Hi everyone. When I was young, I always loved the cartoons the good people
at Hanna-Barbera studios had to offer. Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound, and the
spinoffs they've done over the years. It's been a while since I've seen a
new Yogi spinoff, so I decided to make my own. It's about 13 classic HB
characters all living together in a boarding house. I call it HB House.
It can either stand for Hanna-Barbera House or Huckleberry's House since
he'll be the owner of this place. And all the characters you're about to see
are property of Hanna-Barbera and Cartoon Network. Now on with the story.

HB House: by Cullen Pittman

Episode 1. Where're the Bears?

Our story starts off with America's favorite cartoon bear known as Yogi
stepping out of his cave while his theme music played in the background.
He sees picnic baskets all over Jellystone Park and goes into his usual
speedy snatching and feeding frenzy. Then the theme song stops and we
see Yogi lying near a tree surrounded by a thousand empty baskets with
his stomach as huge as a hot air balloon.

"Hey hey hey! This is my happiest day!" said Yogi in his usual rhyming
language. He shook out one last basket and a small red gummy bear fell out.
"Well I declare!" he smiled. "A gummy bear to make my meal square! Hey
hey hey!" And he was about to drop it in his mouth until he heard a cute
voice call out, "Mr. Ranger isn't gonna like this Yogi!"

"Boo Boo, is that you?" asked Yogi as he looked around and found no trace
of his little bear buddy. "Why do you want to eat me Yogi?" called out a
voice. Yogi looked at his gummy bear and made a shocking cartoon face.
His candy took the form of his best friend, Boo Boo. "I thought we were
best friends Yogi", said the candy in a sad voice.

"Boob!" cried Yogi as he accidentally dropped the gummy Boo Boo on the
ground. "What happened to you?! You've become a little bitty bear!"

"So is that your philosophy now?" asked the gummy Boo Boo with a sad
candy face. "The big eats the small? Wait till Mr. Ranger hears about this.
He's gonna send you to the zoo for sure!"

"Boo..." cried Yogi, but couldn't finish his sentence for the gummy Boo Boo
got squashed by a huge robot's foot. "BOO BOO!" cried Yogi as he pushed
up the robot's foot and found his best friend was now a sticky red puddle.
Yogi sadly looked up at the huge robot and found it was 40 feet tall and it
resembled someone he knew.

"Mr. Ranger?!" cried Yogi as he saw that the robot had the likeness of his
friend and sometimes antagonist, Ranger Smith.

"That's Mighty Morphing Park Ranger to you Yogi", said the robot ranger as he
picked up the frightened Yogi by the bottom and brought him up to his metal
face. "I had to upgrade myself because I figured your out of control appetite
would go too far one day! And I was right! Trying to eat poor innocent Boo
Boo. How could you, you naughty bear?"

"But I thought he was just some lifeless candy!" wailed Yogi. "And it was
you who crushed him!"

"SILENCE!" shouted Mr. Robot Ranger. "How would you like it if you got
cruely eaten?! Why don't we try that, shall we?" And he opened his metal jaw
and tossed Yogi in like a gummy bear. "NOOOO!" cried Yogi as he was falling
into the darkness of Robot Ranger's insides while images of Ranger Smith in
monstrous forms were laughing at him.

* * * * * *

Suddenly, Yogi woke up from his nightmare and found himself in his bed. He
sat up as his heart started to beat out of his chest cartoon style. He turned
on his honeypot shaped lamp and found himself safe and sound in his
room inside a boarding house. "Whew, it was all a dream!" sighed Yogi as he
looked over to the side where a smaller bed was standing. "Hey Boob, you
won't believe the nightmare I just had." Said Yogi as he went over to his
best friend's bed, but found it empty.

"Yogi, what's wrong?" called out a southern accented voice. Yogi's door
opened and in stepped his other friend Huckleberry Hound dressed in a striped
nightgown and nightcap.

"Stay away from me Huck!" wailed Yogi. "Or else I might eat you too!"

"Eat me?!" laughed Huck in his mellow sounding laugh. "Oh Yogi. You're one
of the gentlest bears I've known. You only eat things that come out of picnic

"But I ate Boo Boo!" cried Yogi as he pointed to Boo Boo's empty bed. "I'm
sure of it."

"Oh, come on now", laughed Huck. "You can't eat your own race. That'd be
cannibalism. Let me take a look at your teeth."

"But I might eat you!" cried Yogi.

"I'll just place this stick between your jaws if it'll make you feel better",
said Huck as he jammed a popsicle stick in Yogi's mouth so he could examine
his teeth. "Nope", said Huck. "I don't see any bits of Boo Boo in your teeth."

"ARYRAWL?" asked Yogi with his mouth wide open.

"Nope", said Huck as he took out a dental mirror. "I see lots of chicken
bits, fish and chip bits, pizza bits, and spaghetti bits. So I can be sure
that you didn't eat your little buddy. Although you could stand a bit of
flossing. You might get gum disease and loose your teeth and you'll only
get to eat mush for the rest of your life."

"MAWSH!" cried Yogi as he pulled the stick out of his mouth and went.
"YECCH!" in his regular language. "I suppose I didn't chew him up", said
Yogi. "But what if I swallowed him whole?"

"Oh Yogi!" sighed Huck as he turned around and saw Dynomutt the bionic dog
walking down the hallway yawning while stretching his steel extendable arms
out. "Hey Dyno, can we request your help?" called out Huck.

"You want my help?" asked Dynomutt in an eager voice as he leapt heroically
into Yogi's room. "What's the crime? Did someone rob the bank? Is a comet
about to hit the city? Or is the President's choking on another snack item

"Relax Dyno", laughed Huck. "We just want to know if you can use your x-ray
vision to look inside Yogi's stomach."

"Oh, that", sighed Dynomutt in a disappointed voice. "It's not really
superhero work, but sure." And he shot some ray beams out of his eyes and
aimed them at Yogi's stomach showing what was inside of it.

"Nope, no little bear cubs in here either", said Huck as he examined all the
disgusting looking chewed and digested food swimming around in his stomach
and started to turn from blue to green. "Okay Dyno, thanks for you kindly

"Would you mind calling it my heroic assistance instead?" asked Dynomutt as
he turned off his x-ray vision. "I miss the days of being a hero."

"I sure could use a hero right now", said Yogi. "A hero sandwich that is!
Wait a minute! What am I saying?! I just had my little buddy Boob for a
midnight snack attack!"

"You ate Boo Boo?!" gasped Dynomutt. "I hope you're kidding cause you could
get ten to twenty for cannibalism!"

"I've told you, you did not eat Boo Boo!" said Huck as his calm voice started
to get a little annoyed.

"Well then why is Boo Boo's bed empty?!" cried Yogi.

"Did somebody call my name?" asked a cute little voice. Yogi, Huck, and
Dynomutt turned around and saw Boo Boo wearing a bicycle helmet and holding
a newspaper.

"BOO BOO! YOU'RE OKAY!" cried Yogi in delight as he picked up Boo Boo
and hugged him like a teddy bear. "I DIDN'T EAT YOU!"

"That's good I guess", said Boo Boo whose face was turning red from that
powerful bear hug."

"But where were you Boob?" asked Yogi as he stopped hugging his pal and put
him down. "When I woke up, your bed was empty."

"Don't you remember Yogi?" asked Boo Boo. "I started my paper route today.
I have to get up at 4 in the morning each day to deliver the newspapers. Oh,
Huck. Here's your morning paper." And he handed Huck his last paper.

"Much obliged Boo Boo", smiled Huck as he was about to take the paper until
Dynomutt snatched it and used his speed reading goggles to read through it.

"Oh darn!" he moaned as he finished his reading time in 3.2 seconds. "No
crimes today. Not even in the Dick Tracy comics!"

"See Yogi", said Huck. "You didn't eat Boo Boo at all. He's right here in
the bear flesh."

"Eat me?" gasped Boo. "Yogi, what's this all about?"

They all sat down and Yogi explained the nightmare he had about the gummy
Boo Boo and the giant robot Ranger Smith. "Gee Yogi", said Boo Boo. "I never
thought of myself as candy before."

