Daphne: "Hey! I'm back!!! This is a completely different type of story for me, because I have never really written about this sort of situations, nor do I pretend to have any knowledge of medical procedures or anything else...alright, maybe that's not fully true, but bear with me, please!

Now, please do not take Eriol's disabilities personally. Trust me, it will get better, but like every story, it has to get worse, first! Here is the summery, just in case you didn't catch the first one!

~*~ Eriol is a ten year-old mute/crippled boy, who doesn't have any friends except for his personal nurse, Molly Totum. When Eriol is forced to move to Tomeda, Japan, neither of them expect it to be any different. But neither are counting on the kind ways of a certain little girl...named Daidouji Tomoyo.

Everything is perfect for the first time in Eriol's life, until one day he becomes horribly sick and is forced to move back to England. Heartbroken but better physically, Eriol swears to never allow anyone close to his heart again.

But ten years later, Milly invites a famous young woman to stay with them during her stay in England. Dubious, Eriol agrees, but he is shocked when he realizes that the very woman who is staying at his home, is the self- same one who befriended him all those years ago! ~*~

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by: Daphne Li

Chapter 1.


"Settle down, class!"

A classroom of twenty-one second-year (2nd grade) students gradually fell silent, all eyes trained on the old teacher, Omata-Sensei.

"Now, I have some exciting news. We are receiving a very special student today. You may come in now!" Omata-sensei called. The door of the classroom slid open and a squeal was heard from outside of the room.

"Class, I would like to introduce you to Hiiragizawa Eriol."

Everyone in the room had different reactions when the boy entered. Some looked fearful and nervous while others looked disgusted and hid their faces on their desks. Still others watched with curiosity, unable to choose how to feel. A certain little girl with long violet hair, however, sat up straight and her amethyst eyes lit up in sweet delight and wonder.

For the boy who entered was situated in a wheelchair, pushed by a middle- aged woman. His body seemed to almost to be made of rubber, for everything, even his head, fell limp. He was, however, a bit taller-looking than any one of the other students, and his midnight black hair fell into down- turned eyes. His mouth looked ridiculously loose, and not one muscle twitched in his poor body.

"This is Milly Totum, Eriol's personal nurse. Would you like to share anything about Eriol?" Omata-sensei asked, as Milly smiled.

"Well, Eriol is from England, but his new foster parents live here, in Japan. He is ten, but we had entered him in second grade because of his condition. You may ask me any questions, if you are curious." Milly said.

"Why is he not moving?" A sweet voice spoke up. It came from a tiny girl with auburn hair and sweet emerald eyes.


"Kinomoto Sakura." The girl filled in.

"Well, Sakura, Eriol was born like this. We don't know the definite reason, but he can't move without help."

"Can he talk?" A boy with chestnut colored hair and amber eyes asked.

"He can communicate, but not speak. He grunts or squeals when he wants something or sees something that he likes." Milly answered.

"Well, I think that is enough questions for right now. Mrs. Totum, Eriol can sit back there beside Daidouji Tomoyo." Omata-sensei directed. The little girl with raven hair and amethyst eyes raised her hand and Milly pushed the boy to his new seat. On the way, Eriol made several funny grunts, causing many students to wince and shy away from the boy.

Milly sighed softly. It was just the same here. The stares, the disgust, the hatred of someone different. It was the same in every place that Eriol was taken. With another sigh, Milly sat back to listen to the sensei.

(*Eriol's POV*)

I had been so excited. A new school! Perhaps here they wouldn't tease and stare at me all the time! But it came as no surprise to me when they did. I couldn't see much from my head's position, but I could feel the stares on me.

As Milly introduced me, I mentally snorted. Foster parents? Why didn't she just tell them that my real parents gave me up because they hated the sight of me? I wanted to glare at her, but unfortunately, my face stayed loose and funny like always.

Then they began to ask questions. What?! Am I not here? Why do they always speak as though I am a dog, or some other thing to wonder at? I'm human too, you know!


Then the teacher told Milly to seat me next to some girl who would probably scream every time I tried to talk. My heart dropped. Sometimes I wish my eyes would let me cry. As I settled next to the girl, my head was at an angle where I could see glimpses of her. Raven hair with violet lights in it, white skin and pale fingers.

I grunted once more, trying to get her attention, but she didn't move. I inwardly sighed. Typical. She was just like the others. Surprise, Surprise.

(*End Eriol's POV*)

"You are excused for recess." Omata-sensei called. The students shuffled to put everything away and leave the room. Milly walked up to speak with Omata- sensei, leaving Eriol all alone. Or so they thought...

A soft, tiny hand cupped Eriol's chin and lifted it gently, so his eyes found the sparkling amethyst ones in front of him.

"Hello! I'm Tomoyo." The girl said in a musical voice. Eriol was stunned, but all he could do was grunt. Tomoyo smiled, her eyes searching his.

"You may not be able to move or talk, but your eyes are expre...esspres..."

'Expressive.' Eriol filled in, in his mind, shock still coursing through his body.

"They talk!" She finally concluded. Eriol mentally smiled. Perhaps this girl was different...

"Would you like to come outside with me?" Tomoyo asked softly, her lovely eyes roving his earnestly. Eriol grunted eagerly, and Tomoyo smiled.

