A/N: Shounen ai fluff, and so worth it. 'T was inspired by Nine's "Thoughts In the Rain," which got me in the mood for scrawling a drabble, and the new layout of "Shinjitsu no Shi," oddly enough. Meh, don't knock the muses, I guess. So, consider this ficcy a gift for Nine and Cosmic Castaway! (though it occurs to me that Nine may not read IY ^_^;; Dangit.)

Also, right here and now I am willing to bet fifty bucks that not a one of you will guess this pairing before the end. ^__~




"Flowers In Love"

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"Because we are amorphous, we hold that in reverence."

~ Kubo Taito's "Bleach"





Here is a flower.


Here is a boy.

In his hands, he holds the flower. He doesn't know what kind of a flower it is. He doesn't care. It was given to him, and this is all that matters.

The person who gave it crouches next to him, his own arms overflowing with even more of the flora. He is silent.

The boy smiles at him, his eyes neglecting to turn up into their usual half-moon slits, but staying open and genuine. "Thank you," he says, because he is always polite.

"You are welcome," the other replies, because he is similar, or at least likes to appear so. He drops the flowers into the boy's lap and both smile this time, though he slightly more faintly than the boy.

"Did you have a good day?" the boy asks as he begins the plait the flowers together, for lack of any other use for them.

"Yes," the other replies with another ghostly smile as he watches the boy. "I played tag."

"Cool," the boy says appreciatively, lightly tossing a fistful of the flowers into the air. Some of them stick in the other's hair for a moment, and he shakes them loose.

It doesn't work, but the boy thinks he looks beautiful, so he doesn't tell him that, and instead braids his flower chain into the other's hair. The other half-consciously returns the favor, threading a single blossom into the boy's much shorter locks.

"And your day?" the other inquires. The boy beams at him.

"Really good," he says, grinning. "I had ramen for lunch- and then I got to see this really cute guy, and he gave me all these flowers . . ."

The other laughs. "Childish," he murmurs affectionately, tucking a loose strand of hair behind his ear and leaning over to give the boy a gentle kiss.

When they part, the boy's eyes are shining. He leans in again and whispers, "You're it," in sweetly seductive tones, lightly slapping the other's chest.

The other blinks in shock as the boy jumps to his feet and runs away laughing.

"Hey!" the other protests, getting to his feet as well. "Wait up!"

"Why don't you just HURRY up?" the boy challenges, and then the other catches him and gathers him into his arms.

"Who's 'it' now?" the other asks smugly.

"Still you, Sesshoumaru-kun," Hojou replies breathlessly, and kisses him again.

Sesshoumaru gives him a smirk. "You know, these aren't the rules the way my Rin explained them . . ."

"Oh, shut up and kiss me, you dork."




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