"I wish I could get a neat upgrade like that ranger", sighed Dynomutt.
"Villains would surely quake in fear if they saw me as a 40 foot giant."

"That sure sounds like a real humdinger of a dream", said Huck. "You've
been having nightmares for the past few nights lately. Is there something
worrying you Yogi? Maybe it has something to do with Ranger Smith?"

"I don't know what you're talking about", said Yogi putting on a huge fake

"Well, you and Boo Boo did leave Jellystone Park without Ranger Smith's
permission", said Huck. "And you have been living here in my boarding house
for about a month. You don't think your conscience is trying to tell you
something, do you?"

"Hey, me and Boo Boo had to leave Jellystone!" protested Yogi. "Ranger Smith
was going to send us both to the San Diego Zoo if we didn't escape on time!"

"But the park was closing down because of budget problems Yogi", said Boo
Boo. "Mr. Ranger wanted to make sure we'd go someplace where we were taken
care of and treated right."

"But I'm happy here in this better than the average house", said Yogi. "We
got good friends here and we're near a town with lots of good familiar
people along with good food places. My little black book is filled with the
best pizza parlors and Chinese take out phone numbers! I'm not gonna let
Mr. Ranger take away this good life from me! Not even if he somehow tracks
us down right now! Isn't that right Boob?"

"Uh, yeah Yogi", said Boo Boo a little nervously for he seemed like he didn't
want to tell his best bear buddy something."

"Well, wipe your fears away my old friend", smiled Huck. "Remember, we've
been through all sorts of things together these past years. You were once an
ark captain and Boo Boo and I were your crew members. You were also captain
when we were in the Laff-a-Lympics. You were my commanding officer when
we somehow ended up as Galaxy Rangers under the command of that unreasonable
Captain Snerdly. And we even became Space Racers that same year, but not on
the same team though, but it was still fun. And who could forget when you,
Boo Boo, and I became treasure hunters outwitting that not so nice fellow,
Dick Dastardly? And how we met Dick again in those Fender Bender 500 races
where once again we weren't on the same team?"

"Yeah, those were great times!" smiled Yogi. "But then Mr. Ranger dragged
me and Boo Boo back to Jellystone where I spent the rest of those nights
dreaming that Jellystone was a mall and you and I were suddenly crime solving
teenagers. Pretty weird, huh?"

"Yep", smiled Huck. "But now we can just relax and enjoy our lives as
peaceful quiet suburbanites. And if Ranger Smith does come around here
and demand you and Boo Boo back, me and the other boarders will tell him
off. Isn't that right Dyno?"

"You bet HB!" smiled Dynomutt as a bunch of assorted weapons like meat
cleavers, laser guns, chainsaws, machine guns, and hands holding smelly gym
socks popped out of his metal body.

"Uh, I don't think we need to be that drastic", said Huck as he took the
dirty socks and threw them out the window making them land in an outside
trashcan scaring away a family of cockroaches causing them to pack up and
jump into a little toy bus to New Jersey.

"Thank guys", said Yogi feeling a little better. "Friends that are true blue
are a dream come true. Hey hey hey!"

"You must be feeling better", said Huck. "You're back to your rhyming self
again. Just remember what I said and try not to think about Ranger Smith.
The same goes for you too Boo Boo."

"Oh, sure", said Boo Boo while obviously smiling a pretend smile. "Say Yogi.
I'm sort of a little tired right now from my first day of paper delivering and
I need some sleep. Can you tell Wendy to save a plate of breakfast for me?"

"Sure thing Boob", said Yogi as he saw Boo Boo crawl back in his little bed.

"Well I'm going back to my room to change out of my nightgown", said Huck.
"Oh, and Yogi. If you'll look down the hall, you'll notice the bathroom's
free. You might wanna get in there before the other boarders wake up. I
think their alarm clocks are about to go off any minute." And Huck left
Yogi's room and went back in his own room across from Yogi's.

Yogi and Dynomutt stepped into the hallway and saw that the bathroom at
the far end of the hall was open with nobody inside. Yogi imagined that
there was a pot of gold waiting for it, which was actually the toilet.
"Huck's right!" smiled Yogi. "The door's open and there's no line! Make
way for the bear!" Then he stopped cold when he heard alarms coming from
the other rooms.

In one room that looked like a swamp covered with plants, moss, and vines,
an alarm clock went off and a green scaly hand clicked it off. Then we see
Wally Gator waking up from his bed, which was actually a huge log. In
another room that was full of snow and ice, we see Sneezly Seal sleeping
in a bed made of ice. An alarm clock went off and a little lamp popped out
shining an aurora colored light on the sleeping seal waking him up. In
another room, another alarm clock shaped like a cute girl cat in a hillbilly
outfit went off while singing and dancing. Then we see Country Cat waking
up from his hammock in his hillbilly decorated room. And we see one more
clock shaped like a sea shell going off. A shark's flipper took the clock, a
crunching sound was heard turning off the ringing noise, and the clock was
placed back on the table with a huge bite out of it. Then we see Jabberjaw
the shark waking up from his waterbed, which was actually a huge fish tank
like the ones you see in aquariums.

Yogi stood there as he heard those alarms go off then some of the doors slowly
creaking open. "You might want to rush in there instead of standing",
suggested Dynomutt.

"Oh, right!" gasped Yogi as he was about to head on over to the bathroom
just as the others opened their doors and saw that the bathroom was free too.
Then the bear, alligator, seal, cat, and shark all started to make a mad dash
to the bathroom causing them to crash into a big zoo mess. Sneezly, who
was slippery as a seal, managed to slide out of the pile and slide into the
bathroom and close the door while the others groaned.

"Luckily the call to nature doesn't apply to us bionic dogs", sighed Dynomutt
as he opened up his chest, took out a crowbar, and went over to pry his
friends free from their tangled mess.

"Thanks Dyno", said Wally, "I almost felt like an alligator bag getting
crammed in a tight baggage compartment."

"I sure wish Huck would build us a second bathroom one of these days",
sighed Yogi.

"Oh well", said Country. "We cats have a special way of taking a bath and it
don't bring up no water bills", and he rolled up his pajama sleeve and
started licking his fur.

"Gee Country, could you do that in the privacy of your own room?!" said
Jabber with disgust. "No respect! WOO WOO WOO WOO!"

"Oh, all right", said Country. "But let me go up to the attic and get a
washtub. I don't want my saliva getting on my nice dirty floor." And he
went upstairs.

"How long are you gonna be in there Sneezly?" asked Yogi while knocking on
the bathroom door.

"Not long", said Sneezly in his cute nasal sounding voice. "I just gotta
clear up all the congestion in my nose."

"Oh great! He's gonna be in there almost half the day!" moaned Jabber as he
took out his electric toothbrush. "Say Dyno", asked Jabber. "Can I borrow
some of your electricity to brush my teeth? I got some leftover chum and
boat propellers stuck between them from last night."

"Sure thing JJ", said Dynomutt as he unscrewed his nose revealing a plug
socket so Jabber could plug in his electric toothbrush. Dynomutt, Yogi,
and Wally watched as Jabber scrubbed those scary looking sharp fangs of
his with that tiny toothbrush.

"I sure feel sorry for that innocent little toothbrush", thought Yogi.

"I prefer to get my teeth cleaned the way Mother Nature intended us gators
to", said Wally as he opened up a window and opened his mouth wide. A
whole flock of birds flew into Wally's mouth and started picking out the
food stuck between his teeth.

"Talk about a pecking order", said Yogi as Wally put his head back in the

"Not only does it get my teeth clean, it feeds poor hungry little birds,
dontchaknow?" Said Wally with a nice clean smile. Then one of the birds
flew in and handed Wally a piece of paper.

"What's that?" asked Yogi.

"It's another bill", sighed Wally. "I gotta get me a good dental plan one of
these days with the prices Mother Nature charges!"

Back in the bathroom, Sneezly was on a stool gathering some stuff from the
medicine cabinet that would keep his sonic blasting nose from sneezing all
day. "Oh great!" Sneezly moaned as he saw that his nasal medicine was
sitting on the very tip top of the cabinet out of his reach. "I've asked
these guys nicely many times not to move my medicine around when in this
cabinet! Maybe I should stick snot in their underwear to teach them a lesson.
Wait a minute! Most of these guys here don't wear underwear!"

