Her father was away on a business trip, and even if she should be used to it by now, Chloe still found the hotel to be far too quiet.

Sabrina was sick and doped up on medicine, and the last time she had tried to call her for something, anything to fill the silence, Chloe had to sit through a five-minute slurred commentary on why yellow was the worst color ever before she managed to interrupt her and order her friend to get some sleep.

It wasn't her night for patrol, but at this point anything had to be better than sitting in the silence, so Chloe called for her transformation, taking a deep breath as sleek armor replaced her (fashionable, of course) clothing.

Chloe tended to avoid the very edge of her balcony under normal circumstances, but Queen Bee felt no fear diving headfirst over the railing, wings spreading and catching the night air as she shot down and out, turning her freefall into a glide over the shining lights of Paris below.

Before she had gained her Miraculous and wings, she had found anything to do with the weather, other than when rain was coming so that she could avoid it, absolutely boring. Afterwards, it had been a matter of self-preservation to learn about wind direction and speed, thermals, crosswinds, and what she could learn about the wind from cloud patterns.

To be fair, it had taken the fourth time being slammed into a building by a crosswind or downdraft for her to look the information up.

Now, though, she navigated the night winds as easily as the clothing racks at high end stores. This high up, she couldn't smell the car exhaust, or heavy perfumes, or other scents of the city; just the sharp metallic scent of coming rain.

And suddenly, something sweet. Idly she identified it as the smell of pastries, and her stomach gave a sharp twinge, followed by a loud growl. Queen Bee frowned, scrunching her nose up in displeasure. Who knew that being a superhero would burn so many calories? And she couldn't deviate from her usual diet without drawing attention to herself, not to mention her ingrained habit to watch her calorie intake.

Another whiff of pastries, and another sharp pang from her stomach had Queen Bee angling down, banking on a stronger gust of wind before she even realized it. In fact, she had touched down on a balcony before she even recognized where she was…

Or who was already there.

Queen Bee froze, eyes wide as they locked with the shocked gaze of one Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

If she had been Chloe at the time, things would absolutely have ended in a fight. However, Queen Bee had a reputation to keep as a hero, and that meant not picking fights with random civilians.

Even if she did find them extremely annoying.

Marinette was just opening her mouth, no doubt to tell her to get the hell off her roof, when Queen Bee's stomach suddenly growled. Again. No doubt prompted by the plate of pastries that Marinette had sitting beside her, one with several bites taken out of it.

That, and the skies opened up with the rain they had been threatening.

Queen Bee reflexively yelped and ducked under the protective awning, glaring at the steadily increasing rain as if it were responsible for all of her life's problems.

A soft laugh drew her attention, and she frowned irritably at Marinette covering her mouth to try (unsuccessfully) to hide her giggles.

"Come on. I can get you a towel, and you can share these with me until the rain stops." Queen Bee's mouth didn't drop open in shock, but it was a close thing as Marinette picked up the plate and the textbook she had been reading, heading for the trap door that led down to her room.

Briefly, she considered just leaving, but a flash of lightning and the following rumble of thunder decided her. Flying in a thunderstorm was asking to get hurt.

Even if she was spending the evening with her least favorite person in the world besides Hawkmoth himself, it was better than braving the storm.

And at least it was guaranteed to not be quiet.

Decided, Queen Bee stepped after her unknowing classmate, jumping down the trap door into warmth and light.