Summary: Naruto, after a few years of being looked after by his adoptive dad and an uncle of sorts, gets roped into enrolling at Duel Academy. They want him to grow stronger and to socialize and make friends. With his unique deck and powers he is bound to shake things up at the academy. Xyz deck. No Jaden

Pairing: Naruto/Alexis, Serenity and 2 TBA (Already decided but will be revealed later)

!Alert! For the GX characters I will be using a mixture of Japanese names with some English mixed in. It all depends on how they sound compared to their English names. If you are confused google, don't ask who it is in the reviews. I will for sure be using their Japanese personalities as they are 100% better than the Dub.

Naruto: Duelist of Numbers

Chapter 1

A boy, no older than 16 sighed as he rode in the back of a black stretch limo, the wind blowing at his gravity defying golden blonde hair and sending his spikey bangs that normally framed his face blowing back. His vibrant sapphire blue eyes stared flatly out the window and the passing scenery of the city.

He was a little under six feet tall with tannish skin and three unique whisker like marks on each cheek. His outfit consisting of a black button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to just above his elbows on his forearm, an orange vest, a pair of baggy blue jeans. Around his neck hung a slim green jewel on a necklace as he fiddled with it, a pair of black fingerless gloves on his hands and black converse sneakers on his feet.

"Naruto boy I know you aren't too excited for this but Kaiba agrees with me that this is for the best" the man beside him said as he rolled up the blonde boy's, now known as Naruto, window. "Not only will this help you grow but maybe find more friends your age and who knows, even a girlfriend or two" he added making Naruto sigh and sit back in his seat.

"But Dad do I really need to? Regular school was annoying enough" he groaned out as he could still remember the headaches from it when his dad had made him go through all of it. "And what did you mean by girlfriends?" he asked, blushing quite a bit while his father merely laughed and waved him off.

"Oh don't be like that, this is a duel academy so it won't nearly be that bad. And considering you were raised by myself personally that means you should know the most about the game" Pegasus said making Naruto frown before he sighed and nodded.

"Fine I'll give it a try but does this mean I have to use a different deck?" he asked as he always felt really put off when forced to use a deck that wasn't his own.

"Nope, this time you can use your special cards. Kaiba has been working hard this last month to ensure every platform and duel disks can handle your cards, even the stronger ones. Also he finished putting the finishing touches on your personal disk" Pegasus said, smiling as he saw the happy smile wash over the boy's face.

Pegasus was glad the boy was coming around to the idea as he wanted what was best for him. Ever since he found the boy all those years ago he had taken it as a sign that his life could have meaning after his wife departed and that was the role of father*(1).

"Oh good we are here and just in time" Pegasus said with smile as he checked his watch just as they pulled up to the back entrance to the facility where the test would take place before the driver opened their door.

"Ah you actually showed up on time unlike arriving fashionably late like you normally do" Kaiba said as he stood waiting for them, two bodyguards of his beside him as the driver quickly retrieved a briefcase from the trunk.

"I would never be late for anything regarding my son Kaiba boy, you know that" Pegasus said as he offered his thumb to the scanner on the case before Naruto put his on the other side, unlocking it before handing it to Pegasus.

"Whatever. I have already talked to the headmaster of the academy and explained things. The official story is Naruto's deck is a highly prototype deck of cards we are working on that we are allowing to be entered into the academy with our approval. They know about you being his adoptive father and being my apprentice" Kaiba said curtly as he looked over to Naruto.

"You better not disappoint kid" Kaiba added as Naruto nodded.

"Of course not especially since I can finally use my own deck" he said making Kaiba ever so slightly smirk.

"I know that feeling but I told them not to hold back and your duel is going to be a main event so I hope you're ready" he said as Naruto nodded again and gave a small salute with a smirk.

"I'm always ready I wouldn't be a good apprentice if I wasn't" Naruto said, clenching his fists in excitement making Kaiba chuckle before turning around.

"Well have your father join me once you are geared up, I'll be waiting inside and we'll be watching" he said before he walked inside, one guard staying behind as the other followed him.

"Do you know which deck you are going to use?" Pegasus said as Naruto pulled out his state of the art duel disk.

The duel disk was sleek and slim with a black body with light grey lines along it and a seemingly grey gem of sorts in the center of it. It looked more like just a deck holder with a slot for the graveyard and extra deck but in reality it was cutting edge in the fact he didn't need to carry his cards and could summon the deck he needed through completely safe teleportation.

All he had to do was select which deck he wanted to use and it would teleport the cards into his deck and extra deck slots. This way his cards would always be safe from being stolen, especially since it could only be activated by him.

(AN: Think of Kaiba's Duel Disk from Dark Side of Dimensions only with a black body, light grey markings and an orange 'gem' of sorts also no extra shoulder attachment. It will have a pop out card field placement thing like Zexal's disks but it is super compact in the main part)

"I have the perfect one in mind for my debut. It should work perfectly" Naruto said as a hologram screen display came up and he scrolled through various choices before locking in his choice that would appear in his disk once the duel started.

