A/N: This fic has been inspired by some discussions with representatives from the airline industry.

It will go without saying that every chapter will have lemons...

I doubt even JK Rowling will recognise what I will do with Draco and Hermione, but just in case: the characters in this story are owned by Ms Rowling; the plot (sksimpy as it is) is mine.

We met the usual way, in a hotel. Technically – outside the hotel.

I was facilitating a training session in the hotel that morning, and he and some of his his flight crew had pulled up in a taxi from the airport. In fact, I was marching past his taxi with my arms full of training materials when he opened his door directly into my path – and sent me and my stuff flying.

'Oh my God, I'm so sorry,' said the long-legged pilot, who leapt out of the car and grabbed some of my files before they flew away. 'Should have looked before I opened the door.'

I was a bit winded, to say the least. I gaped at him while I sprawled at his feet, my long legs this way and that, and my sleeveless grey knee-length tapered dress hiked up to my thighs. The sun was a bit bright, but I could clearly see that this man was an Adonis in an airline pilot's uniform. His face was like a movie star's – all chiselled planes and lightly tanned skin. Beneath his visored hat were beautiful lips and the most intense blue eyes I've ever seen. My clitoris tingled, and I blushed like crazy.

'That's all right,' I murmured, very British-like, tucking an errant lock of curly hair behind my ear. 'Nothing broken.' Luckily I wasn't wearing stockings, or they'd be in a dire state.

He held out a hand to me, and I grasped it. He easily pulled me up, a bit too easily, maybe, because I suddenly found myself staring at the crossweave on his airline tie and breathing in his cologne. I swallowed, and looked up to see him watching me with consideration.

'God, you're a clutz, Malfoy!' laughed a male voice. We both turned and watched another man in a pilot's uniform, along with a gorgeous young woman in a flight attendant's uniform, collect up the last of my wayward files. Smiling, they came up to me and handed my gear over.

'Don't worry, ma'am,' the other pilot grinned. 'Captain Malfoy's brilliant at flying, but he's quite likely to trip and fall flat on his face while boarding the plane.'

'Yeah, yeah, Zabini,' Malfoy said with a lazy smile.

My cheeks were still red. 'Thanks so much for collecting my files,' I stammered. 'I couldn't have gotten through the day without them.'

Malfoy was still hanging on to the ones he picked up. He looked at the cover. 'Legal Developments in Cybersecurity,' he read out loud. He handed it over with a raised eyebrow. 'Impressive.'

I snorted. 'I've seen inside the flight deck of Boeing 777. I'm fairly sure flying an airliner has to be one of the most complicated jobs on the planet.'

They laughed politely. Well, that's my networking done.

'Enjoy your training day, Ms Granger,' Malfoy said to me.

Surprised, I looked up at him.

Smirking, he nodded at the topmost file. 'Your name's on the cover.'

I blushed again. 'So it is. Well, thank you. Have a nice stopover.'

I scurried into the hotel's atrium while they got their luggage out of the taxi. I smiled ruefully to myself. What a gorgeous man. Way, way out of my league though. The flight attendant looked like Miss Universe. I'm sure a curly-haired lawyer nerd wouldn't interest him.

I left my files with the hotel's conference co-ordinator and nipped into the Ladies. My panties were wet. Just from his touch.

Hooray, finally at the end of a gruelling day! I just had a small cohort of trainees today, but in the small groups the men like to metaphorically compare their dicks and monologue at each other while ignoring me, the so-called expert, up at the front of the room. I was going to reward myself with the biggest kick-ass chardonnay the hotel bar could drum up.

Throwing together the last of my stuff, I checked my phone. There was a text from an unknown number. Curious, I opened it.

Hope your training went well, today, Miss Granger.

Would you be interested in having a drink before you leave the hotel?

Captain D. Malfoy

PS: your phone number was on the training material, too.

My heart did a cute little fluttery somersault.

I dashed off a reply to let him know I was heading to the bar, then detoured to the Ladies to freshen up.

When I entered the bar, hopefully looking as cool as a cucumber and as fresh as a daisy, I saw him and the other pilot sitting in a corner, facing the entrance. They both smiled and stood up as I approached.

I love a well-mannered man. Men.

