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In all honesty, their wedding reception looked little different to Hiccup and Astrid's. Some different people, a couple of young children and more bike parts on the gravel. But it was small, casually intimate and only included people they really cared about.

It was in the back yard of the Haddock farm estate - Heather and Astrid being best friends, it was basically assumed they would use it. Astrid offered before Heather asked. It was occasionally still surreal to witness his old Mechanics teacher with one of his classmates, despite the fact Justin had been aware of the illicit affair even then during the time Hiccup Haddock was his teacher.

Before he left. Quit his job to publicly claim Astrid as his girlfriend.

Justin envied the prospect of being able to make such a statement. He had never fully understood why Heather wanted him, but by some miracle? She did.

With her slim frame, big green eyes and long black hair, Heather was a goddess in human form. And she wanted a chubby blond guy with short legs and enough awkwardness to fill an Olympic swimming pool. For the longest time, Justin struggled to comprehend it. Their relationship had moved at glacial speed, because even when Heather seemed so blatantly interested, always asking to see him and even coming walking for miles (when it was clearly not her thing) with Meatlug, he couldn't quite comprehend that she wanted anything more than friendship from him.

She could clearly tell he was nervous, shy, frankly he was a little terrified. The first time he held her hand, Justin thought his heart might just give out. Heather had squeezed his huge hand between her slim fingers and smiled shyly with a delicate flush across her cheeks. Gods, she was always so beautiful.

Justin had been inadvertantly pulled into the issues surrounding Hiccup and Astrid because of the timing, but he never thought of telling - it wasn't his business. He only cared because Heather did, and Heather cared because Astrid was her best friend. He could distinctly remember Heather holding his hand while she comforted a desolate-looking Astrid, and the visible improvement in his girlfriend when Astrid and Hiccup patched things up.

Now those two were currently congratulating Heather, stood near Dagur. Heather's bodybuilder brother and ex-military father were not exactly ideal for a nervous guy dating his first serious girlfriend to feel comfortable, but they were actually immensely welcoming. Dagur eyed him suspciously for a few months, but he was always friendly - Heather punched him every time he tried to quiz Justin about his intentions.

Heather was endlessly patient, from waiting for their first kiss to Justin admitting he was a virgin. No girl had ever been interested in him before, not really, and he had never been interested in them. Then along came Heather with her sweet smiles and bright eyes, and everything fell in to place for him slowly but surely. Their relationship strengthened constantly, and when Heather fell pregnant with Grant, Justin was ecstatic.

Even so, old insecurities had him convinced that when he finally got up the nerve to propose, Heather might say no.

She didn't, she cried and smiled and said yes, then told him she was pregnant with their second child. Grant was only three, but he was excited about the party and getting to see Hiccup and Astrid's year-old twins.

Heather was five months along now and just beginning to show through her clothes - the baby was a healthy size, but apparently sat further back, almost against her spine and so her bump was smaller for now.


Grant, with his jet black hair and carbon-copy Ingerman nose and freckles, charged over to Justin with his arms up and a big smile. Justin scooped up his son, the boy of a... sturdier build than most his age much like his father. He hoped Grant wouldn't get picked on at school for that. The boy beamed and tapped Justin's nose, giggling to himself as though it were some great joke.

"Hey little fella. Having a good day?"

"Yeah! Alex here!"

Grant was, by far, Alex's biggest fan. He adored the little girl, who had the Haddock auburn hair and already displayed many of the women in her lifes spitfire personality traits. That girl would be no shrinking violet, that was for sure. Alex was currently in her fathers arms, generally searching for her 'little' brother - Alex had been born ten minutes before Hayden.

"I know! Have you had lots of cake?"

"Bleh! Had sau- saus- the rolls!"

Chuckling to himself, Justin laughed at having the only toddler in the world who hated sweet treats, preferring to eat his weight in sausage rolls. Not that he could say sausage yet. Grant wrinkled his nose, kissed Justin's cheek and then wriggled to be put down. Doing so, he watched the energetic boy barrel over to his grandparents for more attention. Justin fiddled with the ring on his finger - it would look like a bracelet on Heather's slim wrists, had to be custom made. Hiccup had been able to recommend a place that did good jobs on such hefty guys - despite his slight stature, Hiccup's father made even Justin feel small.