"Splendid! I will be eagerly waiting inside Naruto, I know it will be an amazing show" Pegasus said before he pulled Naruto in for a hug that he openly returned.

"Thanks Dad, I'll make it a good show I promise" he said as he watched his dad walk inside with a smile.

'Well, better not keep them waiting' he thought, heading up to the building as Kaiba's bodyguard nodded towards him.

"Right this way sir, I am to guide you there and ensure nothing gets in your way" he said as Naruto nodded with a smile.

"Lead the way then sir" Naruto said, following behind him as he led him down the hallway and to the inside of the building to see a gym like interior. As he looked around he was amazed at the amount of fellow exam takers around and even some academy students also watching.

"Please make your way onto the middle of the field, your opponent will be here shortly" the guard said as Naruto nodded and started to walk out, feeling a bit awkward as everyone was looking at him.

Up on the stands a girl rose an eyebrow as she watched the scene. She was what others would describe as a stunning beauty with shoulder length blonde hair and amber eyes as she wore an Obelisk blue sleeveless blazer and a knee length blue skirt. Her figure accented her beauty as she had a rather sizeable D cup chest and what she thought was a plump rear.

"Who's that kid Zane? Is he the reason the field was cleared?" the girl asked as she was curious why they hadn't brought any other test takers out and were waiting.

"I think so Alexis, I heard from some people that he is here due to the two VIPs that just showed up" Zane, the spikey dark blue haired teen beside her said as he pointed, bringing her attention to two immediately recognizable figures standing in the VIP booth.

"No way! Is that really Maximillion Pegasus and Seto Kaiba?!" Alexis asked in shock as seeing such a powerful duelist alongside the creator of Duel Monsters together was an amazing sight.

"Yes and I hear he came with them so he might be some prodigy they picked up since they are always on the lookout for duelists so it'll be interesting to see how this goes down" Zane said as the speaker turned on.

"Everyone I am proud to announce that the next entrance exam is about to take place between Dr. Vellian Crowler and Naruto Crawford, the adopted son of Pegasus J. Crawford*(2), better known as Maximillion Pegasus!" the announcer declared, making Naruto sigh as the whole reason he took his father's real last name was so that people didn't immediately place him in his dad's shadow.

Though, after this he doubted he would stay in that shadow much longer.

"So are you my opponent?" Naruto asked as a rather odd looking blonde haired man, or possible woman as he wasn't quite sure, walked forward with a rather odd looking duel disk attached to them on a vest.

"Yes, I am Doctor Vellian Crowler, acting Chief General Director of Practical Application at the academy. I am though surprised that I am fighting Pegasus' son as I was not made aware, just told to bring my deck and to duel serious against my opponent by one of Seto Kaiba's men" he said as Naruto chuckled.

"That that is a very Kaiba thing to do but he's right don't hold back against me. I don't like things getting handed to me" Naruto said with a smirk as he activated his duel disk, turning the grey jewel in the center orange to show it was active. "Well? Shall we get the show on the road?" he asked as the man nodded and activated his.

"Then Duel Field activate!" Naruto yelled as a small translucent blue dome formed in between him and Crowler before it quickly grew and burst out, activating the virtual reality field.

"What was that? And why has the skin around your eye changed?" Crowler asked as he could see a hovering life point tracker to the left of him and Naruto while he noticed how the skin around Naruto's left eye had become orange with his eye becoming gold.

"That is Kaiba Corp's newest Solid Vision Duel Arena created in joint collaboration with Industrial Illusions. This allows for more realistic duels powered by the newest power source from Industrial Illusions" he said, reciting the spiel that Kaiba made him memorize.

"Everyone in the crowd, if you have a mirror or someone next to you then you should be able to notice various skin pigmentation changes on them as well in various colors. This allows you to view the duel as well as without it we'd just be standing here" Naruto said, watching as Crowler pulled out a compact mirror to see his skin had turned grey around his eye, before Naruto tapped a button and his deck appeared in its slot and the field where he would place cards unfolded from the main body of the disk

As Naruto drew his first five cards Crowler drew his as well. "It was determined that you would go first with a coin toss so begin when you are ready" Crowler said as Naruto nodded.

"Then I draw!" Naruto said as he drew a card and frowned in his head as there wasn't too much he could do with this hand but as he saw Card Destruction it meant he could get a better start. "I'll start things off with Card Destruction, its effect causes us to discard our hands and draw the same number of cards" he said before they both slid their hands into the graveyard before drawing the same number that they had discarded.

He smiled as he looked at his new hand and could see a much better start for him to use. "Now I'll summon Gagaga Magician in defense mode (4* 1500/1000)" he said as the silver haired chain wielding magician appeared on the field kneeled down in front of him.

"Gagaga Magician? Can't say I've ever heard of that card" Crowler said a bit unsure before the intercom turned back on.

