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Daily Grind

Ruby woke in the harsh and concrete-like mattress, the firmness of it sending her neck all out of whack and making her back hurt worse so. It was the worst mattress she'd ever slept on, worse so than possibly the floor. She was already considering taking her blanket and putting it on the floor, to sleep there for the next night. It might be the way to fix her back or to sort her neck out if she somehow could get another pillow. Maybe Yang would give her hers, or Blake, or even Weiss.

Actually, Weiss would never give someone else her pillow, no matter what Ruby tried, or anyone tried. The heiress was proud even in this establishment, even when her money was all gone and her dignity and humility was stripped away and she was just a woman with white hair and shitty attitude, even among the other people in here. All she had left, like everyone else, like Ruby and Blake and Yang and Nora and Pyrrha, and every other people in this place except for the guards, was time. Time on her sentence.

They were in prison, all of them, they were inmates serving a few years for multiple crimes each, Blake the worst.

Blake Belladonna had committed several murders, all members of the fascist and violent movement The White Fang, and with the members having their claws into law enforcement and even the government of Vale, she was looking at a fair number of years behind her bars. But she would get out, of course, she would, this had not been her first time inside the can. Then there was Yang, Ruby's half sister who had aided her old girlfriend Cinder Fall in a string of robberies up and down the city for millions of lien and more in damage. When Cinder had faced the possibility of getting caught herself or letting Yang take the fall, it was a simple decision, and then Yang was looking at over a decade in prison. Weiss had elected to take the fall for her little brother, who had been embezzling and committing a number of other white collar crimes. Rather than see him waste away in the joint, Weiss had taken the fall on request of her father, and thus she was stuck here for slightly shorter a time than Yang. And Ruby was in here simply because she'd been operating as a small time vigilante around Vale Central City for the past two years and many people in here were here because of her, but the police did not take kindly to having a teenager do their work for them with more violence.

And that had meant her back and her neck had suffered from the terrible mattress worse than all the bruises she was taking as the Little Hood every night.

"How's ya neck sis?" Yang asked from the top bunk as she heard little Ruby struggle to get up from the brick of a bed. Her back was really killing her on the inside as if someone had taken odd numbered vertebrae and flipped them upside down before putting them back into her. Her spine felt so odd and so broken, but it was fine. Well, maybe a few pulled tendons and muscles. She could not tell and no one would help her, not even little Miss Schnee with her extra pillow. She had a few perks with her family having so much money.

Ruby rubbed her neck with one hand and her back with another, trying to get some relief from them, but to no avail. It was all just pain and pain and more pain. She was massively annoyed from the sting and rolled to the side. She fell onto the floor. "Fuck!" Ruby cursed as her back hit the stone floor rather harshly, on the plus side it seemed to snap her spinal column back into place but it did hurt like a sucker, it would probably bruise too. Her neck still hurt too, sore as hell. "Yaaaaang! My neck is killing me!" She yelled, waking both Blake and Weiss, the former's feline ears twitching and taking notice of all the noise coming from the sisters and their bunk.

Blake Belladonna, as much as she loved and adored them both, hated being woken up so abruptly. She stirred and stared at Ruby on the floor from her top bunk. "What's going on now? Is it breakfast yet? Can't they just leave us alone?" Blake incoherently murmured as she woke, her chest completely naked. She always slept with nothing over her chest and the long pants covering her legs, she felt a little self-conscious about her thighs but never her chest. She knew what she had and she knew that all four of the girls adored both tanned and perky lumps of flesh and adipose that were the splendid breasts.

Many times had Yang been sucking on one of them, with Ruby on the other, and Weiss doing the same on the beady clitoris betwixt Blake's sublime legs. She was a wet nurse of sex, leaking from all three areas sometimes. And other times they would form a train, with Yang licking Blake out expertly, Weiss doing the same to the blonde as Blake took all of Ruby's length into her mouth, sucking and popping her plum head between the thick and soft lips of faunus when she took it out.

Yes, Ruby had a cock, and the other three women still loved and adored her with all they had, they loved her and her cock.

"Ruby? Are… Are you okay?" Blake asked as she leant over her bunk, breasts spilling from under her and dangling like the udders of some beast. They were a little bigger than Ruby's own, but their tanned complexion and curvature from being free almost all the time made them such beauties. The little transgender girl could not look away when they were so prominently on show for her and the rest of the girls.

To the feline, it meant nothing, ever, her breasts were amazing, yes, but they meant nothing to her really apart from pretty parts of her body she would fondle lavishly in the showers and massage when someone was eating her out or pushing something into her shaven and streamlined pussy.