"Hey babe. How you doing?"

Justin turned to see Astrid holding out a drink to him, looking genuinely happy to have seen her best friend marry Justin Ingerman. Heather could have had her pick of almost any man - with the exception of Hiccup, really - but she'd married him.

"Great! I think I'm just still..."


Justin nodded.


"That's ok. This can still be one of the best days of your life, sometimes that happens in your memory after you've had that 'oh my gods this happened' episode."

Looking at Astrid, who was undeniably a beautiful woman with many attractions of her own, Justin was a little confused.

"That happened to you?"

"Yeah. Hiccup and me were a wildfire, and I guess for a while I half-expected us to burn out. I was over it by the time we married, but I did have a kind of hindsight moment or two that day. I still remember it as an amazing day though. The only time I have ever seen Heather happier was in the hospital when Grant was born. You two are perfect for each other Justin, I couldn't have picked better for my girl."

With that, Astrid made a beeline for her husband and twins. Heather turned toward Justin, smiling so widely Justin almost felt his own cheeks hurt for her and warmth blossomed in his chest at the sight of her.

Odin, he loved Heather so much. She approached him, sipping her non-alcoholic cider with a sparkle in her eyes.

"Hey handsome, fancy getting a drink sometime?"

"I'd love to but I'll need to check with my wife."

"Done. She said it's fine. You should come over, we think Alex is trying to say Dagur but she's having some trouble."

Justin followed, Heather's small hand in his large one like it absolutely belonged there. It did, really.


Alex's 'uncle' was rather put out by her unsuccessful attempts.

"Come on Alex, girls are meant to be the smart ones. Hayden can say it. Da-gur!"

Alex frowned, face scrunching up in concentration.



"Da... dada!"

Alex turned around, hugging her dad and Hiccup chuckled as he returned the embrace. Dagur pouted, but Grant tugged at his trousers until Dagur looked down.

"Uncle Dagur!"

Happily distracted, Dagur scooped up Grant and carted him off to where his fiance Al was chatting to Justin's cousin about the different protein content of various foods that were hissing away on the barbecue. Heather laughed, leaning against Justin's arm and looking so utterly content that Justin couldn't help but share in it. He felt her twitch, saw her hand go to her belly and soon enough everyone else noticed - meaning many coos and hands to feel the baby kick. They didn't know what they were having yet, didn't care so long as it was a happy, healthy bundle.

"You guys excited for your second one?"

"We are. Grant is a little confused, but we're keeping him updated so hopefully there are no jealousy issues."

Hiccup and Astrid, holding their twins while an aging Meatlug sniffed around their legs for dropped food, shared a look and then turned back to the newlyweds.

"He's a good little guy, I reckon he'll be a great big brother."

"I agree."

As the day progressed, Justin began to relax into the happy atmosphere. Heather and Grant were clearly having the time of their lives, and Grant was completely elated to discover he was spending the night at grandmas house - he adored Justin's mother most, because she had a little yappy dog he called Terror that was the right size to play with a three year old boy.

Evening began to fall, so Hiccup and Astrid popped in to put their twins to bed, returning with a baby monitor clipped to Hiccup's belt. Grant gave his parents superbly affectionate cuddles before being taken away by mama Ingerman, leaving Justin and Heather ready to hop in the car and head to their hotel. They were only spending two nights away since they had no real desire to take a honeymoon when they could go on holiday with Grant instead, but they still felt they should... celebrate.

Heather, in all her suprising and mischevious glory, had changed out of her usual clothes into the slim t-shirt and grey skirt Justin suddenly remembered she had worn the night they were first fully intimate. It made his skin prickle with heat, something he had never understood happening until Heather. Never had he understood how one person could make him feel so much. Heather inspired a pure happiness in him that Justin couldn't quite word, she gave him a quiet but solid confidence in himself. And she set his blood on fire with her coy smirks and eager hands - something she was reminding him of as they prepared to say goodbye to everyone still lingering in the Haddock back garden.

