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by: Daphne Li

Chapter 12.


"Tonight's the night." Meiling sighed as she gazed around the huge ballroom. They had met at home of one of Eriol's business associates, and the room was full of elegantly dressed people.

"Yes." Tomoyo whispered, her heart dropping. Tonight was the night that they were leaving. The moment that this party ended, they would be on their way to the airport.

Robert Roderick had made bail, and immediately fled back to Japan, hopefully never to be seen again. Kaho's things had been cleared away, and she too, had disappeared.

"What's the matter, Tomoyo?" Eriol asked softly, slipping his arm through hers." Tomoyo met his gaze with sorrowful eyes.

"We're leaving tonight, Eriol. I don't think...how will I..." She trailed off, tears filling her eyes. Eriol led her to a corner of the room and hugged her.

"Don't worry, love. Everything will work out fine, I promise." He whispered. Tomoyo smiled weakly at him and nodded.

"And now, I would like to ask Mr. Eriol Hiiragizawa to make a speech." Called a man on the platform. This party was actually to celebrate the joining of 'Burnside and Hiiragizawa', with 'Kajabou and co.', and Eriol, the co-founder of his company was expected to give a speech, since Tyson had refused.

In fact, the said man was presently in another corner of the room with his fiancee, pouring kisses onto her lips in-between speeches.

"Wish me luck." Eriol whispered, smiling nervously at her. Tomoyo gently squeezed his hand, and walked with him to the edge of the platform, staying there while he continued to climb the stairs. He walked up to the microphone and smiled.

"As the spokesperson for my company tonight, I would like to thank you all for coming to this most memorable occasion. The joining is a turning point for both 'Burnside and Hiiragizawa', and 'Kajabou and co'. And from now on, we will be known as 'Burnside, Hiiragizawa and Kajabou', otherwise known as 'BHK'." At this statement, many of the people in the room chuckled.

"Not only is this gathering a big turning point for many of the people in this room and our companies, but it is also an especially large one for me." Eriol paused, and smiled at the confused faces staring back at him. His eyes met a pair of confused amethyst ones, and held them.

"You see, about a month back, a wonderful woman re-entered my life, who I had not seen in over eleven years. Years ago, she taught me to hope like I had never dreamed I could. It is actually because of her that I managed to help form this company. Then, about a month ago, she came back into my life, and I have never been the same since." Eriol paused here, to gather his courage.

"I don't think I will ever be able to live, or be whole without her. And that is why I get down on bended knee tonight, to ask Tomoyo Daidouji, if she would please marry me?"


Tomoyo watched as her love mounted the podium and smiled proudly as he began his speech. He had run it through with her this afternoon, to make sure it was perfect, but it sounded even better now. She looked sharply around the crowd as the speech began, and noticed several satisfied smiles on many faces. She sighed in relief, then stiffened.

What was this? What was he saying?"

"...but it is also an especially large one for me."

Wait! That hadn't been in the speech! What on earth was going on? Tomoyo turned confused eyes on Eriol, who's eyes were on her. His bored into her and she suddenly got the feeling that this was a deliberate detour from the original script.

"You see, about a month back, a wonderful woman re-entered my life, who I had not seen in over eleven years. Years ago, she taught me to hope like I had never dreamed I could. It is actually because of her that I managed to help form this company. Then, about a month ago, she came back into my life, and I have never been the same since."

Tomoyo caught her breath. He was talking about her? Why? Her eyes stayed glued to his, and she noticed a fear beyond anything she had ever seen in them, enter them then.

"I don't think I will ever be able to live, or be whole without her. And that is why I get down on bended knee tonight, to ask Tomoyo Daidouji if she would please marry me?"

As Eriol sank down onto one knee, Tomoyo finally realized what was happening. Something so confusing, even she did not understand, entered her throat and choked her. Joy, love, excitement, disbelief, and utter rapture filled her body.

Tears entered her amethyst orbs, and her hand fluttered to her throat, where a lump of emotion was stuck. Her whole body trembled as her eyes read the look in his.

Pure, raw love.

With a soft sob, she nodded her head, trembling, as her hands covered her shaking lips. With a smile of utter tenderness, he reached down and took one of her hands, leading her up the stairs. Once there, he stood, gazing into her eyes until she nearly shuddered with desire under his gaze. He slowly slipped something cool and hard over her third finger, and then brushed his lips across hers.

