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Summary: Seven years, one month, two weeks, four days, and two hours, but hey who's counting? Never a dream. I would never let myself believe it was a dream. "Oh God, I'm actually going through with this!" I took a step.


A Thousand Fathoms

Chapter 12: Rematch


After the first scary moment of the day (finding Spawn somewhat attractive), based solely on my pent up sexual frustration and raging teenage hormones, things went relatively smoothly. We didn't talk as we started on cleaning out the stalls, and that was fine by me.

I stood in one of the stalls. Staring at the mess, and pondering what I could possibly see in the man working with me. I did not like him, I don't think I ever could after what he did. He was abusive, disgustingly confident, conceited, arrogant, and narcissistic. He wasn't my type by any means. Nevertheless, there was something drawing me too him. I hadn't noticed it until now. The feeling I had when I first saw him as I crossed the bridge resurfaced. Spawn needed help (in more areas than one), and I hoped that if I could somehow fix at least one of his many problems Yubaba would let me out of hell early for good behavior.

I felt, more than saw, Spawn walk past the stall I was currently occupying.

"Just because Sawagi isn't here doesn't mean you can slack off, whore."

A thought.

"You do know why we're here, right?" I asked ignoring his comment and trailing him as he stepped into the stall next to mine.


Change my tactic. I decided to be daring.

"What's your favorite color?"


"What is your favorite color?" I repeated as if he had the lowest IQ on earth, which he did. He was looking at me as if I had just sprouted lettuce from my head. I resisted from rolling my eyes.

"You do realize the only reason we're here is because we don't get along. The only way we'll get out of this hell-hole is if we're somewhat decent to each other. The sooner we start acting like we care, the sooner we won't have to see each other. I don't know about you, but that sounds pretty good to me. So what is your favorite color?"

I admit I was a little irritated by the time I was done, and all he was doing was standing there looking bewildered. Little stars danced in front of my eyes. I felt floaty, kind of like being on a rollercoaster with loop-de-loops. My vision turned black around the edges, and, before I knew it, the ground was rushing towards my face. The dull thunk of the pitchfork hitting the dirty floor echoed through my pounding head, as I stopped myself from falling completely.


The black was creeping back into my sight, I couldn't see straight. Shivers rippled my entire body, my limbs numb. Vaguely, I registered strong, steely arms moving me into a sitting position.

I did not need any help; I was fine, completely fine!

I tried to resist and when that failed, I resorted to incoherent mumbling. The darkness had taken over entirely, but only because my eyes were closed. I opened them, severely disliking the sun reflecting off the metal stalls, and who should be sitting before me, holding me up by my shoulders, but the Devil's Spawn himself.

Help. The rhythm of blood rushing through my veins increased and pounded against the back of my eyes. Help… someone…

Something sharp poked my thigh and I remembered, with a jolt, my little secret. I pulled it out of my pocket, hearing it rip my pants. Spawn tried to keep me still, but to avail. I brought the rusted shard up intent on tearing him a new one, when the support holding me up disappeared.

Spawn spoke words I couldn't quite catch. Then pain, like Novocain spreading through the blood stream, shot through my left arm. Through my darkening vision, I saw him pressing his thumb against my sprained wrist. The shard dropped and a sharp clang hit the air.

He was speaking again, mumbling, as he pried my heavy lids open. I noticed he was a bit more careful with my right eye. A soft constant slap against my cheek snapped me to attention.

What is he doing?

"Sen," Spawn grabbed my face, making me focus on him. "Sen, how much water have you had?"


"Apparently not enough," I said, slurring my words together, still attempting to get away.

There was a bowl of water in his hands that hadn't been there a second before. "Here, drink this." And I did. The thought that he might have slipped something into the drink never crossed my mind. It looked like water, it tasted like water, it smelled like water, and so it was water.

Suddenly, I began to feel more down-to-earth. My vision cleared slightly and I could see that Spawn actually looked worried before his blank-mask-of-emotion marred his features.

"I told her this would happen. You're too weak."

"Careful," I murmured, exhausted. "If you keep talking it may seem like you care."

"I don't." He paused, his face still showing no indication of anything whatsoever. "If you get hurt the blame will be placed on me, whether I did it or not. I'm worried about my life not yours."

So much for a knight in shining armor...

I tried to get up, but he pushed me back down.

"You'll faint."

"I feel just fine, thank you," I snapped, pushing his hand away. I stood up. Fast.

Idiot, I thought when my legs gave out from under me, and gravity pulled me down. I never landed. The same strong steely arms supported my weight as they guided me to the floor.

"Don't say I didn't warn you."

I snorted.


Later, I found myself sitting outside Yubaba's gigantic double doors, waiting. It was absurd, really, that I was here and less than a little worried about what Yubaba had in store for him. Spawn my have helped me, but it was only for his own purposes. He was still a selfish bastard, whether he knew it or not.

The doors swung open and Spawn walked out, fury rolling off him in flaming waves, his face scowling. He marched directly towards me, and the urge to run seeped into my body. He stopped, though, a foot away from me, squatting so he was level with my face.

"I'll accept this…" he searched for a word, his eye darting to the side for a split second before meeting mine again, "…proposal."

I wondered what Yubaba threatened him with to make him actually comply.

"On one condition," Spawn continued.

"Okay…" I was a little hesitant to say the least.

"I want a rematch."

"A what?"

"A rematch."