Chapter 1: Venture: Danny

"Can you guys believe it? Junior year is finally upon us!" Tucker exclaimed, which was true, it was junior year. Only person who seemed to be excited about it was Tuck though. Through the two years of high school a little has changed. Some growth spurts happened amongst the three of us. Tuck and I's voice isn't as high as they were freshman year. Also a switch up in clothing as well for the three of us. Tuck wore a brown turtle neck with blue baggy jeans and of course still dawning his red hat as well. Sam's wardrobe didn't really change much, she wore a dark purple tank top with black skinny jeans and boots. Her hair got a little longer too which she had in a ponytail which was down her back. I sported a red t-shirt and a black jacket, dark blue jeans and red shoes. Not too much and not too less either. Some other things changed as well such as Tucker and Sam with their on and off dating. That's probably the biggest thing since no one saw it coming. Even me and I'm with them 24/7. However tomorrow was the first day of school and to say I was excited would be a lie. I mean getting bullied was the least of our worries now since the jocks had to really focus on grades and honing their skills on the field for college. I'm also thinking about college as well. Because unlike Sam who has money to afford it and Tuck who's a genius I have to find a way in. I'm not worried about it though my grades are straight cause I got tired of everyone nagging me. Just did some extra credit coordinated by Mr. Lancer. I joined some clubs sophomore year. Not currently in them because of how most of my life is dedicated to busting ghosts.

"You're the only one who's excited Tucker." Sam said her chin resting on her hand looking uninterested. Tuck shook his head as he leaned back in his seat.

"Trust me you've got it all wrong, think of the parties we'd be attending. We're 16 and 17 now, so alcohols is most definitely going to be in the equation!" Tucker exclaimed, Sam groaned while I gave a small chuckle.

"Why did I ever date such a moron..." Sam spoke shaking her head, Tuck crossed his arms and looked in the opposite direction.

"You know the age of legal drinking is 21 right?" I asked him while raising an eyebrow, Tuck shot me a glance.

"I'm a certified brainiac, I think I know what the legal age of drinking is Danny. But it doesn't matter because were in high school! We're in the perfect place too! We don't have to stress ourselves too much like the seniors and at the same time we're not lame like lowerclassman!" Tucker informed us, Sam rolled her eyes and I just gave another chuckle. "What about you Danny I know you're up for some hardcore partying!"

"I have had a lot of free time on my hands recently. I haven't fought any ghosts in a week, let alone saw any." I replied, which was true, I hadn't had a run in with anything supernatural in a week.

"Yeah isn't that weird? I mean I would think at least one would have shown up?" Sam spoke thoughtfully, I simply shrugged.

"Not that I'm complaining, I feel that way too. I'll probably make a visit to the ghost zone tomorrow." I said leaning back against my chair. Sam smirked shooting me a look.

"Why not now?" She asked, I give her a small grin while resting my hands behind my head.

"Let me just have the rest of this day to feel like a normal human again." I say completely relaxed that was when the familiar chills left my mouth. I groaned as I looked behind me and scanned the area. Then there beside the trashcan Skulker stood. He had a grave expression plastered on his face.

"So much for being a normal human." Sam teased me, I sighed while standing from my seat.

"Ha ha ha, very funny." I say unamused, Sam and Tucker shared a chuckle before Sam spoke again.

"Who is it?" Sam asked, I stood from my seat still maintaining eye contact with him.

"It's Skulker, but something's not right..." I said calmly as he pointed to the roof. I hesitated before nodding my head. "Sit tight, I'll be right back, don't wait up for me." I said before heading to the bathroom, Tucker said something about waiting anyway while I left.

Once in the bathroom I went into a stall and went ghost. I then ascended in the air, phasing through the roof I saw Skulker watching over Amity Park. When my feet touched the roof I walked over to him. A few yards away I dropped to my battle stance.

"Haven't seen you guys in awhile, I guess we all take vacations huh?" I said waiting for Skulker to turn around, but he didn't.

