A/N: This is my first story ever, so it won't be anything outstanding. Also know that English isn't my native language so I apologise for any faults in laguage. This is an AU story that pics up towards the end of PS.

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Chapter one:

Harry opened his eyes. When he looked around, he saw that he was in the hospital wing. "Why am I here?" he whispered to himself. He tried to sit upright, but as soon as he tried his head hurt. Madam Pomfrey quickly entered. "Oh no boy, you have to lie absolutely still, understand me?" she said with a stern glance. Harry just lied back on his pillows. "What happened?" he tried to ask. Madam Pomfrey just said that he had to wait on professor McGonagall to tell him and that he best should try to sleep in the meantime. Harry closed his eyes and fell back asleep.

As soon as Harry opened his eyes again he saw that professor McGonagall was with him. "Professor, what happened? Is the stone safe?" he asked quickly. "Calm down Harry" she said "the stone is safe, I assure you. I don't know what exactly happened with the stone as professor Dumbledore won't tell me, so I can't tell you." How long have I been out professor?" Harry asked "and can you please ask professor Dumbledore to come visit me?" McGonagall answered: "You've been out for three days Harry and I already asked the headmaster to speak with you, but he hasn't answered yet, I don't know why

At that moment madam Pomfrey came in with a salve for Harry's bruises. But when she tried to touch him, he flinched. McGonagall saw it and added it to her list of things to ask Albus. She had watched the boy over the year and a few things had caught her attention. Such as how Harry always flinched when someone touched him without a warning and how he barely had been able to pass the exams, while in class he seemed to understand it all. She knew Harry lived with his uncle and aunt and had observed what for horrible human beings they were, so maybe this had to do something with them. Yes, she definitely needed to speak with Albus.

A couple of days later Harry was released from the hospital wing. Since it was time for breakfast he went down to the Great Hall. Everyone was already eating so when he walked to the Gryffindor table everyone looked at him. Ron and Hermione smiled at him and wove him to a place next to them. When he sat down, Hermione gave him a big hug. Harry didn't expect the contact so he flinched a little bit. Professor McGonagall noticed it from the head table and made a note to herself to check out Harry's house situation. "What has happened since I went through the fire?" Harry asked Hermione "Well I was able to get Ron back to consciousness quite fast and we got the brooms and flew past Fluffy. As soon as we were back by the door we started to look for professor Dumbledore. It took us quite some time to find him and when we found him it took a few minutes before he understood what was going on." Hermione told "though now I think back on it, he seemed to understand it, but it looked like he rather waited until we had told our stories. Then he called professor McGonagall and professor Flitwick and together they went through the trap door, I'm not so sure what happened after, since Ron and I were sent to the hospital wing. But when we had been there for half an hour or so, you were brought in. Harry, you really didn't look good." "Yeah mate, what exactly happened there?" Ron chimed in "Dumbledore refused to tell us something and even dared to suggest that we didn't ask you what happened, since it was the best to forget what happened as quickly as possible." "He really said that?" Harry asked his anger building. "Calm down, mate." Ron said "we told him that of course we were going to ask you what happened." "How did he take that?" "Well obviously wasn't too happy, but he let it be." Hermione said, picking the conversation up. "So we're curious, what happened down there?"

Harry started telling, he told them everything how it was Quirrell all that time. When he came to the part of Voldemort Ron gasped and Hermione gave him another big hug. He then told them about Quirrell trying to touch him and that every time he did that, his flesh started to burn. "Good for him." Ron added there. He then told them about waking up in the hospital wing and his conversation with McGonagall. "Well I'm happy, you're back and in good health Harry, but the situation just doesn't make sense." Hermione said. "What do you mean?" Ron said his mouth full with food. "Well, first professor Dumbledore didn't go to Harry's aid directly, remember?" When Ron nodded Hermione continued: "And then he won't give Harry an explanation and he doesn't even visit him, which I personally think is rather odd, since he rescued Harry and all. And he told us not to talk about it with Harry." "Now I think about it, it does seem rather odd." Harry said "I agree." Ron chimed in "But let's forget about it for now and just have fun before we have to go home again." Hermione quickly agreed with him and Harry just nodded.

That night in bed, Harry thought back to what Hermione had said. It was indeed strange behaviour for the man who had showed a great concern for Harry. And now he thought of it: Wasn't it odd that three eleven year olds could go through the trapdoor and past all those obstacles in place. Because, well let's face it, they were supposed to keep Voldemort out, and then Harry, Ron and Hermione could get past them. He had a lot to think about and that night took a lot of time for Harry to fall asleep.

The next day it was time to go back to the Dursleys. Harry shudderd when he thought of it. He really didn't want to go back there. No one knew what exactly the Dursleys did to him though, so he just didn't say anything about his reluctance to go back there. Hermione noticed Harry shudder and asked him about it. "Oh, it's nothing really, I just don't want to go back to the Dursleys." "But why, I mean, they must be proud of you. You survived Voldemort himself, again!" Hermione said, not really understanding anything about the Dursleys. "I don't think they will be proud of me Hermione," Harry started careful "They will just think I made it up, and if they even believe me, they'll be disappointed I'm still alive" "What, but mate, no one can so cruel right?" Ron asked. "Oh believe it, the Dursleys can." And with that, they stepped on the Hogwarts Express, back to what should be their loving and welcoming parents. For Hermione and Ron it was. But Harry had to return to his awful uncle and aunt.