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I'm taking up law and it is a cruel mistress. Therefore, I cannot promise that I can finish my stories. I apologize and bring offerings. I'm not sure if anyone is still reading this but since Towards the Sun is the most popular story I have, I shall upload the rough drafts I have for it.

1.Hinata meeting Itachi and Shisui (through murder birds)

Scenario: Little Neji and Hinata walking in the snow meets a special murder bird.

Hinata was about to leave when a tickle of foreign chakra brushed her senses. Startled, she almost tripped on a rock as she whipped around for the source.

There was no one but her and her cousin around the clearing.



This time both she and Neji stopped, boots crunching in the snow. They looked at each other before darting their eyes at the croaky call.

"There!" Neji pointed with wide eyes, scampering towards the large black thing nestled on a snow-topped bush.

"Wait, Neji-nii!" Hinata called, hurrying to him. He ignored her and stopped only a few feet away from the avian, staring at the oddly serene bird.

It was a crow.

Hinata was instantly wary.

The crow in front of them was no ordinary bird. For one, it was abnormally large. Hinata could also sense chakra thrumming through the avian, and the way its black eyes swiveled at them considerably made her believe that it was intelligent.

But that wasn't the cause of her wariness.

No, it was more about the fact that crows were messengers of death. And being the Mistress of Death, she had a very peculiar effect on creatures that symbolize demise.

They could sense Death's presence draped on her like a veil. It made them unhealthily curious. She remembered how dementors had followed her around before she made the habit of keeping her Patronus out to drive them away. Lethifolds would creep on her bedding before she freaked out and asked (pleaded) Death to ward them away. Wild thestrals didn't mind her getting close despite the claims that they could bite a man's head off if spooked. She even had a nundu that she kept around for months, only parting ways with it when it found a mate. She named it Bob.

She didn't know what magical creatures equated to in this world, but she bet that a crow with chakra coils was a damn near one. She was also unsure if the blatant curiosity of deathly creatures followed her to this world considering she never encountered one in this life yet, but since she was still Mistress of Death, she was going to go with—


Yes. Yes they did.

Hinata grimaced. She didn't look forward to being followed by a crow everywhere—

The large bird shuffled its glossy black feathers, cawing loudly as it rocked back and forth, beady eyes trailed on the two of them. Neji took a wary step in front of Hinata but before he could shield her from view, the crow had lunged, faster than they anticipated.

Hinata raised her arm automatically and barely registered the sharp sting before she saw the blood burst on her wrist. The crow's pointed beak had pierced her arm, dragging across cloth and skin to make a bloody gouge. She cried out in pain and retracted her injured limb away, snapping out her other hand out to grip her attacker. The crow drew back with surprising speed, blood splattering into the snowy ground.

"Hinata!" Neji cried, furiously pushing the flapping bird away.

"It's fine. I'm fine, Neji-nii." Hinata hissed, clamping a hand down on the surprisingly deep cut that the crow made. Blood was flowing freely on her arm now, a stark red contrast against the pale of her skin.

"You're hurt!"

She tried to smile at him. "It stings, but I'm fine."

"We have to heal it." Neji said, pale eyes naked with worry. "Aunt Hiyori will know how!"

"Alright." Hinata said, allowing him to lead her away. The cut was now throbbing with acute pain. It actually felt like a knife wound.

Her cousin shot the bird a dirty look.

The crow had settled on top of a tree, its unnerving eyes still trailed on them. Hinata could see its black beak stained with droplets of her blood, clicking open as the red liquid dripped to its feathers. She shook her head, a little relieved at being wrong.

It seems that creatures of death were not drawn to her anymore.

Long lashes fluttered open, revealing fathomless black eyes that slowly bled into a blood red. Tomoe spun lazily as it took in the entirety of the image of Konoha at its winter daylight, a stark contrast to his dwelling place that was bathed in darkness.

"Here you are." A long-suffering voice said. "What the hell are you doing here, little cousin? It's fucking cold out. The clan meeting starts in fifteen; I don't want to get hazed by your parents again. Especially your father—"

"I have lost Akira."

It was said in a soft voice that barely carried over the din. Nevertheless, the ranting broke off immediately and a stunned silence ensued.

