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Chapter 2

Betrayal, that was the feeling coursing throughout Idris Bogo's mind. The thought of two of his officers assisting Bellwether in her attempt to subjugate predators had hit him hard, he had always considered himself a tough but fair mammal and yet….he had nearly fired Hopps not once but twice, she was one of his most dedicated officers, and yet he treated her like she was unworthy of her position just because of her species, those thoughts to this day filled him with shame. Shaking his head clear he continued his stride towards the precinct, he would rectify that later. Right now he had to focus on rounding up the rest of the mammals involved in this conspiracy. He would need a team of officers to track these mammals down and bring them in, but the problem lay with whom he should send, with Officers Woolard and Ramsby gone rogue he didn't know who he could trust, so far all the suspects have been sheep but that didn't mean other prey were not involved, he'd need to investigate who else might have been on Bellwether's payroll. He was positive that his predator officers were in the clear since the crazy ewe's scheme was against predator rights and freedom. He would need to call for a press conference immediately and clear predators of any wrongdoing not to mention question the former Mayor herself.

Bogo groaned at the thought, 'Bess will not be happy to hear I'll be late for the dinner tonight with her parents.' he knew she would understand and he'd make it up to her when he got home.

Storming through the precinct's doors with his brow deeply furrowed, he scanned the atrium his mighty frown deepened upon seeing the dispatcher desk missing a certain chubby cheetah. While Clawhauser may have been frustrating at times and horribly overweight for a police officer he was the best damned dispatcher in the ZPD and a huge morale booster for the Precinct, although the bovine hated having to send him down into records he had to what with all the political shitstorm Hopps had accidentally started it left him little choice.

Moving towards the pig sow currently occupying the desk he cleared his throat to speak.

"Truffler, I need you to contact Officers Grizzmund, Wolfrich, N. Fangmeyer, Wolford, Strongpaw and Moone. Tell them to meet me in the bullpen at 1500 hours, understood?"

The current time being 1430 hours would give them half an hour to report in.

"Right away sir." Came the pigs swift reply.

With a nod Bogo turned and Stormed towards the forensics labs.


"Dammit! Dammit! DAMMIT!"

With a huff of defeat a tall lean black bear collapsed into his chair utterly exhausted. Forensics Doctor B.J. Hunnipott had been working for the past three months trying to figure out what was causing predators to go savage, he didn't want to believe it was their biology but his results were leading at nothing but dead ends.

His gaze turned towards the picture of his mate and cub, causing a faint smile to find its way to his muzzle.

"Somehow you and Aaron always manage to bring a smile to my face Pam, even when you're not here." He spoke out loud.

The sound of a throat clearing startled the Bear out of his stupor.

"Am I interrupting, Doctor?"

Chief Bogo's deep voice filled the laboratory, Hunnipott quickly stood up to greet the Buffalo.

"Not at all Chief Bogo, I was just taking a moment to gather my thoughts, it's been a trying few months." He replied.

"Indeed it has, however I have something you need to see."

The Black bear watched as the Cape Buffalo revealed a small blue ball.

"According to Hopps this is what has been causing Predators to go savage, it's made from a flower known as Midnicampum Holicithias and commonly known as Nighthowler, I need you to analyze it and find us a cure. But be careful even a tiny bit can make a mammal savage."

Hunnipott carefully took the pellet from Bogo's hoof and examined it.

"Hopps found this? How, I thought she resigned?"

"Doctor the information I'm about to tell you is not to leave this room until I say otherwise, is that clear?" Bogo spoke with a sharp tone indicating he was one hundred percent serious.

Nodding the Doctor listened eagerly to the buffalo as he revealed what had transpired.

"So it was Bellwether all along." The bear asked in disbelief.

"Yes it appears she was behind the whole thing, I'll be questioning her to find out who else was involved, but doctor I need you to be on your guard, until I've found all the conspirators you can not trust any prey, that includes officers and your lab techs."

"What?! You've got to be kidding Chief, my own staff? I've known most of them for years." Hunnipott protested.

"I'm not kidding Doctor, two of my officers assisted Bellwether in her plot and tried to kill Hopps and Mr. Wilde. So until I've verified who is trustworthy don't trust any prey." The buffalo raised a brow as if daring the doctor to argue more.

