In the bathroom, I ran some cold water and splashed it on my face. I looked in the mirror, half-hoping my reflection would have more clues than I did and could sort out the thoughts that had me abruptly leaving Hermione on the bed.

But all it did was stare and throw them right back.

You like her.

Really like her.

So, genius, what the fuck are you going to do?

Option one: I go out there, tell her it's been great but I've got an early start in the morning. Let her go. Like I've done with all the others.

Option two: let her stay the night, and follow option one.

Option three: just let the rest of this night happen, and stop thinking.

No other options were being considered at this moment. On that, my reflection and I agreed.

I ran my hands through my hair and looked around the bathroom. The bath was a generous size, with the faucets built into the wall. I picked up one of the bottles of bath/shower gel and smirked at its rather turbulent name. 'Maelstrom.' I popped the cap and took a sniff. Yup. Smelled like a maelstrom, all right.

I turned the taps, and water poured into the bath.

Hermione had climbed into the bed during my absence. She lay still, with her curls obscuring her face. I wasn't sure if she was asleep or not.

I headed quietly over to her side of the bed, knelt down and gently pulled her hair back.

'I'm not asleep!' she exclaimed, sitting bolt upright. Then she saw me. I smirked, and she blushed. 'Well, maybe for a minute,' she admitted.

I got up and pulled the sheets aside. Her eyes popped. 'More sex?' she asked incredulously.

I swept her into my arms and carried her to the bathroom. 'Don't worry, it'll be low key,' I assured her.

She gasped at the sight of the bath filled with clear water, with tendrils of heat rising into the air. She climbed in slowly, letting out an almost orgasmic sigh of appreciation that had my cock sitting up and taking notice.

I climbed in behind her. She headed backwards and leaned against my chest. She let her head fall back against my shoulder, and closed her eyes. I wrapped my arms around her waist, and breathed in the scent of her body.

Some time later, I opened the bottle of Maelstrom and poured some into my hands. My fingers moved over shoulders, massaging them, kneading and working out the knots I found. Lawyers spend quite a bit of time hunched over computers, I'm told.

'Oh…my…God…' she groaned when my thumbs found a challenging spot. 'You have the rest of the week to stop.'

'Keep moaning like that, and it will be my pleasure.'

She moved in response to my touch, resulting in agitating both the water and my erection. When she arched her back, lifting her breasts out of the water and bringing her arse up flush against my body, I knew she was doing it on purpose, the little minx.

I poured some more Maelstrom into my hands and palmed her breasts. She gripped the edges of her bath and bit her lip. I slowly massaged her full, beautiful breasts. My fingers brushed and kneaded her skin, avoiding the temptation of her nipples until she begged me, in a broken voice, to touch them.

Kissing the side of her neck, I did as she wanted. The hard nubs felt good under my slippery fingers. When I tried to pinch them, they slid off, so I returned and tried again. And again. And again.

Her moans rose in crescendo, and I left one breast behind to delve into the water and touch her pussy. She gasped and ground into me, sending the water into choppy waves.

I tapped her clit smartly. 'No making a mess on the floor,' I murmured into her ear.

A frustrated sound escaped from her mouth.

'Tell me what you want,' I whispered.

She let out a shuddering breath. 'I want… your fingers inside me… on my clit… make me come…'

I smiled. 'Lift up your leg and rest it on the edge of the bath.'

Now I had full access to her. I started by gently rubbing her clitoris with my fingers, a movement that soon had her panting. Next, I moved my fingers down her labia, massaging them, pressing them against her pussy and clit. When her legs were trembling, I eased two fingers into her cunt. She felt exquisite. Even through the water, I still felt the slick of her arousal inside her body.

For a moment, I was tempted to take her out of the bath, throw her onto the bed and sink my aching erection into her. But she'd had enough for tonight. I promised her low-key, not the intense fucking I would otherwise have given her.

With my other hand, I wound it in her hair and gently turned her head to meet mine. I kissed her with incredible slowness, learning every part of her lips while I finger-fucked her delicious cunt and rubbed the palm of my hand against her sensitive clit.

Fast and slow.

She came while we kissed. I swallowed her moan of release. Her pussy clutched my fingers hard, then rippled around them.

Perfectly low-key.

We stayed like that for a little while, my hand gently cupping her mound and our mouths touching, parting, touching. Then she slowly turned around and climbed up my chest. 'Your turn,' she whispered into my mouth.

She wrapped her hand around my cock and stroked it slowly, building up to a speed that had me thrusting my hips involuntarily.

'Careful,' she smirked. 'No making a mess on the floor.'

I had to smile.

With her other hand, she cupped my balls, and I very nearly did make a mess. I closed my eyes and let my head fall back, letting the sensation spread through my body.

She stopped to pour some Maelstrom into her hand. Even that short time away from my cock nearly drove me mad. When she returned, her slick movements were a thousand times more intense, and I knew I was going to lose it very shortly.

She bit down on one of my nipples, and I was gone. I came into her hand with a strangled oath. Fuck, it felt so good.

It was an unbelievable night.

A little while later, we were tucked up in bed. We lay on our sides – facing each other, not touching, but close enough to kiss.

Hermione looked at me with sleepy eyes. She opened her mouth – then her glaze slid away, and she closed it.