"Akira? Your summons?" A slight pause. "The fat one?"

"My summon," There was a hint of offense in those words. "Is not fat, Shisui."

"She tried to eat my fingers, Itachi. And she's bigger than your other crows." Shisui gave his cousin a leveled look. "What do you mean by you've lost her?"

Itachi swiveled his eyes towards him, Sharingan glinting in the dark. "I do not know where she is. I know of her well-being but my other senses of her are impeded."

"See, this is why people think you're rude." Shisui said in exasperation, folding his arms. "Words, Itachi. Please dumb it down for me."

"I don't understand it myself." Itachi replied. He got to his feet and frowned slightly, looking at the expanse of the village. "My connection to Akira was muted. She is still under my command, but it seems I can no longer control her if she is not within my vision."

"What." Shisui said. "That's impossible. Your crows feed off your chakra and you're saying you lost control over them?"

"Not all of them." Itachi said. "Just Akira."

"Oh, so just your demon bird that can turn into shadows, can alter her size, can use chakra, and is basically the leader of your merry band of murder. You know I told you to stop letting her roam free." Shisui said, rubbing his forehead. "Is she still in the village?"

A slight nod from the Uchiha heir. Then he tilted his head thoughtfully, his face serene as he added, "It's strange, though. It feels like I'm not her only summoner anymore…"

"What?" Shisui made a noise of shock. "You mean someone literally stole your summons away?"

"I hope not." Itachi mused softly, his eyes still bleeding the red of their dojutsu. "I do not take kindly to people taking what is mine, Shisui."

2.Hinata finds Shisui near-death

Scenario: Hinata takes a stroll and finds a floating not-dead body. Fuck her Potter luck.

"Anapneo," Hinata hissed, fingers trembling as she directed her magic through the Elder Wand, pressing the glowing tip at the boy's bruised throat.

The black-haired boy convulsed, heaving as the spell forced his airway cleared, and he doubled up gasping as he spat out globs of blood mixed with mucus and river water. He slumped back into the ground with a whimpered groan and Hinata scrambled forward, knowing he wasn't out of the woods yet.

"Right… healing spells… healing spells…" Hinata muttered in a frenzy, kneeling beside him. "Tergeo. Episkey. Ferula."

She wasn't sure if her spells would work. She didn't have proper control over her magic.

But the Elder Wand followed her incantations seamlessly, drawing almost no magic from her. She didn't have time to wonder over that as she watched in relief when most of the dirt and blood from the boy was siphoned, his split lip knit back together, and a stream of bandages wove tightly around his ravaged legs.

"Thank fuck Merlin." Hinata swore out loud, shoulders slumping. She jabbed the Elder Wand here and there, healing scrapes and bruises. She did a diagnostic scan and winced at the amount of injuries the boy had—shattered bones, internal bleeding, at least two of his organs were severely damaged…

And he was missing his eyes.

Fuck Merlin and Circe and Morgana and whatever other magical pagan entity existed out there.

The boy was missing his eyes.

And alright, Hinata knows that she shouldn't panic, shouldn't get hysterical—Merlin knows she'd seen far more worse things than a boy with no eyes—but she wasn't feeling very rational and she'd heard a lot of horror stories from the Hyuuga elders about finding dead people with no eyeballs, okay?

And haha, here was one guy right now, straight out of old hag Masako's stories.

"No. I do not have clearance for this. I'm six. I may have the mind of a grown-ass bloke, but I'm bloody six. Shit didn't happen to me in the Wizarding World until after I turned eleven." Hinata said, releasing the Elder Wand with a clatter. "I just went out for a walk, for Circe's sake. How did it lead to… well, this."

She flapped her hand at the now unconscious boy with bloodied clothes and injured body, still half-wet from his swim at the river. Hinata herself was soaked from waist down after wading through to drag the body upstream. She sighed, picking up her discarded wand and tapped the boy's skull. She very firmly did not look at his flat sockets.

"Obscuro." she chanted. A black blindfold tightly wrapped itself around the top-half of his head, leaving his nostrils free for him to breathe.


3.Hinata meeting Hamura (the Hyuuga with horns)

"Who… are you?" Hinata said, staring at the imposing man floating in front of her.

