Chapter - 16

Return of the blonde cyborg

Suu was the first one to act, her form enlarged to engulf and grab hold of everyone moving them from harm's way, barely dodging the attack, people around them took notice and panicked, running away from the fire that started

When they were finally safe Suu spat them all out and morphed back to her human shape.

"WHAT ON EARTH WAS THAT!?" Miia screamed, looking at the scorched pavement where they once stood, searching for the source of the fire Miia saw what looked like a man on top of a building with steel arms

The man jumped off the building and landed on the street with a loud crash before pointing the palm of his fiery hand at them

"You dreaded villain, have a taste of thy blade!" Centorea lashed out her sword at Genos, with a swift swing the sword was brought down on his head only for it to clang at his head like it was nothing

The vibrations of Centorea's strike coursed through her sword then her arms, shaking her large breast in the process. The centaur took a second to catch her breath, while the cyborg lowered his arm slightly as if he was letting her rest, several moments later Centorea continued her flurry of attacks, one by one of her strongest swings hit the cyborg and one by one it did nothing to Genos, the centaur huffed a deep breath, exhausted from trying to do little to no damage to him

"So I hope call this small dual a draw? Tee-hee" Centorea asked the cyborg, attempting to act innocent and cute


Genos activated his palm in the lowest setting possible and blew away the centaur in one hit

"Centorea!" Miia, Suu and Papi came rushing on to her a just few meters away

"Centorea please wake up!" Papi started shaking her, attempting to wake her

"Why yes, mmmmaster I would like some more salad~" Centorea eyes where swirling and began speaking randomly before completely passing out

"Please wake up Centorea!" Miia tried to carry her but to no avail, she was too heavy even with three of them helping.

Kali and Iara stood in place, terrified and shock of what was happening in front of them, it was a moment later that the two went to the others and helped them

Genos on the other hand looked at the group, confused as to how easy it was for him to defeat one of them, scanning them again however the cyborg questioned the level these non-humans where at.

There was a small static of interference that lasted a few second before returning back to normal

"This doesn't seem right, my sensors are levelling them around a high dragon level threat now" Genos thought as he began walking towards them

"What are you all doing in this city?" Genos asked, raising one of his arms

"HAAA?! WE SHOULD BE ASKING YOU THAT! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TRYING TO BURN US OUT OF NO WHERE?!" Miia shouted at the cyborg, as cartoonish steam came out of her head

This only seemed to irritate the cyborg but decided to answer her question, he lowered his arm but the palm kept its glow

"Very well, if you must know I'm an S class hero and I'm here to eliminate all possible threats" Genos faced them "And that means all of you"

"Now tell me, how did you all go unnoticed by the people in the area?" Genos asked harshly as he charged up his palms and pointed it at them

Again there was a small static of interference

"What do you mean?" Iara frightfully added at the cyborg's question, she was afraid of what this weird looking robot could do and suddenly covered her mount with her hands

"All of you walk in public as if the people here don't notice you" said the cyborg, his eyes burning a raging yellow

"I don't know if you have been living under a rock or something! But monsters and humans coexist here" Miia replied as best as she could but the raging eyes of the cyborg was staring her down

"Nonsense" Genos said sternly, his palm ready to fire

"But we're telling the trut-" Iara was cut off the a large fire ball almost hitting them, just barely missing Centorea and Kali, with Kali now cowering in fear behind the harpy

"Now. I will asked again" His palms charged up, ready to fire another attack


Saitama and Kimihito walked side by side with bags filled to the brim with groceries, meats, fishes, eggs and vegetables, all the while Saitama was drooling, imagining what he'll eat for dinner

"Ahhh…Thank goodness they were having a sale" Kimihito sighed in relief "my wallet couldn't take much more abuse"

The bald hero raised an eye brow at the mortal man

"So those girls are a handful, aren't they?" Saitama asked

Kimihito look at him with a small smile as they continued their walk back to the group

"Oh, it's just those girls eat a lot and I sometimes have to make extra trips to go shopping for them" Kimihito embarrassingly rubbing the back of his head

"Oh…" The bald hero gave him a look of interest "That must be hard, you know…getting things they need all the time"

Kimihito laughed awkwardly

"Yeah at first it was a lot of hard work and sometimes it's a bit of a pain but" Kimihito his face turning sentimental for a moment, features showing a more kinder face as he look at the bald hero

"But the more I spend my time with them the more I find myself enjoying everyone's company" Kimihito said, reminiscing on cherished memories…even if it was physically painful or awkwardly lewd, he would never trade them for anything.

Saitama smiled at him, giving him a small pat on the back to which Kimihito groaned in pain.

"With Kali and Iara around I guess I could try doing more for them while I'm still here" the hero replied, looking at the blue sky atop of them, but one big question still puzzled him; what…was he going to eat?…..That and if it was time for him to go back to his world, what would happen to Kali and Iara?

Would the hero bring back to the two to his dangerous world? 'No no no it would be too dangerous for them'

Saitama was lost in his own thoughts, this giving him a lot to think about

"Sensei, what do you mean 'while you're still here? " Kimihito questioned

The bald hero was about to reply till an ear ringing booming sound that rocked the very ground they were standing, followed by a crowed panicking and screaming over a weird looking robot shooting flames



"I'm running because everyone else is running!"

The crowd ran as fast as they could away from the threat and past the two

"This is bad" Kimihito looked at the place where the people where running from, his face turning serious "Sensei that's where we left the others! We have to go now!" Kimihito threw away the groceries and bolted to in action, sprinting to where the girls where.

Saitama caught the bags in mid-air and casually kept behind Kimihito, running like it was nothing

Miia, Papi, Suu and a knocked out Centorea along with Kali and Iara cornered by a building and a cyborg, his raging eyes starting them all down, his flaming palms pointed at them ready to fire at any attempts of escaping .