With a sigh the Doctor nodded in agreement, "Alright Chief Bogo, I'll call you the moment I have something."

Satisfied with the Black Bear response the chief made his way to the Bullpen. Where a more difficult task awaited him.


With his partners return to the precinct Ralph Wolford had made to track her down following her scent, a scent that reminded him of tiger lilies, sweet and foreign like the jungle with a Hint of Wolves some being from her family but much of it being his own scent, Wolford's tail began to wag at the thought, he knew he had feelings for her but he was still hesitant to tell her. Meanwhile her brother knew about his little crush on Nadine and had sworn the White Wolf to secrecy, that meant not telling anyone including his big mouthed partner Delgato and the precinct's head gossiping cheetah. Although her brother had told him that their father liked him and thought he'd be a good mate for her. That still made him chuckle, a tigress raised by wolves. A smile tugged on the corner of his lips that would explain why she fit in so well with his pack when she came over to hang out or catch a 'Howlers' and 'Prowlers' game, his grin grew even wider remembering what Nadine had said when she had shown up wearing a 'Prowlers' Jersey

'You can take the cat out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the cat'.

Ralph shook his head in amusement at the fond memories, his reminiscing ceased when Nadine's scent started growing stronger, rounding the corner the Grey and white Timber wolf finally spotted his quarry.

The Wolf began slowly creeping up behind the athletic Tigress watching as her long striped tail flicked back and forth lazily, he moved in slowly until he was inches away from it hoping that he would get the drop on her.

"Don't even think about it." Came the Tigress' unamused voice.

Wolford slumped his shoulders, his prank dying before it could even begin, "How'd you know it was me?"

Nadine Fangmeyer turned towards her partner an amused smirk firmly tattooed on her muzzle,

"I'm your partner it's my job to know these things."

The wolf shook his head in amusement, "I'll get you one of these days."

"Dream on Wolf I know you too well for you to ever get the drop on me."

Ralph was ready to make a retort when the speakers activated, "Officers Grizzmund, Wolfrich, N. Fangmeyer, Wolford, Moone and Strongpaw, Chief Bogo wants you to please report to the Bullpen by 1500 hours, Thank you. "

The wolf and tigress Glanced at each other curious as to what the chief needed them for but nonetheless quickly made their way to the Bullpen.


Ralph and Nadine made their way into the Bullpen, they were a few minutes early but noticed that the other officers had already arrived, they quickly made their way to their seats. Ralph's eyes scanned the room making eye contact and nodding towards the other officers who'd been called in by Bogo, all of which he noticed were predators, not a huge surprise given that a large amount of officers were predators, him and Nadine were well acquainted with all of them having either worked with, spoken to or even socialized with them outside of work. There was the Giant Grizzly Bear Gus Grizzmund and his Partner Dane Wolfrich a Black timber with a white muzzle, he was a bit taller than Ralph and had a heavily muscled build for a wolf. His head casually turned towards the other Bear and Wolf duo in the room, Oslo Strongpaw like Gus was a giant heavily muscled Grizzly and his partner was a rather attractive Grey and white slender athletic She wolf named Mila Moone, before being moved to records Clawhauser had a pool going on about when those two were going to start dating, many officers figured Oslo would be the first to ask but all the wolves had their money staked that Mila would ask first.

Dane Wolfrich decided to break the silence that was currently plaguing the Bullpen,

"So does anyone know what this is about?"

Mila was the first to reply, "Not a Clue, Oslo and I just got back from a code 7 when we got the Call."

Dane looked questioningly at his own partner.

Grizzmund chuckled, "Don't look at me if I knew then you'd know too."

"It might have to do with Bellwethers arrest."

All eyes quickly turned to Fangmeyer, but before anyone could question her, Chief Bogo stomped into the room causing the whole room to fall into silence.