Ruby, however, was still dumbstruck once the breasts were dangling in front of her, with Blake incandescent yellow cat eyes glowing inside her skull in the dim blackness. She was like a statue with real life breasts and Ruby could not take her gaze away from looking between them and the eyes - already she wanted to suckle, and the length between her legs began to harden. Blood rushed from in her to the head and all along the shaft, making it engorge, growing from a little flaccid worm of sorts to a full blow and inflamed sword. And Ruby was hard, hard as rock with Blake's breasts in front of her, so close and so suckable.

Both Yang and Blake looked over themselves and to Ruby… To her legs and what was growing longer and thicker and harder between them. Her cock, unsheathed from her body and ready to be plunged into a mouth or a cunt belonging to one of the four girls. It was engorged, becoming larger and larger as she stared at Blake's breasts just hovering over her until her cock was standing it's entire eight inches erect inside the lounge pants she slept in. She was rock hard and needing something to slip her hungry cock inside before she squirmed with more tension than a heavy loaded bridge. Blake was smiling already, as was Yang.

"Well, that didn't take long," Ruby's sister grunted, getting up from her bunk. "Morning wood and then some sis?" She asked, pulling her orange top from over her torso to display her own set of bountiful breasts to make the poor little Ruby all the more flustered.

Blake was clambering down from her bunk too, seductively like a siren coming to claim the soul of a weary sailor. Only the sailor was Ruby and both Blake and Yang were eying up the long and hard rod inside the former's pants.

"Permission to 'come' aboard sailor?" Yang asked, emphasising the 'come' of her request with a brutish grunt as she tugged down on the hem of her own pants, she wanted to be naked and ready for her sister. It was only right that she could have first pickings at the only real cock in the room. Moreso, Blake was more into sitting on little Ruby's face anyway, she enjoyed the texture of a wet tongue over her dripping folds than the piercing pleasure of a cock plunging deep inside her cornucopia.

Ruby was frazzled, her mind warping and her cock feeling so heavy as suddenly she was looking at two sets of beautiful breasts from two of her girlfriends, with the other already beginning to make noises from her bunk. Weiss was an addict of voyeurism and often pleasured herself while Yang, Blake and Ruby all engaged in their physical tumbles of cocks and silk. She was so flushed, her face rosy and pink with embarrassment and secret lust for both women staring her down.

"Come on sis, take 'em off for us so we can all have some fun yeah?" Yang asked, her tongue almost forked and silver with influence over the younger woman.

Ruby had to close her eyes as her thumbs dove into her pants before she pulled them down past her rear cheeks and down her thighs. They rested just below her knees after that and her bulbous and begging cock stood up straight on end, wanting some attention more than anything. Ruby was so flushed, her hands were trembling as they reached the bottom of her top to pull it up and over her face, but Blake stopped her as she bent down over Ruby again, breasts pushed deep into the latter's face.

"Oh no, leave that to me, darling," Blake cooed at Ruby as the younger female already was getting herself going, licking at Blake's nipples with all her furious and sexually charged vigour. She was licking at them as if they were milk to a feline. Ruby almost mewed too, as Yang's fingers found the shaft of her cock.

Her elder half-sister gripped it hard, precisely with a slow folding of her slender fingers around the circumference of the bulging shaft, the tube on the underside quivering as the cool flesh from fingers met the warm and rushing blood under the thin pale skin. It jolted once it was in Yang's hand, wanting to come there and then, to blow the held load of thick and creamy seed into the air and all over Yang. But Ruby kept clear control even as she gasped when it was touched. Before Blake could stand up again, Yang gripped both of Ruby's testicles, holding the purse of them in her other hand and slowly moving them in her palm. She was massaging Ruby's balls while gently tugging down and up on the phallic gently, trying to edge her sweet sister a little.

"Hey Blakey? Why don't you sit on her face now and I'll give her a quick tug before I ride her?" Yang asked, her eyes turning from the serene lilac to a deviant red as she slipped into her dom space.

"Fuck, do it, Blake, fuck I'm dying here." They all heard Weiss grunt from her bunk as her fingers dived deeper and deeper into her own folds to spread wetness all over the sheets. She was unravelling faster that a roll of cotton as they teased Ruby so much.