"I didn't come to play games ghost child." Skulker spoke, I stood from my stance but didn't let my guard down. "Something grave is happening within the ghost world halfa..." Skulker started, a look of confusion etched on my face waiting for him to explain. "She has awakened..." he muttered, I was still puzzled.

"Could you elaborate? Who is she?" I asked wishing he could cut the dramatics. He then turned to me with a frown.

"Of course a halfa such as yourself wouldn't know who she is." Skulker insulted, I didn't really care though I get that very often. "Her name is Grimera, the most powerful ghost of the ghost zone. A force to be reckoned with for sure. She is pure ghost, there was no death to begin with to spark her being. Grimera has always been ghost, some have said she was one of the first. She will control our kind to seek vengeance on earth. Last time she was awakened some ten thousand years ago. Clockwork had to put the hibernation spell upon her. Since no form of prison could hold her. My guess to her waking up is the spell wore off or was interrupted."

"So what like another Pariah Dark or something?" I asked realizing the two seemed very similar.

"No far more powerful, no one speaks of her because of her many centuries of slumber. Hmph even mention that name to Dark and he'd shake..." Skulker scoffed, I shivered a little, a moment I wasn't proud of.

"Sheesh, well what does this mean for us?" I asked a little shook from this.

"She will control all of us including you, since she hasn't used her powers in so long. Her first victims will be ghosts with little to no reason. You can tell she has control over them because they don't speak and they're eyes glow purple." Skulker explained, I was soaking all the information he was giving me. This ghost seemed like the real deal, something my thermos couldn't handle. "Even you and I will succumb to her will eventually although I will try my best to fight it. I am predator not prey!" Skulker muttered more to himself at the end clenching his fists. "Look young one we have to stop her before it is too late. We must go to the ghost zone and devise a plan, Walker and his men are already gathering for an attack tonight. All the ghosts are joining to see if we can't obliterate her once and for all."

"From what you've just told me that would be pointless." I reasoned, Skulker then grabbed my collar and lifted me up. Only mere inches away from my face as he spoke.

"Do you have anything else better than that?! No one has been in touch with Clockwork for decades! Are you in or not runt!?" Skulker shouted, I breathed in slowly trying to keep from punching him in his face. So I phased from his grasp and landed back on the roof. I dusted myself off while looking around.

"Is that how you ask someone for help pipsqueak?" I taunted him, causing a growl to rumble from his throat. "But yeah I guess but it's probably gonna get us killed."

"She will not kill us for she needs us to do her bidding." Skulker informed, I shook my head, 'This woman gives me the creeps' I thought. "But we need to wipe her from the face of existence while she's still docile." Skulker announced, I nodded before turning transparent. But phased back and asked him a question.

"How do I know you're telling the truth?" Skulker looked at me for a moment before smirking.

"Listen closely, then you'll see that she's very real..." He said before flying off, I thought about what he said for a moment but couldn't hear anything. Until there in the back of my head the faintest words I just couldn't make out. I shook it off and went back into Nasty Burger. Coming out of the bathroom Sam and Tucker were still at the table. I sat down and began retelling the purest ghost of them all.

"Man, that just sounds like Skulker trying to trap you." Tucker stated, Sam nodded her head agreeing. I leaned forward and placed my hands on the table.

"No I don't think so when I asked him if it was a trap, he told me to listen closely. When I did, I heard words I couldn't make them out but I heard them." I explained to them, they gave unsure looks.

"You sure that it isn't just you're head messing with you?" Sam asked, I shook my head, confident in what I heard.

"I'm pretty sure, even if I focus on it now I still can hear it." I said, Sam and Tucker took my word for it and asked me if I needed backup going in. "No I'll go in it by myself, I don't want you guys getting hurt."

"Alright well just update us on how it goes and tell us if there's anything we can do." Sam said before they both got up, "I have to go last minute school shopping with my parents. Whoopee." Sam said with dread, I laughed appreciating her lightening the mood.

