Buffy: Summers and Winters

Chapter One: Heat Death of the Universe

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Willy had just called Buffy from the demon bar located on the out skirts of town. Comesoranimus, the demon that Buffy had been tracking for the past five years, had finally slipped up and made his whereabouts known.

She was driving her motorcycle at a breakneck speed, gunning it to the warehouse district. When the cars, driving at the normal lawful limit pissed her off enough, Buffy pulled the bike onto the side-walk to the horror of numerous terrified pedestrians. She hoped that she didn't hit anyone on the way, but she had bigger fish to fry. If people got hurt in the process.well sometime you just have to break a few eggs.

Buffy turned a sharp right, knocking over a fruit cart in the process, into an alley way which opened up to the warehouses. She didn't need to waist time searching for the demon; she could hear the screams even over the roar of the motorcycle engine.

She slowed the bike down, but didn't wait for it to stop to jump off and run into the old dilapidated building.

Comesoranimus stood in the center of the room, surrounded by a circle of people suspended from the rafters upside down. There were 10 people all together, and 9 of them had their throats slit. The tenth, a young woman, perhaps a high school student, was whimpering softly as Comesoranimus neared her and raised his blade.

Buffy removed her cross bow which was strapped to her back and took aim.it hit him squarely in the heart.

The demon looked down at the arrow protruding from his thick black scaly chest and through back his head a laughed.

"Is that the best you can do Slayer?" He asked, his unbelievablely deep voice echoing off the empty walls of the warehouse. He laughed again, and snapped the arrow off, leaving the head embedded in his chest.

Buffy began to run full speed towards the demon, but he back-handed her with his incredible strength which sent her flying towards the wall.

As she began to sit up, she saw Comesoranimus slit the young girl's throat while he chanted in some, unknown language. The blood on the dusty floor then began to glow and the circle it had created began to fill with a blinding white light.

"You're too late slayer, the spell had been completed." The Demon said with a laugh, "As the circle fills it begins to tear a hole in the fabric of space, opening a portal. However once the portal closes, the backlash with obliterate this world and its entire universe with it."

The circle finished filling, and the second it did the Demon began to sink into the glowing portal.

"And there is nothing you can do about it.BITCH."

He disappeared, and the portal began to close.

Buffy jumped to her feet quicker then a newly risen vampire. She sprinted towards the portal and jumped through it just before it closed.

As second later what scientist have only theorized about, the heat death of the universe occurred. Time of death 9:24pm Sunday March 23, 2003.