Pulling back, he turned back towards the stunned audience and met Tyson Burnside's eyes. The poor young man was looking absolutely flabbergasted, but was grinning like a fool at his friends luck. The rest of the room suddenly broke into a thunderous applause, and Tomoyo, blushing, hid her face in Eriol's coat.


"Come on." Eriol whispered, gently leading his fiancee down the stairs. They were immediately surrounded by well-wishers, many of them people whom Tomoyo had seen around Eriol's workplace. When the initial 'congratulations' was over, Eriol quickly drew her over to where their astounded family and friends stood.

Milly's cheeks were so red from trying to suppress her joyous cries, that she looked like she was about to faint. Poor Sonomi looked absolutely speechless, her eyes bulging at this new development; she had been so hooked on Robert that she had never even thought of Eriol as a potential suitor!

Omata was looking a little confused, still, but he was grinning all the same. Beside him, Meiling was rocking just a bit, the shock still not all the way gone.

Touya was gaping at them, while Nakuru was squealing soft 'Kawaii's' into her hands.

Tyson, probably looked the least shocked; in truth, he was just jealous that Eriol had discovered a more exciting way to propose. Naoko, well, she was probably the calmest of the group. She was simply beaming at her dear old friends, with a happy sparkle in her eyes.

Now Syaoran was looking at Eriol as though he had never seen him before, his amber eyes wide and his mouth a perfect 'o'. Sakura, who was next to him, was clutching her still-flat tummy and trying to repress the happiness and excitement that was bubbling up inside of her.

"Eriol, I didn't know you had it in you." Tyson finally managed. Eriol grinned and held his fiancee tighter.

"But we have to return home..." Sonomi tried to reason, still not quite out of her shock. Meiling made a choking sound.

"OH! Didn't you know? We couldn't get two of the tickets, because the flight was booked. So we just arranged for Naoko and Tomoyo to stay here for a while." The black-haired maiden stated. Tomoyo turned shocked eyes to her love, who was grinning. In the same way, Naoko's mouth fell open and she looked to her fiancee for answers. His sparkling eyes held them all.




"I can't believe it. I just can't believe it." Chiharu breathed, as she watched her husband, Yoshi, Tyson and a beaming Eriol Hiiragizawa talking in a corner of the room.

It was three weeks after the initial trip back to Japan was supposed to be, but Tomoyo had finally come back, much to the delight of her employees. Sonomi, Meiling and Omata had returned to Japan at the original time, and Sonomi had been running the office in Tomoyo's absence. Now they were back, and had called Chiharu, Yamazaki, and Rika and Yoshiyaki (Yoshi) Terada.

Presently, the four men were talking about something or other on the other side of the room, while Chiharu, Rika, Naoko and Tomoyo were sitting in chairs near the large windows. Rika and Chiharu were still stunned from their shocking encounter with the friend they assumed had been dead for years. Of course, his walking, and talking could have had something to do with it as well...

"Isn't it wonderful? And just think! He and Tomoyo are getting married." Naoko giggled happily. Rika sighed happily.

"Who would have guessed? Life is amazing, don't you think?" She asked. Tomoyo smiled and caught her fiancee's eyes. They both shared a tender look, before Yamazaki pulled Eriol's attention back to him by telling yet another lie. Chiharu rolled her eyes at her husband and smiled.

"So...Sakura is pregnant, huh?"

"Yes. She is so excited! We all are. Personally, I hope that it is a boy." Tomoyo admitted. The other three looked at her in confusion.


"Because. I could make kawaii clothes for him, and dress him up, and make him look handsome..."

"Eriol! Help! You have to stop her!" Chiharu cried. Eriol turned and smirked. With one swift movement, he was sweeping his love off her feet and placing a firm kiss on her lips. Several 'ohs!' and 'AWWWW!!!'s' were heard, but the couple paid no attention.

"I'll shut up." Tomoyo finally breathed against his lips. Eriol chuckled deeply.

"Good." He muttered before pulling her into another kiss.


"Oh, Tomoyo!" Sakura gasped, her eyes wide.

Tomoyo was standing in the dressing room, in front of a full-length mirror. She was wearing a white wedding dress of her own design. It was a pure white silk and satin dress, decorated in a feathery design with pearls all over it, and it boasted a long flowing skirt and train. The sleeves were off-the-shoulder, and the bodice hugged her upper body tightly.