"Hurry up in there Sneezly!" moaned Yogi.

"I'm coming! I'm coming!" protested Sneezly as he grabbed some stacks of
towels and put them on the stool so he could reach his medicine. But he
accidentally fell over and ended up grabbing a jar of talcum powder which
turned him from a green to a white seal. "AH AHHH AHHH!" cried Sneezly
for the powder had gotten into his very sensitive nose.

"You all right in there Sneezly?" asked Wally as he put his face near the
door. "CHOOOOO!" shouted Sneezly as the door blew off its hinges and slammed
into the wall crushing poor Wally with it.

"Sorry about that Wally", said a stuffed up Sneezly as he waddled over and
opened the door that had a flattened Wally plastered to the wall.

"It's all right", said Wally as he took a deep breath and blew his snout back
in shape. "Everyone in this house is used to your supersonic sneezy fits."

"Will you be okay Wally?" asked Yogi as he peeled the alligator off the wall
and snapped him back in shape like a towel.

"Sure Yogi", said Wally. "Remember, we gators have tough skin made of leather.
It's like we're walking suitcases." Then Wally felt something in his mouth.
He reached in and pulled out a necktie. "I thought I lost that when I went on
vacation", Wally said as he went back into his room to put it away while Yogi
looked puzzled.

"Say Dyno", called out Yogi as he carried the broken door over to Dynomutt.
"Can you put this door back on its hinges before Huck finds out about this?
Uh, Dyno?" Yogi saw that Dynomutt was just sitting there motionless like the
very power had been drained from him.

"Uh, I can explain", said Jabber looking sheepish. "When you have two rows of
teeth, you tend to use up a lot of power operating an electric toothbrush. I
didn't realize that when I drained Dyno of his electricity."

"Sheesh!" groaned Yogi as he and Jabber pushed Dynomutt back into his room
that was filled with lots of computers and weird machines. Yogi unscrewed
Dynomutt's tail revealing a small cord, plugged it into a huge battery
recharger, and he and Jabber left the room so Dynomutt could recharge himself.

"I wish I could do something to help since I caused all this" said Sneezly
who was still in the bathroom covered with white powder feeling ashamed.

"Why don't you just shower off all that powder before you sneeze again",
suggested Yogi.

"But there's no door on the bathroom", said Sneezly. "I can't shower with
everyone seeing me."

"I know how to fix that", said Jabber as he got in front of the bathroom
doorway and stretched his huge body into a door so Sneezly wouldn't be
seen. "Is that better?" asked Jabber who was facing the hallway.

"Yeah, thanks Jabber", called out Sneezly as Yogi heard the shower being
turned on.

"I think I'll freshen up later", said Yogi more confused as ever as he left
the hallway and headed downstairs. A second later, Huck stepped out of
his room in his trademark red bow tie and straw hat and was about to use
the bathroom.

"Sorry, this bathroom's occupied", called out Jabber's voice. Huck looked
surprised as he saw the new shark skinned bathroom door with Jabber's
face on it.

"Didn't I see a bathroom door like you at a seafood restaurant?" asked
Huck all puzzled.

"WOO WOO WOO WOO!" was all the flustered shark door could say.

* * * * * *

As Yogi walked downstairs into the living room, he heard some growling
and chewing noises behind the couch. Yogi slowly walked around it and
found a werewolf chewing on the legs. "Howler!" groaned Yogi.

"Sorry Yogi", said the wolf with couch stuffing covering his mouth. "It's
just that there was a full moon last night and you know how that affects us

"Yeah, but can't you just chew on a rawhide bone?" asked Yogi. "Huck keeps
asking you nicely not to keep chewing the furniture."

"I know", said Howler. "But the old pack I used to belong to let me chew a
special old couch. Maybe if we convince Huck to buy a special chewing couch
just for me..."

"Forget it", said Yogi. "Huck can't even afford to build us a second bathroom
yet. Let's just hope Huck doesn't notice these chew marks on the legs
for now."

"Oh, okay", said Howler. "At least the full moon's gone and the sun will calm
me down."

"Yep, it's morning all right", said Yogi. "I can hear the garbage truck
driving down the road."

"Garbage truck?!" smiled Howler drooling while stomping his left foot wildly.

"Oh no!" groaned Yogi as he saw Howler zoom out the door. "Oh no! It's the
boy raised by wolves again!" cried out a garbage man as Yogi heard Howler
trample over some trash cans and bunch of feet trampling away in fear.

"That wolf is gonna get himself evicted one of these days!" groaned Yogi as
he headed for the kitchen. But then he tripped on something. Yogi turned
around and saw a snow hat and dog's collar floating above the rug. "Goober!"
groaned Yogi. Then a sleeping pale dog started to materialize filling the
hat and collar. He yawned and stretched out his paws.

"Why do you always sleep in the middle of the living room Goober?"
complained Yogi. "You know sleeping always turns you invisible. Huck built
you a doghouse over by the corner. Why don't you ever use it?!"

Goober just slowly walked over to the doghouse near the living room corner
and pointed inside. Yogi looked inside and bumped his head. He saw that
the doghouse didn't have a doorway. Just black paint that looked like a
doorway. "Sheesh!" groaned Yogi. "You'd think someone like Huckleberry
Hound would know how to build a decent doghouse."

"RUFF!" agreed Goober as he curled up back on the rug and went back to sleep
turning invisible again, except for his hat and collar.

* * * * * *

Yogi had entered his favorite place in the whole house, the kitchen. He
followed the smell to a supply of waffles, bacon, cornflakes, grapefruits,
butter, syrup, milk, and orange juice just waiting to be eaten. Yogi then
felt his stomach grumbling.

"My tummy's a quakin' for some crispy bacon! Hey hey hey!" smiled Yogi
as he was about to grab a greasy strip until a spatula whacked his hand. "Oh,
good morning Wendy", said Yogi looking at the black haired woman, who was
once a junior Superfriend, holding a spatula. "It sure looks like another
five star breakfast you've cooked up. My compliments to the chef."

"And you will be seeing 500 stars if you don't leave this kitchen right now",
said Wendy in a stern voice. "You know the rules Yogi. Say it for me!"

"No one eats until everyone's seated at the table", sighed Yogi.

"That's right", said Wendy as he looked at Yogi's bear hands. "And it looks
like you haven't washed up either. That means I got this spatula dirty! Now
go back upstairs and wash up like a good bear!"

"Yes Wendy", sighed Yogi as he left the kitchen. "Sheesh, she's just as bad
as Ranger Smith!" moaned Yogi then tripped over the sleeping invisible
Goober again.

Once Yogi had left, Wendy then went over to a nearby dumbwaiter and clicked
on an intercom above it. "Good morning Professor", said Wendy. "Paging Prof.
Pat Pending."

"Oh, good morning Wendy", said a voice from the intercom. "Do I smell your
famous waffles and bacon coming through my intercom?"

"Please, they're not that famous", said Wendy. "Will you be coming up for
breakfast or are you still busy down in that basement?"

"Yes, I'm afraid I'm going to be busy all day today down here", said the Prof.
"A genius's work is never done!"

"Shall I lower some grub down to you then?" asked Wendy.

"Yes, please do", said the Prof. "And could you also send down some of that
leftover bacon grease please? I need it for an experiment."

"Okay, but just a little", said Wendy. "Another boarder here needs that
grease too."

"Yes, of course", said the Prof. "But don't give him too much. You remember
the orders I gave him."

"Sure do", said Wendy as she loaded some breakfast food onto the dumbwaiter.
Then she took the pan and poured some of the bacon grease in a little test
tube and put it on the plate with the Professor's breakfast. Then Wendy
pushed a button causing the dumbwaiter to go down into the basement where
the Prof. does his inventing.

Then Wendy took the rest of the bacon grease and poured it into a jar, took a
carton of orange juice and went into the garage. There she walked up to an
orange dune buggy that was just waking up. "Good morning Speedy Buggy",
said Wendy.

"SPUT, SPUT! Morning Wendy! SPUT, SPUT!" said the buggy trying to open
his sleep filled headlights. "Got anything good for breakfast?"