"Well I'm going to see if there's any end of summer rager's" Tuck said before they both left. I went for the door as well feeling slightly light headed all of a sudden. Then I bumped into someone I didn't even see.

"Hey watch it!" I heard a very familiar voice say, I looked up to see Paulina who was with Star and Valerie. She was about to continue on her rant but stopped. I raised an eyebrow in confusion as she continued to stare. "Did... Did you always have green eyes?" Paulina asked, I took a step back then decided it be best to just walk out. Leaving her without an answer, I took out my phone and got to my camera. That's when I saw it my eyes were green as if I was in ghost form. I closed them tightly before opening them again to see they were back to my normal ocean blues. 'Weird...' I thought as I continued toward my house. When I got home I figured it be a couple more hours before night hit. But I wanted to visit the ghost zone anyway. I went downstairs and opened the portal. I went ghost then jumped in.

After entering everything was chaotic, ghosts were panicking. Flying everywhere with fright all over they're faces. Some were getting ready for a fight. I traveled farther inside, heading toward Walker's ghost police department. Not to far away I saw some of his men outside along with other ghosts like Skulker, Johnny, Ember and etc were there as well. I had saw Vlad which surprised me. Which had me questioning if he was the one behind this. He did fly over to me however, a serious look on his face.

"Don't tell me you're behind all of this?" I asked flat out, Vlad grunted at me accusing him, but it wasn't too far out from his normal antics.

"I'm hurt young Daniel that you would think that it would even cross my mind to think that I could control such a demonic being." Vlad said sounding hurt, but I knew he wasn't.

"I wouldn't put it past you..." I said lowly looking him in the eyes. He wore his normal ghost attire, he held a big rifle though didn't really look like much to stop the destroyer of worlds I've heard about. He must've caught me observing it cause he held it up.

"You've probably should've brought a little more fire power to this fight. Our basic powers will do little to no justice." Plasmius suggested, I was about to say how that rifle probably wasn't going to do much either until he loaded it. The gun then morphed, wrapping around Vlad's shoulder before it turned into a cannon bigger than Skulker. "I'm going to blow that demon back to the hell in which she came with this little invention of mine." and I believed him too. He then toned it back to it's normal form before sighing. "I'll only have one shot because once Grimera fully wakes this won't be nothing but a mere dust particle to the likes of her."

"This ghost must be very powerful for you to be boasting about her." I said starting to feel the full effect of that uneasy feeling. Vlad tsked, placing his rifle on his back.

"If only you knew the depths of her power and her determination to destroy the earth. You too would be taking every precaution you could. It's pretty obvious isn't it? Walker and his men are letting prisoners out to help fight her. Ghosts who are sworn enemies are shaking hands and will be fighting together over this. Because after we destroy earth Grimera will then kill all of us." Vlad explained, confusion was an understatement after I was told her whole purpose.

"That doesn't make any sense what so ever! If the earth is destroyed so is the Ghost zone which means she'll die too! It's a suicide mission for crying out loud!" I yelled, Vlad only shook his head.

"Well she seems fine with that, so we must destroy her before she destroys us. No alternate route, she must be vanquished..." Vlad added before we both started for the rest of the ghosts. Skulker and Walker were the ones that greeted us.

"Glad to see you could make it Phantom." Walker greeted me, from his voice I could tell he was as nervous as everyone in the ghost zone.

"I guess, so what's the plan of attack?" I asked wanting to know the strategies they had came up with.

"Just hit her with everything we've got and pray it works." Skulker said brandishing weapons all over his body.

"Pretty much, there's no record or history that comes with Grimera. Only that destruction is the only outcome when she's conscious." Walker added, I sighed letting my shoulders sulk.

"You guys aren't making me feel any better about this." I said, they all shrugged.

"It's the truth, by my calculations were doomed." Skulker pointed out, much to which Vlad scoffed.