Her hair was pulled up into little ringlets at the top of her head, and pearls were interlaced in her dark hair. A soft white veil flowed down to the floor, and even more of it was folded up so when the time came, it could be lowered over her face. A diamond necklace adorned her throat, and her lovely diamond engagement ring flashed proudly on her finger.

"You look lovely." Naoko Burnside whispered, her eyes wide.

Yes, Naoko and Tyson had married, only a few weeks before. Their wedding had been quiet, with only their close friends and family present.

And now, it was Tomoyo and Eriol's turn.

"I couldn't agree more." Rika added, cocking her head to the side and gazing at Tomoyo's reflection in the mirror. Behind her, Chiharu stood, beaming silently.

"Kawaii!" Nakuru cried, her eyes gleaming at her soon-to-be cousin.

"Look at us. All together again. Who would have guessed that it would be because of this, though." Naoko commented. Tomoyo felt a happy excitement explode in her chest, and she let out a delighted laugh.

"I am marrying my Eriol. He's always been mine, you know. Since the very beginning. Since he entered the classroom..."


"Now, I have some exciting news. We are receiving a very special student today. You may come in now!" Omata-sensei called. The door of the classroom slid open and a squeal was heard from outside of the room.

Tomoyo looked over at the door, feeling a strange sensation tugging at her heart. Something told her that her life was about to change. And it was.

"Class, I would like to introduce you to Hiiragizawa Eriol." The sensei called out. Tomoyo watched as a woman appeared, pushing a wheelchair. Tomoyo's breath caught. In that wheelchair was the most beautiful boy that she had ever seen!

Now, Tomoyo rarely thought of boy's as 'beautiful'. Handsome, perhaps, or annoying, but not beautiful. But there was no other words to describe him. Sure, he was laying limp in that chair, looking completely oblivious to the world, like a...vegetable, as her mother would say. But something told Tomoyo that this boy was different.

She listened as Sakura and Syaoran voiced their questions, and smiled at some of the answers. Then her heart skipped a beat. The sensei had assigned him to sit next to her!

As the boy, Eriol, was settled, she heard him grunt. Unsure of how to react, the poor girl sat, her heart pounding. Eventually, her attention was turned back towards the teacher. Then he called for recess, and she noticed that the boy next to her was not being moved. Curious, she finally snuck a peek at him.

He looked quite silly, with his head hanging limp and tilted away from her, but at the same time, he held an angelic look that could not be surpassed. She made a final resolve and boldly reached out her hand.

She gently cupped his surprisingly soft chin and turned his face toward hers.

Shy amethyst eyes met shockingly intelligent cerulean blue ones.

And little Tomoyo's heart was lost forever.


"Tomoyo? It's time." Sonomi whispered quietly, jolting her out of her reverie. Tomoyo turned and smiled as her mother passed her a lovely bouquet of white roses, laced with tiny lavender flowers. Tomoyo's heart pounded warmly.

"Any regrets?" Sakura asked softly. Tomoyo turned eyes that shone with happy tears, on her best friend.

"No. Never. No regrets." She whispered brokenly, as she was hugged gently by Sakura.


"What if she changes her mind? What if I trip? What if she says 'no'? What if..."

"Tyson, shut him up." Touya groaned, as he leaned against a wall of the groom's room, straightening his tie. Tyson grinned and put his hand on Eriol's shoulder. The man stopped rambling and looked at him.

"Don't worry, buddy. Everyone has before-wedding jitters, even me. But trust me. She won't change her mind, you won't trip, and she won't say no. She loves you." He stated calmly, taking the liberty of tying the nervous man's tie. Eriol shot him a grateful look and them looked at himself in the mirror.

He was wearing the normal black tux and tie, with a white undershirt and shiny patent leather shoes. His black hair was styled nicely, and a lock of it fell over his eyes, just like Tomoyo liked it.

"Did you know that when I was married, I..."

"He doesn't want to know, Yamazaki!" Syaoran groaned, grinning. Next to him, Yoshi Terada grinned at his ex-students. After he had married Rika, he had become quite close to the lot of them. Omata sat next to him, grinning silently.

"So, let me get this straight. Sakura is Tomoyo's matron of Honor, and I am the best man...sorry, Tyson. Tyson is the second in command, then Touya, and Zack is fourth, while Omata and Yoshi come in fifth and sixth. Then Naoko is supporting Tomoyo, then Nakuru, with Chiharu next, then Meiling, then Rika. And we are all entering in opposite order, am I correct?" Syaoran asked. Eriol nodded and then re-adjusted his tie once again.

