Beast Brothers Of Remnant

Chapter 6

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The sounds of battle echoed through the darkness of the forest. Clashes of steel on Grimm plate, echoing cracks of impacts that no mortal body could withstand and the resounding thuds of bodies hitting the floor.

This was the music of war and conflict.

And Logan was at home.

He ducked under the swipe of a Beowulf's claws before rising into a knee strike into its chest, a flash of steel as he slotted his right dagger under its chin and into its skull. Using the falling body as a spring board he lunged over the horde of Grimm, many red eyes looking up at him as he flew by. He impacted with a Ursa standing upright, who stared in bewilderment till his two knives found purchase in its eyes extinguishing its blood red glow. Logan quickly moved on springing once again through the air, this time into the middle of a Beowulf pack, all of wolfs turned to face him snarling and lunging in unison.

Logan watched in a crouched position as they approached, claws and fangs and all the danger they represented to him far from his mind. He reached to that power deep inside and called it forth into his body. It listened branching through his system like lightning. For an instant the world stopped. Then he moved.

His blades tracked red light as they traced through the air like an artist's brush on the pencil. His body seemed to form after images as he moved, his knives gliding through the soft venerable flesh of the Grimm. The red lines seemed to move out passing through the Grimm before dissipating into the air behind them. A moment of stillness. Then they fell apart.

Logan stood in place panting for a moment, before dodging to the side avoiding a spinning saw of death and tusks. His his left knife lashing across the Razorback's (Pig/boar Grimm) neck slicing deep into flesh, he followed its circular motion from its spinning wheel charge, viciously tearing the blade through its soft under belly and rump before exiting in a flurry of black dissipating Grimm blood. Leaving another disembowelled Grimm lying on the forest floor.

Logan lashed out again a red glow once again covering his blades as he spun like a top through an advancing group of 6 Beowulf's leaving their torn bodies falling to the floor as he ended his spin landing him next to his Teacher standing behind him and entering a back to back stance as Aura snapped a Beowulf's neck with one hand wrapped around its throat his other hand removing his axe from another's split skull plate.

Both entered ready stances. Almost three quarters of the horde had been slain, (most in the opening seconds when Aura had gone to town on the grouped up monsters) only 20 left to kill.

The remaining Grimm stood nervously observing their opponents. Limited intelligence granting them caution enough to pause, but not enough to retreat. Logan and Aura took the respite as an opportunity to collect their breath.

"Having fun brat." Grunted Aura his face set in a stoic visage, making his harsh scar covered features appear almost inhuman. Like stone warped and carved by time.

"Damn right! 'pant' This aura sharing, thing you do is great. 'Pant' I can actually enjoy the fight for once! 'pant' Why, aren't you?" In contrast Logan's face was eager and ironically childish even as he panted in exertion. He turned his head only slightly, keeping one eye on the encroaching Grimm.

The technique he was referring to was one of Aura's specialities. He could create an Aura shell around others to provide the equivalent of a full blown aura shield. This allowed Logan to fight as if he had a fully matured aura that could block damage instead of his childish equivalent. This was one of the many reasons he earned the name Aegis. Of course like all extremely useful things it had limits and flaws.

They had to be within a certain distance of one another and keep within sight. Which is why Aura didn't use it unless they had a horde like this to deal with. In the clearing there was a clear boundary for Logan to stay in. If Logan even moved 30 feet away the shell would dissipate which would waste all the energy that Aura put into it. Aura also had to keep it from dissipating forcing him to glance repeatedly at Logan to restructure the shell, which was what necessitated a line of sight. Anyways.

"Try doing this for a hundred years then you can talk!" Snarled Aura breaking from Logan and rushing the densest group of 6 all of his aggression aimed at them.

"Well that's six down" Murmured Logan before spinning on his heel almost pirouetting away from an Ursa's strike to stand at its side. His left Blade cut its right leg behind the joint causing the Ursa to sag under its own weight. Unbalanced the beast fell sideways, conveniently falling on top of an over eager Beowulf which tried to strike Logan's back, only to be crushed under the weight. His left knife struck down into the skull of the Ursa, even as his second blade sliced in a vertical slash a blade of aura lancing out bisecting two pouncing Beowulf's in mid-air even as the boy returned both daggers into a guard position the bisected monsters falling past his sides.

"Ten le…. Oh" Logan's thought remained unsaid as he watched his grandfather smash another Ursa's skull underfoot surrounded by the destroyed corpses of 6 other beasts. The first group of 6 had already half dispersed, showing how fast they had died.

This left only three Grimm, two Beowulf's and funnily enough a Creep (Lisard four legged grimm with a horned nose and a large mouth. Cave Dwellers). (See RWBY Vol 3 opening.)