They bought me a drink (well, all of my drinks in the end) and courteously asked me about my day, my career, my hobbies. When I started my third drink, the discussions became more relaxed, and they had me laughing with ridiculous stories of airline hi-jinks.

Then Draco and Blaise (omigod, their names!) exchanged looks, and Draco asked me if I wanted to have dinner. I looked straight into his brilliant eyes and said yes. As if on cue, Blaise stood up, saying 'I see a friend over there… I'll go over and say hi. Lovely to meet you, Hermione.' Then he was gone.

Draco and I looked at each other.

He stood in the low-lit hotel bedroom with his hands in his pockets, as if he was waiting for a train.

He said 'Your clothes need to be removed by the time I come back.'

He looked at me speculatively, and wandered into what I guessed was a bathroom, shutting the door.

I watched the way the muscles in his back shifted when he turned away from me. He'd already lost the items of clothing that identified him as a pilot – his hat, jacket, tie and shirt with epaulettes that probably denoted something important. The gold braid and bars meant little to me. I'd never been with a pilot before.

But I would be with one very soon. Much to my surprise.

Anyway, he said my clothes had to be removed, right? I mock-saluted the closed bathroom door and unzipped my dress. I liked the way it pooled on the floor around my feet, but I picked it up and hung it in the closet. At least when I do my walk of shame to the hotel car park tomorrow morning, it won't be in a wrinkled dress.

Next, I walked over to the bedroom's vast windows that overlooked the beautiful city nightscape, losing my bra along the way. We were so high up. I admired the view while I slid my tiny panties over my hips and down my legs. I was glad to be rid of them – I was soaking wet again. He'd been slowly turning me on all evening with his low-voiced talk and direct but inscrutable gaze.

I could see myself reflected in the window glass. I was completely naked, except for my shoes. He didn't say I had to remove them, to be fair, but high heels are killers on the feet and back, and I'd been on them all damn day. Off they came.

On the nearby desk lay his hat. I picked it up, curious. Then I tried it on, looking at myself in the glass again. It was too big for me, of course, but I liked the way the visor hid my eyes and only revealed my sultry mouth. The reflection mouth quirked. He didn't say I couldn't put his clothes on…

I found his tie. I curled it around my hand and placed it on one of the bedside tables. I wanted him to use it on me later.

I tried on his jacket, which promptly made me look like a beached whale. It smelled of his cologne, though. Yum.

I shrugged it off and picked up his shirt with the mysterious epaulettes. I put it on, leaving the buttons undone. Even though the sleeves were short, they came down to my elbows. It covered my arse at the back. I held the shirt closed with one hand at my sternum while letting the material slide away from my shoulders. I looked in the glass again. Sexy. I smiled.

Sometimes hiding something can turn a man on more than revealing everything.

'Do you often struggle to obey simple instructions?' The wry voice was Draco's.

I slowly faced him. I watched his eyes take in my long legs, bare shoulders and plump mouth. He might sound like he didn't approve of my interpretation of his instructions, but he liked what I was wearing very much. I knew this because he was totally nude, and his cock was hard and straining away from him. Yet he just leaned against the door frame and crossed his arms, at ease with his body.

His gorgeous body. I've never seen anything like it before.

I let go of the shirt, and I saw his chest heave as he stared at my breasts and trimmed pussy. 'Are you going to have me arrested for impersonating a pilot, sir?' I asked saucily.

He smirked. 'There's no way in the world anyone would mistake you for a pilot,' he said.

Well. That begs the question, doesn't it? I ran my fingers over my lips. 'Then what do I look like?'

In reply, he strode over to me and put a hand at the base of my neck. He tilted my head up and slammed his lips over mine, kissing me hard, possessively. His hat got in the way so he whipped it off my head and placed it on his own. His erection pressed against my stomach, hard and warm.

When he released my lips, he ground out 'You're one of the sexiest fucking women I've ever met. You're bewitching.'

I closed my eyes. Already he's figured out how much words turn me on. I could feel my pussy fluttering, and he's barely even touched me.

Then he said something that made my breath tremble.

'Since you have trouble obeying instructions, you need to be punished.'

The harsh words were whispered softly into my ear.

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