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Chapter 7: Rhinestone

After the mayhem that had just unfolded, Danny and his friends were safe ad sound in Clockwork's lair. Although Danny and Frostbite were on edge, after the fight with Plasmius they were also conscious on the fact that he was still on the loose and was very powerful. Sam and Tucker also shared the worry, things were probably about to get real bad. Vlad retained his reason and had his own objective he was going by. That was another ghost that was very powerful and was looking to wreak havoc among the world. Paulina was looking over Danny's body wondering how he had the strength to stand cuts and scars scattered all over his body. Clockwork was accompanied by two of his observants. He floated while he stroked his chin deep in thought.

"I saw this happening in an alternate dimension but it was only three different dimensions. It seemed so far fetched and so unlikely that I dismissed them along with the others that seemed like it wasn't going to happen." Clockwork explained, Danny crossed his arms, deep in thought.

"Well it happened do you know what happens in the end of those timelines?" Danny asked, everyone else seemed interested as well with that question. Clockwork nodded before giving his answer.

"Grimera wins and we all cease to exist." Danny and his friends were floored by his answer except Sam who just deadpanned.

"Don't fret, this has opened up many different timelines, the possibilities of the outcome are endless." Clockwork informed them, Frostbite took a step forward with his arms crossed.

"Okay but what do we do about the one you call Plasmius? The other ghosts that are controlled by Grimera?" Frostbite asked, Tucker and Sam agreed with this.

"Or how we're supposed to beat her? Or when's the big battle supposed to take place?" Sam added, Clockwork sighed while shaking his head.

"I can't tell you because it's undecided, anything can happen at any time. How to beat her, I can't help you with that either. As you know I myself couldn't destroy her. She seems docile for now, but now that Plasmius is out there I suggest you focus on him first." Clockwork explained, Danny breathed out through his nose and frowned.

"Well I'm not okay with waiting for something to happen, when Frostbite and I were out there we could of got him." Danny insisted, Frostbite looked at Danny with eagerness as his eyes widened.

"Yes together we could defeat him!" Frostbite concluded, Sam and Paulina both shouted "No!" at the same time both eyeing Danny who pouted.

"Are you crazy?! You're hurt and so is Frostbite! It could have ended badly for both of you!" Sam scolded him, Paulina nodded in agreement shooting Danny a death glare. Danny held his arms out.

"Then what are we supposed to do? We got two strong enemies we need to face. One is way more powerful than the other but the other is still very powerful. Not to mention that other is Plasmius! We have to come to him before he comes to us." Danny explained, Tucker raised a finger.

"That is true, Plasmius isn't stopping anytime soon." Sam and Paulina then glared at Tucker who sweated nervously. "Hold on let me finish! I was going to say that it would still be wise to recover and plan out an attack instead of rushing headstrong into it." Tucker added, Clockwork and his Observants looked on in mild amusement.

"Alright fine, but as of right now Plasmius is our main focus. We can't fully focus on Grimera if he's out there. He could jump in and ruin our plans at any moment." Danny spoke, everyone seemed to agree.

"So are we going to develop a counter attack?" Frostbite asked, oh and how Danny was itching for one. However he saw Paulina and Sam and realized this wasn't going to give.

"We'll rest for now let our bodies heal, but we can't let our guard down. There's no telling what Plasmius' next move might be ." Danny replied to which Frostbite nodded in agreement.

"Well if all is settled, are there anymore questions you have for me?" Clockwork asked, everyone looked at him, Tucker crossed his arms.

"Even if we did, all you would say is 'There's too many dimensions to tell'" Tucker spoke in his best Clockwork impression, said Ghost just stared blankly before tapping his staff on the floor. Two portals opened up one leading to Frostbite's home and the other leading to Danny's home. Clockwork then pointed toward the portals.

"Get out" Clockwork spoke, Tucker rolled his eyes.

"Wow..." He said simply as they went to they're respective portals, Frostbite and Danny stood back shaking each other's hands.

"I wished the next time we would have met it would have been under peaceful circumstances." Frostbite said, Danny gave a sad smile.

"It's okay, after all of this we'll have plenty of time." Danny spoke giving the ghost Yeti one more handshake, Frostbite smiled before moving to his portal. Paulina, Sam and Tucker were waiting for Danny by the Specter Speeder. Danny followed them inside with Tucker going for the pilot seat again. Everyone else took their seats, Danny leaned back in his chair and felt his adrenaline wear off. His body started ache as his cuts and bruises started to heal slowly. Tucker started the engines and went through the portal landing in basement of Fenton Works.

Danny held his shoulder which had felt like it had been dislocated. He struggled to get up, his ghost form deactivated as the two rings formed around his waist line. The others turned to judge how hurt he was. He groaned and his eyelids lowered, Paulina went to help him putting his arm over his shoulder. Tucker and Sam came up in front of them.

"Danny we have school tomorrow, the school year just started you can't afford to be missing days this early." Sam spoke, Tucker nodded his head.