Blake smiled, lifting Ruby's top all the way over her breasts and then squatted perfectly over the transwoman, her pussy covering the small girl's mouth and her rear consuming the rest of her face. Within a moment, Ruby's mouth got to work and began licking at the folds of wet silk that were presented to her mouth. And Blake's moan was glorious as her luscious thighs trembled. Her hands clenched around the beautiful lumps that were Ruby's breasts. She may not have had them growing from birth, but they were still some of the most luscious lumps Blake had had her hands around. She bit her bottom lip and shuddered once Ruby found her strike and licked all she could like a good little submissive for the two busty women.

Meanwhile, Yang was already enjoying her side of things, tugging the flesh of Ruby's cock back and then forward to cover the bulbous head, and then back again to reveal it, the whole while she massaged the purse containing Ruby's pretty balls. Occasionally the blonde took the head into her mouth and blew it a little as her hand tugged down on the flesh. She looked into Blake's mellow eyes as she did because she knew it made Ruby moan the most into the faunus's folds, like an organic vibrator. It made Blake's eyes roll back inside her head as her pussy hummed and more and more wetness seeped out all over Ruby's lips. The submissive took it into her mouth like drinking from a font.

"You're evil." Blake moaned as her chest rose with a flurry, her nipples erect, one of them in her hand so she could pinch as she did the same with one of Ruby's. The whole time she was averting her gaze between Ruby's beautiful and mildly petite breasts, Yang's eyes and then Yang's more heavy and large orbs, with the cutest inverted nipples. Yang had the more adorable nipples and they were perfect for smooching, suckling and then even fingering sometimes. "But you give Ruby head like nobody's business, sometimes you make me wish I had a cock of my own for you suck on baby," Blake told the blonde rather dirtily. She finished it off with a wink.

The blonde dragon grinned, her mouth laid open as she pulled the head of Ruby's cock out it, slurping some a translucent fluid leaking from the slit with the tip of her tongue. "Come here you freaky kitty," Yang grunted, getting to her feet and licking her fingers. She rubbed the wetness over her bare pussy and spread the lips with an index and middle finger before she squatted down over Ruby's cock in the same manner as Blake did. "You think I give good head? Watch me pump my sister's cock for every drop of come she has. Then tell me you wish you had a cock too Blakey," Yang flirted, very much filthy as she grabbed the shaft again.

Ruby's mouth left Blake's pussy and she moaned violently. "Shit… Yang go easy."

"Come on sis, we haven't had a good fuck in days. Let big sister pump that cock of yours. Your balls felt like they had such a load ready for me anyway." Yang countered, gripped the shaft tight as if it were cobra wanting to be tamed and stuffed into a slippery tube. Yang was certainly wet and just before she really made Ruby's motor run, she spread her head over and into her wet folds for a time, getting it wet in turn to be plunged inside of her.

Yang took a deep breath and exhales cooly, rubbing her hand over her clit for a spike of pleasure before spreading her lower lips once more to accept the head and shaft for her sister's beautiful cock. "Give it to me Ruby, come on baby sister." She groaned, a little dominant and sat down, the cock penetrating deep into her begging cunt.

The blonde dragon almost burst into flames the feeling was so good and textured. The entire shaft plunging up and deep into her folds, running along her inner walls and making her core explode into a multi-coloured and blissfully feeling blend of euphoria and ecstasy. It was like a spiky batch of endorphins running through her veins and down into her lips, making them hum as they kissed around the base of Ruby's cock. It was succulent, so rich and curved for the cunt of the dragon to engulf. Just like a sword piercing deep into the well of stone that was Yang, and beams of pleasure shot out all over her insides, making her body sing like a font of well-being and her eyes rolled back into her skull as her tongue instantly shot out and curled at the tip. Her face was marbled into a perfect ahegao, mouth even smiling as she began to bounce on the cock, hands moving to grab Ruby's waist to hold her up.

And Ruby was suddenly stiffer than her cock, moaning between licks at Blake's pussy encompassing her mouth. She was cursing too, swearing into the folds around her lips as she felt the seam of wet flesh slip up and down over her rock hard cock. Ruby wanted to come all at once, to give her sister what she wanted - to fill her up with the thick compilation of creamy secretion. Yang was right, Ruby's sack and testicles were full, she hadn't done anything to herself since they all last fucked in the laundry room when the four of them were all assigned to it. And that was long ago, even by prison stretches of time it was long ago, she was full of come, full of seed and Yang was begging to be filled with it so much she was almost forcibly fucking the hard cock deep inside her.

Every time the dragon bounced down onto the shaft, she took all eight inches of it into her cunt, plopping back down on the base of the cock and making Ruby moan gloriously with added strain. "Fuck! Fuck! Yang! My-!"

