow. "Plus what?"

"Well... Right now you're in a special military base, and if you were to leave, we'd probably have to kill you."


"Like I said it's a special military base. Which means no one outsiders should be here. But with an outsider like you..."

"What if I just promise you that I won't tell anyone about it or even come back here!?" Mashiro said getting panicked. "That'll work won't it!?"

"I'm afraid not."

"So either way I'm going to die?"

"Not exactly. There's one more option." Akeno stated, making Mashiro look at her confused.

"What's that?"

Akeno looked down at her hands that were clasped together and she was twiddling her thumbs.

"You could join us..."


"I saw the way you fought earlier, we could really use someone like you."

"Wait! Just what kind of place am I in right now!?" Mashiro then asked.

"Um... Well you see you're in the Blue Mermaids main HQ." Akeno said.

"Wait...you mean the infamous Blue Mermaids?" Mashiro asked in disbelief. Akeno nodded her head.

"Wait! Then just who the hell are you!?" Mashiro then asked.

"Well you see..." Akeno then stood up. "My name is Akeno Misaki! Leader of the HareKaze squad and part of the Blue Mermaids!" She exclaimed as she grabbed the sleeve of her shirt with her right hand showing it to Mashiro, and sure enough, the Blue Mermaid's logo was plastered.

"You gotta be kidding me..."


Mashiro then slammed her head into her hand. "I'm so unlucky..."

"So what do you say?"

"Why do you even need someone like me?"

"Hmmm... That's a good question. I'm not really sure, but I don't know... I feel like there's a connection between us?"

Mashiro then blushed a little.

"Do you even know what you just said?"

"Huh? Yeah, why?"

"How could you be so confident when saying something that embarrassing?" Mashiro mumbled.

"Hm? Did you say something?"

"Nope. Anyways, I won't deny the fact that you WERE really lucky that managed to save you just in time."

"Hehe you think? I do tend to get really lucky for some reason. I even won the lottery once."

"Wow must be nice- wait! The lottery!?"

"Yeah it was only for a year long supply of toilet paper though."

"Well that's pretty lucky. I've heard that toilet papers been pretty scarce lately. I wonder why."

"Maybe the zombie apocalypse is happening." Akeno laughed.

"Or maybe a pandemic." Mashiro added, getting a giggle out if the two.

"Haha as if, that seems impossible."

As the two continued to talk and enjoy one another's company, a girl with light brown hair and chestnut eyes opened the doors to the room they were in.

"Bad news!" She said panting. She then went over and placed her hands on her knees as she breathed heavily.

"Huh?" Akeno stood up from the bed and quickly walked over to her, she then placed her hand on the other girls back and rubbed it. "Kouko-chan, what's wrong?"

"Intruders..." She managed to breathe out. Akeno then looked shocked at her. Mashiro looked even more shocked.

"Wait! But I thought you said this place was a military base! And a famous one at that! Shouldn't there be a strong security system or something!?" Mashiro then exclaimed, she was now sitting up in bed, despite the pain she held herself up, but then leaned on the bedframe and wall.

"It is! I'm not sure why they're in either, but either way we gotta go and stop them." Akeno said, the other girl finally caught her breath and was standing up straight. She nodded her head, but then looked at Mashiro and motioned to her.

"What about her?" Kouko asked.

"She's in no shape to fight, let alone move." Akeno responded looking at her. "I could stay here and protect her in case anyone comes here."

Kouko then shook her head. "No. You're our leader we need you to direct us. I'll stay here and protect her. You go." She then gave her a thumbs up. "They'll have to go through me first before they even think about touching her." She then said in a lower voice, it was as if she was imitating someone.

Akeno then nodded. "Mmm. I'm leaving things to you then, Kouko-chan!" She then began running out the door without giving Mashiro a look or goodbye. "Stay safe!" She said before opening the door and leaving, closing the door behind her.

Kouko then looked at Mashiro and smiled.

"I heard what happened from Akeno-chan hehe. You're pretty brave to just run into danger like that." Kouko said.

"Not really. I just thought that I couldn't just stand there and watch her get killed..." Mashiro said gripping her sheets.

"What's your name by the way, I'm Kouko Nosa! But you can just call me Kouko!" She said.

"Mashiro Munetani." Mashiro replied, introducing herself.

"It's nice to meet you, Shiro-chan!" Kouko beamed. Mashiro then sweat dropped.

"Eh!? Shiro-chan!?" Mashiro suddenly blushed, she's never had a nickname.

"Huh? Do you not like it?" Kouko then asked.

"A-ah... no...I like it..." Mashiro then said turning red. The door then suddenly swung open and one big guy came walking in. He smirked as he saw the two girls.

"Ah! I finally found someone! Listen here cuties, if you come with me nicely I won't have to hurt you. How does that sound?" He said his smirk getting wider as his teeth began to show.

"Why should we go with you in the first place?" Kouko then asked, as she reached for her knife that was strapped on her thigh right below her skirt. The man shrugged his shoulders.

"Eh. Who knows? I was just told to bring someone back alive by the boss, I don't know why."

"Well I'm sorry, but that's not happening." Kouko said. Unpinning the strap on her sheath to her knife. The man then smiled crazily.