'Huh wonder what a Creep is doing here? Don't they prefer caves, never seen one in the forests'? Wondered Logan before he cleared his mind and rushed forward inciting the two Beowulf's to rush in return resulting in a very fast and definitive clash. Beowulf 1 came from Logan's left with a under arm swipe for his thigh and groin, expecting him to dodge right into his pouncing compatriots claws which were stretched out ready to pierce his body. Logan didn't oblige lashing out with a kick into its forearm that stopped the swing in its tracks Logan slammed both blades into the Grimm's chest even as its friend landed behind him. The second Grimm turned quickly in and attempt to take Logan's back only to have its leg swept out from under it by a now unarmed Logan who left his Knives sheaved in the first Beowulf's lungs. As number two Wulf fell Logan stood and raised his leg directly upwards till he could kiss his shin. Then with a red glow surrounding his foot, he swept it down like a guillotine.

Like a claw hammer his heel drove its way through the Grimm's skull, not only destroying its head but also leaving a small crater in the ground pushing the grass and leaf covered dirt deeper into the earth.

Suddenly the clearing was quiet. Except for Logan's pants and the gentle breeze sweeping through the trees.

Logan spent a moment panting in exhaustion before quickly snatching his blades from the corpse of the dissipating Grimm and turning back towards the Creep expecting a surprise attack when he guard seemed down.

Only to see it still standing were it was before, watching both of them.

Not moving, not snarling. Not even retreating.

Just watching.

Aura upon seeing this suddenly tensed up, standing completely still and narrowing his eyes in suspicion…..

Before he blurred forwards and grasped the Grimm by the neck lifting it up till its feet couldn't touch the ground. He peered at the beast in his hand observing it closely. Even as it now finally moved trying to scramble free its foreleg's claws only skidding off Aura's…. well aura. The white light easily fended the beast's attempts to harm its bearer before actually materialising in rope like strands to bind the creature. For almost 20 seconds Aura watched the beast. Logan stood in silence sensing the severity of the situation even if it escaped his understanding.

So he didn't comment on the oddness of this behaviour, instead only watching as his grandfather seemed to search the Grimm's eyes for something.

Whatever he was looking for he found it.

Aura's stoic visage if possible became even grimmer before he clenched his fist and crushed the beast's neck causing it to fall to the ground to dissipate like its brothers. He stood frozen eyes wide and some unidentifiable but incomprehensibly intense emotion flashed through his soul. His aura flickering to reflect this.

Logan shifted on the spot looking at his mentor in concern. He slowly shored up his bravery and approached his Grandfather. Stopping beside him he looked down at the dissipating black mist, a familiar sight which had brought a sense of victory to him throughout his life. Now it seemed almost sinister in its slow smoky movements as it was absorbed into the ground and air.

"What the hell was that?" Suddenly breaking the silence felt wrong to Logan but there was no real way to address the issue other than this.

Silence followed for several seconds, Logan attentively awaiting his answer.

"A scout" Grunted Aura his very voice seemly made out of gravel.

Logan's face went pale actual fear branding its mark upon his usually confident face. As they stood frozen, the last glimmer of the sun fell behind the hills. Shrouding their world in darkness.

Logan sat outside of the elder council meeting hall still trying to wrap his head around the new and terrifying information that had come of the most recent horde. A scout.

A scout meant only one thing. A full Grimm horde was in the area. And they were on the hunt.

An explanation was in order. A full horde happens when a legendary Grimm (which was a multi century to millennial old Grimm) appears. They were so old that not only were they one step below sentient in intelligence but could even command and control other Grimm. Thankfully this control was limited.

They couldn't keep a horde going from a distance. They had to be right in the middle of it to stop their weaker brethren from wandering off like soft minded toddlers. Which would cost a lot of time since it would have to collect every single one all over again. Enter scout Grimm.

Any Grimm could be made a scout. And other than some slight changes to their behaviour they wouldn't change much. A scout Grimm was used by such creatures to help find hidden settlements and weaknesses in said settlements. The farther away the legendary Grimm was the larger and stronger the Grimm that would be sent to scout. Something about intelligence allowing the scout to keep its orders in its mind for longer, though that was just a theory, no one knew how Grimm worked outside of what they could see. Hard to dissect something that turned to mist upon death.

With a Creep of that size being the first scout meant that the horde was around a month's travel away. Even then only because hordes were always slow when traveling to avoid fractures in the structure.

And since the Creep had seen both Logan and his grandfather that meant the horde had a location. Once it got closer the horde leader could send a swarm of small Nevermore's basically indistinguishable to actual ravens to scout. It wouldn't take long to locate the village from the air.

And then the whole horde was coming. Hundreds of Grimm at least.

Which was the reason for Logan currently sitting outside a meeting where a bunch of old men (one of them being Aura) were arguing about this shit. Basically Logan was stuck listing to politics at 3 o'clock in the morning. If his mind wasn't consumed with the current situation he would probably been asleep for the last 4 hours since this boring crap started.

The shouting got louder Aura's voice coming clearer as he silenced another voice with his sheer presence.

'Wonder who said something stupid… Or personal… Probably hog.' Logan's errant half formed thoughts were interrupted when Aura slammed the door open and stormed out his face a mask of rage stemmed only by his will to not let the news of the impending doom reach the other villagers. Safety and complacency bred cowardice after all. And fear was the last thing they needed right now.