"I know sis, your cock is fucking perfect like this, fuck it's so hard and so deep, and these," Yang cried, reaching behind her own rear to clench her fingers around the coin purse containing Ruby's balls. They were perfect and felt so full, so full of the seed Yang craved so much inside of her right now. She was warm, her body temperature rising as she slid down on the length inside her cunt, again and again as her tongue curled a little more and her mouth salivated. She wanted so much more. "Ruby, fuck, please, fill me up," Yang begged as she bobbed up and down on the cock inside of her more. Her bountiful rack was shaking, bouncing with her like swinging melons, and Blake was almost hypnotised by their movements.

Blake snarled, mewing like cat when moved against their will and she reached forward to get a double hand grab of both of Yang's flailing breasts. She grabbed them tenderly however and held onto them like they were the most precious of fruits. "These are mine now, you have the cutest nipples shorty," Blake flirted, smiling, even giggling between moans as she fluttered at Ruby licking her soft silk sweetly. "Honestly you two are the perfect set of sisters. One with the best cock and she's a girl! And then you with these puppies Yang." Blake complimented as the dragon slowed her bouncing onto the cock.

"We try our best, but your one to talk!" Yang retorted, reaching down in front of her to the bulbous clitoris. She gave it a slow and sensual rub just as Ruby kept slurping and lapping up the juices seeping from Blake's pussy. She was shaking suddenly and failed to keep her balance.

Just as the vigorous and furious pumping of Weiss's fingers (all five of them) into her own folds peaked and she exploded into a flourish of sensational orgasm on the bed, Blake's perky ass hit the floor with a thud and she yelped in pain, her cunt contracting as she did. The thumping into onto the floor of all things pushed her over the edge, like one colossal spank on her rear. She came hard and fast about the same second as Weiss did, pooling her release all on the stone floor just shy of Ruby's hair with the white-haired girl releasing her orgasm all into her sheets. The pool of wetness reached almost her thighs.

"Fuck! I was enjoying that!" Blake cursed as her thighs tensed and shook under her. She was still so exhausted and her legs so numb she couldn't get up, which made it so that she was sitting in her own orgasm, annoyed she fell and was not still getting the sweet sensation of Ruby's tongue back and forth along her dripping folds. She still craved oral sex so much but knew her limits.

Yang, on the other hand, was still bouncing on her sister's cock, sending shockwaves and pulses of pleasure up and down both their bodies. Making Ruby squirm from the circle of wetness over her shaft, up and down, up and down, just like the free breasts of the dragon once again, now hypnotising the transgirl Ruby.

Four hands reached for four breasts and Yang stopped bouncing, instead of sitting herself over Ruby's cock, the whole length buried inside her. She was now slowly grinding on the cock, gently moaning and heavily breathing down into Ruby's mouth as the flushed pink spread back across the younger sister's cheeks. She wanted a little more herself now, she wanted to fuck Yang a little bit, to plunge her cock deep into the welcome pussy with her own control, on her own terms and at a speed she wanted. They'd fucked many a time, before the prison anyway, but Ruby felt all the closer to Yang and to Blake and Weiss inside the joint since they were all clumped together. She felt a twisted sense of closeness, perversion and possession over them. They were her girlfriends and no one else. And she loved them.

And of course, with the only cock (a cock she had decided a long time ago she wanted to keep for as long as she took the hormones and other treatment to look like who she was inside), she loved to fuck them all too.

"Yang…" Ruby moaned as her sister ground on top of her, pressing their breasts together.

"Ruby…" Yang breathed equally as wanton.

"Fuck…" Both Blake and Weiss mumbled as they saw what transpired next. Ruby held Yang's hips firmly with both hands and kissed her passionately, lifting her centre and then fucking her cunt with as much strength and speed as she had ever. It was fast and it was hard, the cock slipping in and out of Yang's wet and well-kept folds with lightning speed, well lubricated from all the passion and heat. Ruby's purse made a clacking contact with the lower cheeks of Yang's rear and all they could hear was the strained and high-pitched moans of the dragon, who was being tamed by her younger sister.

The moans got faster and faster, shorter and more high pitched until they could all see the strain in Yang's eyes and face as they rolled back again and her silver tongue forked itself outward and curled again. She squeezed herself and before anything could be done, the dragon was orgasming all over Ruby's cock as it kept going. And they could see the white and creamy fluid of Ruby's release leaking too from the folds of Yang's cunt, but the transgirl made no noise and the only tell was the sighs of relief coming from her, but she held Yang still and kept fucking her the whole way through her elongated orgasm. It seemed to never end until Yang was unresponsive and shaking with numbness as Ruby's crotch and cock were soaked.