"Just a half a jar of bacon grease", smiled Wendy as she popped open Speed's
hood and opened a valve.

"A half? SPUT, SPUT! Why not a whole jar! SPUT!"

"I'm sorry. But you do remember the Professor's orders", said Wendy as she
poured the bacon grease into Speed's engine. "He says your cholesterol is
very high. Your exhaust pipes need unclogging and this stuff should do the
trick." Then after the grease, she poured some orange juice down his valve."

"Ah, yeah! SPUT!" I feel much better! SPUT! That juice is making my shine
more orange!"

"And you're not sputting as much either", smiled Wendy as she patted the
happy dune buggy while he panted like a dog.

* * * * * *

Soon, Wendy had set a large breakfast table nicely in the dining room. She
then went over to a metal triangle hanging from a wall and started ringing
it loudly with a stick. Then she heard a stampede rushing down the stairs.
"I hope Goober will do his job", said Wendy knowing that a boarding house
full of animals would stampede whenever it was mealtime. Then she heard
the stampeding noises stop and a whole bunch of tripping sounds. Wendy
smiled as she saw the bear, dog, seal, werewolf, shark, cat, and alligator
all scattered on the floor from tripping over a sleeping invisible dog.

"Nice work boy", smiled Wendy as she patted Goober's invisible head and
placed a doggy dish full of breakfast food in front of him. Goober's smile
suddenly materialized along with the rest of his body and happily started to
eat his breakfast.

* * * * * *

Soon, everyone was gathered at the table ready to eat. Wendy checked to make
sure everyone was seated before they start eating. She knew the Prof.
wouldn't be joining them this morning, but then saw two more seats empty.
"And where are Boo Boo and Dynomutt?" she asked.

"Dyno's still recharging his battery", said Jabberjaw. "You might say he's
getting his morning juice. YUK YUK YUK!"

"And Boo Boo said he needed to rest up after his paper route", said Yogi.
"But he asked me if you could save some breakfast for him."

"Aw, such a sweet and hard working little bear", smiled Wendy. "If only a
certain lazy, messy, food filching bear living in this house could be like

"Huck, I didn't know you gave another bear a room", said Yogi. "With
another bear here, there may not be any more food left for me!"

"I think she was talking about you Yogi", said Huck. "You should really go
to sarcasm school."

"Hey, I'm not lazy!" protested Yogi. "I plan on getting a job sometime
this week."

"I hope you do Yogi", said Huck politely. "Because the first of the month's
coming up where I collect the rent money from everyone living here. And I
hope you'll start earning some money soon to pay your rent. I wouldn't wanna
think that you're taking advantage of my good hearted generous nature by
letting you stay here for free", said Huck smiling a big smile while his straw
hat was jumping up and down. The other boarders knew when Huck's hat gets
like that, he's trying to keep his temper.

"Uh, sure", said Yogi. "You'll be seeing a working bear in this house soon!"

"And you'd better not mean just Boo Boo!" said Wendy sternly thinking what
Yogi was really talking about.

"Can we eat now?" asked Howler. "I wanna get this garbage taste out of my
mouth! I think Dynomutt might've thrown out one of his old socks!"

"Eeyew!" grumbled Wendy. "Just don't breathe your garbage breath on me, okay?"

"Of course not my sweet Superfriend", smiled Howler putting an arm around her.
"I'll get my breath cleaned so I can give you a French lesson afterwards.
Wolf wolf!"

Wendy just sneered and stuffed a grapefruit into the wolf's mouth. "That
should sweeten your uncontrollable hormones you wild wolf!" she grumbled.
"And I'm a former Superfriend! Don't you or anyone here forget that,
OR ELSE!" Howler just humbly went back to his seat. "She's howling mad
about me!" he thought.

Soon, all the boarders were now eating. And eating like a pack of wild
animals attacking their prey. They were grabbing the food that was nearest
to them and chomping and smacking loudly while food particles were flying
all over the dining room. Wendy looked at them while holding up a
superhero's shield trying to block the incoming flying food. "Why do I feel
like a zookeeper sometimes?" she moaned. "I think I'll just go upstairs and
take Boo Boo his breakfast." And Wendy grabbed the last of the breakfast
foods and put them on a plate and left the table.

"Hey, could someone pass me the pepper?" asked Country.

"Sure, it's near me", said Sneezly as he picked up a pepper shaker.

"OH NO!" cried everyone as they hid under the table as the pepper started
ticking Sneezly's nose. "AH AH AHHHHHHHH!" cried Sneezly. But then
covered his nose with his napkin stopping the sneeze.

"WHEW!" said all the boarders as they got back up and applauded Sneezly.

"Thank CHOOOOO!" shouted Sneezly as he blew a bowl of cornflakes into
Yogi's face. "Sorry Yogi", said Sneezly.

"Hey, don't ever apologize when you serve this bear food. Hey hey hey!"
smiled Yogi as he licked his milk and flake covered face.

"Talk about being flaky", giggled Huck.

* * * * * *

Boo Boo was sitting on his bed with some serious thoughts. "I'll tell him.
I'll tell him not", said Boo Boo as he was plucking the nuts off one of Yogi's
many uneaten candy bars.

"Knock knock", said Wendy's voice coming through the door. "Are you decent
Boo Boo? I brought you your breakfast."

"Oh, good morning Wendy", said Boo Boo snapping out of his thoughts. "Come on
in." Wendy entered the room carrying the plate of breakfast to Boo Boo.
"Thank you", said Boo Boo. "Looks delicious as usual."

"Thank you Boo Boo sweetie", smiled Wendy for her heart always melted
whenever she was near this cute little cub. She then noticed that Boo Boo
wasn't really his cheerful self. "Is there something troubling you Boo Boo?"

"Um, no, nothing at all", said Boo Boo with a pretend smile while putting his
spoon in his grapefruit while juice was squirting in his eye, but not
noticing it at all.

"You know Boo Boo", said Wendy as she sat on the bed next to him. "Everyone
in this house is like your family. And I want you to know if you or if you
think someone else is in any trouble. You can talk to me or anyone else in
this house."

"Well okay", said Boo Boo. "This morning when I was on my paper route.
I thought I passed someone who looked really familiar."

"Someone who's a friend or an enemy?" asked Wendy.

"Actually, both", said Boo Boo. "I thought I saw Ranger Smith."

"You mean that park ranger from Jellystone whom Yogi is always driving
crazy?" asked Wendy concerned.

"I think so", said Boo Boo. "He was the spitting image."

"Are you sure it just wasn't someone who looked like him?" asked Wendy.

"No, he had that same face and ranger's uniform", said Boo Boo nervously.
"And when I passed him I thought he called out my name too."

"Maybe he just said Boo Boo like he made a mistake", said Wendy trying to
comfort him.

"Thanks for the comfort Wendy, but I'm definitely sure that Ranger Smith's in
this town right now", said Boo Boo. "He's probably here looking for me and
Yogi to take us to the San Diego Zoo."

"Do you think we should tell Yogi about this?" asked Wendy.

"No, please don't!" pleaded Boo Boo. "Lately Yogi's been having nightmares
about Ranger Smith and this kind of news might really shock him or give him a
heart attack even!"

"I'm surprised Yogi hasn't gotten a heart attack from all those large amounts
of junk food he eats", whispered Wendy.

"What did you say?" asked Boo Boo.

"Oh, nothing", smiled Wendy bringing Boo Boo into a hug. "You and Yogi
don't have anything to fear here. I'll make sure that park ranger doesn't
find either of you cuddly bears."

"Thank you Wendy", smiled Boo Boo. "You're a real Superfriend."

"I'm a what?!" asked Wendy with a frown.

"I mean a friend!" said Boo Boo quickly. "Really super as a good friend."

"Thank you", said Wendy smiling while trying to keep a certain flashback out
of her head. Where some so called Superfriends had kicked herself, her friend
Marvin, and his dog out of their group to replace them with two teens called
Wonder Twins just because they had real super powers and she didn't.

* * * * * *

When Boo Boo and Wendy went downstairs into the living room. They saw the
gang surrounding the couch. "What's going on?" asked Wendy.

