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Death, dying, was coming; she could feel it, feel the life leaking out of her with the blood...blood is life...her vision was blackening, death is black, consuming...

A strangled sob, so far, oh, so far from where she was...death? Yes, she was there, and someone was sobbing, anguished, the sound of despair.

"Ginny," choked the voice of despair; no, no, wasn't it the voice of hope, love, life? It was tainted, corrupted, filled with the blackness, just like her.

"Ginny, don't leave me...don't, don't, you're all I have, my life..."

Life, brief, for a moment, so bright, white like flaming magnesium, not orange like the flames in her hair, but his hair was that shining white... Life, pulling away again...don't leave me...she couldn't, he was life, but she was...the blackness, it tugged her away.

"Draco," she gurgled...gurgled - why? Something her throat, in her


Knife, tearing through flesh, deep, too deep, all the way through, gasp of pain, blood draining, dripping onto the floor...

Love, life, collapsing to the floor in a pool of blood...blood is, crimson, black, not red like her hair, her beautiful hair, falling over the floor...father, smirking, evil, black...hate, filling him, as though the blood on the floor, Ginny, his life, was soaking into him.

Another knife, lying on the floor, suddenly in his hands, stabbing, more blood on the floor, hate, rage, guilt, disgust...pain.

Ginny, his Ginny, on the floor, pale, fading, like a rose past its prime...

Tears, sobs, overpowering, nausea, kneeling on the floor, blood on his hands, on her...her eyes clouding, dying, dying inside, his life gone, going, dead...

"Ginny," he whimpered, knowing there was no hope, his love, his life, gone, forever...and still...

"Ginny, don't leave me...don't, don't, you're all I have, my life..."

His name, his name on her lips, with the blood, and she fled...died.

He would follow, follow to where she was, in her presence, the only place worth being.

Pulling out the sword, blade covered in her blood, the blade that would save him. Indeed, it did...plunged perfectly, the blood poured, fell, fell onto her, blackness, blackness...heaven...death.