"I don't plan on it" Vlad spoke crossing his arms, Skulker smirked.

"Don't think you're clever and wit will get you out of this one Plasmius. You know as well as anybody else, that there will be no talking or reasoning with this being." Skulker informed him to which he smirked back.

"We'll just have to see about that then shall we?" Vlad shot back, I then stepped in to end the back and forth.

"Enough we need to get down there now, the more time we spend here the worst our chances are." I announced, Walker nodded while cocking his pistol.

"I agree" Walker spoke before calling out to the ghosts. "Alright ghosts! LET'S GO GIVE THE DEMON A FAREWELL PRESENT!" the ghosts all gave a loud war cry before the hordes flew toward the end of the ghost zone. I stood by Vlad and Skulker as we charged. A lot of things going through my mind, different scenarios how it all was gonna play out. How I knew we were rushing into this. Why I didn't try to find Clockwork and get him to give me an explanation. All the more reason I knew that this would ultimately fail.

An hour and a half passed before we made it. The horde had stopped, I searched all around but couldn't spot her. Until Vlad pointed upward to a female about all our size. She was green like most ghosts, her eyes were closed as she sat criss cross in the air. She had no hair but had two horns sticking out on each side of her head. She wore spiked breast bindings and panties that were black. Bare footed and slim in body makeup. She just looked, overall basic nothing I would be afraid of just by looking at her. Murmurs and whispers were heard amongst the crowd as they thought she was still asleep. Or if it was really her, I knew that's what I thought. Vlad beside me took out his rifle and aimed it at her. Why he didn't let it transform was beyond me. A red dot then appeared in the center of her forehead. I was anxious for Vlad to take the shot until he did it. The laser bullet flew through the air in very high speeds. Only two seconds passed before it got there but in froze only three inches shy of it's target. Vlad cursed under his breath and he let the rifle morph. Skulker then ascended above everyone with two grenades in each hand.

"What are you lessers waiting for?! OBLITERATE HER!" Skulker yelled before throwing the grenades at her. When they exploded all the ghosts charged while others opened fire upon her.

"It's gonna take some time to charge, so do what you can to weaken her!" Vlad shouted over the chaos. The only thing I had that I thought might scratch her was my ghostly wail but I was going to use that as a last ditch resort. Then on top of that there was so much smoke that I couldn't even see her. Walker then bumped into me two of his policemen beside him. He looked over his shoulder to me then one of his soldiers then thumbed back my way. Said policeman then threw his gun to me with a nod before rushing off with Walker. Fortunate I was because most of my fighting consisted of up close and personal tactics and that's what I wanted stray away from at the moment. So I remembered where I thought she was and started burning ammo. Hoping I was hitting her, I saw ghosts running into the smoke. None were getting kicked or punched out so I assume they were dealing damage. I also eased up on the shooting once I saw that, not wanting to hurt any of our guys. A few more minutes passed of us looking like we were winning. That was when everything took a turn for the worst. All of a sudden the smoke and ghosts inside were pushed away by some invisible force. All my hopes died when I saw her in the same position unscathed. I flew back to Vlad whose weapon looked like it was ready. Then I heard screams of terror as ghosts started to fly away. I heard Skulker and Walker scream cowards to the ones that were.

"Shit shit shit shit shit!" I heard Vlad curse as he had his finger on the trigger. Then a beep was heard "tell the devil I said hello" Vlad spoke before pulling the trigger. A humongous shot zoomed toward her, everyone had they're fingers crossed and fists clenched for this nerve racking moment. When the shot connected it exploded causing a hard wind to push all of us back. Hoorays and cheers were going around as Vlad let his now rifle rest on his shoulder. "And that Daniel, is how it's done, my class starts tomorrow." I rolled my eyes, but still relived it was all over. Then I heard a strange noise, looking back I saw the explosion shrinking in size.