"Just look at Yogi", said Huck in a calm, but concerned voice. Boo Boo and
Wendy saw Yogi sitting very still with a shocked face and his fur was totally

"Yogi, what's happened to you!" cried Boo Boo trying to shake his bear buddy

"He looks like my friend back at the North Pole", said Sneezly.

"How did this happen?" asked Wendy.

"He just saw this news report on the TV and went in shock", said Howler as he
pushed a button on a remote and rewound something that had been recorded
earlier. There it showed news reporter Top Cat on the streets holding a

"Good morning all you sleepyheads out there, this is your top reporter Top Cat
reporting from downtown Yabbadabbaville. And I just received a report from
this highly respected forest type ranger, known as Smith. Wow, try looking
up that name in the phonebook! It'll occupy your free time for all eternity!"

"Ahem!" said Ranger Smith who was standing next to Top Cat with an annoyed

"Oops, sorry Mr. Ranger", said Top Cat. "Just adding a little humor to the
usually humorless news! Go ahead."

"Thank you", said Ranger Smith as he made his announcement. "Citizens of
Yabbadabbaville. I want to report that two of my bears had escaped from
Jellystone Park about a month ago and it was rumored that they're living
somewhere here in this town. Now don't be alarmed. These bears are
perfectly harmless. Except for the big bear who'll probably snatch your
picnic lunch or barbecue grills from your backyards."

Then Ranger Smith held up a card with Yogi's and Boo Boo's pictures on them.
"If you've seen these two bears or know anyone that has any info on their
whereabouts. Call me on my cellphone at 555-QZQZ. But in the meantime,
I've been given a warrant to search every house in this town."

"Well you've heard it straight from the ranger's mouth", said Top Cat. "And
if I were these bears. I'd probably have myself turned into a throw rug
before he sinks his ranger claws in me."

"What did you say?" asked Ranger Smith.

"Oh, nothing", said Top Cat. "This is TC, signing off!"

* * * * * *

"The minute Yogi saw this, he totally went white", said Jabber.

"And it looks like he got even whiter after seeing it a second time", said

"Poor Yogi", said Boo Boo. "Maybe that's why he's been having these
nightmares. They were kind of a warning. And Mr. Ranger could come
by here any minute."

"Don't worry Boo Boo", said Huck. "We'll make sure that Mr. Ranger doesn't
take you or Yogi away from this place. It's all for one and one for all in
this house. Right everyone?"

"You said it!" said all the other boarders.

"Well we'll probably have time to figure out a plan", said Wendy. "After all,
Yabbadabbaville is a pretty big town and Ranger Smith will have over a
thousand homes and buildings to search through. He might not get to our
house for a while."

"I think a while has come, because I see him coming down the street", cried
Country as he peaked out the window and saw a uniformed man marching.

"He's arriving!" cried Boo Boo.

"Mr. Ranger's here?!" gasped Yogi as he jumped off the couch and started
shaking nervously. "Somebody hide this bruin before my life gets in ruin!"

"Quick Yogi and Boo Boo! Head for the basement!" said Wendy as the two bears
followed her to a door that led downstairs.

"Okay guys", said Huck as he called everyone else into a huddle. "Here's the
game plan."

* * * * * *

Ranger Smith walked up to the front steps of the quaint looking boarding
house painted a huckleberry blue with a huge neon HB flashing on top of the
roof. "I wonder if Yogi and Boo Boo are hiding in here", said Ranger Smith as
he rang the doorbell, which chimed the song of Oh My Darling Clementine.
"There's only one person I can think of who would have a corny doorbell like
that", thought Ranger Smith.

"Howdy", said Huckleberry Hound as he opened the door and greeted Ranger

"Yep, I should've known", sighed Ranger Smith.

"Why Ranger Smith", smiled Huck shaking the Ranger's hand wildly. "I
haven't seen you since we were treasure hunters!"

"Nice to see you again too Huck", said Ranger Smith trying to keep his body
still after all that wild shaking.

"Welcome to HB House", smiled Huck. "That stands for Huckleberry's House
in case you're wondering."

"I kind of thought HB stood for an even greater power", said Ranger Smith as
he and Huck looked up into the sky and the clouds took the forms of Bill Hanna
and Joe Barbera.

"So what brings you to my humble little boarding house?" asked Huck. "Did
you come to rent a room."

"No, not really", said Ranger Smith. "I'm on official ranger business. Are
you familiar with the names Yogi and Boo Boo Bear?"

"Hmmm, ain't those the guys who tell people to stop setting things on fire?"
asked Huck.

"You know who they are!" said Ranger Smith. "They went on a lot of wild
adventures with you. Sometimes behind my back too!"

"Oh, those two bears", said Huck. "How are they doing these days?"

"It seems they escaped from Jellystone for the umpteenth time", said Ranger
Smith. "And I have a feeling you're keeping them here since you're such good
friends with them."

"Are you absolutely sure about that?" asked Huck.

"Well, I have a warrant to search every building in this town", said Ranger
Smith, "So that means you have to let me in to search around."

Huck studied the warrant. "Yep, it's official all right. Okay, I'll let you
in. But first can you show me what the number umpteen looks like?" asked
Huck as he handed the Ranger a pad and pencil. "I keep hearing that number
a lot, but I keep wondering what digits make up that number."

"Umpteen is not a real number", said Ranger Smith. "It's just a make believe
number to represent an unknown number of something."

"But what do you think umpteen would look like?" asked Huck. "Please Mr.
Ranger! I would really like to know." And he gave the Ranger sad little
puppy dog eyes.

"Oh, all right!" grumbled Ranger Smith as he started to think and then
scribble something down. "If I didn't know better, I'd say you were trying
to stall for time."

"Me stall?!" laughed Huck as he looked at Ranger Smith's drawing of a number
umpteen. "My, this is downright purtty! Now my long lasting curiosity
is over."

"Now will you let me in?!" demanded Ranger Smith.

"Sure, come right in", said Huck as he cleared the way for the Ranger
to enter.

"Nice looking place you have heeeeee..." cried Ranger Smith for he had tripped
over Goober who was sleeping invisibly on the floor.

"One of the first rules of this house is to watch out for our sleeping
invisible house pet", said Huck as he helped the Ranger up while he looked
creepily at the dog who suddenly materialized, looked at the Ranger with a
sleepy face, and went back to sleep turning invisible again.

"Why don't we check the upstairs room first?" said Huck. "I'm sure you won't
find any bears up there."

"Do you have a basement?" asked Ranger Smith.

"Yeah, right through that door", said Huck nervously. "But you don't want to
go down there."

"I think I do!" said Mr. Ranger. "I always start my searches at the bottom,
then work my way to the top!"

"But lot's of weird stuff goes on down there!" said Huck.

"Like well hidden bears?!" asked Ranger Smith suspiciously. "I'm going down!"

"Uh, oh!" said Huck.

Luckily, Wendy was on the other side of the door listening. She ran
downstairs, past the Professor who was working at a lab table, and to Yogi
and Boo Boo who were near the dumbwaiter where Wendy brought the Professor's
breakfast down to him. "You'd better move boys", said Wendy. "The Ranger's
coming down!"

"He's trapped us like rats!" cried Yogi.

"Quick, both of you get into that dumbwaiter!" said Wendy as she picked up
Boo Boo and put him in it and tried to cram Yogi in as well. She had to use
a plunger to do it though. Soon Yogi and Boo Boo were stuffed in like a huge
cubbish cube. "The minute you're in the kitchen, head on upstairs and hide in
your room", said Wendy as she pushed the button bringing the dumbwaiter
back up to the kitchen.

"And this here is our cozy little basement", said Huck as he led Ranger Smith
downstairs. "Where our scientific genius, Professor Pat Pending, does his

"Hello there Mr. Ranger", said the Prof. shaking his chemical covered hands
with Ranger Smith.

"Pleased to meet you", said Ranger Smith shaking off whatever gunk was on
his hands. "Haven't I seen you on TV somewhere? I think it was on a race
car show."

"Why yes", smiled Prof. "I was once a race car driver for the Wacky Races.
How I remember those days when I raced through North America in my greatest
invention, the Convert-A-Car." And he took out a little cube, pushed a small
button on it, and to the Ranger's surprise, it grew into a giant weird looking
car with lots of gadgets on it.

