Outsider Chronicles: A Sword and a Vampire

You know, when I died, I wasn't expecting to get reincarnated as a wimpy harem protagonist. I also wasn't expecting to end up in the same position as said wimpy protagonist. On the up side, I don't think I'll have to worry about dying anytime soon. Not to the Yokai at least.

Rosario Vampire and DXD. What could possibly go wrong? Several things actually. That said, for once I can safely say that the entire plot of one side won't be completely derailed simply because of what Sacred Gear I give Tsukune because theres confirmed multiple versions of it. No, I'm just busting it because of some of Tsukune's relationships. For the purposes of this story, unless I state otherwise, Rosario Vampire monster types takes precedence. In short, Yuki-onna don't turn into gorillas as they mature and you can consider Moka's family to be a sort of offshoot of Vampires thanks to them being of Shinso blood, which puts them on a completely different level to most Vampires. Also, Succubi have nothing to do with Devils. With that done, lets get started. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

You know, I always knew Religion was bad for your health. Why do I say that? Well, the last time I went into a Church, I was killed by a massive crucifix falling on my head. Oh yes, I'm dead as a doornail. How can I be telling this story if I'm dead? Well, I have been reincarnated. Yep, reborn as a baby for a new life with my old one intact. Unfortunately, I quickly discovered that I wasn't quite as lucky as I thought. Why? Well, I had apparently been reborn as everyone's favorite wuss who is somehow irresistible to monsters, Tsukune Aono. Well, this is going to be a fun existence…

Growing up was...oddly normal. I mean, what else can I say when I just went to school and acted like a normal kid? Sure, I had an extra life knocking about in my skull, but all that really did was make me very annoyed at my time as a baby and gave me a leg up at school. Still, thanks to that, I'd probably end up not having to go to Yokai…

Eh, guess only time will tell. For now, I just had to enjoy my childhood. Admittedly, I probably should have been paying better attention or I might not have ended up getting dragged into the world of Monsters. What do I mean by that? Well, it all started on a family trip to Kyoto when I was ten. We were doing a tour of the various shrines in the city (which was boring the other kids in the tour group but really interesting to me) and had stopped for lunch and a rather nice park that, as seemed to be typical of the city, was frankly gorgeous. My Parents had long adapted to having a Son who was more responsible than most teenagers, so were happy to let me wonder on my own, so long as I didn't stray to far. I decided to take advantage of that to find some peace and quiet from the numerous loud brats in the group we were with who were letting out all the pent up energy by running around and squealing and found a large tree a distance from the group picnic that was still within shouting distance of said picnic, climbed into the branches, and settled in to watch the clouds.

I wasn't expecting an eyeful of red clad bottom to suddenly land on me though.


"Owee, that hurt!"

"I second that," I groaned, rubbing my head as I sat up and looked at the girl who'd just landed on me and knocked me out of the tree.

She looked a little bit younger than me, maybe a year at most, with golden blonde hair tied in a ponytail and full of sticks and leaves, golden eyes and was wearing a Miko uniform. She also looked strangely familiar, although for the life of me, I couldn't figure out why.

I got to my feet and brushed off my clothes, before offering the girl my hand.

"Are you alright?" I asked.


She looked up and cocked her head on one side.

"Who are you?" she asked.

I smiled.

"I'm Tsukune," I said, "Do you need some help?"

The girl looked from my face to my hand and back, before she smiled and took the offered hand.

"Thanks," she said.

I pulled her to her feet.

"I'm Kunou," she said.

I smiled again.

"Nice to meet you Kunou," I said, "So what was a cute Miko like you doing up a tree anyway?"

Kunou's smile was rapidly replaced with a pout. For some reason, I expected her to have drooping ears as well. How odd.

"Mama won't play with me," she said, "Shes stuck in meetings with the Old Man and I'm bored!"

She looked at me with big, wide eyes and I immediately knew I'd say yes to whatever she asked.

"Will you play with me?"

And with that, I found myself doing just that until the sun set. I have no idea what it was that made my Parents leave me with Kunou (although I have a feeling it may have something to do with Youjutsu and possibly a certain gourd headed old man), but the day seemed to fly by and before I knew it, the sun was turning red as it kissed the horizon and Kunou's mother arrived to 'pick her up', alongside my own Parents.