"Hey Vlad is it supposed to do that?!" I asked in panic as the explosion turned into a very small ball infront of an untouched Grimera.

"What are you going on about Danny It's supp-" Plasmius was cut off as well as the cheering ceased when the ball completely vanished infront of Grimera. Still sitting criss cross with her eyes closed. I saw her breath deeply but I heard her do it as if I was standing right beside her. "Dammit, Danny RUN!" Plasmius shouted as he dropped his rifle and took off in the opposite direction. I stood frozen as I saw her open her eyes which was a deep fuchsia. A wave of red then emitted from her being and spread amongst all of us that were still there. I felt a burning sensation in my chest when it hit me. Grabbing it, I saw that the ghosts that Skulker had said that had little to no reasoning eyes turned that same fuchsia. They turned on the rest of us and began attacking. I couldn't believe what was happening still frozen in my spot as the one's left with their sanity began to run. I then felt a hand grasp my wrist. "This is no time to freeze up Danny let's move!" Vlad said pulling me along but I ripped my hand away from him. I gathered all my strength as I inhaled and exhaled deeply. Then pulling all of my breath I gripped my fists tightly as I let out my ghostly wail. Which threw all of the turned ones and some of ours back toward Grimera. When it hit her she braced herself which almost looked foreign to her. We then made eye contact, after my ghostly wave faded I changed back into my human form. I saw her lift a finger and point at me before I passed out. "Do you have to try and out do me? Gracious just like you're father..." I heard Vlad before letting sleep take me.

Next thing I knew I was waking up in Vlad's lair. I was sitting in a chair, I held my head lightly as a slight migraine made it's presence known. My vision was blurry for a moment before everything focused. I saw Vlad tending to his inventions by the fireplace. 'They killed us, they took our loved ones away from us...' I heard a feminine voice speak as if they were right in front of me. 'One week and four days and all you're suffering will cease...' It continued, I shook my head trying to shake the voice, but it kept on. I then felt the urge to transform all of a sudden. Vlad then caught my attention since he was staring at me. Then I saw him speak but it was muffled I couldn't hear him clearly.

"Nny... Danny!" Vlad shouted my name, I snapped out of it and bashed my fist against my head. "You're eyes they're green." Vlad warned me, I then blinked a couple times before I felt them return to normal.

"That's the second time that's happened today..." I realised about to get up but thought it best to give it a rest.

"I have encountered the same problem as well, this is her way of controlling the ones with actual brains. It's mind control, she's speaking to all ghosts. Well in our cases half of us, meaning it'll take longer for us to turn unless we give in." Vlad explained, he went back to tinkering with his invention which look like some type of ear pieces.

"What are you working on?" I asked, Vlad tried them on then grunted.

"Supposed to be ear pieces that cancel out her call. If we can't hear her we can't become mindless zombies." Vlad muttered, I nodded while standing up.

"Well it's been a long day, school's tomorrow..." I spoke stretching, Vlad put the ear pieces down and turned to me.

"Yes that's right the first day is tomorrow." He spoke more to himself than me. "You might not be in there for long since some ghosts might be lurking. Skulker, Walker and his police force and I we'll be dealing with as many as we can. However some might get away from us so stay vigilant. These ghosts are coming with the intent to kill. So Danny you'll have to have that same mindset as well"

"You can't kill a ghost?" I said not liking the idea of taking a life. Vlad sighed and gave me a sympathetic look.

"No but you can wipe them from existence, think of my past creations how they would just turn to ectoplasm." Vlad explained but I didn't like the concept.

"That's different, they were just things that you created!" I defended, Vlad shook his head, putting his arms behind his back.