"Just cus you married her doesn't mean I rescind my threat to eat you alive if you hurt her. Welcome to the family Fishlegs!"

A slightly drunk Dagur bade them farewell with Justin's old nickname - he did have ridiculously small legs - and his fiance carted him off with a nicer sentiment as Heather swore at her brother. Astrid hugged Heather tight and Hiccup gave Justin a companionable shoulder nudge.

"Thanks for letting us have the thing here."

Hiccup smiled genuinely, nodding toward where some were laughing tipsily.

"You're more than welcome. It's great to have such happy memories being built here... makes it feel more like home. Now go enjoy your night."

"How are you gonna get everyone home?"

"I had nothing to drink, I'll dump everyone in the farm truck if I have to and drop them at their doors."

Justin chuckled, finding Heather and Astrid were done doing their best friend thing and now Heather was on her way back to him. Her big green eyes sparkled happily, her stomach pressing against her thin t-shirt.

"Hey husband. Ready to go?"

"Ready when you are."

She took his hand, guiding him outside to where their ride was waiting. They could drive themselves, but Heather didn't like fitting behind the steering wheel with her bump if she could help it and Justin had had a few drinks. Heather leant in to his side, humming contentedly to herself when Justin's heavy arm wrapped around her. Her habitual braid rested over her shoulder, hair soft and smooth beneath his fingers as he ran them over the weaved strands.

"Love you."

"I love you too Heather."

She made another contented sound, seeming to fall asleep where she lay on him but Justin was used to her doing the thing where her eyes were closed and she was quiet but completely awake - Grant was always trying to get away with things, thinking his mother asleep only to get caught by her red-handed.

"We're here Mr and Mrs Ingerman."

Mr and Mrs. That was going to take some getting used to.

"Come along husband of mine."

"Lead the way wife of mine."

They thanked the driver, who kindly got their bags out of the boot of the car and they headed in to the hotel. Their casual attire raised an eyebrow from the check-in desk attendee, as he checked their reservation for the 'honeymoon' suite (that was Heather's mom doing that, Justin didn't see the point personally - he only cared that Heather was with him). Perhaps it was that Justin was punching way above his weight - Heather wasn't just out of his league, she was out of his world.

"Here are your room keys, congratulations Mr and Mrs Ingerman. Jack, help them with their bags!"

A young, terrified looking lad leapt into action and all but wrestled their bags from their hands, placed them on the trolley and zipped off toward the lift. There was a slightly stilted silence, but Heather was looking up at him with those soft, happy eyes and Justin felt pretty good about that. Jack left their bags at the door, congratulated them again and all but ran away. Heather laughed lightly to herself, the sound like a shot of pure happiness in Justin's heart. Heather opened the door, but Justin had a flash of inspiration.

"Hold on."

Heather squealed as Justin lifted her up - one upside to his bulky size was he was pretty strong - and carried her across the threshold.


"What? It's traditional!"

"It surprised me. You may proceed."

"Thank you milady."

He placed her gently down on the bed, taking her bag away and Heather had already sast up when he turned back.

"Hey, you're defeating the point!"

Heather giggled, reaching for the tie on her hair braid.

"Well, I need a minute to freshen up after six hours in a field."

"Oh. Oh right. Go right ahead."

Heather shimmied off the bed, heading for the bathroom with her bag and closing the door behind her. Justin saw the champagne on ice - nice gesture, but Heather couldn't drink - and a weird gift basket thing full of fancy foods. Justin bit into one of the fruit things, cringing and tossing it into the bin. He unbuttoned a couple of his shirt buttons, letting some air reach his skin as he placed his bag down and kicked off his shoes. Never in his life did he want to wear formal shoes again.

The bathroom door opened again, revealing Heather in a rather... revealing set of underwear. He hadn't seen the ensemble she had on before, and despite the fact they had been having sex for a number of years now, Justin felt himself come over all excitable schoolboy.

"You look... wow."

She smiled shyly, the bump of her belly visible over the earthy brown and green lace adorning her body - his favourite colour mix.

"I wasn't sure about wearing it, with my belly and all but-"

"Are you crazy? I'm just trying to remember how to speak right now."

