A/N: (just some background information) I originally started uploading this on Archive of Our Own, a similar fanfiction website to this one, but I expanded it here after a couple months of writing to increase the range of people that would come across it. It is essentially a retelling of Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, but some of the plotlines are altered drastically to maintain suspense and appeal to groups of all ages. Expect death, hatred, and love that you wouldn't normally find in a canon MD storyline. Nothing is too graphic though, so no M rating is necessary.

The chapters are short at first (around 3,000 words), but get significantly longer around chapter 12. This is my first crack at fanfiction of any kind, so when I started in April 2017 I thought 3k words was a lot. Turns out I was very wrong.

It is not a lemon and never will be, although romance is certainly present and the topic of reproduction is not embargoed, per se. Even though romance is a tag, the story is not constructed around the romance, rather the romance is simply applied to the more dominant adventure aspect of the story. If you're into it then you'll get to have your ships. But if you're not, then you probably won't be too distracted by how I try and mesh it with the plot as a necessary aspect of the story.

Just a heads up: the hero is a guy. The reason I say this now is because the story is told in first person and a friend of mine accidentally thought the hero was a female for like five chapters... yeah. It was hilariously awkward.

There is already a post-game sequel planned for this. And it will be way different than the usual post game, in large part due to some massive plot twists coming in this story. If you're reading this on Archive of Our Own, then the series name will make a lot more sense once that rolls around. Naturally, I'll have to finish this first.

One more thing: I absolutely treasure reviews, especially ones that point out ways I can improve on even the littlest things. Whether it's just a short note patting me on the back, or a long drawn out explanation talking about how I've either done a really good job or a really bad one, I will love you forever for your feedback. I also respond to most reviews, although I won't respond to all of them. Usually if it's long and detailed you can probably bet I'll send a nice response thanking you.

Enjoy the story, and expect frequent updates.

Chapter 1 - Prologue

Two figures overlooked a broad landscape that stretched itself out before them. Grass that had once turned brown and lifeless in the once blazing heat waved in the gentle northern breeze, full of life. The sun sat in its rightful place governing over the Earth, showering down beams of light peeking through the clouds racing across the sapphire sky. The breeze carrying the clouds brought a chill to the air circulating around the pair of friends.

What would have been a coveted sight cherished by many following recent events was spoiled by the presence of uncertainty that loomed over them. Their exhaustion could not mask the underlying dread that nipped at the back of their minds as the world before them functioned unaware of the true reality. A world flowing heartily that was fully withheld from the knowledge that their troubles weren't over. Only the two figures on the hill knew any better.

After an extended awkward silence, one of them spoke up to try to dissolve the negativity.

"Perhaps now we can rest easy," he commented to his friend.

"Mmm," was the only response he got.

He raised an eyebrow at this and sighed. "Look," he started. "I get it. We didn't accomplish what we ultimately needed to accomplish. But we still halted the destruction of the entire planet. Temporarily, maybe, but still, buying the world a few hundred more generations isn't too shabby. That definitely has to count for something, right?"

His partner instantly shook her head at this question, still not removing her gaze from the tranquil scene below.

"What have we done but taken this problem and burdened those who come after us with it?" she whispered. "A cruel procrastination of ours that spans eons? In the remote future, who can be blamed for the inevitable return of the void but us?"

He was silent at this. Their actions were undoubtedly clutch regarding the very survival of the world, but what his partner said he couldn't quite justify. How right she was stabbed him painfully, and he feared this would be a burden that would loom over them forever. He did not want it to come to that, and he certainly didn't want the world to end either, even if it was set back ten thousand years.

"We've danced with fate more than enough for both of our lifetimes," he reassured her. "We can't worry about that. There's nothing we can do but enjoy the world while it lasts. We can never rid the world of crisis it will inevitably face."

She could detect the doubt in his voice as he said this, nullifying any feeling of reassurance he hoped they might gain from his empty words. She glanced up at the sun hoping for answers, watching it cast its light down on the world. Its position currently posed no threat to the planet.

But for how long?

She pondered her partner's words, searching for answers.

Right. We have indeed tested the strings of fate extensively in this lifetime. All of our effort, through all of these years, has led to this point of temporary victory. But what can our lives accomplish now that time separates us from our burdens? Our responsibilities? There must be something we can do to right our failure. Something to prevent future generations from bearing our burden. Something to make it ours again.

The gears in her head began turning, and an outlandish idea was sparked. She scratched her chin thoughtfully, and considered their next move. Despite her partner's attempts at reassurance, she didn't need her psychic abilities to know that they were both on the same page. They were nowhere near finished with their task. After another moment of consideration, she decided to voice her thought process.

"Perhaps there is a way..."