"Amazing!" gasped Ranger Smith as he eyed the unusual car while Wendy
snuck back upstairs.

"Well, my racing days are now behind me", said the Prof. as he shrunk his car
back down and put it back in his coat pocket. "These days I'm living in Huck's
pleasant little boarding house working on my inventions and experiments. Let
me show you what I've been working on now."

"Thanks, but I should really be continuing my search for those runaway
bears", said Ranger Smith.

"Oh, nonsense!" said the Prof. as he pushed the Ranger over to a lab table
full of test tubes and beakers. "I want you to have the honor of witnessing
my greatest scientific experiment. If you have heard, there were some
scientists who once cloned a real live sheep. But I believe I can clone an
actual live pig using ordinary bacon grease."

"Cloning a pig out of bacon grease?!" asked Ranger Smith puzzled.

"I'll bet a certain big bad wolf would love to know that experiment", said

"Behold gentlemen!" said the Prof. as he removed a cloth from a huge glass
cylinder with something floating in liquid. "The first cloned pig! I'm going
to name him Hamilton!"

"It looks more like spam to me", said Ranger Smith.

"What?" asked the Prof."

"He's right Professor", said Huck. "It looks like you've cloned the first can
of spam. But at least that's a world's first."

The Prof. looked surprised as he opened the cylinder and took out the can
that read GRADE-A SPAM on it. "Oh well, I guess I'll call you Spamilton
instead", he said while smiling and cradling it like it was a new born baby.

"This is all been really fascinating", said Ranger Smith confused. "But I
have to get on with my search for Yogi and Boo Boo." And the Ranger started
searching throughout the basement turning over furniture and boxes until he
came across the dumbwaiter and noticed something stuck in the corner. "Ah ha!
This looks like bear fur!" said Ranger Smith. "Huck, where does this lead to."

"To the kitchen above", said Huck. "But I'm not sure if that's really bear
fur. It could be somebody else's.

"We'll see about that", said Ranger Smith as he took Huck's hand and dragged
him back upstairs. While the Prof. was in a rocking chair cradling his new
baby spam acting like a proud parent. "Hush little baby don't you cry", sang
the Prof. "Pappa's gonna spread you on ham on rye."

* * * * * *

Huck had led Ranger Smith into the kitchen where they saw Wendy innocently
holding a tray of muffins. "I'd like you to meet Wendy", smiled Huck. "She
cooks all our meals here."

"How do you do ma'am?" said Ranger Smith tipping his hat.

"Hello Mr. Ranger", smiled Wendy. "Would you care for a huckleberry muffin?
It's my special recipe."

"No thank you", said Ranger Smith. "I'm here to look for..."

"But I insist that you try a muffin", said Wendy holding the tray up to him.
"You can't leave Huckleberry's House without trying one of my huckleberry
muffins. It's tradition."

"She's right Mr. Ranger", said Huck as he sat the Ranger down at a small
table and chair. "You won't know what you're missing if you refuse."

"Oh, all right", sighed Ranger Smith as he took a muffin, but then frowned
when he saw it. "Why does this muffin have a bite in it?" he asked. "And the
teeth marks seem awfully familiar."

Wendy looked at her tray and saw all the muffins had bites in them. "Oooh!
I'm gonna get Yogi for this!" she grumbled.

"What did you say?" asked Ranger Smith. "Something about Yogi?"

"Uh, I said I'm going to get some yogurt for these muffins", said Wendy.
"Yeah, that's it!" and she rushed over to the refrigerator. Ranger Smith
then noticed a door on the kitchen wall slightly opened. "Where does that
door lead to?" he asked Huck.

"That's just to the garage and our house car", said Huck.

"House car, eh?" thought Ranger Smith as he got up and walked over to
the door.

"Where are you going?" asked Huck.

"I just have this hunch.." said Ranger Smith as he entered the garage and
saw Speed Buggy sleeping away making him look like an ordinary lifeless car.
"Usually the bears in Jellystone like to sneak into the trunks of tourists'
cars. I just bet Yogi and Boo Boo are hiding in this back trunk!" And he
opened up Speed's hood causing him to wake up.

"Hey, SPUT SPUT, hands to yourself you pervert! SPUT SPUT!" shouted Speed
as he spouted soot from his exhaust pipes into the Ranger's face. Then Speed
turned around looking at the dirty and nervous ranger shining angry headlight

"It's okay SB", said Huck stroking Speed's hood making the angry car calm
down. "This is just an official park ranger just doing his duty. He didn't
mean any harm."

"Oh, all right! SPUT SPUT!" said Speed. "I was built to respect men in
uniform. SPUT SPUT!" and he saluted the Ranger with his fender.

"Well", said Ranger Smith trying to get his senses back. "I didn't find any
bears hiding inside you so I guess you're a clean car."

"Thanks, SPUT SPUT!" said Speed smiling.

"If only a certain ranger can be clean too", giggled Huck as he handed the
Ranger a soap and washcloth.

"Now, I think I should check all the rooms in this house", said Ranger Smith
getting himself cleaned up.

Wendy overheard this and rushed out of the kitchen and ran upstairs to where
all the rooms were.

* * * * * *

"Yogi, Boo Boo. Are you guys in there?" asked Wendy as she peeked into the
bears' room and found they weren't in there.

"Pssst, over here!" called out Jabber whose room was way across the hall.
Wendy went over and entered Jabber's room where she saw Boo Boo looking
nervous and Yogi in a corner shaking in fear with his teeth chattering.

"If my teeth chattered like that, I might injure my tongue big time", said
Jabber. "WOO WOO WOO!"

"What's going on with Mr. Ranger right now?" Boo Boo asked Wendy.

"Huck's bringing the Ranger up here to search all the rooms", said Wendy.

"He's coming for me!" wailed Yogi. "I'll no longer be a free bear!"

"Relax Yogi", said Jabber. "The others are waiting in their rooms ready to
confuse that mean old ranger before he gets here."

"But he'll eventually come in here", said Boo Boo.

"We gotta hide!" cried Yogi. "But where?!"

"I know! Get in here!" said Jabber opening his huge mouth and pointing at it.

"Is he serious?" gasped Wendy.

"You want us to get into your mouth Jabber?" asked Boo Boo a little nervous.

"But all those teeth!" cried Yogi.

"Don't worry fellas", said Jabber. "You'll be safe in my mouth just as long
as you hang onto my uvula."

"What's a uvula?" asked Yogi.

"This!" said Jabber as he opened wide and showed them the dangling thing
hanging from the roof of his mouth.

"Let's see", thought Yogi. "Either get inside a shark's mouth while touching
a slimy uvula. Or let Ranger Smith get his hands on me."

* * * * * *

After inspecting four rooms, including Yogi's and Boo Boo's which the Ranger
didn't find them in there even if the honeypot lamp didn't give him a clue,
Ranger Smith moved onto the next room. "Let's see if he's in here", said
Ranger Smith as he opened the door and Huck followed him in. Suddenly,
the Ranger started shivering because he was in a room filled with ice and
snow. "You really need to fix the heater in this room!" shivered Ranger Smith
as he started jumping up and down to keep warm.

"This is just Sneezly Seal's room", smiled Huck as he grabbed a couple of
coats from a nearby rack and put one on and gave the other to the Ranger.
"Sneezly's an exchange student from the North Pole and I had this room built
to seal in cold weather to make him feel right at home. Hey, Sneezly. Come
here and meet Ranger Smith", called out Huck.

Sneezly crawled out from his ice bed and waddled over to the Ranger. "Please
to meet you Mr. Ranger Sir", said Sneezly as he shook hands with the Ranger
forgetting to take his snotty Kleenex out of his flipper.

"Uh, the pleasure is mine", said Ranger pretending to smile while feeling
disgusted. "Excuse me son, but I have to search your snow filled room for
a couple of bears. No doubt they're hibernating if they're hiding in a room
like this. First, I got to dust for fingerprints." He said as he took out a
small container of powder. But when he opened it, some of the powder got
into Sneezly's nose.

"AH AHHHH AHHHHH!" cried Sneezly.

"Duck in cover!" cried Huck as he ran out of the room while Ranger Smith
looked puzzled. "AHHHHH!" continued Sneezly.