"That is because Naruto's cards are a prototype set that he has been entrusted to by Kaiba and myself" Pegasus said as they all looked to the glass VIP box to see him with a microphone. "He is the only one both Kaiba and I trust with such cards so do please try and give him a challenge" he added before it turned back off and he motioned for Naruto to continue.

"And now I set down two cards face down and end my turn" Naruto said before motioning for Crowler to go.

"While I am excited to see what your deck has in store I am also a bit annoyed at your Card Destruction as I had a great set up but any duelist with any worth can make do with whatever they get" Crowler said with a smile as he looked at the card he just drew.

"First I'll activate Ancient Gear Workshop to get back one Ancient Gear monster from my graveyard and return it to my hand" Crowler said as a card slid out of his graveyard before he added it to his hand.

"Then I will activate Magnetic Circle Lv2, which allows me to special summon one level two or lower machine type monster from my hand and I choose my Ancient Gear (2* 100/800) in defense mode" he said as a mechanical contraption appeared on the field.

"And from my hand I activate the effect of my two Ancient Gears to special summon them onto the field since there is another Ancient Gear on my field already" Crowler added as two more identical monsters appeared beside the first.

"Now I activate my spell card Spell Gear!" Crowler said a gear themed spinning top appeared on the field. "Now if I sacrifice three Ancient Gear cards I control and send them to the graveyard I can special summon two Ancient Gear Golems, one from my hand," he said flashing the one he had in his hand as it was his last card "as well as another from my deck" he finished as a card popped out of his deck. "This allows me to ignore the summoning conditions so rise my Ancient Gear Golems! (8* 3000/3000)" Crowler said as two massive mechanical being rose up from behind him.

"W-Wow, Crowler really isn't holding back against him" Alexis said in shock as she stared at the two copies of Crowler's legendary card that were summoned on the field.

"It's not every day we get to see him pulling out these kinds of stops. I'm more curious how this kid will survive the attacks" Zane said as he frowned, wondering if he could survive them.

"I activate Gagaga Shield!" Naruto said, reacting fast before Crowler could attack and stop him from activating it to save his card. "Now twice per turn by equipping it to my Magician it can be saved from being destroyed by battle or card effects twice per turn" Naruto said as his Magician gained a glowing shield to hide behind.

"So be it, it won't save you from its piercing damage from the difference between attack and defense points that it'll inflict" he said as Naruto grit his teeth and prepared himself for the attack.

"Now attack my Golem with Ultimate Pound!" Crowler said as the Golem's fist collided with the shield but the shockwave pushed Naruto back a bit as he grit his teeth.

Naruto didn't care as his life points went down from 4,000 to 2,000 as he was more worried about the second Golem and preparing for its attack.

"And I still have one more Golem to go! Attack again with Ultimate Pound and finish this duel!" Crowler said as the other Golem swung his fist towards Gagaga Magician, thinking the duel was done but as the smoke cleared he frowned as Naruto and his Magician were still standing with 2,000 life points.

"How? How are you still alive?" Crowler asked as Naruto smirked and turned around a card in his hand to reveal a Kuriboh.

"Due to your Golem's effect of not allowing me to activate spell or traps when it attacks I had to improvise with this little guy who allows me to negate any battle damage by discarding him so I'm still alive" Naruto said as one thing he learned from Kaiba was to always set up a strong defense to survive an onslaught any opponent could potentially unleash at any moment.

"I end my turn, your go" Crowler said with a smirk, impressed by the forethought as the crowd was quickly becoming not so sure of Naruto and his chance of winning, especially against two 3,000 attack point monsters.

"The boy seems to be having some trouble even with this prototype one of a kind deck" Alexis said as she had a bit of high hopes for the kid considering who his dad is and the prospect of new never before seen cards.

"Wait Alexis, give him a chance. I can feel something coming on" Zane said as Naruto drew his next card and he felt like the boy was about to turn things around.

"Oh this is perfect" Naruto said with a smile as he got what he needed. "And now I summon Gagaga Girl in attack mode! (3* 1000/800)" Naruto said with a smile as the blonde haired sorceress appeared in front of him winking at the crowd with her cellphone spell tome in hand before he pointed to her.

"And now I activate her effect by targeting my Gagaga Magician and in turn she becomes the same level as him, boosting from a three star monster to a four star" he said before the room started to grow dimmer.

"And with my now two four star monsters I can build the overlay network!" he said as Gagaga Magician and Gagaga Girl glowed purple and gold before turning into twin beams of light and shooting into the storm cloud of sorts in the center of the ring.

"W-What is an overlay network?!" Crowler asked as the storm cloud started to turn more into what looked like a galaxy.

"By using two or monsters of the same level you can use them the same way as you would fusion as materials to summon something even greater" Naruto said as the galaxy grew brighter. "Now watch his debut to the field and the start of my victory!" he yelled as something started to rise from the center of the room.

Crowler and everyone else in the room watched in awe as a white almost angelic type object rose up with what looked like two comets orbiting it.

"Now awaken Number 39: Utopia! (Rank 4 2500/2000)" Naruto commanded and the object opened up and transformed into a white and gold mechanical winged human, the number 39 present on his shoulder in red lettering with the same comets orbiting around its body.

