Hey Guys as some of you know i didn't make this fanfic but merely adopted it and i'm just a guy who want to see this great story to continue

Fanfic by Meanjojo

Chapter 1

Saitama wandered around aimlessly, around an unfamiliar city. He has no idea where he is, because he could've sworn he would remember where his apartment was. Oh and the fact that there appeared to be a few monsters scattered here and there walking alongside humans.

A quick look at a map, conveniently laying about, didn't help either. He didn't recognize the city layout, all it said was 'Map of Japan' and the map showed a location Saitama has never seen or heard of... Well probably would've never heard of it anyway.

One minute he's dreaming about marshmallows the next he wakes atop a building, that was obviously not his apartment.

Well at least he had his outfit on, just a yellow jump suit, white cape, and red gloves.

He's garnered a few stares along the way, due to his outfit, if not that then his bald head.

Saitama grumbled at the thought of people giving him odd stares for his bald head, they can stare at his outfit all they want, but shouldn't stare at people who have a lack of hair.

He really wanted to shout, but that would probably be too much attention someone would probably call the cops on him, so he didn't do it.

Guess he'll have to find a new place to stay.

He sighed in frustration, he really needed to find a cheap place.

That's when an idea popped up in his head.

'What if I... no then I would look like a bum.'

He shot down his own idea quickly.

He sighed once again. He should probably look for a job, that way he could live better atleast.

Though what kind of job though?

A fisherman? No he would probably launch them out of orbit with his strength.

A trainer? No that would be too tedious to do.

A couple other ideas came to mind, but they didn't work out for him in the slightest.

Sighing for a third time, he stopped in his tracks.

It would appear that he stopped in a random alley. Wonder what'll happen?

He could hear the faint sound of someone crying. It sounds like it's coming from the nearby box.

Saitama decides to investigate it. Normally it was usual to hear crying in an alley, for obvious reasons, but this one sounded a bit more high pitched.

Saitama simply walked over to the box and opened it to see what was inside.

A little girl, that was possibly in her early teens covered her eyes as the unwelcoming sunlight poured in.

Something of interest was the fact that she had a cat like tail, and cat ears atop her head.

She cowered in fear as Saitama looked directly at her.

Saitama sensed her fear, or just looked at her and tried to calm her down.

"It's alright I won't hurt you."

The girl stopped cowering and looked at Saitama. She slowly gets up, then looks around.

She scanned the area from left to right to see if anyone was going to try to harm her.

Saitama did the same and looked at the directions she was facing. Nothing unusual or dangerous was around.

He looked towards the small girl and picked her up and out of the box.

This action surprised her as she wasn't expecting the sudden movement, her tail tensed up and her ears perked up.

He set her back down on the ground, one good look at her apparel presented itself. She wore a simple white shirt and blue jeans, that had a special slit for her tail. Both of which are currently dirty.

"Hey little girl are you lost?" A simple basic question.

The cat like girl didn't respond only staring.

"How did you end up in that box?"

The eyes widened and she was starting to form tears in her eyes.

Saitama knew he did something wrong, so he reached out to the girl's head and patted her head.

This did stop her as she stared at him once again.

Saitama turned around and gestured for the girl to follow him. She reluctantly complied, walking towards him.

She got very close to him, enough to cling to him in case of any danger.

Luckily the walk would be uneventful.


The girl walked very closely to Saitama as they entered the police station. She hasn't said a word at all, scared, thinking they were looking at her.

In reality they were staring at Saitama and his weird getup, plus bald head.

They walked up to the front desk.

"Excuse me. I found a lost girl, care to do something about it." Blunt and straight to the point.

"Sure." The man at the desk said, before turning to her, "Can you tell me your name, and host family please?"

Saitama palmed his face, just realizing he forgot to ask for her name. Also raised an eyebrow at 'host family'.

The girl tried to hide behind Saitama, but she couldn't as he stepped out of the way.

She silently stood there not responding, making the man sigh, "I've seen these cases before, too scared to even respond huh? Well that's going to pose a problem."

The man adopted a thinking pose, "I think it would be easier for us to take a picture of her, and see if anyone recognizes her."


After a lengthy process for a single picture, Saitama was once again talking to the man.

"She seems to trust you the most. So I would recommend you take care of her for a while."

Saitama raised an eyebrow at the suggestion, "Why can't you take care of her?"

"Well the simple fact that she won't tell us her name, and we don't have time to babysit her."

Saitama's eye twitched at the fact that they were just dumping her on him.


The duo entered their newly purchased and cheap apartment. After a long and failed argument with the station, he has to take care of the little cat girl.

He really does need a job now. He can barely take care of himself, let alone two people.

Though it would leave her alone, he feared that it would cause her to break down, due to her reactions earlier. All that and he still didn't know her name.

Which reminded him she didn't know his name. So he turned around to see the girl staring at him, "My name is Saitama."

The girl blinked looking at Saitama, though it was different than the usual blank stares.

"What's your name?" The simple question once again showed up.

She didn't respond, instead looking blankly at him again.

He sighed for the whateverith time and turned around, knowing that she'll stay silent.

"K-Kali" he heard a weak voice say to him. He turned around and stared at the girl who went silent again.

Saitama smiled and reached his hand out to ruffle her hair.

"Hope we get along.