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A/N: I've been rewatching Doctor Who, and I just finished season 2. So, I have a lot of feelings! It wasn't a good thing at first, but it's gotten my creativity going again, and I'm happy to report that I have several one-shots I'm working on, as well as at least one longer story. I hope you enjoy!

Stuck with You

The sound of the TARDIS hadn't quite faded when Rose turned away from the metacrisis Doctor, folding her arms across her body and hugging her elbows. Already he missed the feeling of her hand in his.

Jackie had moved on down the beach to give the two some privacy as she phoned Pete for transportation. The newly regenerated Doctor wracked his brain for the right words to say to Rose, to apologize for the hurt he knew the other Doctor had caused by leaving her not once, but twice. Before he could say anything, she was already speaking.

"I'm sorry you're stuck here."

The sorrow in her voice made his single heart clench in pain. And wouldn't that just take some getting used to? Thankful for the openness that was much easier to come by now that he was part-human, he vowed to do everything in his power to make sure he never hurt her again. Starting right now.

"Stuck with you, that's not so bad," he said, echoing the words she'd spoken to him so long ago.

Her eyes snapped to his face. "Yeah," she asked uncertainly.

He hated himself for the doubt in her voice, hated that any of his regenerations could have hurt her so badly that she'd question everything this way.

"Yes," he replied without hesitation, staring into the eyes of the woman he'd loved for so long.

She turned toward him, and he took her hand in his, feeling right for the first time since he'd regenerated.

"You'll have to get a mortgage," she sang with the ghost of a smile on her lips.

"Yeah," he replied, somehow not as frightened by the idea as his other regeneration had been. "Maybe...well...maybe it could be the same one, you know, at least until our TARDIS is grown."

"I'd like that, Doctor."

His heart swelled so much at that name on her lips that he was afraid it might burst. "Me too."

She ducked her head shyly then. "Our TARDIS?"

He heard the question she was really asking. "The Doctor in the TARDIS with Rose Tyler. Forever," he promised.

"Allons y," she replied, grinning her tongue-touched grin.