With fear knotting at their very being, not one of them uttered a single word at the presence of this fire and steel man, his question still unanswered enraged him further more

"But mister we don't know how to answer your question without you believing us" Papi replied nervously

Genos raised his palm, his settings on high and pointed it at them

"Then you leave me no choice if you are not going to cooperate" Genos aimed at his targets, just as he was about to fire a loud and angry voice called him out

"LEAVE THEM ALONE!" Kimihito came rushing in like a raging bull ready to fight the steel man

Genos merely raised his eye brow at the weird man running towards him 'Who is this idiot?' The blonde cyborg thought looking at the man closing in at him

"D-darling..." Miia looked at Kimihito's heroic act of bravery with star filled eyes

"Master…" Suu and Papi both said in awe

"Mhhhaaaahh" Centorea was still knocked out but manage to mutter, her eyes still in a spiral

Kali and Iara could only stare at the scene unravelling in front of them.

Kimihito came running in speed and cocked his hand back in a fist, ready to unleash his attack on the cyborg, as if time had slown down, Kimihito's fist gaining speed, harnessing all of his willpower and strength in this finally attack, Kimihito's fist abruptly made contact with the demon cyborg's face, hitting him in between the eyes

A clanging sound echoed through the whole shopping district followed by an unholy cracking sound.

"Ahhheeee!" Kimihito held his hand in utter pain

The cyborg unaffected by the attack blankly stared at the man

"DHAAAAAAAAAA!" Kimihito screamed at the top of his lungs, looking at his hand that now resembled a disfigured piece of modern art….a bruised disfigured piece of modern art…



Genos pointed one of his fingers at him, touching him on the shoulder

"Ehh?" Kimihito now somewhat recovered from the pain was now confused as to what the cyborg was doing

Suddenly a surge of electrically coursed throughout his entire body, feeling his legs give out beneath him and falling to the ground, Kimihito was unable to move his body

"Target eliminated" Genos said walking away from the now defeated man that was unable to move is body.

The cyborg now had his sights set on his real targets, raising his palm and pointing it at them

"Papa please help us…" Kali prayed with tearful eyes in the hopes that Saitama or someone may save them from this…demon

This demon cyborg.

Then just as the cyborg was about to unleash his attack a powerful gust of wind came followed by a large crashing sound, it all happened so fast that they didn't notice the cyborg was sent flying in to a building

As if Kali's prayers have been answered, Saitama stood in where the cyborg was. His hand in a finger flicking motion was enough to subdue the cyborg

"Sensei?" Kimihito manage to lift his head with a dumfounded expression

The same was said with everyone, shocked at the impossible feat of the bald hero

"Ohhh…" Suu amazed by his power

"Mhhhaaaahh" Centorea was still knocked out but manage to mutter

"Wow…" Papi awed

"Saitama…" Iara awed at his heroic rescue

"PAPA!" Kali came rushing in to hug the bald hero

Saitama couldn't help but pat the young neko's head feeling up the ears and comforting her that everything was alright



Genos' legs was sticking out of the building he was knocked in to, when the cyborg came too, he busted out of the building in an explosive fashion 'What would had so much power to defeat me so easily?' The cyborg though as he landed and got in to a fighting mode.

"Damnit I let my guard down again" Genos said to himself

When the dust finally settled the cyborg's eyes widened at what he saw, slowly the cyborg turned off his palms and calmly walked to the bald hero

Saitama looked up at the cyborg walking towards them, the bald hero simply waved to him, the others eyes widen at the cyborg approaching them.

"Oh, Genos I never thought I'd see you here" Saitama walked closer to him

"Sensei I have been looking for you" Genos said to the person that he was training under


Everyone attention was towards Miia's sudden out burst

"YOU KNOW THIS PSYCHOPATH!?" The lamia screamed at the two, feeling her nerve throb.

Just as the bald hero was about to answer her helicopters flew over their heads and down descended a team of highly trained agents in yellow along with a few in grey

"Hold it right there or I'll start shooting!" smirked a female zombie with red hair, holding two sub machine guns and aiming it at the bald man and cyborg

The bald hero looked at the group and took notice of a few familiar faces, Manako and Tio among them wearing the same yellow uniform with the exception of a brown skinned girl with white hair who seemed to float with the aid of her hair.

"Hey it's you two, what are you doing here?" The bald hero asked in a calm state, his poker face making it hard to tell whether he was serious about the situation or not

Manako, Tio and the two new comers along with the rest of the agents only drawn out there weapons at him and the cyborg, the moment became more intense when Genos re-activated his palms and pointed in at the team

"Sensei, shall I eliminate them?" Genos asked ready to fight

"No no no no, we don't what to cause more trouble for them" Saitama replied waving his hand in a dismissive manner "Plus it'd be better if we just talk this out"

The cyborg lowered his arms in his sensei's request but still Genos kept his guard up, the last of the choppers hovered above their heads, a rope was let down and with it a woman in SWAT attire armed with a pistol

"This is the Cultural Exchange Security Squad!" The woman said pointing she pistol at the two "Anything you say and do will be-"

The woman stopped for a second, having realize who she was confronted with.

"Well if it isn't Saitama-Kun" The woman removed her mask revealing Smith, she took a second look at him and the cyborg

"And a friend I suppose?"

Genos didn't react but merely stared at her blankly

"And I see you've met Darling as well"

Kimihito once again raised his head to look at Smith before laying face first gently on the ground



Kimihito's host group ran to his side, aiding him as best as they could until help arrives

"You guys are coming with us…" Smith said looking at Saitama and Kimihito's respective group of students than looked at the cyborg "All of you"




"Okay" The bald replied giving his well-known 'ok