Naruto was thankful for remembering to wear his gloves as they were able to hide the glowing number that matched Utopia's on the back of his hand.

"Wow! Did you see that Manjome!?" a boy in a blue uniform asked as the black haired boy next to him watched with widened eyes as he had never seen something so awe inspiring or seemingly intense.

"Of course I did you numskull now shut up and keep watching" Chazz Manjome said as he was silently wondering how he can get his hands on one of these Xyz monsters. He was even more surprised he had never heard of them before now.

"While very impressive it still isn't strong enough to beat either of my Golems" Crowler said, getting his composure back as Naruto smirked.

"We'll see about that as I attack one of your Golems!" Naruto said as everyone collectively wondered what he was doing.

"That monster is weaker than Crowler's Golem! What is he thinking?" Alexis asked as Zane frowned.

"He must have something in mind as he doesn't strike as the type who does things without something in mind" Zane said as Alexis frowned and turned back to the duel, not wanting to miss any of the duel.

"What are you doing?! Both of my monsters have 500 more attack points than yours!" Crowler said as Naruto nodded.

"Which is why I activate Utopia's effect! By removing one overlay unit I can activate his effect and negate any attack whenever a monster declares one. And now after that I can chain it up with the quick-play spell card Double or Nothing!" Naruto said as he played the spell card from his hand and a giant slot machine rose up behind him.

"You see when a monster's attack is negated I can target that monster and not only can it attack again but during the damage step it gains double its attack" Naruto said as Utopia went into the slot machine through the coin slot, the lever was pulled and Utopia and a pile of gold was sent pouring from it while Crowler's eyes widened at the prospect of a 5,000 attack monster destroying one of his.

"Well that still isn't enough to end me even after you destroy one of them so I hope you have something else planned" Crowler said as Naruto shook his head.

"I don't because I can end you with this thanks to Gagaga Girl's ability from within the overlay network!" Naruto said as the ghostly image of Gagaga Girl appeared over Utopia's remaining overlay unit.

"You see if she was used to Xyz summon alongside another Gagaga type card she can target one special summoned monster, like either of your Golems, and reduce its attack points to zero so this is the end" Naruto said as Crowler watched one of his Golems got reduced from 3,000 to 0 attack points.

"Now end this! Attack Utopia and destroy his Golem with Rising Sun Supreme Slash!" Naruto yelled as Utopia drew his two swords which doubled in length as they became made of golden energy before it flew towards Ancient Gear Golem and slashed through it, bisecting it into four pieces before it exploded and Crowler's life points dropped immediately from 4,000 to 0.

"And the Winner is Naruto with an amazing combo!" the announcer declared before the crowd cheered as the duel Field started to die down, the color around everyone's eyes disappearing while Utopia looking back at him and nodding before it faded, making Naruto smile.

"I have to say that was an amazing duel" Crowler said with a smile, hiding the slight awe he was still in from being chosen to experience this new monster type. "Paired with your written test's score you are easily eligible for Obelisk Blue" Crowler said, presenting a blue blazer which Naruto frowned at.

"That is the highest rank right?" he asked as Crowler nodded. "Then I don't want it. Put me in the lowest area and let me work up to it" he said, shocking Crowler as his smile became strained.

"B-But why, you are a prestigious duelist and deserve this" Crowler said before Naruto shook his head.

"I don't like being immediately placed higher than others, let me earn my place as it feels better for me. Place me in the lowest grouping so I can strive and push for something" Naruto said as he walked off, leaving a stunned Crowler behind before he composed himself and hurried off.

"Oh my, seems Naruto is the same as always" Pegasus said with a chuckle as he got the gist of the conversation between Crowler when he offered Naruto the blue blazer.

"The kid is right but also stubborn. I say he earned it in spades but if he feels like he needs to cement his right to it by climbing up then so be it" Kaiba said as this wasn't the first time Naruto had refused to be just handed something, he had only even accepted the duel disk after beating him in an incredibly close duel. "Either way I told the chancellor to keep us updated on Naruto's actions and record every duel of his to be aired nationally so we'll be able to watch and see as he goes up in ranks as will the rest of the dueling world" Kaiba added as he turned to leave, Naruto's duel being the only reason he was here.

"Yes we shall" Pegasus said with a smile as he had to leave as well to prepare Naruto's living situations in Duel Academy as his stuff had to be shipped over.

Naruto sighed as he sat down in one of the stadium seats, sending his deck away before Kaiba's bodyguard bowed to him and walked of. He though quickly found himself annoyed as he could hear people whispering about him and staring at him before a soft voice stirred him from his grumbling thoughts.

"U-Um, excuse me? C-Can I sit here with you?" a voice asked as he turned to see a nervous looking girl staring at him as she fidgeted nervously.

The girl had a natural sweet beauty to her with long auburn hair that went to the middle of her back and hazel eyes. She wore a pink and white shirt with a long sleeved yellow shirt under it and a pair of light blue denim shorts. Her figure was petite with a low B cup chest at most as she unintentionally squeezed them together due to her holding her hands in front of her below her waist.