They were both finished and spent, no energy or release left by the looks of things, but Ruby stood up like a trooper, her cock deflating a little like a balloon and her balls feeling a lot lighter, with their weight in seed now filling Yang's inner silk. "We should clean up and take a shower before yard time right?"

Weiss peered her head from her bunk. "I am not cleaning that up Ruby, not a chance. Blake this is your task now." She grunted and turned over to sleep again.

They cleaned up the mess of releases with relative ease. Yang and Blake taking the mop and bucket from the side of the cell to whip it up in minutes, while Ruby and Weiss snuggled together on the rock hard bed. They were both tired and the sheets were now thrown over the footbed railing. They'd need cleaning but Weiss would deal with that later, she wanted some snuggles for the moment as the bees put their backs to work. It was evilly nice seeing the slightly older women work before early roll call was called.

All four of them were ordered by the warden to dress and head to the mess for the morning round of goop and sludge meant to be covered as a sort of 'breakfast'. Weiss nearly threw it back up in the bathroom as she did almost every morning. And Ruby made the snark comment to some of her fellow mates that Weiss's gag reflex could handle anything down her throat except for the food served in the mess. Yang and Blake hated it too but stomached it for the sake of the energy. Ruby, on the other hand, enjoyed the puddle of slop meant to be food, it was better than eating some of the crap she'd downed on the outside.

As per usual someone made the comment about how much they were going to gorge themselves with on the outside. Then someone else made a comment about how they weren't going to see the outside again. Another few spatted about how they would escape and someone else was congratulating himself or herself upon reaching a milestone closer to their release date.

Ruby, Yang, Blake and Weiss all looked into their cups of orange juice and thought about how long they'd be in the joint together before reaching their release date, or at least a time where they could petition for parole. Blake sobbed a little since she would likely never see the outside again.

Yang cuddled her a little like she always did, whispering thoughts about helping her escape into her feline ears and kissing her nose. Ruby held her hand and gave her a longing look with her silver eyes as Weiss held the other and consoled her.

She would get out, they would all make sure of it one day when the rest of them were out.

Still, Breakfast passed with relative ease, the sly looks of the guards the whole time to make Ruby want to punch a few of them. They'd seen her in the shower one time, with her cock free and hanging for all to see, and none to gawk at. She was proud of her body, she loved it, even with the shaft and head she had from the previous one. But many guys in here all had to remind her that she had been one of them, a few even commenting that she was still one of their kind.

Those who did, met four fists to the jaw at the same time - two of them belonging to a very wild and angry blonde with flaming yellow hair and the reddest of eyes. She would take no shit from any of them. No one called her sister a dude, no one had the right and no one had the gall to say it twice after Yang had almost crippled them. She'd spent a grand total of six months in solitary confinement for all the injuries she had doled out at misogynistic, transphobic and racist comments aimed to Weiss, Blake and Ruby.

Once breakfast was done Ruby felt slightly reserved, claustrophobic and she held onto Blake's arm, with Yang covering her too until they were allowed to get up and leave the mess hall. Suddenly the youngest of them all felt like she was being watched like someone was looking at her and laughing, possibly one of the men. But as they all looked around to see if someone was, it was apparent there was no one looking at her. It was the dysphoria again, only mild this time for luck, but still Ruby felt polar opposite from the world as if she was inside of herself and the world was so far away and not the same frequency as her. It was harsh and Blake cuddled her close while they couldn't leave. She rubbed Ruby's hair and kissed her cheek, with Yang and Weiss giving her smiles from across the table and trying to keep the little woman positive for the few minutes.

Eventually, they were let out, and Ruby sighed a breath of relief as the mess hall soon became the outer yard, with the sun blazing down upon them. All was well again as they heard the hustle and the liveliness of the yard - men and women of the unisex prison compound engaging in all kinds of activities they could. From basketball to chess on the tiered seating. Racetrack running, weight lifting, tennis, even badminton which Weiss always loved seeing and playing. She was hopeless at most bat based sports but when it came to badminton, Weiss was in her element and she was amazing.

Yang always joked about how pathetic it was based purely on the rackets they used. Always laughing when the beautiful heiress con would leap to whack what they called the 'shuttle-cock' which made her giggle all the more. She was terrible.

But the phallic-oriented jokes all came from Ruby. "She sure knows how to handle that cock right, Yang?" Ruby had joked one time, but when Yang had stopped dying from laughter and looked to Ruby, the smaller deviant grabbed her sister's hand and tugged to place right between her own legs. "But you handle mine better," she had winked. Ruby was such a brutish deviant sometimes.