Kunou's mother (who introduced herself as Yasaka) was a frankly gorgeous woman with a large bust (shut it) that was barely constrained by her Shrine Maiden's uniform. She had delicate features, long blonde hair tied in a loose ponytail that reached below her knees, golden eyes and eyebrows that had been cut short in the traditional Japanese symbol of nobility. She was gorgeous enough that my Dad needed a hard stomp on the foot from Mum to get him to stop gawking.

She was accompanied by an elderly man in traditional robes with short, black hair and a small mustache who was smoking a large cigar who looked oddly familiar.

"Thank you for keeping Kunou company," said Yasaka after she was dragged over by her very enthusiastic daughter to meet me, "I'm sure you had other things to do."

"Oh, it was no trouble," I said, "Honestly, the tour's been kinda boring since I already knew most of the stuff the guides told us, although it was nice to see the places in person. Still, I had fun, so…"

I trailed off as I realized I was babbling and blushed.

"Um, sorry," I said, looking down.

Yasaka chuckled.

"Hey, can we play again tomorrow?" asked Kunou, looking as eager as a nine year old can be.

I twitched slightly. I...honestly would have liked to, but…

"I'm going home tomorrow," I said, "I really wish I could but…"

The change from eager to disappointed was utterly heartbreaking as Kunou's brilliant smile vanished and was replaced with a look of sorrow.

"Oh…" she said.

Yasaka looked between us, before glancing over at the old man. He nodded slightly and Yasaka reached into her uniform and pulled out a card.

"Here," she said, "Kunou doesn't have many friends her age, so it'd be a shame to lose this one, even if it is just as a penpal."

I blinked as I realized the card was an address and phone number. I wasn't entirely sure why a Shrine Maiden had cards with that on it, but if it made Kunou smile again, I'd accept it. And smile she did. Perhaps not as brightly as before, but it was better than seeing her sad at least. Jeez, how attached did I become to this girl after just one day? Oh whatever, I wasn't about to complain. My adult mind and child body made making friends a chore, so I was willing to ignore a few odd things if it meant keeping in contact with an adorable girl like Kunou.

"Sure, I'll write," I said with a smile.

Yasaka smiled and Kunou glomped me, before the two Shrine Maidens walked away.

"Hehehe, good choice kid," said the old man, "I look forwards to seeing where this goes. Until we meet again."

He nodded and followed the two women, leaving me to head over to rejoin my confused parents.

I never did figure out why Kunou and her mother seemed so familiar to me until much later, although I personally blame that on a case of tunnel vision and assuming that it would be JUST Rosario Vampire I had to worry about, although why I didn't figure out the Old Geezer was the Bus Driver, I've no idea. Still, it got me a pen pal and a good friend to visit on occasion (Mum and Dad were confused, but happily took the free holidays to Kyoto when offered).

Other than that, I spent most of my time making damn sure that I wouldn't flunk the entrance exams for high school. Don't get me wrong, the idea of going to Youkai was...interesting, but I just wasn't willing to put my neck on the line for it. I'm not that kinda person. On the other hand, considering who I was dealing with, I also made it a point to learn some self defence, both in terms of fisticuffs and going to a kenjutsu dojo Kunou recommended to me in a letter for...reasons. I should have smelt a rat.

Oh well, moving on.

"Ahhhh...you...have...got...TO BE KIDDING MEEEEEE!"

"Ohh, I'm so ashamed!" wailed Mum in the background as I stared down at the letter in my hands, completely unable to comprehend what I was seeing, "My baby's going to be a useless bum without a High School education!"

I gritted my teeth as I slowly crushed the official looking letter into a ball and tossed it onto a pile of other letters that got progressively more crushed as they went up. There were a total of 15 high school within the area and I'd put in applications for some outside the area as well that offered students places to stay. I'd attended the entrance exams of every single one and I know for a fact that I should have at least got a passing grade in at least one. Instead, I'd failed them all. That was simply not possible, especially when you consider that a few of them had grade boundaries so low that a lobotomized monkey could get in.

"I'm going to KILL that fucking priest!" I snarled under my breath as my Dad came in looking very pleased with himself and waving around a flyer with Youkai Academies information on the front.

A week later saw me waiting for the bus to Youkai, glaring at the flyer in my hand with enough fury that I'm surprised it didn't combust. I HATED being manipulated, even if it was for a good cause in the end. I looked up as the bus stopped and the door opened.

"Hehe, nice to see you again kid," said the Driver with a smile.

I paused, my glare switching to a look of confusion.

"Wait, we've met?" I asked.

"Yep, when you and Miss Princess first met," said Nurari, "I was in my off time gear, but even so..."