"Why are you afraid of a little sneeze?" Ranger Smith asked Huck. "Does this
seal never cover his nose?"

"CHOOOOOOO!!!!" shouted Sneezly as he blew the poor Ranger out of his room
and into the other room across the hall.

"Sorry Mr. Ranger", said Sneezly blowing his nose.

When Ranger Smith came to, he found himself in what looked like a swamp filled
with moss, plants, and vines. Not to mention a pond of slimy water he was
bathing in.

"Hi there friend", said Wally. "Welcome to my humble little room. I
decorated it myself to look like my homeland in the swamp, dontchaknow?
And I see you like bathing in my little algae tub."

"ALGAE TUB?!!" cried the Ranger as he leapt out of the pond and found himself
covered with slime. He quickly managed to wipe it all off with his hands.
But then found little bugs and nightcrawlers crawling all over him.

"And I see you met my pets too", smiled Wally. "That green bug is named Daws,
that blue one is named Don, those four getting in your pantsleg are named
Mel, Frank, Bill, and Paul. And that huge spider on your head I named Queen
Sherry. You should be honored that she's chosen your hair to lay her royal

"AAAHHH!" GET 'EM OFF! GET 'EM OFF!" cried the scared Ranger as he wiped
the bugs off and rushed out of the room. Wally managed to catch the queen
spider before she fell onto the floor. "Aw, don't feel so bad your majesty",
said Wally. "I'll find you another nice head of hair. I have this friend
named Wendy who..."

After Huck helped Ranger Smith get over his shock, the Ranger moved onto the
next room. "Uh, what will I find in this room?" he asked cautiously.

"That's Howler's room", said Huck. "He's a werewolf."

"A werewolf?" laughed the Ranger. "Yeah, right! There's no such thing as
werewolves!" And he opened the door and to suddenly a ravenous werewolf
leapt out of the room with a collar and chain attached to the wall and foam
all over his mouth.

"AAAAH! A MAD WEREWOLF!" cried the Ranger as he jumped into Huck's arms.

"Hey, relax dude", said Howler. "I was just in the middle of a shave", and he
took a razor and shaved his furry face lickety-split. But then the fur grew
back quickly. "Oh darn it!" groaned Howler as he looked at himself in a hand
mirror. "This 5 o'clock shadow of mine just won't clock out!"

"You mean you're not an evil rabid werewolf?" asked Ranger Smith.

"Evil?!" gasped Howler. "I'm no evil werewolf. And I wasn't always this
hairy! When I was a teen, I was once a member of a superhero team called the
Drak Pack. Whenever me and my buds slapped our hands together, we'd get the
power to turn into cool monsters and fight bad guys. It was cool being a
werewolf back then, but when puberty started to hit, the wolf thing became
permanent. And now for the rest of my days, I gather fleas and have this
need to chase garbage trucks and mailmen."

"You mean letter carriers", said Huck. "Just because you're a werewolf gives
you no excuse to use politically incorrect language."

Ranger Smith looked funny at this wolfman and then noticed the chain. "If
you're a good werewolf, why are you chained to a wall?" he asked.

"Oh, this?" smiled Howler as he looked at his chain. "It's just my exercise
chain. I just use it to run in place!" And he started running in the same
spot while the chain prevented him from leaving the room.

"Oh, okay!" said Ranger Smith who was starting to get a real headache. "Look,
I'll need to search your room to see if you're hiding any bears in here."

"Go right ahead", said Howler as he flipped on a light switch. Ranger Smith
stopped in his tracks when he saw Howler's room. It looked like a haunted
house filled with cobwebs, skeletons, bats, and a pipe organ that played
scary music all by itself. Not to mention the ghosts flying above the

"G-G-G-GHOSTS!" gasped Ranger Smith.

"Oh, them!" smiled Howler. "Oh, those are just some college pals of mine.
They always come over when it's a full moon and we'd play poker. And they're
also sick of hearing the phrase, "G-G-G-GHOSTS", all the time whenever
someone meets them. Right guys?"

The ghosts nodded as they looked cross at the nervous Ranger.

"Uh, I think I'll take your word that Yogi and Boo Boo aren't hiding in
here", said Ranger Smith as he slowly stepped away from the spooky room.

"Nice work Howler", whispered Huck.

"Don't forget to praise my poltergeist pals too", smiled Howler as the 3
ghosts grabbed some top hats and canes and danced out of the room through
the wall.

As Howler closed his door, Huck saw Ranger Smith cautiously looking at the
next door. "Uh, there's no snow or bugs or ghosts in this room, are there?"
asked the Ranger nervously.

"Aw, don't worry", smiled Huck. "This is just the room of a former country
singer. He's a real nice swinging cat."

"Ah, a country singer", smiled Ranger Smith. "I bet he likes playing some
quiet, decent, wholesome music too." Just as he was about to knock on the
door, a huge blast of music swung the door open slamming the Ranger into
the wall.

"Howdy Huck!" smiled Country as he was playing a banjo attached to two
huge stereos. "How do you like my new sound system?"

"I like it", smiled Huck. "Now I can hear your country music in every room in
this house. By the way, I'd like you meet Ranger Smith here", And he dragged
the flattened Ranger out from the door.

"Howdy Mr. Ranger", smiled Country. "I'm Country Cat. I used to belong to a
music group called the Cattanooga Cats. Would you like my autograph?"

"Uh, no thanks", said Ranger Smith who had just got his hearing back. "I
don't have any paper."

"No problem, I'll just autograph something of yours", smiled Country as he
took out a marker, lifted up the Ranger's shirt and wrote down, COUNTRY
LOVES YOU, on his stomach.

"Thanks", grumbled the Ranger.

"Anything for a fan", smiled Country.

* * * * * *

Wendy peeked through the door and saw Ranger Smith going in to search
Country's room. "Are you guys well hidden?" asked Wendy as she looked at
Jabber who now had really huge cheeks.

"We're fine Wendy", called out Boo Boo from inside Jabber's mouth.

"Yeah, me too", called out Yogi. "Except for the smell of fish and chum."

"Oi doan geh no ruspeh!" mumbled Jabber for it was hard to complain when you
have bears in your mouth.

Then there was some knocking on the door and Wendy let Huck and the Ranger
in. "Hello again Mr. Ranger", smiled Wendy. "And what brings you into the
room of Jabberjaw?"

"That's a shark!" gasped Ranger Smith as he saw the giant shark with puffy

"Don't worry Mr. Ranger", smiled Huck. "Jabber's a downright friendly shark.
He'd never hurt a fly. He might eat a minnow or an occasional guppy, but
never a fly."

"Why are his cheek's puffy?" asked Ranger Smith nervously.

"I've been wondering that myself", said Huck.

"Um, it's because Jabber just back from the dentist", said Wendy. "He just got
a lot of teeth pulled and he's all swollen. You know how sharks keep losing
their teeth everyday. Isn't that right Jabber?"

"Mmm Hmm", nodded Jabber trying not to open his mouth.

"I see", said Ranger Smith. "I hope you don't mind if I search your room any
bears Mr. Jaw"

"Mmm Hmm", said Jabber telling him to go ahead.

* * * * * *

Meanwhile, Dynomutt had finally finished recharging and it showed his power
meter back in full again. "Ah, that was refreshing", he smiled while
unplugging himself. I wonder what I missed while I was out?" Just then, a
radar popped out of Dynomutt's head. "There's trouble out there!" gasped
Dynomutt. "My crime detecting radar is telling me so!" And he left his room
and followed where the radar led him. Right into the room of Jabber and to
Jabber's mouth.

"So the trouble's coming from you!" said Dynomutt sternly. "Let's see what
you got inside those cheeks!" And he aimed his x-ray vision at Jabber's mouth
and saw two bears inside holding onto the sharks uvula so they won't fall
into his stomach.

"YOGI! BOO BOO!" gasped Ranger Smith.

"Oh dear!" said Wendy.

"Now that scene is sure to give someone nightmares", said Huck shocked.

"You're trying to eat my friends Jabberjaw!" shouted Dynomutt as angry steam
blew out of his ears. "And I thought you were a nice shark!"