"Young Daniel I know that you will do what is necessary to better our chances. Not killing them will only make them come back harder. Sending them back to the ghost zone will kill them as well because Walker doesn't have enough room in his prison. You also understand that either way they die whether it by you or Grimera we'll all die regardless..." I bit my lower lip, he had a point there. I turned around and saw myself out with speaking another word. I went ghost then flew off toward my house. I didn't know what to expect now. My next move would be to find Clockwork. Vlad and the others had enough on their plate trying to defend themselves and earth. So I felt it was up to me to find out how to put a stop to her. Skulker said that no one could get in contact with him. But I know one of the observants are around and know where he was. It was they're job to know everything. I figured I'd do that tomorrow after school.

The next morning I woke up with Grimera's voice steady repeating her two phrases. I was able to ignore it somewhat, I went and hopped in the shower. Jumped out brushed my teeth and threw on my clothes. After I put on my jacket and put my book bag on. Frosted mist escaped my mouth, I groaned while two blue hoops encircled my waist and went down and up my body turning me into phantom. I then flew through my window and out into the street.

"Great way to start the first day of school." I moaned in annoyance as I saw box ghost standing on the rooftop across from me. My irritation soon turned to caution when I saw his eyes were purple. I slowly floated over to him with my guard up. "Hey, snap out of it man, I don't want to hurt you." I said trying to coax him back to reality. He cocked his head to the side and frowned deeply. He lifted his hand and three big boxes rose. "Well at least he's still throwing harmless boxes." I dodged the three as they came fast. I raised a hand and blasted five shots of ectoplasm at him. He brought his arms together to form a box shield before sending them toward me. I shifted to the left and right before blocking the last two. 'This doesn't feel like he's trying to kill me.' I thought as Box ghost rose in the air, involuntarily at that. Lightning then struck him, he descended back on the roof before he summoned another box. I watched closely to see what his plan of attack was. I got what I was looking for when the box opened and ten swords ascended from the box. He then swayed his hand toward me and the swords followed.

In shock I could barely dodge all of them, that was when I noticed Box ghost kept one. Then charged me with it cocked back. He swung pretty accurately for someone like himself. I parried to the left before feeling his fist sink into my gut. While re cooperating he backhanded me sending me toward the ground. While falling I opened my eyes to see the sword a couple inches away from my face. I managed to move from most of it but it still managed to leave a gash on my cheek. Then I hit the ground hard flopping up and down a few times before finally landing on my back. Groaning in pain as I sat up I see the Box Ghost land a couple yards away staring at me. Another box appeared beside him, he opened it and reached in. He pulled out a spear and shield.

"Great now he can summon weapons out of the boxes?" I said to myself, getting to my feet I dropped into my battle stance. "Gotta hurry this up don't want to miss all of first period." I flew fast toward him taking the offensive. He tried to stab me but I simply kicked the handle to the side before delivering a roundhouse to his face with the other. He stumbled back before regaining his footing. The fact that he wasn't speaking was all the more creepy. Deciding not to play any longer I charged him again. He took me by surprise when he dropped the spear and used both hands to smack me with the shield.

I tried to get up but his foot pressed against my chest. I struggled against it as he lifted his hand. His hand glowed Fuchsia before slowly descending it upon me. I heard Grimera's voice a lot louder as well. 'My Prince... Come to me... You will become free of the humans reign...' she spoke, I then became drowsy, my eyelids lowering slightly. "I-I will become... Free of... N-no! Get away from me!" I yelled grabbing his leg with my hand. A green glow emulating from it as I blasted his leg. Box Ghost flew to the side and crashed into a building. I went over to make sure he was down. 'Young Daniel I know that you will do what is necessary to better our chances. Not killing them will only make them come back harder.' Vlad's words rung in my ears, I stared at the box ghost for a moment before shaking my head. I couldn't bring myself to do it, I took out the thermos and sucked him in hoping he would stay put for the time being. I flew back to my house before changing back human. I picked up my book bag and went by the mirror. Only to back up and find that the gash was still on my cheek. Didn't think to much of it though because of my healing abilities. I went back ghost and flew off with the wind already being ten minutes late.