Heather was a little shy about the marks on her skin from her previous pregnancy, but Justin had far more stretch marks than Heather ever would. Not to mention he found them beautiful on her, serving as a reminder her body had born him his young son, something he and Heather had made together. Her body was as flawless to him as ever - what she called flaws he called bonuses.

"Well, it was a gift from Astrid. I think she wanted me to feel good about myself tonight despite the whole big belly thing."

Justin crossed the room, taking Heather's hands in his own.

"Remind me to thank her. Tomorrow."

Heather's eyes fluttered closed as he leaned in, kissing the soft red lips he had gotten to know very well over the years. Heather hummed happily against his lips, one of her slender hands running over the stubble that clouded his jaw despite having shaved that morning. Her ivory skin showed irritation easily, and Justin didn't like leaving beard burn across her skin.

"You want me to go shave?"

She shook her head.

"No. Just be gentle."

He could do that. Flat against each other, Heather's hand was barely the size of his palm but she didn't seem to mind that very much either. When his hands went to her waist, they could almost completely encircle it but Heather shivered pleasantly, kissing the skin visible between the open buttons of his shirt. She played with the short blond plait that he used to control the part of his hair that grew out at a weird angle no matter how many times it had been cut, brushed and even straightened, then ran her fingers down the small crease of his nearly non-existent neck before starting on the fastened buttons of his shirt.

His chest and stomach were soft, made him feel awfully unattractive but Heather always smoothed her warm hands over them, followed them with kisses and looked up at him with eyes full of desire. Justin felt her nimble fingers unbutton his trousers, pulling his shirt free of the waistband so she could remove it fully. Naturally, awkward as he always was, Justin had to stop to unbutton one of his cuffs to get the damn thing off. Heather didn't laugh at him like she really ought to of, because he was a tad mortified.

"Come lay down love."

Justin went willingly, feeling Heather press her hot skin against his own as they made it onto the bed. Normally they might have appreciated the beautiful aesthetic of the room, but once her hands were exploring his skin Justin's world view condensed into just him and Heather.

"You look so beautiful."

Her cheeks tinged pink, reminding Justin he was amazingly not the only awkward and shy one sometimes.

"Take off your trousers would ya? I can't bend that well like this."

Justin sat up, rolling his waistband down so he could remove the trousers that had obviously had to be specially made - wedding suits only seemed to be made for thin or tall guys, not chubby guys with disproportionate legs. Heather's eyes followed them, then came back up toward where his erection was standing up against the underside of his belly. He'd heard the boys in the changing rooms at school joke that he probably couldn't find his penis, but thankfully he'd been a grower not a shower and when Heather was arousing him, neither of them struggled to find it.

"Would you care to do the honours?"

He nodded, reaching to unhook her bra and slip it down from her arms. Justin had to take a minute just to look at her, pregnancy having had a noticeable effect on her breasts. They had never been huge, but Justin never minded that - they suited her frame and they felt wonderful in his hands. He didn't need anything else from Heather's gorgeous body. However, pregnancy had caused them to swell slightly and they were almost unbearably sensitive, Heathers lips parting to let out soft moans from only the brushing of his fingers over them as he removed her bra.

Now they were bare, Justin placed his large hands over her chest, mindful not to overdo it lest it pass beyond pleasure to pain and Heather continued to respond passionately, almost lazy as she let him explore her breasts like it was the first time all over again. His rough thumb swiped gently over the pebbled peak of her nipple, her whole body rocking with pleasure and her moans increased in volume. He leant down to kiss her again, Heather's lips matching his perfectly as her arms wrapped around his shoulders. Her fingers came to circle his rounded chin, caressing his stubbled jaw and her legs wrapped around his to press closer.

"Gods Justin, you make me feel so good."

His name sounded so perfect on her lips, Justin wanted to draw it from her again and again. Kissing at her slender throat, Heather whimpered in response and arched to expose more skin for him to taste. He made his way down to her chest and latched on to a sensitive nipple, winning the response he wanted from his wife.