"I-Its just every time I try and sit somewhere people say the seats are taken and I don't feel like sitting by myself" she said with a sad tone before he quickly nodded.

"Sure, feel free" he said as she smiled softly and moved to sit beside him.

"My name is Serenity, Serenity Wheeler. Nice to meet you" she said before Naruto frowned a bit in thought.

"Wait, Wheeler? Are you by any chance related to Joey Wheeler?" he asked making her nod and smile a bit.

"Yeah, he's my brother. I enrolled because of him actually" Serenity said with a smile that couldn't help but make him smile a bit as well.

"Ah I've met Joey in the past, he's a good guy and a good duelist" Naruto said, smiling as he remembered meeting him and his friends when he was young during Duelist Kingdom. "Also I guess my Dad is my reason for enrolling as well. He always worries about me so going here is to help me make friends" Naruto said making Serenity giggle a bit.

"Sounds like my brother a bit" she said before two more people walked down their way.

"I apologize if I am interrupting but I just had to come down and say your new Xyz monster was amazing" a rather tall boy said, his black hair combed back as he wore a white track suit.

"Oh it's no problem" Serenity said, her warm personality making Naruto not mind the boy all too much.

"I thought you were really cool as well! That Utopia card was amazing" another boy, shorter than the first with large teal hair and glasses.

"My name is Bastion Misawa, it is a pleasure to meet you Mr. Crawford" Bastion, the black haired boy said before the teal haired boy pointed to himself.

"And I'm Syrus, Syrus Truesdale" he said as Naruto nodded.

"Well it's nice to meet the both of you and please, just call me Naruto" he said as they nodded and chose to sit behind him.

"And I'm Serenity, it's nice to meet you both" she said with a smile that made the two boys blush as Naruto noticed she omitted her last name unlike how she didn't with him.

"So have you all done your tests?" Naruto asked as other duelists and what he figured to be proctors started to pair up, the floor changing to smaller rings across the massive gym like floor.

"I was barely able to finished mine but I did a bit before everyone was cleared off" Syrus said as Bastion nodded as well.

"I too finished mine but much earlier so I have been waiting for things to finish. I am glad I did was I was able to enjoy your amazing duel" Bastion added before he looked over to Serenity who nodded with a smile.

"I was able to finish as well. I had some trouble but I got through it after I drew my brother's card and it inspired me" she said with a metaphorical fire in her eyes that made Naruto chuckle and smile.

"I do wonder what dorms we three will get as it is obvious Naruto is going to get sorted into Obelisk" Bastion said as Naruto shook his head.

"I was offered but I turned it down. I want to work up to it and really earn it" Naruto said, making Bastion and Syrus widen their eyes since if they had been offered it they would have taken it immediately.

"Well that's nice, giving yourself a goal" Serenity said with a smile as the other two just shrugged it off.

"Attention all duelist! The tests have ended and to those that have passed congratulations, to those who didn't we wish you better luck next year" the announcer said as there apparently weren't that many more tests and they had finished while they are talking.

"To those who passed please make your way to the shuttles that will take you to your ride to Duelist Academy and I wish you all luck at the academy" the announcer finished as Naruto stood up with a groan and popped his neck.

"Well, we better head off if we want a window seat" Naruto said as he offered his hand to Serenity to help her up.

"Yeah I hope we can sit together on the ride to the academy" Serenity said as she looked up at Naruto with a smile as he shrugged his shoulders with a smile.

"If we are lucky and get there before some of the others I don't see why not" he said as Serenity nodded and they, along with Syrus and Bastion, headed off to the shuttles.

The ride to the helicopters, their apparent rides to the academy, weren't that long and they had easily been able to stay together in their group of four, Serenity beside him and Bastion and Syrus behind on both the shuttle and the helicopter.

The helicopter was nice and comfortable, the interior more like a high end private jet, with their luggage stored below while his stuff was most likely being sent express delivery another way to the academy by his father. Halfway through the flight, as Naruto relaxed next to Serenity who excitedly looked out the window, Bastion tapped his shoulder to catch his attention.

"Sorry to disrupt you but I was curious where your deck is" Bastion asked as he had just noticed Naruto's duel disk was empty and he had somewhat wanted to get a peek at some of it.

"Well right now it is locked securely away behind an impregnable vault somewhere only a few people know. My disk allows me to teleport a deck into it when I need it. I can use my disk to even craft decks and save the recipes" Naruto said as he summoned a hologram screen, getting the attention of everyone around them.

"Wow, you have so many recipes" Serenity said as she looked over a few of the names, leaning against him which made Naruto blush a bit due to how close she was.

"I try and keep some things changed up. I can summon sole cards if I want like this" he said as he typed a few things and a sole card popped out of the extra deck slot in the back of it before he pulled it out to reveal Utopia.

