(Short story. Tell me if you would like more. I can certainly write more for you. Ignore the age differences in this story.)

Parmon's POV

Parmon was sitting on the floor of a stable pen, the door was locked and hay was everywhere. Earlier Parmon had heard a sound like a shot. Quickly he contacted his best friend the Dragon Booster. Who told him to get in a stall and lock the door, stay low to the ground and make hardly any noise.

Right now he was rocking himself, tears streaming down his face. "We're going to die, we're going to die."

"We're not going to die." Khatah said. "You said the Dragon Booster was on the way right?"

Parmon lifted his head and nodded, "spoke to him over the comlik. Wait?! What were you doing here at Penn stables?"

"Coming to talk to you about last night. I know you might not want to, but I do, Parmon Sean." Khatah said resting his hands on Parmon's legs as he sat across from him.

"I don't mind talking a bit." Parmon said smiling some. "For the record, you kissed me."

"I kissed you? Even if I did, you kissed back." Khatah pulled out a tissue to hand to Parmon. "I can't bare to see you fall part Parmon Sean."

Parmon accepted the tissue and blew his noise. "Dragon Booster should be here soon." He sat back away from Khatah.

"You're avoiding me." Khatah said going to sit against the other wall.

Parmon looked up, and said. "What would you like me to say, that I did kiss you, that I'm not confused about this. That I would like to kiss you right now." Parmon crawled over and planted a kiss on Khatah. He broke quickly sitting on his legs.

Khatah brought his hands up to the sides of Parmon's face, kissing him again, when Dragon Booster opened the door.

"Oh, sorry, Parm!?" Dragon Booster said leaning in on half the door. "Your-"

Parmon broke "did you find anything?"

"Yeah, he will be locked up for a long time."

"Is it free to leave?" Parmon asked standing.

"Yes, it's free to leave."

Parmon walked passed everyone and left the dragon stall.

Dragon Booster looked at Khatah, and asked. "Could you explain what is going on?"

"I don't think I even know." Khatah said dusting himself off. "Maybe he went to talk to Artha."

"In that case I better get going, lots of forms to fill out, you know about the shooter." Dragon Booster waved bye to Khatah and left.

Artha met Parmon in the workshop, working on a project. "Parmon, I know what's going on! And I don't care. Why do you, what do you think is going to happen?"

Parmon put down his tools and took off his mask. "People are not going to like me, that I'm liking the wrong person. How can I want people to support me, when I don't even know myself."

"Know what? You can't even say it! You might be gay Parm, me as your best friend supports you. Isn't that all that matters. I don't care, as long as I can still play vid-games with you. "Artha sat beside Parmon touching his arm gently."You need to talk to Khatah, he looked concerned. Tell him what you told me."

Parmon sighed, "Maybe your right." Parmon walked outside just as Khatah turned around. "Are you leaving?"

"Parmon Sean I was about to." Khatah said.

"Don't, I like you."