"MMMMMM!" pleaded Jabber.

"No Dyno!" cried Wendy. "It's not what it looks like!"

"I'll fix you, you bear eating shark!" growled Dynomutt as he stretched out
his metal arms and tackled Jabber. Then the dog and shark started to wrestle
all over the room.

"Please, stop this you two!" pleaded Wendy.

"Can't we all get along?" asked Huck while the Ranger just stood out of the
way all confused.

Then Dynomutt and Jabber rolled out into the hall where everyone opened their
doors and watched the commotion. Yogi and Boo Boo were still inside Jabber's
mouth holding onto his uvula for their dear lives.

"It's a good thing this shark has a strong uvula!" cried Yogi.

"I think we overused the world uvula in this story", said Boo Boo. "It's lost
all its meaning!"

Then Dynomutt had Jabber pinned to a wall. "Fear not my furry friends!" said
Dynomutt in a heroic voice. "The great Dog Wonder will set you free!" And he
coiled his metal arms around Jabber squeezing him really hard causing him to
spit out two brown hairballs.

"Wow Jabber, I didn't know you can spit out hairballs", said Dynomutt
surprised. "Maybe you're part catfish."

"No respect as usual", moaned Jabber. "WOO WOO WOO WOO!"

"Way to go Dog Blunder!" groaned Wendy as she saw the drool covered bears
who landed on top of Ranger Smith.

"Uh, hi there Mr. Ranger", said Yogi sweating as he found a ranger's hat on
his head while his own hat was on Ranger Smith's. "Long time no annoy?"

* * * * * *

An hour later, everyone was gathered in the living room while Ranger Smith
was looking silently at Yogi and Boo Boo with a stern angry face. Everyone
was silent as they heard the wall clock tick while Yogi was sweating a huge
puddle in Goober's dog dish while Goober was lapping it up.

After a long silence, Ranger Smith finally spoke. "How long have you two been
living here?" he asked.

"About a month Mr. Ranger Sir", replied Yogi.

"And you're still alive?!" asked Ranger Smith surprised. "I'm impressed."

"You're not going to take me and Yogi to the San Diego Zoo, are you?" asked
Boo Boo.

"Actually, I was looking for you to take you both back home to Jellystone
Park", said Ranger Smith with a smile.

"Jellystone?!" gasped Yogi an Boo Boo together. "But I thought that place
closed down because of money troubles", said Yogi.

"I turned out I had a wealthy aunt who passed away and left me a billion
dollars", said Ranger Smith. "And I used it to buy Jellystone from the
government. Which means Jellystone Park is officially mine making me
the head ranger!"

"Hey! Congratulations Mr. Head Ranger", smiled Boo Boo. "I'm so happy for

"It couldn't have happened to a nicer human. Hey hey hey!" said Yogi in a
now happy voice while everyone else cheered for Head Ranger Smith."

"Thanks everyone", said Ranger Smith blushing. "And I'm happy to say that all
the bears in Jellystone won't have to be sent to any zoos. So you two can
come back home to your nice cozy cave.

Yogi and Boo Boo suddenly became silent while they looked at all their
friends surrounding them. "You see, it's like this Mr. Ranger", said Yogi.
"Me and Boob really like it here in Huck's boarding house."

"We have lots of great friends here who really do care about us", said Boo
Boo. "You saw how they would do anything to help us."

"Yes, by putting me through all that mayhem", muttered Ranger Smith.

"I can vouch for these bears Mr. Ranger", said Huck. "Yogi and Boo Boo are
really great tenants here. They fit in nicely with all of us."

"And Boo Boo just got a job as a paperboy", said Wendy. "He's on his way
to a nice career."

"And Boo Boo also attends the same junior high I go too", said Sneezly. "He's
a real model student."

"You're really going to school and holding a job?" asked a surprised Ranger.
"I'm really proud of you Boo Boo."

"Thanks Mr. Ranger", said Boo Boo blushing.

"And how about you Yogi?" asked Ranger Smith. "Do you have a job to pay the
rent here?"

"Uh, not at the moment", said Yogi nervously. "But I am considering a job as a
taste tester."

"Don't even think about it!" grumbled Wendy as she showed Yogi one of the
bitten muffins while bombs formed in her eyes.

"But I'll make sure he gets a job", said Huck. "Because who can't love a
loveable old bear like Yogi. Right everyone?"

"RIGHT!" said everyone as they all gathered around to give Yogi a group hug.
Even Speed Buggy squeezed himself through the kitchen door and drove into
the living room to join in on the family hug.

"Aw, thank's everybody!" said Yogi with tears in his eyes. "When it comes to
your friendship, there is no endship! Hey Hey Hey!"

"Well Yogi, you seem to have joined a really wonderful caring family in this
house", said a touched Ranger. "Okay Yogi and Boo Boo. As the head ranger
of Jellystone, I declare HB House your new home!"

"HOORAY!" cheered everyone while Country played a celebration song on his
banjo while Dynomutt blasted confetti out of his head.

"Thank you Mr. Ranger", said Boo Boo giving him a hug.

"Yeah, thanks Mr. Ranger", smiled a happy Yogi as he gave the Ranger a huge
bear hug. "You're truly kinder than the average ranger!"

"My pleasure Yogi", gasped Ranger Smith recovering from that real live bear
hug. "Oh yes. I'll be coming by and checking up on you and Boo Boo about
every other month to see how you're doing. And I hope you'll have a job
by then."

"And I hope so too", said Yogi.

"Don't worry my friend", said the Professor. "I can give you a temporary job
until you can find a real one."

"Thanks Professor", said Yogi. "But what will I be doing?"

"A taste tester!" smiled the Prof.

"Thank you!" whispered Yogi.

* * * * * *

That evening, Yogi was in the Professor's lab getting ready to start his new
job as a taste tester. "All right Yogi", smiled the Prof. "Are you ready for
your first taste test?"

"Ready as I'll ever be!" said Yogi excitedly, "Hey hey hey!"

"Then here you go", said the Prof. as he handed Yogi a beaker full of red
bubbling liquid.

"Hey, cherry cola!" smiled Yogi as he took the beaker and started guzzling
it down.

"Actually, no", said the Prof. "It's supposed to be a special medicine that
helps you go to the bathroom better. And it's never been tested before."

"WHAT?!" gasped Yogi as he suddenly felt funny inside. Suddenly a loud
puff of smoke appeared and when it was cleared, a toilet with eyes and Yogi's
hat on top was standing in its place.

"Yogi?" asked the Prof. surprised.

"What've you done to me?!" cried the toilet talking in Yogi's voice.

"Oh dear", said the Prof. blushing. "Sorry Yogi. I guess my formula needs a
little work. I'll work on an antidote right away."

"Please hurry!" cried Yogi. "I'm getting a craving for urinal cakes!"

"Say Professor", said Wally walking in. "I was wondering if..." But then he
saw the toilet sitting in the center of the basement. "Hey guys!" called out
Wally in the hallway. "Huck's finally put in that second bathroom in the

Howler, Jabber, Sneezly, and Country rushed down the basement and saw the
nervous toilet. "Great!" smiled Howler. "And I'm thirsty too!"

"And after you, I'll be number 2", said Jabber. "Because I gotta do a
number 2!"

"NOOOO!" cried Yogi as he started to hop away from the bathroom obsessed

"Why is that toilet hopping away?" asked Sneezly.

"Who cares!" cried Country. "We gotta catch it before we go back to living in
a one bathroom house!"

And so the animals started chasing the nervous toilet while the Professor was
too busy working on an antidote to notice the commotion.

* * * * * *

Outside, Ranger Smith was looking at Yogi's plight through the basement
window and secretly smiled. "Oh Yogi", he laughed. "When I planned to
take you and Boo Boo back to Jellystone, I was gonna punish you big time
for running away. But I think just living in this madhouse will be the
perfect punishment for you!" And Ranger Smith walked away from HB House
while happily whistling the Yogi Bear theme song.


Well, I hope you all enjoyed my story. If you'd like me to write more HB
House episodes, please let me know. And a special thanks to the talented
minds of William Hanna and Joseph Barbera for entertaining me for many
years and for giving me the inspiration to write this fanfic. ^_^