Hey guys, I know I have a lot already but this is just going to be short since there's only two chapters in BATIM. It's time to try something new and this is what's going to be a new story in my collection. FNAF is owned by Scott Cawthon, BATIM is owned by TheMeatlyGames.

In this establishment, there were several workers that worked together. These people were not like this back then. Back then, it was just two different companies working in different places while getting the same amount of fame. One company had a main protagonist, Freddy Fazbear, the star of his own pizzeria, and well-loved animatronic. Then there's the other's company's mascot, Bendy the Friendly Demon, had his own cartoon, and a child friendly personality to him. These two companies had so much fame that most people thought that they might become rivals… but instead, they merged their companies together to make one child living and friendly place. Freddy stared in most cartoons with Bendy and the rest of their crew, and while it's still a work-in-progress, they're planning on making animatronics of Bendy and his crew to be up on stage with Freddy and his. One of the workers one day got a letter from two of his closest friends, Joey Drew, and Jeremy Fitzgerald. The letter they sent said this…

Dear Henry,

It seems like a lifetime since the three of us worked on cartoons together. 30 and ½ years really slips away, doesn't it?

If you're back in town, come visit the old workshop. There's something I need you to see. By the way, the one who wrote that last sentence was Joey.

Your best pals, Joey and Jeremy.

At this point Henry was thinking, why sent him a letter to come this late at night? He didn't understand but, he didn't question it. He got up grabbed his coat, flashlight, and keys, then headed for the door. 11:45 and Henry was in his car driving off his old work place… but that, was his one mistake.

It is now 12:02 and He finally made it to his workshop, got out his car, unlocked the front door, and finally was the start of his adventure for answers.

"Alright, Joey. I'm here. Let's see If I can find what you and Jeremy wanted me to see." Henry said as he made his way through the corridor.

After getting out of the corridor something strange already seemed to catch his eyes, it was the fact that the projector that was over on its stand was still working and projecting… well nothing. Right next to the light on the wall was a cardboard Bendy with broken endoskeleton parts next to it, he didn't pay too much mind to what he saw as it was normal looking a little, but seeing that the projector was still on and running was an amazing sight. The fact that the electric power in that thing could last so long, it seemed cool. None the less he continued on to see whatever Joey had planned for him.

While walking, Henry found a lot of old things that reminded of his old day. The ink on the wall saying dreams come true, the old chairs back then even though some were knocked over, and the old posters on the wall. The rooms and corridors had a bit of spider webs around them, but that stuff he could ignore.

He continued walking down the corridor, looking around at the everything that brought back old memories, until he finally found something. "So, this is the Ink Machine, huh? I wonder how we turned this thing on back then." Henry said looking at the old machine him and his friends had back then.

What really caught his eye though was the suit of Freddy Fazbear siting against the left wall, his hat was on the other side of the room, and it looked like parts of his suit was detached along with one eyeball in front of the empty suit. He payed no mind to the bear that was on the floor, and just went on to find a way to turn on the Ink Machine.

Going through more halls, one of the celling boards in front of Henry fell down nearly giving him a heart attack. Finding one of the right room which had a power switch in it, but it looked as if it needed certain items just to get the switch working.

"How did this make any sense back then? Oh well, guess I'll have search for these things before I can even pull that lever." He said as he went off to get the requirments, but what stopped him nearly scaring the ghost out of him was a cardboard Bendy just appearing in the hall. "What the… who put this here?" He said confused and scared at what might happen.

Something else got caught in his vison though. The room in the back looked suspicious. Henry approached the room with caution, but what he saw back there was only described as horrific. "Wha… Oh my… Joey what were you doing?" He said as he saw four of the characters in the room.

Bonnie and Chica were on the floor with their parts all over the place. Bonnie's face was ripped off and on the other side of the room, Chica had a missing jaw and her parts were more dismantled. But the most horrific one that caught his attention was what looked like it was strapped to one of those torture beds. Boris was strapped to the bed wearing parts of Foxy's suit, the head of the suit was hanging off of Boris' along with the X's that replaced his eyes. He had Foxy's right arm along with the hook still attatched, and the scariest of parts, the chest part of Foxy's suit was ripped open, reveling Boris' in the same condition, showing a broken ribcage, and what looked like ink replacing blood.

