Chapter 34: Europe: France Park Combat De Boss

1:07 pm (USA time 1:07 am). At the Futuroscope theme park, Team Sonic arrived. Amy jumps out of the jeep with her Pikko Pikko Hammer and runs into the park to find Sonic. "Amy, hold on! Slow down," said Cream, catching up to her with Tails, Knuckles, Tikal and Cheese. "we can't let her get away with this," said Amy. "She almost as fast as Sonic," said Knuckles. "No joke," said Tikal. At Blue tornado roller coaster, Zeena places the sack with Sonic and the Crown Jewels; inside in the first car. "You just wait until I got out of here and my friends get here," said Sonic, tries to get out. "Soon I'll have the key, and you'll be my boyfriend. And I'll be better…," said Zeena, stands in the second car. "ZEENA! Let…him…go," said Amy, runs to the ride. "Not until you give me the key!" "NEVER" Then Zeena activates the ride and breaks the break. The ride went fast, and Amy went on the track to chase after the ride. Tails, Cream, Knuckles, Tikal and Cheese, watch the fight at the controls. "Go, Amy! Get her, girlfriend! Take her down," said Cream and Tikal, cheering for Amy. "While she takes her down, we'll handle the controls," said Knuckles. "She has to beat her, we need Sonic's leadership," said Tails.

Back with Amy, she's chasing the ride with her hammer in her hands. Zeena throws big snowballs at Amy, but Amy hits them with her hammer and moves to a different track to avoid them. When Amy gets on the ride, Zeena said, "soon your boyfriend will be mine's and that key around your neck." "What?! He's not my boyfriend," said Amy, while blushing. "But Eggman told me…" "He was teasing about my and Sonic's relationship." "Oh, so he is single." "I'm going to beat you up." Zeena takes out a snow mace and goes to attack Amy. Zeena tries to hit Amy, but Amy avoids with backflips. Amy hits Zeena in the face with her hammer. Amy quickly goes to the first and opens the sack. When Sonic came out while wearing a few of the Crown Jewels, Amy hugged Sonic and said, "oh, Sonic! Are you ok?! Did she hurt you?!" "I'm fine… thanks to you," said Sonic, takes of the Crown Jewels, and puts them back into the sack. "He……..MINE," said Zeena, running to Sonic and Amy. Amy hits her with her hammer, and she went flying into the air. "Where do think she'll land," said Sonic. "I'm going to say…at the police station," said Amy, when the ride slows down. "Amy! You did it! You saved Sonic and recovered the Crown Jewels," said Cream. "Hey! The ray is over there," said Knuckles, pointing to a satellite dish with an Eggman symbol.

At Eggman's Lair, he and the Deadly Six are waiting for Zeena to return. They saw Zeena on a hospital carrying bed with handcuffs on her hands. "What happened, Zeena," said Zavok. "I lost to that pink brat. I landed in the jail," said Zeena. "Ok. They're probably heading to Asia now. Zor, that's where you come in," said Eggman. "I'll make sure that they'll pay with their souls," said Zor. "Wait, what?!" "He's very dramatic," said Zazz, still on a wheelchair and wears two caskets on his arms. "He likes dark humor," said Zomom, still wearing a neck brass. "You know goths these days," said Master Zik, wearing a body casket that's not covering his face. "Kill the one for me," said Zeena, gets carried away to the infirmary. "I'm on it," said Zor, leaves.

1:12 pm (USA time: 1:12 am) at the Hotel Ibis Site du Futuroscope, two avenue Thomas Edison, 86360 Chasseneuil-du-Poitou. The Team is relaxing by the pool. "Alright, everyone we are going to Asia. Starting at 9 am, we're going to Turkey," said Tails. "But we just had our lunch an hour ago," said Knuckles. "Not that kind of turkey, Knucklehead," said Sonic. "How long does it take for us to come from France to Turkey," said Cream. "3 hours and 19 minutes. According to the Internet," said Amy. "That means will be there at 12:19 in the afternoon," said Tikal. "Team, we have to get plenty of rest if don't want to burn any daylight," said Sonic.