"Can I see it?" Serenity asked as Naruto nodded and he handed the card to her, trusting her enough not to damage it since he believed himself to be a very good judge of character.

"I do have to ask, is Number an archetype of Xyz monsters?" Bastion asked as he peeked at the card from behind Serenity who graciously held it up for him to see while he was too nervous to touch it.

"Yeah more or less but there are multiple other Number archetypes with Utopia being a part of the main series that consists of 100 Number Cards" Naruto said as honestly telling them wouldn't reveal much about them other than the amount he had.

"There are 100 of them? What does Number 100 look like?" Syrus asked excitedly as he too was able to look at Utopia due to Serenity turning it his way after Bastion was done.

"You'll have to wait and see as I'll be summoning more than just Utopia in my duels" Naruto said with a smirk before he accepted Utopia back and sent it back to his other cards. "Though I guess he'd be my signature card if I had to label one as such" Naruto added as he just felt a bond with Utopia most of all.

"Well that is quite promising" Bastion said as he leaned back in his seat and they enjoyed the rest of the flight before they arrived at Duel Academy.

"Alright students report to the assignment officers, they will direct you to where to get your uniform and places to change into them. Don't dawdle as the opening ceremony is soon and your dorm's welcome dinners are all tonight" one, what Naruto figured to be a student, from Obelisk said as they filed out from the helicopters.

"I'll see you all at the opening ceremony I guess" Naruto said as due to their last names they had to split apart.

"Sounds reasonable" Bastion said as the others nodded and walked off.

The line for the 'C' last names weren't too long and his jacket, just like he had requested with Crowler, was Slifer Red. They had also given him a pair of dark grey jeans, black boots, and a grey undershirt as well as a PDA.

He didn't spend long getting changed, handing his old clothes to an attendant who told him that they would deliver it to his assigned room. He choose to keep his jacket open while he quickly noticed his was different than the other Slifer Red students. His, like Obelisk Blue coats, had coat tails making him wonder why.

"Hey, why is my coat different?" he asked as he cut a bit in front of the line to the person who gave him his uniform.

"Oh that was a personal request from your father and considering who he is we couldn't deny it" the woman said as Naruto sighed.

"Of course it was him, I swear he loves theatrics like this" Naruto grumbled as he walked off but figured it wouldn't be his dad if he wasn't like this. He was just thankful they weren't starched to hell to keep them flared out like Kaiba's coat was.

As he made his way towards the main gym he was stopped by a woman in a dark red coat, much darker than the Slifer red and more so being maroon, looked at him as she pushed up the glasses that rested on her nose. "You are Naruto Crawford, correct?" she asked as Naruto nodded. "Then please come with me, the Chancellor wishes to speak with you beforehand. Do not worry you won't be late for the opening speech" she added as Naruto frowned but nodded, motioning to lead on.

Once they arrived at the Chancellor's office she motioned for him to head in as she seemingly was to wait outside.

"Ah Naruto, I am Chancellor Sheppard sorry to call you here like this" the Chancellor said as Naruto waved off the worry of the friendly looking adult.

"Don't worry about it, better than over the intercom system I guess" he joked making the man chuckle and nod.

"I called you here as your father and future employer both said I can rely on you concerning sensitive matters, that you would be able to look into them and help with them" the Chancellor said as Naruto frowned a bit but nodded.

"I guess, depends on what it is" Naruto said not sure what his dad and Kaiba signed him up for but knowing them they wouldn't purposefully put him in over his head.

"I have sent over the decrypted file to your PDA and I also gave you a clearance level equal to mine installed on it under your bio so if you ever need to use it while investigating feel free to use it" Chancellor said with a smile as Naruto frowned a bit but shrug his shoulders.

"Sure, guess I'll read over what it is about and keep my eye out and feelers out for anything weird. I'll try not to abuse the pass" he said as he patted his PDA that was clipped onto his waist. "If that is all am I allowed to go?" he asked as the Chancellor nodded.

"Of course, if you need to see me just speak to my secretary, the woman who brought you here and she'll let you in. She should be easy to find as we both wear the same colored jacket" he said as he pointed to his similar maroon colored jacket. "I do hope you enjoy your time at the academy" Chancellor added as Naruto nodded before leaving the room.

As he arrived in the main gym he had made it just in time to catch the Chancellor's greeting to the students. Thankfully from his message and from meeting him in person the man seemed nice so that was a massive plus of being here.

Once the greeting was done, ending with him telling them to visit their assigned dorms, he was quickly able to find Serenity and Syrus. Serenity had mainly changed her pink vest for a red Slifer vest that she kept open and a pair of black shorts to replace her jean shorts while Syrus had gone full regulation uniform with a yellow undershirt.

"Wow, you were given a really fancy looking jacket" Syrus said in awe as Naruto chuckled and rubbed the back of his neck.

"Blame my dad, he felt this kind would suit me best. Looks like you two are in Slifer as well" Naruto said as they nodded before Bastion walked up.

"And I am the only one of us four in Ra though technically we have someone meant to be in Obelisk among us" Bastion said as Naruto shrugged his shoulders.