"Alright listen up, about one hour ago Mayor Dawn Bellwether was arrested for conspiracy against the city of Zootopia, attempted Murder, and other multiple crimes, however thanks to the efforts of Hopps and a Nicholas Wilde, we are now aware that Bellwether was behind the predators going savage using a serum made from a toxic flower known as Night howlers or Midnicampum holicithias. We currently have Bellwether and one of her associates a Mr. Woolsly in custody, but there are at least five more suspects unaccounted for including...Officers Reggie Woolard and Thomas Ramsby."

"Ar...are you serious Chief!?" Nadine growled out in anger at knowing two of their very own were working for a threat to the city.

Ralph on the other paw knew that the ZPD has on occasion had officers who have broken the law or been dirty but it was one thing to know that it happened and a completely different thing to have happen.

"I'm quite serious Fangmeyer. Woolard and Ramsby assisted Mayor Bellwether in her scheme, and according to Hopps there are at least three other mammals all of which are male sheep, one of them being the creator of this Night howler serum."

Dead silence filled the room, all mammals present were thoroughly shocked at everything they had just heard. Though Fangmeyer had been present at Bellwether's arrest and that news had been shocking enough but this was the first she had heard about Officers being involved, it filled her with immense anger and disappointment, she had never really known either of them both tending to keep to themselves, but knowing that two of her fellow officers would betray them greatly hurt.

"I want these Mammals found and taken down! Grizzmund, Wolfrich I have an arrest warrant for Woolard, I suggest you start with his home in Meadowtown. Strongpaw, Moone, I have another for Ramsby I suggest you do the same. Fangmeyer, Wolford, Hopps gave me the last known locations of a Doug Ramses as well as two other sheep who pursued her and Mr. Wilde, you two are some of my best trackers find them, leave no stone unturned. Any questions?"


"What is it Wolford?"

"How's Hopps?" Genuine Concern filled the wolf's voice, while many of them had either ignored Hopps at first or given her the cold shoulder something most of the officers in the precinct regretted, she had without a doubt earned their respect.

"Officer Hopps suffered a minor leg injury and was sent to the hospital to get patched up. Anything else?"


"Alright you have your assignment, dismissed."


"I'm sorry about the wait miss Hopps but all of our Prey Doctors are currently busy." Apologized the Snowshoe Hare doe Nurse her voice filled with kindness and compassion.

Judy had been waiting for nearly forty minutes for a doctor to look at her leg, and she could tell Nick 'Mr. Never let them see that they get to you' was getting antsy, she knew the nurse was not at fault and was one of the few nurses who hadn't given her fox the stink eye. Judy's train of thought froze, there she went again calling Nick her fox, why does she keep doing that? Nick wasn't her's….but she desperately wanted him to be, the doe had realized this a while ago that she had developed feelings for the clever Vulpine with his stunning green eyes, his beautiful fur, his lushus tail that Judy so wanted to run her dull claws through all day long, and his smell was intoxicating to her. Judy had always heard foxes smelt bad but to her Nick smelt heavenly, always smelling of violets and his natural musk it was just so...Nick. The doe had found that even his sharp teeth and claws made her excited something that a bunny shouldn't be feeling. But she was, God's help her she'd even come to love that cocky smirk of his.

"Miss Hopps?" The bunny was awoken from her musing by the cheery nurse.

"Hmm? Oh, I'm sorry I...uh...was a little distracted." A bright blush covered the rabbit doe's ears and cheeks.

The hare doe gave Judy a knowing look before repeating her question, "Would you be ok to see a predator doctor?"

Judy smiled brightly while replying, "Oh, yes of course, that would be fine."

Returning the smile the Nurse went to fetch the rabbit doe a wheelchair. Before long Judy was being wheeled away towards one of the treatment rooms.

"Miss Hopps, normally we're only allowed to let family members in with you, however seeing how close you and your friend seem to be, I think this time we can make an exception."

The nurse leaned forward to whisper into Judy's ear,

"Plus I think it will make him and the other patients feel more comfortable,"

The nurse gestured towards the rest of the waiting rooms patients many of which were prey and looking rather nervous, Judy then glanced towards Nick who despite having his mask firmly in place, the hare and rabbit could still detect his rapid heart beats.

"Thank you, I'd like Nick to stay with me anyways." Judy smiled, she was glad to see that there were still some prey who weren't labeling all predators as 'savage', she just hoped that with Bellwether being arrested and her plot foiled that the rift between predators and prey would have time to heal.