"Plus dude, people are going to wonder why you're coming to school with scars and bruises." Tucker added, Paulina sighed making a revelation herself.

"And it's probably not helping that we were around each other at the party too this weekend." Paulina said, Tucker couldn't help but chuckle.

"Around each other? You two were practically inseparable as soon as Danny and I stepped in!" Tucker said, Sam then raised an eyebrow at the two, causing them to blush.

"I must've missed a lot this weekend huh?" Sam asked them, Danny decided to get the pressure off of them.

"We can talk about this later, we all need to get some rest." Danny suggested before Paulina helped him off the Specter Speeder. Sam crossed her arms while Tucker smirked and watched as they went off. Danny looked over his shoulder and smirked himself.

"You forgot to mention how crazy you were, girls flocking to you left and right." Danny muttered under his breath but loud enough for them to hear. Sam then turned her glare to Tucker who raised his hands up defensively.

Off the ship, Paulina sat Danny down in a chair that was by a desk. He exhaled deeply as he rarely felt sore. It was an odd feeling for him since he was always used his regenerative half ghost body. Not only that he was worried, he didn't know what Vlad's real motives were and it was making him uneasy. Everything was at stake, more powerful enemies were the least that he needed. More and more ghosts were being turned day by day, things were getting worse and getting his butt handed to him like this wasn't going to cut it. He needed to become stronger or otherwise the world would be destroyed.

"Danny what are you thinking about?" Paulina asked him snapping him out of his trance like state. Danny shook his head lightly shaking the dizziness from his eyes. He looked up to Paulina who looked him in the eyes with concern. Danny gave a tired grin.

"It's nothing it's just a lot to deal with." Danny spoke holding his side as it started aching bad making him wince. Paulina curled up at the sight.

"Danny you need to go get some rest, you always feel better after you wake up!" Paulina exclaimed, Sam and Tucker were coming down covertly going back and forth because of Tucker's wild night. Danny chuckled lightly at the sight.

"That's what you get Tucker" He said softly before turning back to Paulina. "And nonsense I have to take you guys back home."

"We don't know if your parents are still here Danny." Paulina pointed out, Danny grinned and took her hand. Paulina almost instantly blushed but was taken by surprise when she couldn't see Danny or herself anymore. She was freaked out for a moment but remembered he could do that.

"You must've forgot." Danny spoke grinning, Paulina was surprised he could even muster up the strength to go intangible.

"They're going to notice the car missing though." She pointed out, Sam and Tucker came over to them overhearing their conversation.

"Well what'd you guys say to them when you came to get me?" Danny asked, he looked over to Tucker who was giving him the stink eye. He merely laughed and shrugged him off.

"We said you were sick and needed some medicine." Tucker spoke crossing his arms at the teen who continued to snicker. Sam stepped in and shook her head.

"Tucker said that, there was no we." Sam added, Danny stifled his laughter even more.

"I hope it was my Dad who you told and not my Mom, well she shouldn't have been there anyway." Danny noted, he then stood from his seat. "So you guys go through my Dad tell em you have some medicine or whatever and I'll just fly through to the car." Danny planned, he mustered up the rest of his strength and two rings formed around his midsection as he went ghost. Everyone looked on in fright as he fell to his knee breathing heavily.

"Dude you seriously have to chill your going to wear yourself out." Tucker suggested to his best friend as he helped him up. Danny shook his head clenching his fist.

"There's no time, the fate of the world is up to me, I can't rest anymore." Danny pointed out, Paulina was looking confused and at the same time concerned for Danny.

"What is this end of the world thing I keep hearing from you guys?" Paulina asked, Sam and Tucker looked at Danny. The ghost teen then locked eyes with her.

"There's a lot you don't know about the ghost zone. But I'll tell you this, there's an ancient ghost that is bent on destroying the world. That's why everything's been so hectic lately. I'll fill you in on the details later." Danny spoke before turning invisible. Paulina looked at Tucker and Sam who just shrugged. They then went through the house briefly talking to Jack Fenton about the medicine for Danny and were on their way. They reached the car to see Danny already in the driver seat. Paulina crossed her arms and looked at him expectantly. Danny looked around as Sam and Tucker went toward the passenger. Danny got out of the car and pulled back the seat trying not to show the pain he was feeling. But of course Paulina saw right through it.

"You're in no shape to drive either Danny." She stated, not wanting to argue he just held his hands up for mercy and obliged her. He looked around again before going intangible and going to the back beside Sam. He then reappeared and had his arms crossed looking away. Mumbling something that sounded like 'It's my car' . Paulina perked up and went in pushing the seat back and started the car. Sam rolled her eyes resting her head in her hand by the window.

"She so just wanted to drive." Sam muttered but Danny heard and a small grin graced his features. Paulina rolled her eyes and voiced a 'whatever' and they were off. As they went on talks about what the next moves were in effect.

"If we're going to get anywhere, we're gonna have to deal with Plasmius. He's too dangerous to be ignored." Danny spoke, Tucker raised his finger.