Placing my book bag in my locker by phasing my arm through it, I rushed to class. Schedule read that I had Lancer first period. Freshman year I dreaded him but I don't think any of the junior class had him sophomore year. So hopefully he has changed along with everybody else. He had a new room that wasn't too far from his old one. Knocking on the door the fight seemed to have caught up with me as I felt kind of drained. 'Fighting before school is a no for the future.' but how could I say no especially at what was going on now.

"Mister Fenton glad to see you haven't changed much." Mr. Lancer speaking on my lateness, opening the door. I walk in still worn out from the fight earlier. "Mr. Fenton what happened to your cheek?" I forgot about the cut on it. 'What kind of swords were those, anti-ghost or something?' I thought as I conjured up a lie about running into a tree branch. My seat was next to Paulina. Bummed out Sam nor Tucker was in my first period. But Dash, Star, Kwan and four others I knew were. Mr. Lancer then continued on with beginning of the year procedures. I sat back in my seat seeing that Lancer was still boring. 'You are the prince of the fall, you were made to destroy...'

"I-... I am the prince... Of the fall..." I whispered involuntarily, I felt Paulina look at me and ask what I had said. "I was made to destroy..." I said feeling my eyes glow green, her gasp is what snapped me out of the trance.

"Miss Sanchez? Is there something the matter?" Mr. Lancer asked, I made my green eyes fade before looking at her. She was watching me the entire time! Should have just sat here and changed into danny phantom for crying out loud.

"Uh no, it was n-nothing..." She spoke while staring at me. I tried to divert my attention elsewhere, but I knew Lancer followed her eyes and got to me.

"Hmph very well then just keep it down..." He spoke before carrying on, I tried to remain focus and not let the words just take over me like that.

"Hey!" I heard Paulina yell whisper, but if I pretended she wasn't there she'd go away right? "Don't ignore me!" wrong, how was I going to play it this time? Make it seem like she was crazy by denying it happened? Saying that I have some type of medical issue? "You're eyes just turned green then went back to blue!" that's when the mist left my mouth again and I could have let out a ghostly wail right then and there.

"Not now Paulina I'll explain later. Mr. Lancer could I maybe run to the bathroom?" I asked getting up quickly, Mr. Lancer eyed me.

"Since this isn't anything but procedures everyone already knows, yes you may." He said, I ran out and went to the bathroom as promised and went ghost. I came out looking around, I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding out when I saw Skulker leaning against the lockers. I relaxed and wiped some sweat off my forehead.

"Whew! Am I glad it's you." I breathed a sigh of relief.

"I see you have encountered some ghosts on your way here today?" Skulker spoke pointing at my gash that was now smaller in size. I nodded in response.

"Yeah Grimera controlled Box ghost is no joke." I said rubbing the area, Skulker silently agreed.

"Did you do that peasant in?" He asked which I quickly shook my head.

"No he's in my thermos, how could you possibly believe in killing them twice?" I spoke in a slightly annoyed tone, Skulker scoffed.

"This is war runt we must do what is necessary." Skulker stated to which I shouted no.

"What if she controls you am I supposed to destroy you as well!?" I asked waiting for his reply, he gave me that same grave look he had at Nasty Burger.

"Thinking you could destroy me is ridiculous but you would have to do what is necessary and I'm fine with it. We're all awaiting our death sentence anyway." Skulker reasoned to which I still didn't want to hear. "The reason I came is to see if you had a plan seeing that ours has failed."

"I'm going to find Clockwork after school, he knows how to stop her." I spoke, Skulker growled.

"Clockwork and the Observants are nowhere to be found it's a fool's task!" Skulker hissed, I shook my head.

"It's the only thing I have and I know they have to be somewhere." I replied to which he didn't like but nodded anyway.

"Make it happen then, we'll continue to keep the mindless one's at bay." Skulker said before he activated his metal wings and took off. I needed to find Sam and Tucker and tell them about what was happening. Only I had to go back to first period and didn't know if we had any classes together. But I'd find out soon enough or just after school.