I blinked and mouthed the nickname, right before my mind finally managed to put two and two together and get four. The Bus Driver was the Nurarihyon, Yasaka was meeting with the guy for political reasons and she called Kunou Miss Princess, which all together meant…

"Holy crap!" I yelped.

I...how the fuck had I missed that? Yasaka was the Nine Tailed fox in charge of the Western Yokai. On the up side, I can only imagine what being friends with the Princess of the Yokai would do to my social standing once it came out, on the down side, it'd also paint a massive target on my back. Wait…

"Let me guess, Kunou's coming next year?" I asked.

"I will neither confirm nor deny that," said Nurari, "Now hop on. We've got a fair ways to go."

I growled under my breath as I stomped on to the bus. Welp, that basically clinched it. I have no idea WHY Mikogami chose Tsukune in the original timeline, but I think that he now has Yasaka as a partner in crime to make sure that her daughter has a friend at school. Why do I get the feeling that Moka won't be the only one biting me next year?

"Don't worry kid, you'll be fine," said Nurari, "You got power of your own. You just need to figure out how to draw it out."

"Whats that supposed to mean?" I asked.

The Nurarihyon just cackled as we entered the tunnel and everything went black. A few moments later, we emerged on the other side into the creepy world that was the inside of the Barrier around the school. I sighed and stood, grabbing my bags.

"Before you go kid, a word of advice," said Nurari, "Your power has the potential to make you among the strongest in the school, but its currently a lump of raw ore. You must draw it out and shape it into something useful."

He grinned.

"Good luck and make sure you survive. I'd hate to have to tell Miss Princess you got eaten."

He tipped his hat and shut the door in my face. I took a few steps back as the bus turned around and drove away, leaving me staring after it.

"Very helpful," I muttered, "Oh whatever, I'll think on it later. For now, I've got a Vampire to meet."

I started walking, before pausing.

"Huh, I wonder which worlds gonna be prime?" I mused, "Should be interesting if nothing else…"

I made my way through the trees, keeping an ear open for Moka's bike. It didn't take long for the sound of a bike reached my ears, followed by a cry of alarm. I took a neat step to the side...only to get beaned in the side of the head as the bike came flying out of the woods and slammed into me, knocking me flying.

"Ow, that hurt," I groaned as I opened my eyes, only to see a pair of emerald eyes staring back.

I blinked, before letting out a low groan as I realized that I'd stepped in front of Moka instead of avoiding her.

"Oh my gosh, are you OK?" gasped Moka as she pushed herself up.

"Yeah, I'm fine," I said.

"I'm sorry, I just came over faint because of my anemia," said Moka.

"Again, not a problem," I said, probing my throbbing nose where shed kneed me.

When I pulled my fingers away they came away bloody.

"Aw crap," I muttered.

"O-oh, your bleeding!" gasped Moka, pulling a handkerchief out of her pocket.

She leaned forwards, only for her eyes to glaze slightly as she did.

"Oh, that smell…" she breathed as she leaned in closer, "I can't resist it…you see...I'm a Vampire!"

"Oh crap!"


"OW!" I yelped as Moka bit down on my neck.

My yelp snapped Moka out of of her blood drunk state, making her snap back.

"O-oh, I'm sorry!" she gasped.

I gently probed the bite mark, only to find that it was barely a bruise.

"No harm done," I said, "So, Vampire?"

"A-ah, yes," she said, blushing, "Um…"

She looked down, eyeing me from between her bangs.

"Y-you don't hate Vampires, do you?" she asked.

"Cute!" I thought.

Seriously, I knew Outer Moka was adorable, but seeing it in person and in real life rather than an Anime was so much better! I could see why the original Tsukune fell for her.

"N-not at all!" I said, rubbing the back of my head as I blushed, "I don't have any problem with Vampires."

Moka's nercus look immediately changed to a blinding smile.

"Thats great!" she squealed, "In that case, would you mind being my friend?"

I smiled.

"Sure, no problem," I said, "I don't know anyone here anyway."

I got to my feet and held out my hand.

"My names Tsukune Aono," I said.

Moka accepted my hand with a smile and let me pull her to her feet.

"Moka Akashiya," she said happily.

And with that, we headed into school.