'What were you going to say?' I asked.

She smiled briefly. 'It can wait until morning.'

I nodded. Morning.

We kissed, and said goodnight in the darkness.

We were both early risers.

And, apparently, we were also both cuddlers.

I gave up on sleep as the sun rose over the city's distant mountains. I hadn't bothered shutting the curtains last night, so I watched the sun's beautiful progress from the bed.

I was hard. But hey. The Archangel Gabriel himself would have had trouble concealing a morning erection and with a beautiful woman nestled into your body, with her tantalising arse up flush against your groin.

'It's beautiful,' she whispered, looking at the window.

I kissed her shoulder. Yes. You are.

She raised her arm, took my hand and brought it around to her breasts. She kept her hand on mine, and slowly pulled her legs in to herself, pushing harder against my erection. I gently squeezed her breast, and she moaned, the same sound I'd wrought from her so many times last night that I'd lost count.

'Hermione' –

'Shh,' she whispered. 'After.'

I gathered up her curls and twisted them out of the way, and kissed her bare neck, trailing down and across her shoulder. I left her in care of her breasts and worked my fingers down her creamy body to her mound.

My middle finger crested over and touched her clitoris. Her back arched in response, grinding once more against my aching cock. I hissed out a breath and she moved away. I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her back to me. The torture was worth it. I would be inside her soon.

I returned to her clit, rubbing it in gentle circles. 'Open for me, love,' I whispered, and she kicked off the bedsheets and looped a long leg back over mine. Her pussy was open to me. I tested the waters, so to speak, and she was warm and wet.

I slid inside her.

At the risk of sounding like a broken fucking record, she felt perfect. When I was inside her so deep my balls became drenched in her juices, her pussy fit me perfectly. Or I fit her pussy perfectly. Either way. I could feel every contour of the most intimate part of her body, and undoubtedly she could feel every part of my cock sliding in and out, touching every muscle.

'We fit so well,' I whispered into her shoulder.

'Oh…' she whispered, undulating her body. 'Yes…'

We both moved slowly, in sync with each other, taking our time as the room grew lighter. Another beautiful day.

This time, Hermione sped up her shallow movements, urging me on. I gripped her thigh, raising it higher, and surged into her pussy hard and fast.

Her moans built up and her body trembled from the pounding I was giving her. Then I felt that exquisite sensation where her pussy got even wetter and the muscles began to flutter. She was on the edge, and so was I.

I put my lips to her ear. 'Come,' I whispered.

She wailed, and her body spasmed. Her pussy gripped my cock and sanity left me. 'Oh, my fucking God…' I swore, and my vision swam as my cock pulsed into her.

I pulled her still-heaving body to my still-heaving body and held her close.

I'd come inside her without thinking twice.

I needed to re-visit my options.

Hermione turned down breakfast and politely asked if she could take a shower. An actual shower, she added, mostly smiling.

'Of course,' I said, and grabbed the morning newspaper while I ordered some room-service coffee. I found myself reading the same headlines over and over again. Nothing was sinking in.

She came out of the bathroom looking like she did when we first met yesterday morning – in her grey dress, tidy curls, light make-up accentuating her beautiful face. She crossed the room and put on her high heels.

'There's coffee if you want it,' I said.

She looked wistful, but shook her head. 'I should' –


She eventually looked at me, expressionless.

'If you have the time, I'd really like you to have some coffee while I shower. We really should talk.'

Her eyes lowered, but she crossed to the table and poured herself a cup.

I wanted to ask her to promise she'd wait until I got out, but I berated myself for being such a bloody wuss, and headed to the bathroom.

She was still there. I felt her eyes follow me as I crossed the bedroom floor in the nude and pulled out my uniform for today.

I put on everything except the jacket and hat. I put the tie on but loosened the knot and left the top button of my shirt undone. Warily, I approached the table and sat opposite her.

'There's some coffee left,' she murmured.

I shook my head. 'Hermione,' I started. 'Last night – and this morning – was out of this world, frankly,' I said. 'For me, anyway.'

She nodded, looking out of the window. 'Yeah. I don't think I'll ever forget it.' She took a breath. 'I guess that's the curse of the one-night-stand,' she said lightly. 'When you find someone that you get on with really well, but the rules state that you both walk away in the morning.' She bit her lip.

I looked down at my hands. This was hard. I think she wanted what I wanted. But I wasn't sure. And I'm a Malfoy. My ego may be big, but it's open to attack.

I took a breath of my own. 'The rules don't have to apply in this situation.'

'What do you mean?' she whispered, turning back from the window.

'I'm flying out this later this morning, but I'm back tomorrow and will be staying over for a couple of days.' I met her eyes. 'I'd like to see you again. If you're in a position to. If you want to.'

A shy smile spread over her face. 'Yeah, I am. And I'd like to.'

I smiled back.

At the door, Hermione shrugged her handbag over her shoulder and stretched up to me for one last kiss.

'See you tomorrow,' she smiled.

You know what? I think she actually smirked.

'Can't wait. See you tomorrow.'

I shut the door behind me, and grabbed my jacket, hat and phone.

I texted Zabini to meet me for breakfast and tried, without success, to wipe the grin off my face before heading out the door myself.

The crew will give me hell…

The End

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