A/N: A dark poem for Maisie, since she asked for a Draco-centric fic using the prompt bleeding. Blame her. *runs and hides behind a pillar*

Disclaimer: I own the poem but I don't own Draco, he belongs to JK.


He is on the floor, laying on his back.

He doesn't know where.

It is a dark place.

Too dark.

Can barely see.

Only red dripping off in perfect lines,

stripping him of what courses through his veins

Blood. Pure blood.

It pierces his white skin,

shows on his black clothes,

drenches the silver of his tie, but saves the green.

He feels nothing.

Sudden pain rips through him,

a thousand needles have pierced his skin as if by


Dark magic.

He tries to scream.

He tries to run.

No sound emanates through his mouth.

His legs do not move.

He is alone.

He has been silenced.

He will forever bleed.

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