His face was austere, haughty almost. His long, waist-length hair was pure white and there were a pair of honest-to-Merlin horns protruding from his forehead. He was wearing archaic-looking robes that reminded Hinata of imperial royalty, and there was a pattern of six black magatama around his high collar. There was an otherworldly quality to his overall appearance, an ethereal stillness that made Hinata want to stop and gawk.

He was a Hyuuga, Hinata was sure, because he had the same pale eyes as she had. The Byakugan.

The man seemed unsurprised to see her, his expression giving nothing away except for the slight frown slanting his lips.

Definitely a Hyuuga, Hinata thought. Nobody could pull off an expression of Malfoy-like distaste like her clan could. Well except for the Uchiha. They took sneering to a whole new level. Like Snape-worthy levels.

Still, she was not familiar with the man before her, and she knew all of her Hyuuga relatives by now. It wasn't possible for her to miss him either, as he stood out like a king among peasants.

And those horns…

"I am Otsutsuki Hamura." The man said in a refined baritone, flickering his Byakugan eyes at her. "And it seemeth thee hath called me to thy side, little one. How strange."

"Otsutsuki Hamura." Hinata recited, still confused. "Al…right ? Er, sorry to bother you but I definitely didn't call anyone."

Judging from his clothes and outdated way of speaking, he was a dead Hyuuga. As in dead dead. Centuries dead. Hinata did not know why a possible ancestor of hers was randomly mucking around in her mindscape, and she was definitely not excited to find out.

"But thee hast called me." Hamura said, still not lifting his eyes from her. "Thy physical form might not has't uttered the call, but thy soul didst."

"Ah… My soul is sort of… out of control." Hinata grumbled, looking up at him. "As for calling you back, I do that unconsciously sometimes."

After finding out that Death ate the Fourth fucking Hokage, Hinata was kind of used to spirits appearing in her mindscape willy-nilly.

Didn't mean she enjoyed people barging in her private space, though. Just rude, really. But also partly her fault, so she let it go.

The man named Hamura made to speak, but he suddenly paused and adapted a look of consideration. Then a wave of warmth enveloped Hinata, only for a second, before she felt a tentative touch on her mind. She recoiled, wary of the foreign, invasive feeling that felt like Legilimency, until she realized that the man wasn't forcefully attacking her mental shields, merely linking the two of them together with gentleness, waiting for her to admit passage.

It almost felt… nice.

She let the foreign chakra in tentatively and was pleasantly surprised to feel it settle shallowly on her thoughts, delving no further.

"Apologies. I should have told you of my intentions to intrude upon your mind." the man called Hamura said. "I merely thought that my way of speaking must have sounded peculiar to you, as your language was as foreign to me."

"No problem." Hinata replied, still stumped at his appearance. "But what did you just do? It felt like Legilimens—er, mind reading."

"It is not mind reading. Merely a technique of ninshu." Hamura murmured , studying her with interest. "You are an Otsutsuki, I believe."

"A what now?" Hinata said in bewilderment. She could feel Death approach in the recesses of her mind. Good. Maybe her friend could make sense of this weird place and the weirder Hyuuga with horns.

"An Otsutsuki. One of my descendants, child." The man said with a slight edge of impatience in his voice.

"Oh. No. I'm not an Otsutsuki. I'm a Hyuuga." Hinata answered politely. "But yes to the descendant thing, since I do have the Byakugan like you."

Hamura's expression cleared. "Ah. I see. A child of Hosuseri's then. You are the part of the Otsutsuki of Earth."

"…if that's your translation of a Hyuuga, then yes, I'm an Otsutsuki of Earth." Hinata said, deciding to humor the man. He had the Byakugan and he was obviously ancient, so maybe that's how the Hyuuga were known as centuries ago?

Otsutsuki of Earth. Such an odd name for a clan.

To her surprise, he chuckled lightly. "I see you are not aware of your origins. That would be Hosuseri's doing. He vowed to seal any knowledge there was about his brother's family living on the moon."

Hinata stared.

Right. The man was completely bonkers.

"Any idea on how to get out of here?" she asked casually, inching away from the floating bloke with horns.