"Totum-san? May I take Eriol outside?" Tomoyo called. Milly turned around in shock, and got an even bigger surprise when she saw the little girl's hand holding up her young charge's head.

"I...I suppose. But I will have to go with you." She stammered, unable to believe this little girl's kindness. Tomoyo cheered and then with much struggle, began to push Eriol out of the room. Omata-sensei smiled as he watched his most perceptive and kind student push her new friend out the door.

Tomoyo refused help from Milly, insisting that she allow her to push the chair the whole way. Eriol felt proud of the girl. She really was different than the other students. As she pushed him outside, stares followed them at every turn. Though she was younger than most, Tomoyo was the unanimously, yet un-verbally elected, princess of the school. So It was quite a shock to see the little praised girl, pushing the chair of a strange and mutated boy! Would the wonders never cease?

Apparently not.

Tomoyo pushed the chair to a thick clump of tall trees and bushes. Voices and laughter could be heard just beyond them, and dread filled Eriol. Where was she taking him?

"My friends and I always play here. There is a bench here, that you can sit on, while I take Eriol in there. We will call if we need anything." Tomoyo chirped, pushing Eriol even further into the grove of trees. Milly nodded and sat down, taking a magazine out of the bag she had over her arm. Tomoyo continued to push the chair until she reached the edge of the clearing. All play and talk ceased when they entered, and the stares began. Tomoyo, however, was not daunted.

"Everyone, this is Eriol. He's going to play with us." She stated, smiling sweetly at her new friend.

"How?" The same chestnut-haired boy from class asked dryly. He was holding a soccer ball, which they had been playing with.

"He just will. But first, introductions." Tomoyo quickly took off her coat, and rolled it up, and folded it around his shoulders. Then, she gently raised his head, and leaned it back against the makeshift head-stabilizer.

"Now. Tell him your name. He'll listen." Tomoyo commanded, to her friends, taking the hand of the tiny auburn haired girl from class, and pulling her forward. Eriol, who could now see every one of them clearly, followed the girl with his eyes, and her nervous emerald ones met his.

"Ohayo. I am Kinomoto Sakura." She whispered, as she became more confident. Eriol made a small noise in acknowledgment, and then mentally smiled as the chestnut haired boy put a protective arm around Sakura's shoulders, eyeing him with uncertainty.

"I am Li Syaoran, you can call me Li. Do you like soccer?" By the look in Syaoran's eyes, if Eriol had been able to talk, and had said 'no', he would now be a dead duck. Eriol, however, gave an eager grunt, his eyes moving to the ball. A small smile appeared on Syaoran's lips and he walked over, carefully placing the ball on Eriol's lap. Eriol eyed it out of the corner of his eye, and then squealed to show his enjoyment. The squeal caused his body to move, also causing the ball to roll off his lap, down his legs and onto the ground, finally resting at the feet of a gray-haired boy. This boy grinned at him.

"Hey! Nice move! I'm Yamazaki Takashi. Did you know that soccer balls were originally made of pig guts?" He asked. Eriol mentally rolled his eyes.

"LIES, LIES, LIES! I'm Mihara Chiharu, by the way." The little girl who spoke had brown hair and eyes, and was presently trying to choke the life out of Yamazaki. Eriol made a deep squeal, that sounded similar to laughter. Finally, the last three girls stepped up.

"Hello, Eriol. My name is Sasaki Rika, and it is a pleasure to meet you." The first said, her brown eyes sparkling and her red-brown hair swinging in the breeze.

"I'm Yanagisawa Naoko. Do you like ghosts? Because I can tell a killer ghost story!"

"HOE!!!! NO GHOSTS! NO GHOSTS!" Sakura shrieked, hiding her head in Eriol's lap. She had taken to sitting at his feet, while the others introduced themselves. Eriol squealed in laughter, as the third girl came up and took his limp hand, shaking it a bit hard.

"Li Meiling, at your service!" She said, her ruby eyes boring into his own fiercely, but at the same time, kindly. Eriol grunted, and then looked back at the soccer ball. Yamazaki noticed this and quickly put the ball back in Eriol's lap. Again, Eriol squealed that high squeal, and the ball fell from his lap, landing this time, on Sakura's. The girl laughed and tossed the ball to Tomoyo, who in turn, returned it to Eriol.

Soon, shrieks, laughter, and childish callings rang out through the clearing, reaching the ears of Milly. She listened in growing happiness to Eriol's grunts and squeals, which became more vigorous every time they were heard.

Back in the clearing, the whole group was playing keep-away from Yamazaki. Syaoran tossed the ball into Eriol's lap, and just as Zack went to grab it, Eriol gave a shriek which sent the ball rolling to Chiharu's feet. She picked it up and tossed it to Naoko, who threw it to Tomoyo.

Just then, they heard the bell ringing, signaling the end of recess. Still laughing, the group tripped from their play-place, this time, Yamazaki and Syaoran taking a turn at pushing their new friend. Tomoyo's coat held true, still supporting the boy's neck, and allowing him to make direct eye- contact with his new friends. When Milly Totum saw this, tears of joy filled her eyes.

Eriol finally had found where he belonged.