Still, they reached the yard, and suddenly none of them knew what to do, or what they wanted to do. Yang was looking between the weights and the chess sets near the wall, while Weiss looked to the badminton court and Ruby yawned a little. She was still tired from the morning fucking even after a nap and breakfast.

She rested her head on Blake's shoulder and looked up at her. "Wanna nap with me in the sun Blakey?" She asked adorably, so sweetly, the faunus could not simply decline. Blake nodded smalley and took the little trooper over to the bleachers for a lie-down.

Yang huffed, disappointed because she wanted to do something together. "Come on Ice Queen, chess again, me and you. Prepare to get fucked." The dragon taunted before grabbing the heiress's hand and dragging her to a table.

"You know Yang, if you wanted to fuck me, we should probably head for the showers and not for a chess table. Unless exhibitionism and public fucking are your kinks and last time I checked your kinks were more focused towards paizuri, facesitting, and some mild bondage. Or was that time and all that come just for show?" Weiss teased the blonde, grabbing her hand in retort as they shuffled towards to chess tables. At the mere hint of Weiss's dominant voice, the switchy Yang gulped and began to sweat. That time with the tape and her own tits was a one time deal, as they had agreed, but Weiss held it over the blonde like an anchor, wanting to revisit it again soon. Weiss was lethal as a dominant and that was why she stuck to either letting Ruby fuck her from behind or simple voyeurism.

It was safer and more enjoyable for all that way.

Blake selected a position on the bleachers close to the chess tables, sitting down and swiping a cushion from the side, no idea who it belonged to. It was hers now, for her to rest on her neck and keep her comfy. Ruby was already laying down like a kitten, her legs folded inward and held close, with her head resting comfortably in Blake's lap, heavenly comfortable as she soon drifted off with the ambience as her sheep of sorts. It mellow noise lulled her down, deeper and deeper into herself until she dropped and was sleep, leaving Blake alone to observe Yang and Weiss engaged in a different kind of intimacy - combat.

They were both hotheaded and proud, the perfect pair to duke it out, at one contest or another. Today's just so happened to be chess, and from the start, Weiss was distracting Yang.

The heiress pulled down the zipper on her jumpsuit of orange and pulled the sides away, revealing the thin vest top. In this heat, the sweat would be enough to make those perky nipples and unusually large lumps of breasts visible through the fabric. Weiss, while having a small frame and petite structure, had been hiding unusually large breasts under her dresses for years, on account of how she would bind them. She did it because of her pride, and for comfort, but in prison, no one allowed it, as a luxury item. Which meant Weiss's strangely but still beautifully large breasts were at their full potential at all times. Which made for amazing shower time when they had the block alone for an hour or two.

The prison was more relaxed about the shower protocol. And with a couple of lien slid along to the female guards - the girls were always due last in the block daily, which meant they could have up to three hours in there before the cleaning crews were brought in. It was fabulous.

"That's not fair at all Weiss and you know it, come on," Yang scoffed as she readied her pawns for attack and defence. Her girlfriend's underhanded and luscious tactics were laughable, and yet she did not stop with just the removal of her jacket.

While Yang was not into exhibitionism, Weiss most certainly was, and everyone else was far too preoccupied with their own exercise, that no one would notice. No one at all except for Yang and Blake would notice if Weiss pulled down the hem of the bowl neck of her top, and let out her beautiful breasts before them. She pulled it down and let them loose, moaning subtly as they overflowed out of her top and felt the cool breeze and the bare heat of the summer sky. It was so narcissistic and yet Yang's nose was almost leaking with blood as she gawked at them.

"What the hell are you doing you, exhibitionistic narcissist?!" Yang shrieked, leaning over the table and spilling the chess pieces all over the place. She was furious and then heated all at once as Weiss smiled evilly.

The heiress leant back in her chair, to get further away from her girlfriend and make her all the more sultry and wanton. Weiss moaned a little again, propping up her breasts and making them bounce a little with a prop from under them. It was times like these she wished she had access to her corset collection - then she could really begin to toy and twist the girls and their desires. She was so arrogant and dominant, and she loved getting away with what she could with all four of them.

This wasn't even Weiss trying her hardest, but it was her trying her most obviously, not even caring if anyone was looking. If she wasn't risking some cell time alone, she would strip completely naked for Yang in the middle of the yard.