After entering the room Nick helped Judy out of the wheelchair and onto the examination bed,

"Upsies Daisies Fluff."

The Rabbit doe sent an unamused look towards the fox and spoke in a warning tone,

"Nick, I don't want to hear any jokes about any of this."

A sly smirk formed on Nick's muzzle, his mouth parting with a retort, before the doe quickly cut him off.

"If you say anything then no more of my families' blueberries for you."

The Vulpines ears fell flat, and decided it would be best to just stay quiet. There was a snicker from across the room, turning the fox spotted the Hare Nurse approaching Judy with a fur shaver in her paw, causing an amused grin to form on the fox's muzzle knowing exactly what was coming next.

"Oh sweet cheese and crackers. This is embarrassing."

Judy groaned while staring at the shaved portion of her leg.

"Oh C'mon fluff it's not that bad, in fact it's rather quite appealing, it might even become a new trend."

Joked the Tod, the whole event had been rather funny to him and he had a hard time not laughing. The fox began reaching into his pocket wanting to take picture of this moment to tease the bunny with in the future, before he glanced at the doe realising it may not be in his best interest to take that picture after all judging by the daggers she was currently staring at him with.

Thankfully for him an older looking sea otter wearing a doctors lab coat entered the room.

"Good afternoon Miss Hopps, my name is Doctor Edmund Ottersby, let's have look at that leg then we can get you all stitched up and good as new."

Doctor Ottersby examined, cleaned and stitched up the cut in such a short time before jotting down a few quick notes and turning back to his patient.

"Now Miss Hopps you'll be needing to keep off that leg as much as possible for the next few weeks until it's fully healed." He told her, but Judy was not listening. Her mind was focused on one thing.

"How long until I can go back to work."

The doctor chuckled at her determination before answering.

"Give it at least a week and a half, but only desk work, you don't want those stitches tearing. If they do tear come see me again and I'll re-stitch them, but it will only slow the process making your return to work even longer so I suggest you take it easy."

He said giving her a stern look before turning back to his notes.

"Now where will you be staying?"

"I-I-I'm not sure, I sold my place just before this whole fiasco. But I guess I could stay at a motel." She spoke, Nick having heard this spoke up.

"Uh no. I don't think so Carrots there is no way I'm letting you stay at some seedy motel. You can stay with me."

"N-Nick are you sure? I don't want to be a bother." Judy stuttered.

"You're not a bother fluff. I want to do this, really."

Nick was giving her a warm smile as he said that, there was no way he was going to let his rabbit stay at some hotel, not on his life.

"Well then I guess that means you'll be the one taking care of her then Mr.?"

"Wilde, Nick Wilde." He offered an introduction.

"Very good Mister Wilde, Before you leave I'll have Nurse Harris give you a prescription of painkillers for her to take and a pair of rabbit crutches, make sure she uses them. Rabbit's tend to be horrible patients when it comes to staying still."

"Does that mean we're done here?" Judy interrupted not wanting to give the fox by her side a chance to crack a rabbit joke.

"Yes Miss Hopps, Nurse Harris should be at the front desk with your prescription, and a sign out sheet for you."

"Thank you Doctor."

Finally leaving the hospital Nick pulled out his phone and called for a zuber car to come pick them up.

"Nick are you sure you're ok with me staying with you?"

Nick turned his gaze to Judy, staring straight into her beautiful amethyst eyes that made his heart pound.

"Of course fluff, you think I'm going to let you loose on your own? You'll end up torching half the city."

Judy snorted seeing the playful smirk plastered on Nick's muzzle, she'd missed this, those past three months without him felt like something had been missing and she was right something had been….him. She loved this fox and she was going to do everything in her power to keep him in her life, no matter what challenges would be thrust upon them she'd be there for him just like she knew he'd be there for her. Judy's thoughts were interrupted at the arriving sound of their zuber car.

The Vulpine opened the car door for for the doe helping her in before entering the vehicle himself.

"Where to, buddy?" Asked the Skunk driver.

"1955 Cypress Grove Lane."


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