Trying to take his eyes off the sight of them like that, he went on to collect all the items to turn on the machine. It wasn't easy, but with luck on his side he managed to find everything needed, even visiting his old desk from back then. All he had to do now was get the ink to the machine flowing, having remembered his old times he knew where to go.

He went to start the flow, and nearly fell over as he could have sworn he saw a cardboard Bendy along with what looked like a yellow version of Freddy's suit pop out from the corner. He shook it off as he thought it was nothing but his own imagination, but as soon as he got into the room, the projector started with no one pressing any buttons at all. What it played was a looping animation of Freddy and his band playing what looked seemed to be music but it was all muted.

Henry tried to take his mind off what just happened by heading to the button starting the ink pressure. But before he went to the power room, he had to listen to one of the tape recordings. This one, was by Wally Franks.

"At this point, I don't get what Joey's plan is for this company. The animations sure aren't being finished on time anymore, and I don't see why we need this machine. It's noisy, messy, and who needs that much ink anyway? Also, get this. Michael had each one of us donate something from our work station. We put the money on these pedestals in the break room. 'To help appease the gods', Joey says. Keep things going. I think they've lost their minds, but hey, they write the checks. But I tell you what, if one more of these pipes burst, I'm out of here!"

After hearing, what he just said Henry began to get tense. "gods…? Aw, crap. What's happen to you two?" He said referring to Michael Smith and Joey Drew.

He left hoping that he was just hearing things, and went to turn on the main power. But the moment he pulled the switch, the lights went out and all the items began to dissolve. At this point Henry began to freak out and immediately make a run for the exit not caring or wanting to see any more of what was going to happen.

He was on his way out of the building, but stopped seeing the door-way to the Ink Machine now blocked. Curiosity covering his fear, he walked slowly over the boarded-up door-way. Then something jumped up and tried to grab him, making him fall backwards. Henry looked at it, and to his horror, he saw what looked just like a Freddy and Bendy hybrid. The Bendy like creature was in the Freddy suit, his head was sticking out of the right ear, his arm was sticking out of the elbow along the rest of the arm in his control. His bowtie was sticking out right above Freddy's, and Freddy had a left eye… but that eye, was pitch black with what looked like a pitch white pupil glowing.

"Oh, hell no! I'm outta here!" Henry yelled running to the exit, getting his feet covered in ink slowing him down. Just as he was about to finally get out of whatever hell was going on, the floor collapsed and he fell a long amount of height. He managed to survive, but do to the fall he was severely damaged. "What in the… what's with…?" He tried to say but just couldn't find any words to figure out the situation

Looking around for an exit, there were two doors in the room. One was blocked, but one was wide open. Moving forward, he went through, more corridors, and stairs, finding no means of escape. Opening the door to the next room, the door was blocked off by boards, but luckily, he found an axe to use. "Oh, this will definitely come in handy." He said taking the axe then getting ready to swing.

Before he started to swing something on the wall caught his eye. THE CREATOR LIED TO US. Was what it read. What did it mean? Who wrote something like that? Henry didn't think too much into it, instead he went back to what he was plaining to really do. After destroying a few boards blocking the door-way and nearly tripping over a Bonnie the Bunny head, he found another door up ahead completely boarded up as well. This wasn't a problem for the axe holder, but as soon as he opened the door, the whole room began to shake. In the middle of the next room was a drawing of something he just couldn't understand. A star in a circle, five candles, and the moment he set foot in the symbol he began to get these flashy mental images. Those of the Ink Machine, the old Fazbear Pizzeria, a wheel chair, the Freddy/Bendy hybrid, then everything went black.

Guys I decided to do a rewrite of the original Bendy and the Ink-Machine, but with a crossover of its cousin Five Night at Freddy's. Taking both of these awesome famous horror games and putting them together, was the best idea I come up with for a horror story. If you have any ideas on the second chapter let me know, until then. Thanks for reading.