The next few hours were pretty normal for the first day of school, with orientation, meeting new classmates and so on. Then, I found myself in my new classroom listening to Nekonome explain about Yokai Acadamy being a School for Monsters and the rules about never revealing your Monster identity to anyone, any Humans found being slaughtered and so on. Oh, and Saizou's announcement of how he thought Monsters should just eat or rape any Human they found. I made a mental note to kick him in the nuts later. I was broken from my distraction when the door opened and a familiar voice reached my ears.

"S-sorry I'm late Miss!" said Moka, "I-I got lost."

"Oh, its no problem," said Nekonome, "Take a seat."

Moka nodded and turned to the class, prompting the expected barrage of yelling from lustful Monsters. She was apparently oblivious to it however as she scanned the room for a seat. Then, she spotted me and her face lit up with a vibrant smile.

"Aw shit," I thought.

"TSUKUNE!" she squealed, leaping across the classroom (literally) and grabbing me in a tight hug, much to the ire of everyone else.

"Urrrg, someone shoot me," I thought as I was dragged through the halls by an excited Moka.

Now, being dragged by a pretty girl wasn't the problem, oh no, that would be the glares and Killing Intent being leveled at me by the male population of the school. It was getting rather uncomfortable.

"Hmm, such a pretty one."

We stopped as the owner of the voice stepped out in front of us. I scowled when I saw that it was the bastard known as Saizou Komiya.

"Your Moka Akashiya, correct?" he asked, "I'm your classmate, Saizou Komiya. By the way…"

He suddenly grabbed me by the collar and lifted me bodily off the ground.

"Whats a beauty like you doing hanging out with scum like this?"

I scowled and grabbed his wrist, digging my fingers into his tendons. While he may be much stronger than I am, his body was still Humanoid, so he probably shared the same weak points as Humans. I was proven correct when the pressure forced his fist to open.

"Huh, maybe you're not as weak as you look," growled the Monstrel as he let us go, "Even so Moka, you should be with a real Monster, like me."

He gave what he probably thought was a charming smile, but was actually a leer and swaggered off.

"Prick," I muttered.

"Are you alright?" asked Moka, "That big lug didn't hurt you did he?"

"Nope, I think he was going for scare rather than hurt," I said.

"I'm glad," said Moka, "I'd hate for you to get hurt because of me."

I shrugged.

"He seems like the type who'd target those weaker than him, so I'd probably end up in his sights anyway," I said, "But thanks, its nice to know you care."

"Of course I care!" said Moka, "We're friends! Besides…"

She blushed cutely.

"We're on bloodsucking terms!" she said happily, "And you should be proud. Your blood is sooo delicious, much better than any I've had from transfusion packs!"

"Glad to hear it?" I said hesitantly, unsure as to if I should take that as a complement.

"Also…" she blushed again and looked at me shyly, "You were my first… and a girl never forgets her first time."

I blinked and blushed brightly.

"A-ah, Moka, I really think you should have worded that differently," I said.

Moka blinked at me innocently.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

I blushed brighter and looked away.

"W-well, it sounds like we did...that," I said.

Moka looked confused for a moment, before realization crossed her face and it lit up like a christmas tree.

"O-oh, I-I'm s-sorry!" she stuttered, "I-I-I…"

I chuckled at her embarrassment as my own faded.

"Its OK, I know you didn't mean it like that," I said.

Moka's blush increased and she looked away. I chuckled again and took her hand.

"Come on, lets go explore some more," I said.

Moka looked up at me and nodded, her blush now reduced to a slight reddening on her cheeks that only made her look cuter.

Our next stop was the dorms that, although they looked horrible on the outside, were actually rather comfortable on the inside.

"By the way, what kind of monsters are you?" asked Moka suddenly.

I jumped at the unexpected (sort of) question.

"O-oh, well I'm…" I started, not sure what to say.

"Oh, sorry, I forgot we're not supposed to tell other people that," said Moka.

"OH THANK GOD!" I thought.

"You know, you don't seem much like a Vampire," I said, more to get the conversation away from me than anything, "Other than the bloodsucking thing that is."

"Well, I may look Human now, but if I were to take of my Rosary, I'd transform," said Moka, indicating to her cross, "Its a seal meant to keep my powers suppressed."

She shuffled closer.

"But, it does not seal my weaknesses," she said.

I sighed and tilted my head on one side.

"Go ahead, just don't take to much," I said.

Moka looked surprised before she smiled and hugged me tightly.

"Thank you Tsukune!" she squealed, before biting into my neck.