"You know you love my exhibitionism Yang, darling. Why I bet you'd love me sprawled out over this table now completely naked. My ass jiggling as you applied some oil right? Then you'd have Ruby fuck my cheeks." Weiss teased more and more, leaning further back and massaging her breasts a little. It was purely evil.

They played their game, fast and reckless, Yang more occupied with Weiss's body on show than the game but she fended the heiress off for some time until Ruby woke up again to see them playing, as she cuddled Blake. Then it all went downhill for both Yang and Weiss. When Ruby saw the breasts out of their clothing, and Weiss displaying them, her hotrod began to rev up and grow hard once more under her uniform.

"That's it!" Ruby cried after several minutes both Yang and Weiss filing to in the match because they were too busy looking at either each other or the hard rod growing back to its full size in Ruby's pants. "Showers now! I have to get rid of this before dinner!" She gripped and pulled both women by their hands back into the building. They'd barely been outside for over an hour too and Weiss had managed to ruin everything with her ego.

"Damn it, Weiss, why you gotta be such a deviant?!" Ruby chastised her as she dragged her back, covering her chest again by pulling the zipper up.

Yang looked back to the faunus. "You too Blake, I'm not getting stuck between these two in the showers with my favourite kitty!" She called, wanting the raven-haired feline to accompany her. But there was no response for several seconds, indicating Yang would have to step up her carrot game because there was no way the stick would work. "I'll eat you out!" The blonde called all the way across the yard.

With a flaming blush across her cheeks and her chest under the uniform, Blake got up without her facial expression changing and walked across the yard to the door, with everyone looking at her. Once she met up with the blonde again, she grabbed the girl's collar.

"It better be the best blowjob you've ever given another girl in your life Yang Xiao Long…" The faunus threatened with beady eyes and hurtful intent.

Before any of them could take stock of what had happened between the doors and the guard at the showers, Ruby and Blake were already stripping and making the remaining two women do the same in the locker room, Ruby's cock perpetually hard and Weiss's nipples erect too. Her lower lips were parted, ready to be split between the thick shaft of a beautiful phallus, slurping at its length while her ass took all of the impact, but Ruby had other ideas for now.

Blake almost tore the panties off of Yang and practically pushed her into the shower, still annoyed at how everyone had looked at her on the yard. If there was one thing she hated above all else, it was attention from strangers, and Yang had made sure she had that outside. So Blake needed revenge, and a good licking of her sweet and ready lips was just what she wanted. If only she had a collar and leash she'd have Yang locked and on all fours as her pet. She did enjoy some pet play with a compliant submissive. Yang was that and more, with a rear that was so all consuming she could take any butt plug Blake could produce.

And yet, prison was a cold and relatively sexless place. So void of kinks and tools to facilitate them.

Sex and punishment were about all the girls could experiment with. They needed leather and rubber for what they all really wanted. Forget about the good food the other inmates were craving, the girls wanted a night of steamy and switching sex to unwind on the outside.

Blake set herself on the side and turned two of the showers on, leaning against a railing pole for one of the disabled prisoners, using it as a seat. She instantly spread her legs and looked at Yang as if she was a tool, a true submissive for the moment, and this was her punishment for humiliating the faunus. "On your knees lover, come on I want you to earn forgiveness and you can do that by licking my cunt as if it were a saucer of milk," Blake told her, sternly, commandingly with such a black and icy tone. It was with that that Yang, Weiss and Ruby were all reminded why Blake was in this establishment. "Ruby darling, could you come here for a moment too? I believe I owe you something…" The faunus then alluded.

Ruby did as she was asked, as did Yang, leaving Weiss to soak her hair in the showers for a moment, as she loved to do before getting dirty all over again. As Yang's lips made sweet and hesitant contact with Blake's lower ones, the faunus dominant begged Ruby closer, her cock closer before it was near the feline's mouth.

"For earlier honey," Blake breathed before taking the head and then the whole shaft into her mouth, the tip of it poking at the top of her throat. She was giving Ruby head while she was receiving it. Such a mindfuck for the relatively innocent Ruby, but she simply held her own wrist behind herself and stood at attention as Blake held her balls, tightly, and sucked on her cock sweetly. She even popped the head of it between her lips on the end of a slurp once, making Ruby cry out a little with headed pleasure.

It was glorious, such a sensation of a precise and expert mouth and tongue around her cock, it made waves and shocks of pleasure shoot all around Ruby's length, a sweet flame shooting back into her body and down into her held balls. They tingled from the strain, wishing there was a ring around them. But alas that was another instrument the prison lacked. So much needed to be added for Ruby's sword to be used to its full potential. Yet Blake looked like she was having more than her fill with the length and the succulent flesh and meat of it. She was loving it, like a perfect popsicle.