She arched into his mouth, hands tangling in his hair to hold Justin to her breast as he sucked and tongued at the bud repeatedly. He wanted Heather writhing, desperate beneath him. Switching to the other breast, Heather thrashed beneath him more violently, letting out sounds that could almost have been mistaken for pain if they weren't interspersed with curses and his name, pleas for him to continue.

Justin reached for her underwear, slipping the soft brown and green material off her slender hips and Heather arched her hips, helped him strip her. The underwear was spectacular, but it had served its purpose and he was dying to explore her bare skin more intently.

"Touch me babe, gods I need you so bad."

Her thighs spread willingly when Justin placed a hand just above the inside of her knee, inviting him higher to find her skin was already wet and slick with arousal. He sucked at her nipple a little harder as one finger brushed her clit and Heather quaked, moaning his name again and again as Justin stroked her, stimulated both of her hot spots. Her thighs began to tremble either side of him, spurring him on to bring her off until Heather's back arched clear off the bed and she soaked his fingers as she climaxed.

Justin let her come down gently, eagerly tasting her on his fingers while Heather shuddered on the bed. He shucked his boxers, not enjoying the way they were growing sticky as precum leaked out of him from the impossibly arousing sight and sounds of Heathers orgasm. She reached for him; Justin crawled up the bed and Heather kissed him immediately, arms wrapped around him again as they kissed leisurely.

"You ready for me love?"


With his body shape and bulky size, they had long done plenty of practice on what positions were possible for them to be intimate in. Heather's favourite was Justin propped up on a couple of cushions so she could see his face more clearly as she straddled his thighs, much like she was moving to do now. His stomach was bigger than hers, but Heathers was infinitely more appealing as he knew it contained their second child. Justin settled himself in the right position, waiting for Heather to get comfortable atop him.

"Hey" Heather spoke, prompting Justin to look up from her breasts and belly to her equally beautiful face "I love you."

He couldn't help but smile.

"I love you too."

Heather returned his smile, then shuffled a little further forward and guided him into place, sinking down Justin's cock with a soft, eager moan until their bodies were flush. He reached out a hand to encircle her hip and waist, feeling Heather shift her weight on her thighs to brace herself better, then she was rocking her hips in slow, deliberate circles to slide herself up and down his erection. She bit her lip, moaning needily as she took him in over and over. Justin was little better, pleasure darting through him as soft and wet and Heather surrounded him physically and mentally.

"Odin Heather, you feel incredible."

"Uh, you too Justin."

He tried to meet and match her motions with his own thrusts, but Heather was quite content to do much of the work - she could maintain the perfect angle and depth that pleasured her best, she fucked herself on Justin's cock eagerly and threw her head back, long black hair an ebony river down her back. His fingers tightened on her hip as Heather teased and tormented him closer to climax, hoping he could at least last until she was there with him but not certain he could.

"You close Jus?"

Heather only called him that when she was close herself, when multiple syllables were a struggle to get out as she moaned and gasped and swore constantly.


He couldn't form words himself, the throbbing need of his cock building to almost breaking point every time Heather sank down his length again. Her hand dropped down between her thighs and Justin felt a fresh thrill as she played with her clit, pleasuring herself and him as they both raced to the edge of climax. His hips shook with the effort of holding back, but then Heather was leaning forward and clutching at the forearm close to her hip, using Justin for stability as her muscles spasmed around him. Finally satisfied Heather was coming, Justin let the heat wash over him and buried himself deep, letting go of the pulsing need to fill her until he was spent.

They gasped and panted for breath as the rush tore through them, air full of half-formed words and Heathers soft whimpers. It took her a few minutes to climb off of him, but only the work of a few seconds to shimmy along the bed and curl into his side, craning her neck to kiss him lazily before stretching out lax with the afterglow.

"Happy wedding day Justin."

"Happy wedding day to you Heather."

Whatever she might have said next was lost as she shifted, pressing a hand to her belly.

"Hey you, the baby is kicking."

She guided his hand to the spot, a little foot nudging at his big hand. He felt a smile split his face, almost obscenely happy in that moment.

"Hello little one, we can't wait to meet you."


If this is awful I apologise these two are not the easiest to write but hey, popped my Heathlegs cherry.