"If I'm meant to be in there I'll move up the ranks naturally, for now I'm more than content with Slifer" Naruto said with a shrug of his shoulders before he pulled out his PDA after all of theirs chimed.

"Seems like we have free time until our dorm's welcome dinner. We should probably go check ours out" Serenity said, excited to see what her dorm would be.

"See you all later then" Bastion said with a smile as they nodded and watched him leave.

"Well, shall we?" Naruto said as Serenity and Syrus nodded.

"Yeah! I'm super excited to see what it looks like" Syrus said with enthusiasm that made Naruto chuckle and pat him on the back for.

"That's the spirit! Now let's go check it out" Naruto said as, with the use of the map installed on their PDAs, the eventually came to the Slifer dorms.

The dorms themselves didn't look that bad as to Naruto it reminded him of a three story apartment complex. It did look somewhat beat up but not nearly as bad as he was expecting.*(3)

"Is the Slifer Red dorm the only ones that suck?" Syrus asked as Naruto frowned.

"I don't think they suck, they are just more minimalist which I like. What about you Serenity? What do you think of it?" Naruto asked as he looked to the girl of their group.

"I like it, it seems nice and cozy" she said with a sweet smile making a woman laugh.

"Aw good to see we finally got a girl this year" a woman said as she stepped towards them from her place of sitting at the base of the stairs.

The woman was easily late 20s early 30s with long black hair that reached her mid-back and blue eyes. She, like him, wore a long version of a Slifer Red coat but hers had a solid trench coat like back to it compared to his coat tails along with a red skirt and red heeled boots that went up to her ankles.

"My name is Midori Hibiki, you can call me Ms. Hibiki and for your time in Slifer dorm I will be your dorm leader and headmaster. I welcome you to Slifer Red dorms" she said with a smile as Naruto held his hand out to her.

"Nice to meet you Ms. Hibiki, I look forward to being in your care" Naruto said as Midori shook his hand with a smile.

"Ah Naruto Crawford, the only ever person to request to be in Slifer Red. I look forward to see how you shake things up as I watched your test and was thoroughly impressed" she said as she looked behind him with a smile.

"Don't be afraid, I don't bite" she teased as Serenity giggled and nodded.

"It's nice to meet you too Ms. Hibiki I'm Serenity Wheeler" she said as Syrus nodded along with a smile.

"And I'm Syrus Truesdale" he said as she smiled and shook both their hands.

"Nice to meet you both as well, now, let's see what rooms you will be staying in" she said as she picked up a clipboard that was sitting on the stairs.

"You should all know girls stay on the third floor with only myself and now Serenity being up there. You can visit up there but there is a curfew of when you are no longer allowed up there. Boys get second and first floor with the building attached used for breakfast and dinner considering lunch is served at the school" she said, going into a more serious mode as she explained things.

"For Serenity you can choose whichever room you like other than the room on the farthest left when facing the building as that is mine. Syrus I have you in room 204 and Naruto room 205 at the end. Syrus you have a roommate, a second year freshman named Hayato Maeda" she said, looking up from her clipboard. "Both of your stuff have already been moved into your rooms so go on and check them out, here are the keys" she added with a smile as she handed them their keys and handed a ring of keys to Serenity.

"Whichever room you choose just take the key off and put the rest around my room's doorknob" she said as the three of them hurried off to check out their rooms.

Naruto honestly liked his room as it had a nice sized queen sized triple bunk bed, a pair of desks side by side, and even a stove and sink along with a closet. It gave him a nice homey feeling and compared to everything he was used to it felt like a breath of fresh air.

He smiled as he saw a picture of him and his dad on his desk as well as one of him with the finalists of Duelist Kingdom when he was young. He also noticed some boxes in his room, most likely things sent over by his father for his stay here at the academy.

He was brought out of his thoughts as a knocking came at his door. "Can I come in Naruto?" Serenity asked as he opened the door for her to see her and Syrus smiling at him.

"Sure come on in, did you decide on a room?" Naruto asked as they waked in.

"Yeah, I ended up choosing the one above yours. I'll try and be quiet when moving around" she said before he waved it off with a smile.

"Whoa! No way! Is that you with the finalists of Duelist Kingdom?!" Syrus asked in shock as he noticed the photo on his desk.

"Yeah. I met them all and a lot of other duelists during Duelist Kingdom since my dad had it going on his private island. It was also where I met Kaiba for the first time" Naruto said as he remembered running into the slightly rougher around the edges Kaiba from back then.

"That is so cool! Not only was your entrance exam duel amazing and we are in the same dorm but we are even neighbors! This is so cool! Do you mind if I maybe could call you Bro?" Syrus asked as Naruto rubbed the back of his neck, a bit embarrassed as Serenity's giggling didn't make it easier.

"Um…sure?" he said unsure before he cleared his throat. "But enough about that, we still have an island to explore don't we? How did it go with your roommate?" Naruto asked as he changed the subject since while he was the only person staying in his room Syrus had a roommate in his.