"Fuck, Ruby your cock is sublime!" Blake cheered, cradling the balls in her hand again and stroking them to make it harder and tingle.

Ruby squirmed before Blake as her cock strained to shoot, she wanted to come again but there was nothing ready and despite the beautiful head she'd received, she was not ready. But Weiss was suddenly behind her, rubbing her wet ass ready to exacerbate things.

"Well don't hog her Blake, come on let someone else pleasure the darling." Weiss moaned, sinking to her knees and turned herself to stare down the throbbing length. And as Blake reached her head down to run her witchy fingers through the thick yellow curls of the tamed dragon, Weiss took the head of Ruby's cock into her mouth, suckling on it like a pacifier and running the tip of tongue along the slit. It made hot flames of pleasure and mild spice fly up Ruby's shaft and into her, making her twitch and tremble.

"Shit! Weiss! Ah!" The small transgirl cried, holding the base of her length with one hand and one breast with the other. It was shooting pleasure spike that brought another, more violent tingle from her shaft and coin purse. She was getting there now sure she was.

Weiss sucked a little harder, like a vacuum, until she too popped the head from her lips, bringing her tongue down and to the seam between the purse of Ruby's balls and her rear entrance, licking along it. She licked the balls too, taking one in her mouth while gently tugging back and forth on the cock itself. It made Ruby's breaths heavy and strained, like through a small plug of a sink. She was building up and up, her balls tingling again with more pleasure. All while Blake practically forced Yang's tongue to her folds.

"Let me fuck your mouth Yang, come on baby, lick it all up for me." Weiss and Ruby heard from behind the heiress but the latter had her eyes closed, focus on the tugs on her cock pushing her ever closer to orgasm. She was getting so close, and the sound of her sister lapping up the wetness from Blake she had that very morning made it all the harder not to give in.

Then Weiss broke and kissed the base of her cock lovingly. "If you want to come on my face or my boobs, you can Ruby. Come wherever you want my darling. You deserve it." The beautiful heiress told her partner.

Ruby whimpered again like a strained kitten and held her hands over her eyes as Weiss took to the cock again. She had expected Ruby to grab her and plunge the shaft into her, but making her come through this method was far cuter and more beautiful. It seemed like it was the best head Ruby had ever gotten too.

Again Weiss went to the cock, as Blake leant over her head too to lay sweet and small kisses along the eight inches of shaft that was bore in front of her and Weiss. They both took it in their mouths, slurping along it as if it were a corn on the cob or hot dog of some kind. Ruby began to cry out, her moans and internal struggle becoming a little more audible once she felt two mouths around her shaft, it was very rapidly becoming too much for her handle. Her libido was taking over and her hand darted for Weiss and Blake's heads, keeping where they were and her hips began to slowly rock. She wanted to take a little control as her cheeks and chest flushed and her purse rippled with a heated need to shoot her release into someone's mouth.

"Come on Ruby baby, come for us, come now, let us see it from your beautiful cock." Blake enticed out of the small transgirl and before anything else, Ruby did jolt.

"Weiss!" She cried and the heiress presented her open mouth just over the head of Ruby's cock, ready as it trembled in front of her. Yet still, before it shot its payload out, Weiss's slender fingers glided around Ruby's rear and her index finger plunged itself deep into her rear entrance, using the water and sweat mixture around the cheeks as a lubricant. She fingered Ruby's rear hole just as her cock was jerking in front of her.

"Now my love, come for me," Weiss suggested, and Ruby's shaft gave way, the doors inside opening and a load of her thick and warm seed releasing into the back of Weiss's throat, layering over her gullet. It tasted glorious, distinctively Ruby-like and there was no shortage of it. It even missed a slight wad and ended up dripping down Weiss's chin at the end. But Ruby had short most of her release into the heiress and Weiss had taken it like a beautiful font.

At the same time, Blake grunted, and her inner walls constricted and tensed, and before she could hold herself together, she shot her wet release out and all over Yang's mouth. Only some of it managed to get down the blonde's throat, and it tasted sublime as always.

They had all had their fill, in one way or another, and now all that was left was to actually wash, which Ruby and Blake had no problem letting the other two do to them since they were so spent. It was just another day in the establishment, another kind of grind. But they were all together, stuck together, even in here, and while it may have been the worst place to end up in together - the joint, they still had each other.

Each other, and a lot of intimacy between them all, including insanely long showers.