"Arrogant shits!" Growled Aura continuing his fast march away from the cause of his frustrations. With how they had just blown off his concerns and refused every piece of advice he'd offered, he was one more word from turning the place into a new clearing.

Logan watched his grandfather march off before turning his head towards the building seeing the entire council arrayed before him. They looked down on him from their elevated seats with looks of disdain. Each bore a variety of animal features from horns to snouts to bushy wool like hair. All of them were of course herbivore Faunus and all of them hated Logan for his ears and predatory eyes.

The youngest was around 63 older 91, so they were even more entrenched in tradition than the majority of the villagers.

They also just so happened to be responsible for the majority of Logan's ostracism by spreading lies and old tales around the young parents about Faunus like him. They were also afraid of him and knew that he could kill them all and leave if he wanted. Despite this they seemed to think him a leashed beast and still found the bravery to look down on him.

All of that didn't change the fact that they had all contributed to the village, several of them having helped install essential pieces of the infrastructure like lights and water pipes leading to public wells.

And Logan despite his preference towards foul language had been taught the proper rules of respect and decency. So he showed them the full honours they were due for their significant contributions to his life.

A middle finger salute and a casual march away.

He could almost feel the indignation from the old farts warming his back as he wandered towards his grandfather quickly catching up just as his rant ended.

"Elder council! Fuck that! I was old when they were still in diapers! I swear on the trees if those stupid fucks get us all killed. I'll kill them again!" After his fervent (and slightly insane) rant Aura took several deep breaths to calm down. Before looking towards Logan. He took a deep breath before speaking.

"You know what this means." Aura's mutter got nothing other than a determined nod from his grandson.

"We'll have to accelerate your aura training. It gonna hurt. A lot." Aura stared at his grandson. In many ways his pride and joy with genuine regret. The sharing technique wasn't good enough for Logan to survive a hoard. And they would need to be mobile which the technique prevented.

There was no way around it but the fact that he would have to hurt his grandson tore at his soul. There was a difference to the aches and pains of hard work and progress to simply causing pain for pains sake no matter the reason. But, fact was that the only way to unlock an aura shield prematurely, was stress training involving torment. Forcing the body and soul to adapt to deal with the pain. Which would force his aura to flare up and begin the shielding process years early. Self-inflicted pain wouldn't work even a full aura shield wouldn't stop a warrior from punching himself in the face. Thankfully accidents with weapons were enough to set the shield off. Otherwise there would be more than a few hunter candidates with overcomplicated weapons sans head.

"It'll be fine old man. The Grimm aren't going to wait so neither should I." Logan made sure to keep his words and mannerisms firm despite his nerves.

He knew this would hurt his grandfather. Logan didn't want to add to the burden. They had reached the borders of the village passing the reach of the street lamps that the hog clan had installed just 3 years ago walking into the darkness with no hesitation thanks to their superior night vision.

Preparing to make the long trek back home.

The journey was quiet the weight of the situation weighing the two warriors down. Neither of them were in the mood to talk today. (Had the night really passed by so quickly?) It stayed this way till they got home to their shack. The old home's familiarity bolstered their spirits but still they remained silent. Simply entering, taking off their boots and heading to bed. When they awoke the training began.

The trees stirred in the mid-morning breeze. The sounds of bird song echoed through the forest and nearby animals waltzed through their lives.

'Crack' "Fuck!" And sounds of impacts on flesh and exclamations of anger and pain echoed through the woods ruining the once peaceful scene.

Logan stood in the clearing shirtless body covered in cuts and bruises as he faced down his grim faced grandfather wielding a thick branch with a frayed tip. Aura rushed forwards like a blur and Logan tried to dodge or at least defend only for his defences to be brushed aside as another lash from the branch landed across his shoulder leaving another mark and deepening the already existing bruise.

Clutching his shoulder and lunging back Logan drew up the will to shout.

"Ha! Call that a hit old man. Cindral could hit harder!" He finished with a mocking sneer only to be replaced with a wince of pain as another lash faster than he could react landed across his stomach and abs. Forcing him to jerk back.

This was the training routine that the two had performed for the last three days every morning since the horde discovery. Logan would stand in the clearing with his aura enhancement turned off completely (that took some getting used to, for all of day one and some of day two he kept turning it back on by accident) and Aura would lash him with a frayed stick that would act the part of a whip chasing him around the clearing. It was painful and for the exercise to work Logan couldn't let his aura heal his existing wounds healed or have either Aura or Cindral heal him. So the pain kept adding up.

It was working though. As the days went on Aura kept increasing the strength of his strikes to keep the stress on his aura. That first hit should have broken his shoulder. The second should have had him on the ground blessing it with his breakfast. But his aura was slowly getting into the habit of shielding him. Not enough but give it 2 or 3 more days of this and he would start losing Aura instead of getting hurt. For now though.

'Snap' "Argh! You grey old bastard!"

"Watch your Fucking language!" 'Crack' "Argh!"

Chapter 6 finished

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