"It's time." Came Fujitaka's voice, as the man entered the room. Eriol turned and smiled.

"No regrets?" Syaoran asked suddenly. Eriol turned and looked at him, his eyes shining with joy.

"No regrets...ever." He murmured back.


The clearing on the edge of the elementary school lot, had been decorated with white ribbons, flowers of blue, purple and pinks, and silver bells. White chairs were set up all around the back of the clearing, with an isle right down the middle, formed of a white velvet carpet. Many guests resided in those seats, while a priest waited on a small platform at the front.

The sakura blossom trees were still in full bloom, and rained down sweet blossoms on everyone there. The bushes hid the outside world from the angelic spectacle that was about to take place. Then a tall young man walked onto the platform and waited, his cerulean blue eyes intent on the entrance to the clearing. A soft song began to play; the wedding march.

Yoshi and Rika Terada appeared, and walked slowly down the isle, followed closely by Omata and Meiling, Yamazaki and Chiharu, Touya and Nakuru, Tyson and Naoko...then finally, by Sakura and Syaoran.

Eriol waited anxiously, then his breath caught.

For there, beneath the temporary arch of greenery which had been installed at the opening of the clearing, appeared an angel. Tomoyo, supported by Fujitaka Kinomoto, caught his eyes and held them, smiling. Eriol could hardly contain his happiness. His fiancee slowly made her way up to the platform, where Fujitaka softly kissed her cheek and then passed her hand over to Eriol's eager one.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today..." The minister began, as Tomoyo and Eriol locked eyes, never taking them from each other the whole ceremony.

"...If there is anyone here who believes that these two people should not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace." The man spoke. There was a breathless silence, then:

"Mommy, what's Holy Malony?" A little voice piped up in the back of the crowd. Resounding laughter filled the clearing as the boy's mother shushed him, embarrassed. Even the minister was chuckling as he spoke his last words.

"By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife...You may kiss the bride." This was said with a smile.

Eriol smiled down at his bride, and she beamed back up at him. Slowly, he bent down, placing a sweet, loving kiss on her lips. Tomoyo eagerly returned it. As they pulled away, a loud cheer rose up and Sonomi threw herself into Tomoyo's arms, hugging her tightly. Sakura was next, then Meiling, Naoko and Rika. The men were congratulating Eriol, but before they could say much, the couple was heading down the isle, hand-in-hand.

"I love you, Tomoyo. You've just made me the happiest man in the world." He murmured into her ear, as they passed under a barrage of rice and cherry- blossoms.

"And I love you, my Eriol. Forever and ever." She whispered. They quickly made their way to the limo, which would take them to the airport. From there, they would travel to Hawaii for their honeymoon, and stay there for three weeks.

"So, do you think we'll be missed?" Eriol asked sarcastically, as Tyson pushed his face flat against the closed window of the limo, smashing his nose in a funny position. Tomoyo burst out laughing.

"Oh yes. But it's only three weeks..."

"Enough to spend some time alone, think about our future...start a family..." Eriol commented. Tomoyo blushed.


"Of course! How many children?"

"Two at least. I want at least one girl, and one boy...preferably more." She teased. Eriol grinned and cuddled her close.

"You are my miracle, Tomoyo Hiiragizawa. My love of ages." He murmured, kissing her lips.

"Forever and ever, Eriol. I'll love you forever and ever."


THE END!!!!!





*** Heidi and Hilde are the twin daughters of Eriol and Tomoyo Hiiragizawa. While identical in looks, they are opposites in everything else. Heidi is outgoing, sporty, loud, and goes to school in Japan. Hilde is shy, musical, overly quiet, and goes to school in England, where their family lives.

But when the girl's switch places for a short period of time, and mess around with each other's lives, it will effect Hilde for the rest of her life...in both good, and bad ways! (It will effect Heidi too, though not as much.)

Who else will the girls confuse? How will Tomoyo and Eriol deal with their daughters ever-changing ways? How many hearts will break, how many loves will be founded, how many truths will be revealed?

And whatever happened to Robert Roderick and Kaho Mizuki?

Find out in:


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** Though they were twins, the girls were different as night and day. While Heidi was loud and energetic, loving anything that had to do with sports, and also boy-crazy, Hilde was quiet and more timid, enjoying being alone and hating sports with a passion. There were also other differences. Heidi had already had five boy-friends in the one year she had been allowed to date, while Hilde refused any offers, though she had many.

But the most prominent difference was...**


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