Later, I was laying back in my room, thinking hard about what Nurari had told me and the revelation that DXD was a thing around here. Honestly, there was only one conclusion I could come to considering what I knew about DXD and the advice Nurari had given me. I had a Sacred Gear. Which one I didn't know, but any Gear would help keep me alive. Even if it was Twilight Healing, I'd hope that the Yokai wouldn't be dumb enough to kill a powerful Healer. I didn't think that was likely though. Nurari had called it a 'lump of raw ore' and told me that I'd need to shape it, which suggested it was a Creation type. I could be completely off base of course, but for some reason I didn't think so.

I took a deep breath and sat up. Knowing (or suspecting rather) I had a Sacred Gear was one thing, but if I wanted to actually use the damn thing, I needed to figure out how to activate it. I cast my mind back to the half buried memories of DXD and, after a few minutes of trying to remember what Rias had said, thought I had an idea to start from. I closed my eyes and focused inwards, picturing the power inside me as a ball of light in my chest. Then, I imagine the light expanding out to fill my entire body and emerge into the world. Nothing happened.

I frowned slightly. Something felt...off, like I was missing something. I had a feeling I was on the right track, but there was something I needed to do. I thought about exactly what Nurari had said and smiled. I had just the thing.

"Trace on," I muttered.

The light pulsed and I felt a spark of warmth appear in my chest.

"Judging the Concept of Creation."

Another pulse and another spark appeared.

"Hypothesizing the basic structure."

Another pulse. The warmth increased to a low burn.

"Duplicating the composition material."

Yet another pulse and more sparks appeared, dancing together as something slowly began to take shape.

"Imitating the skill of its making. Sympathizing with the experience of its growth. Reproducing the accumulated years. Excelling every manufacturing process."

With every line, more sparks appeared and the heat began to build until I was sure I must be steaming. I opened my eyes, barely noticing the power radiating off me and tugging at my hair and clothes as I held out my hands and released the built up energy.

There was a pulse of black and red light and I was surrounded by a thicket of swords of all shapes and sizes. A moment later, they all shattered, leaving me panting, sweating and grinning like a maniac. My Sacred Gear was Sword Birth. I could work with this. I held out my hand and focused for a moment, my smile widening even more as a large, black sword appeared. Fittingly enough for my activation chant, it was a copy of Kanshou, the black blade used by Archer in Fate. I put the sword down and created Bakuya as well, my smile only growing. I knew that the weapons had all the attributes associated with the Noble Phantasm used by Archer, including the bonus against Monsters, which I hoped would include my fellow students.

I dismissed the two swords and refocused. My hand lit up for a moment and within a couple of seconds, I was holding a copy of Caliburn. I frowned as I looked the weapon over. It was...well, it was weak. It technically had the abilities of the Noble Phantasm, but the blast it could create wouldn't be even close to the original. That wasn't surprising of course, I wasn't even expecting to be able to create it in the first place considering it was a Holy Sword and my Sacred Gear was Sword Birth. Hmm…

I focused and Caliburn vanished, replaced by Excalibur Morgan. I barely had enough time to grin before the blade shattered and I was slammed painfully back into the floor with blood pouring from my nose.

"Alright, bad idea!" I groaned as I sat up and groped for my tissue box.

I sighed as I pinched my nose shut and tipped my head back. It was a shame I couldn't create something like Excalibur Morgen, just so I could use it against the Three Factions and see Rias' face when I pulled it out (I wasn't dumb enough to believe I'd never meet them). Still, it'd be interesting to see what the limits were for what swords I could replicate or create. It'd be a fun project and could only help in the future. I grinned at the thought. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all.

And done. Well, that was fun. I admit, I only decided that he'd have Sword Birth over Blade Blacksmith as I reached that point, mainly because it doesn't actually matter that much for now.

Yes, he will indeed be pulling an Archer, although it would be prudent to point out that most of the Noble Phantasms he pulls out can't hold a candle to the original. I'll come up with some more original weapons as well, but what do you expect a geek to do when given a power like Sword Birth? Incidentally, suggestions are welcome for swords he could pull out of his arse in the future.

In case its not obvious, Kunou is older than in DXD canon. And yes, she will be gunning for Tsukune when she arrives and even before then. I'm tempted to have Kuroka and possibly Le Fay show up as well, but I'm not 100% sure about that yet.

I am sure that a Devil will be attending Yokai though. I'm currently split between Sairaorg and Seekvaira with a slight possibility of using Diodora, just so I can have Tsukune kick his arse at some point.

And with that I'm done. Don't forget to leave a review on the way out!