"He seems nice, a bit grumpy and sullen but I think he's nice" Syrus said as Naruto nodded.

"I'll have to introduce myself later but for now I want to check out the school's duel fields considering they are supposed to be top of the line. We should be able to easily make it back by dinner" Naruto said as Syrus and Serenity nodded.

The school, while massive on the inside, was even bigger on the inside. They were lost for a whole before they somewhat got their bearings "I think the closest duel field is this way" Naruto said as they wandered in to see two Obelisk blue students standing on the field.

Naruto let out an impressed whistle as he recognized the duel field model that was installed. "They really have upgraded everything haven't they? These will be fun to duel on" Naruto said as while the academy disks were easily able to create powerful holograms the duel fields amplified them even more so to make it more immersive.

"Yeah I don't even recognize this model of duel field, it really must be state of the art" Syrus said as he stared in awe at the field before them as Serenity just giggled a bit at the both of them.

"Hey, this is Obelisk blue's duel field, Slifer's aren't allowed in here" one student said making Syrus and Serenity frown a bit.

"I'm sorry, we were just looking around" Serenity said with a frown as they glared at them before they widened their eyes as they got a clear look at Naruto.

"Wait, your Naruto Crawford!" the other Obelisk said as Naruto nodded.

"Yeah and are you saying this is an Obelisk only duel field?" Naruto asked as he turned around to see a plaque with Obelisk's head on it. "I hope the other fields are this well-equipped. I think we can drop by Slifer's field and still have enough time but we might need to hurry" Naruto said as they turned to leave before someone dropped down from above behind him.

"Wait! I've wanted to talk with you since I saw your duel" a voice said as Naruto turned around to see a boy his age with spiky black hair as he wore an Obelisk blue jacket. "The name is Chazz Manjome, if you want to use our duel field then feel free to if it's in a duel against me" he said with a smirk as he crossed his arms and looked him over. "I'm awfully interested in those Xyz monsters and how I can get my hands on some" he said with a smirk, making Naruto frown as the kid screamed 'rich prick'.

"Really? You guys really don't have time for a duel considering our welcome dinners at the dorms are soon" a girl's voice said as the two other Obelisk blue students parted to reveal a girl with blonde hair frowning at them as she crossed her arms and walked forward.

Naruto, as much as he was embarrassed to admit, couldn't help but stare at her the girl who had walked over to them. She was an Obelisk blue student and rather beautiful with an amazing figure…not that he stared at it too much.

"I doubt you want to be late to your dorm's dinner given Crowler's strict order not to be late" she said making Chazz frown and slightly glare at her.

"Fine, whatever. We'll have to talk later for sure Crawford" Chazz said as he and the two others walked past them, Serenity and Syrus moving beside him as they glared at them.

"Sorry about Chazz he, like many other Obelisks, are very interested in you after your duel with Crowler and your refusal to be put in Obelisk. I would watch out for them though as Chazz and his group like to intimidate others and they tend to be the handful of Obelisk Blue's that look down on Slifers and Ra students" the girl said with a slight frown before she held out her hand and smiled at them. "I'm Alexis Rhodes, it's nice to meet all of you" she said as Naruto nodded.

"Nice to meet you too, these are my friends Syrus and Serenity" Naruto said as the two of them smiled and waved at her.

"It's very nice to meet you" Serenity said as Syrus just blushed and nodded along.

"It's nice to meet the two of you as well but you all should probably head back to your dorm as well so you won't be late" she said as Naruto nodded, frowning as he looked at the time.

"Yeah we really should be going, it was nice to meet you Alexis. Maybe we'll see each other again soon" he said as she smiled and crossed her arms again.

"I'm sure we will" Alexis said as she watched them run off to their dorm.

They were easily able to make it there in time and as the dinner started he couldn't help but smile as while not as fancy as he figured the other dorm's feasts to be. He found their meal reminded him more of a normal family dinner of what looked to be a nice serving of grilled salmon, a few pieces of tempura fried shrimp, nice sized bowl of rice, and a tasty looking soup. All in all it gave him a homey feeling that he enjoyed.

"Now before you all complain about your meal I chose this to make us feel closer" Midori said as she smiled at them all. "I want you to feel like a family while you all are staying here. I know others might look down on you but you mustn't look down on yourself" she said as she stepped out, walking down the middle row between the tables.

"You see you get the opportunity to start from the bottom and rise up, growing and getting stronger with a target in mind. Plus not only that but you get to learn the aspect of Slifer Reds" she said as she pointed to her jacket with a smile.

"All Slifer red students have determination. You all are the underdogs and you will learn to persevere in your duels and show everyone Slifers aren't the bottom but a fire ready to explode! Now raise your glasses and toast to your first year!" Midori said as she raised her glass, smiling as everyone cheered and did the same.

Naruto couldn't help but smile as he rose his glass as well, smiling as he felt he made the right choice starting in Slifer first a with a dorm like this he was looking forward to how his first year could turn out.

-Chapter End-

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