"Good. I was personally hoping you'd say that for my own entertainment. I mean they never said anything about not hurting you!" He then lunged forward towards Kouko. "So that means I'm allowed to draw some blood right!?" Kouko pulled out her knife in time as the man moved surprisingly fast for a bug guy. She managed to cut his wrist, before getting hit with an undercut, making her grunt and fly into the air, he then grabbed her neck and there her into the ground, making her lose her breath and cough out some blood. Mashiro then tried to move as she got out of the bed, but once her foot was placed on the ground she instantly fell onto the ground. She looked up and reached out her hand in Kouko's direction.

"Ahhh, man it feels good to finally be able to move and to punch again." He said cracking his knuckles. "Oi, get up I'm not done with you yet. I'm just getting warmed up." He snickered, as Kouko lifted her upper body with her arms, just as she did though, she was kicked in the stomach, and was sent flying to the wall next to Mashiro. Kouko screamed out in pain as she hit the wall.

"Nosa-chan!" Mashiro yelled concerned. Kouko then looked at Mashiro and smiled at her the best she could with the pain she was dealing with.

"I-i thought I told you to call me Kouko..." She said, she then staggered to stand up as she held her left arm. Mashiro then gritted her teeth as she couldn't do anything but watch Kouko get hurt.

"Just how useless am I!? How could the Blue Mermaid's 'need someone like me' when I can't even help someone in front of me!? Mashiro yelled at herself, as she closed her eyes as she listened to the pounding and laughing from the crazy person in front of her. "Get up" Mashiro gritted her teeth and clenched her eyes even tighter. "Get up!" She then opened her eyes. "GET UP!" Mashiro pushed her torso up with her arms, then swept her legs under under her stomach, as she did she swung herself back so that she was sitting erect on her knees. She then put her fist into the ground and let her right knee slide in front of her body. She then pushed herself up with her legs. She was standing. She was wobbly and shaky, but she was standing.

"Get away from her..." Mashiro said loud enough for the man to hear. She was panting and sweating. The man had Kouko's back under his foot. She turned to look at Mashiro, her face covered in blood.

"Shiro-chan..." Kouko said faintly.

"Huh!?" The man said. He lifted his foot off if Kouko and turned his body to face Mashiro.

"I said...GET AWAY FROM HER!" Mashiro then yelled. He then examined Mashiro and bellowed a laugh.

"And what're you gonna do!? Kill me!? You can barely even stand! You look half dead to me!" He then walked over to her. "I bet I could knock you over just by touching you!" He then tried shoving get with a single finger, but before he could even touch her, she grabbed his arm and there him over her shoulder, making him gasp in surprise as he was slammed onto the ground on his back. Mashiro too then grunted in pain from her previous injuries. She fell down onto one knee as she held her right shoulder, which was throbbing from the bullet that landed in her earlier. She could feel it starting to bleed again through the bandage.

"Dammit. I wasn't expecting that. But I've got you now!" He said getting up and as he did he grabbed her leg and threw her against the closest wall, while still holding her. He then slammed her into the ground.

"Shiro-chan!" Kouko cried out, as she began struggling, trying to get up. Mashiro cried out in pain as began slamming his fists into her stomach and face, every hit feeling like a sledgehammer striking her.

"Ah...why am I so unlucky..." She began to think as her consciousness started to fade away. The voice of the man's laughter and Kouko's yelling Mashiro's name as she tried helping her becoming distant. Her sight became blurry and suddenly turned dark, but she then saw the stand of orange hair and a girl overlooking the ocean, smiling at her and waving. Her eyes as blue as that beautiful ocean.

Mashiro's eyes then opened and her senses came back to her, she then felt an immense power surge through her as she kicked the man off of her and as she did he was sent flying into the farthest wall from her. He hit the wall head first, and was instantly knocked out cold. She then propped herself up, using her arms as they were held behind her as support.

"D-did we do it?" Mashiro breathed heavily. Suddenly two three girls ran into the room. They all looked like younger girls, one of them had brown hair and almond eyes, she was wearing a light orange hoodie, along with another girl wearing the same hoodie, she had silver hair and lavender eyes. The last girl had dark brown hair and light brown eyes, her hair was tied up in twin pigtails on each side of her head held by white flower ponytails.

The girls ran over to Mashiro and Kouko.

"Woah!" What happened here!? Are you guys alright!? We came to check on everyone to make sure that they were okay-" the brown haired girl began.

"Mei-chan, go get Akeno-chan...and Minami..." Kouko said. Mei nodded her head and stood up.

"You two take care of Kouko and the other girl. I'll go get the captain and Minami-san." Mei said looking at the other girls, they both nodded.

"Please be careful." The dark haired girl begged. Mei then gave the girl a thumbs up and smiled.

"Don't worry about me, Rin!" She then looked at the silver haired girl. "Shima, protect Rin okay?"

Shima nodded her head. "Okay." She replied calmly, and with that Mei ran out of the door way. Shima and Rin looked around and scanned the room, they then saw the man knocked out.

"Gyah! We need to tie him up or something before he wakes up!" Rin then yelped pointing at the unconscious man. Shima then nodded her head and went over to him with zip wire that was in her pocket. She tied off his thumbs, due to his wrist being to thick to wrap them around.

"That should be good right?" Shima asked pointing at the zip wire. Rin nodded her head. "Good. Then we need to focus on those two next." She pointed over to Mashiro and Kouko who were unconscious.

Author's Notes!

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