4.Hamura's gift (Wherein Hinata gets more powerups and gets to spank transmigrants on her knees. Wtf, Death)

Scenario: Hinata learns of Ashura and Indra. Also, Death gives her homework.

Hamura sighed. "I do wish for Hagoromo's sons to be at peace with each other. Not for their sakes, as I could care less about their squabbles, but for the sake of the rest of the world." The ancient demigod frowned. "My older brother inherited much power from our mother, more so than I did, and his sons manifested the same potential. None of my descendants stood a chance against them…" He eyed her meaningfully. "Until now that is."

Ringing silence.

"Woah. Hold on a bloody minute." Hinata said after a beat, eyes widening when it dawned on her. "You're not pitting me against your brother's super-powered sprogs, are you?"

"I too, wish to see Indra and Asura's feud come to an end, Mistress." Death said, appearing displeased. "Their will was powerful enough to overcome even that of beyond death. As such, part of their souls, part of their chakra, mingled with that of their transmigrants."

"Transmigrants." Hinata said slowly. "Huh. I've heard of that word. From Hogwarts, actually... It's a soul inheritance of sorts." There was a teacher, a Headmaster and Grand Sorcerer from the sixties whose magic and memories manifested in a boy during the nineties.

"Unlike your situation, it is not a full reincarnation. No mortal can deliberately enter their soul into the process of reincarnation. Not without my hand in it." Death said, emitting an air of haughty arrogance. "And yet there are some souls strong enough to pass a part of themselves to whoever they deem worthy. That is transmigration. A powerful, yet subconscious desire for their beliefs to survive that the closest souls inherit their will. A crude method, but a working one unfortunately."

"That sounds an awful lot like a horcrux." Hinata said. "Splitting their souls, damning themselves to a cursed immortality." She elaborated at Hamura's inquiring brow. The look of revulsion on her ancestor made her ease.

"It does seem like a horcrux, although transmigration does not require any sacrificial murder and doesn't have any consequences." Death seemed to sigh. "Unless you count the original soul being trapped in limbo, waiting for their inheritors to accomplish whatever task they left unfulfilled."

"That does sound like something my nephews could do." Hamura murmured. "They are my brother's children and my mother's first grandchildren."

"The grandsons of a goddess." Hinata said. "Right, I suppose they have enough juice to continue their fights from the grave." She looked at Hamura. "But what about you? Why didn't you or your brother get transmigrated or something? You could've ended their feud yourselves. Spank them over your knee or something. "

"It is not that simple." Hamura said. "For one, I never dreamed—and nor did my brother, I believe— that Indra and Asura's bitter quarrel would continue throughout several lifetimes. Anija and I never fought as bitterly as they did, and we simply could not understand how they could not get along as brothers did." His aged eyes turned pensive. "And we were tired. At our final moments, we truly wished for rest and nothing else." He smiled at her. "I do not remember the Pure Lands, but I could feel it in my soul. I know I resided there, along with my brother and wife and children."

Hinata shot a look at Death. Pure Lands?

Heaven, Mistress. Death replied silently.

"Oh." Hinata blinked in realization. "So you really have no regrets before you died."

"None at all." Hamura said. "I was content with my life. Guarding my mother. Protecting my brother's legacy."

"Transmigration depends on pure will." Death supplied quietly. "If a soul is at peace, they have no reason to leave an imprint on the mortal plane."

"Indeed." Hamura turned to Death. Hinata was slightly impressed that he did so with nary a flinch. "I believe my brother and I are powerful enough to manifest our souls in the mortal realm. But to leave a transmigrant? We do not have the resolve."

"I see." Hinata sighed. It was clear that Hamura was content in the Pure Lands. And she wasn't a bloody bastard; she wasn't about to force him out of his afterlife just to clean up after his nephews. And even though Hamura's older brother was clearly more at fault here for not looking after his sons better, Hinata wasn't going to force this Hagoromo bloke out from his eternal rest either.

Everyone who earned heaven shouldn't be ripped away from the peace they deserved.

She could do it. Why not? Investigate moon people. Right. Then she'll find this Indra and Asura and give them a piece of her mind. Make them stop giving Death headaches.

Hamura looked at her with visible fondness, as if reading her mind. She sniffed and looked away.