"But with his increased power, he'll be hard to beat. Plus Danny shouldn't you save up your strength for Grimera?" Tucker spoke, everyone in the car seemed to have agreed.

"Even so, Plasmius will still be there and if I face Grimera he's bound to make an appearance as well." Danny spoke, Sam groaned in frustration.

"What is with that guy, this ghost has this crazy power that could mean the end of the world and you join her? What is he getting out of that?!" Sam said trying to grasp his reasoning, Danny shrugged.

"It doesn't surprise me, the sooner I get him out of the picture the better. I think Frostbite and I can take him down." Danny said which earned him side glares from Sam and Paulina. "After so rest I know no need for the glares please." Danny said as they rounded the corner of Paulina's neighborhood. Paulina parked the car and they all got out. Danny turned intangible and went through his car. Turning back tangible his friends looked at him then around.

"Dude you know people could be watching right?" Tucker pointed out as they went up to Paulina's door. She got her keys out and unlocked the door. They all got in and went to the living room. Danny laid on the couch taking up all the space. Tucker chuckled while Sam rolled her eyes taking their seats as well. Paulina went to her fridge to get something to drink we she noticed a note on the door. She grabbed it and read it gasping while she read. Danny heard her gasp and popped his head up. Paulina came in the living with the note in her hand.

"My Dad is home, he came back early from his business trip!" Paulina exclaimed, Tucker and Danny exchanged looks. Tucker ran toward Danny and helped him back up to his feet.

"Hurry up Tucker!" Danny said as Tucker put his arm over his shoulder.

"I'm trying!" Tucker shot back as they limped toward the door. Sam was still sitting down groaning and rolling her eyes. Paulina crossed her arms giving an annoyed look. Tucker turned back to Sam in urgency. "Sam what are you doing?!" Danny waved her off signaling to Tucker.

"Forget her! She's a girl he'll let her live!" Danny told Tucker who nodded and began to unlock the door. Paulina made her way up the door as Tucker was opening it.

"Are you two serious? My Dad isn't going to kill you." Paulina said holding Danny's arm preventing them from leaving.

"Um Paulina, we haven't seen your Dad! He sees us in your home alone is most definitely not a good combination!" Tucker spoke for Danny who nodded in agreement.

"Yeah what he said!" Danny co-signed, Paulina glanced at Sam who sighed.

"Welcome to my world." She said simply, Paulina then took Danny away from Tucker. Danny reaches out for him in desperation.

"Tucker! Help me!" Danny exclaimed, Tucker sweat dropped debating on what to do.

"I'm sorry dude but every man for themselves!" Tucker said about to make a run for it but Sam made her presence known by walking up beside Paulina.

"I would ask if you two were serious, but that's a question I already know the answer too." She said as she grabbed Tucker's forearm, he struggled in her grip.

"No I don't wanna die! I'm too young!" Sam shook her head as she led him back to the couch. Paulina was dragging Danny before the teen thought of an idea. Danny turned invisible causing Paulina to look around in confusion. She the growled in frustration as the front door opened again this time on its own.

"Danny!" She shouted, he then groaned as he became visible again. He limped back to the living room and sat back in his position.

"You were going to leave me dude!?" Tucker said, Danny then flailed his arms out.

"Dude you said every man for themselves!" Danny shot back, Tucker then nodded suddenly remembering. Paulina lifted Danny's legs and sat down letting his legs rest on her lap.

"I wonder what caused him to come back early." Paulina asked looking at Sam who crossed her arms cocked her head to the side.

"What did the letter say?"

"Just 'I'm home sweetie, we're going to have the meeting at the office here. I'll be home later tonight'" Paulina said, Sam them shrugged.

"I don't know what to tell you, I know my Dad wasn't scheduled out of country this month." Sam informed her, Danny then made the connection that Sam and Paulina were very similar. Both their Dads has entrepreneur type of jobs.

"Well we must've just missed him, because I was here all day." Paulina stated, Danny was kind of nervous about Paulina's Dad catching them. I mean he was a teenage boy in his house with his Daughter. His legs in her lap, hell they slept in the same bed together!

"If you want us to get lost when he comes then I'm fine with that." Sam said, Paulina shook her head.

"No, I'd like you guys to meet him, he's gonna love Danny I know." Paulina said looking over to Danny a faint blush on his cheeks.

"W-what? Me? I don't think so, I-I'm no football jock or basketball superstar." Danny stated, Paulina rolled her eyes.

"My Dad loves simplicity, that's why I never introduced Dash to him." Paulina said shivering at the sound of her ex's name.

"Well he's not going to meet hurt Danny." Danny said referring to his work out body.

"You know all you have to do is take a nap and you'll be as good as new." Sam spoke, Danny remembered and nodded.

"That is right I wonder-" Danny was then cut off at the sound of the doorbell. Tucker tender along with Danny visibly as Tucker ran toward the window.

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