"Also, it is not possible for him to intervene against his nephews' fates." Death suddenly spoke up. "Fate has greater plans for Indra and Asura's transmigrants, well beyond their eternal conflict."

Hinata deadpanned at that. "Fate, huh? You don't use that word lightly. So… prophecy?"


"Merlin damn it."

"I apologize for not being much of help." Hamura said. "I could only tell you of what I know. But perhaps… yes, this may be of use to you."

He lifted his hand and took her left palm. Their intertwined hands immediately glowed a dark purple and Hinata drew in a sharp breath when power began to flood her body, dark and heavy, settling underneath her coils like a shroud on her magic and chakra. Death watched on silently as his Mistress received her rightful inheritance.

She was the Hyuuga heiress after all. There was no one worthier to receive the demigod Hamura's power than she who is his descendant.

And yes, it was probably overkill. But so what if his Mistress was stacked? More power to her, Death should say.

Hamura withdrew his hand from hers and Hinata swayed on the spot, feeling punch-drunk. She felt bloated and drained at the same time, as if she just ran out of adrenaline. She shuddered, lifted her hand to rub her eyes, and blinked when she something stamped on the middle of her palm.

It was a black crescent moon.

"It contains my Yin Release." Hamura said as she stared at it in surprise. "Another inheritance I received from my mother, along with these eyes."


5.Naruto: the Last Movie (except with a capable Hinata and 300% more Uchihas. Extra warning for Shisui's blabby mouth.)

Scenario: Hinata gets kidnapped, much to her shame. Her boys try to get her back. Shisui despairs.

"I don't think you understand the enormity of this situation, Itachi." Shisui said, arms flailing and eyes wide as he sprinted beside the two brothers. "We're on the moon. Inside a floating castle. Stabbing giggly, creepy puppets while we run after Hinata-chan's crazy stalker who wants to marry her under a giant orb made of Byakugan eyeballs."

Itachi's response was as flat as his mood. "Your point?"

"Shouldn't we have reached the batshit-crazy meter by now? Why am I the only one freaking out about this? Why am I the sane one? What has become of our life?" Shisui groaned, looking to the side where Sasuke was studiously ignoring him as they ran.

Bless him. Nothing fazed the emo one, apparently.

"Shisui. My eyes make eternal hellfire. Your eyes permanently alter people's brains." Itachi deadpanned. "We can create giant, humanoid guardian avatars from our Sharingan and for some reason, my Susanoo has the Yata Mirror, which had the monks back home screaming how I'm either demon spawn or kami reborn for having one of the Three Imperial Regalia in my possession. I don't even have the patience to tell them that I most likely have a variation of the Sword of Kusanagi as well, if the portrait they have on the temple is to be believed. Forgive me for not being too enthused about the current situation."

Sasuke snorted. Itachi was being talkative, which means he was still ticked off. Probably at the monk who poured sacred oil at his head to make 'Tsukiyomi's mortal form release the divine mirror'.

"Point." Shisui muttered grudgingly. "You might not be enthused, but you are murderous at least."

"I am." Itachi said calmly, and everybody knows that an eerily calm Itachi is a scary motherfucker.

A blast of pure green chakra burst outside, visible from the castle window. The feeling of indignant fury emanating from the chakra told them that the Hyuuga heiress was in just as a generous mood as Itachi.

"...aaaaand that would be Hinata-chan. Using her weird sun dojutsu too." Shisui said, slightly fed up. Why is it that everyone he knew were such powerful freaks? Why was he such a powerful freak? Why couldn't he be a potato farmer or something. Then he wouldn't have to deal with Itachi and Sasuke's overprotective tendencies towards Hinata.

"Yo, Itachi. Maybe we should let her handle- aaaaand, he's gone. Guess it's just you and me Sasu- oh, sure leave me alone here too. You fuckers forget that I'm faster than both of you."

Shisui grumbled some more before following after the two. Can't beat em. Join em. After all, he's just as fond of the messy haired girl as his cousins were.


A/N: I love the last one the most because it speaks of a beautiful potential. There's not much Naruto in this, because the drafts I have on him are not as concrete, but I hope you enjoyed these snippets. I'm really sorry about the permanent hiatus but learning waits for no one.

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