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This is just a stats list for the characters in Shoton of Konoha. Mostly doing it 'cause we thought it be fun and helpful to those who like the fic and wanna know more about characters' skills and capabilities, as well as traits and all. Some bio as well perhaps, as well as concepts and events we'll explain in further detail once they are uncovered in the story.

The Naruto official stat system confuses us sometimes, so we decided to instead of using numbers we'll use a letter system. Like in Type-Moon for its Fate franchise.

It'll receive updates as we reveal new things about characters

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Kushina Uzumaki

Basic stats:

Strength: B+

Intelligence: B

Speed: B

Stamina: A

Chakra level: A+

Taijutsu: A

Genjutsu: D

Ninjutsu: B+

Personal attributes:

Kenjutsu: A

Trained from a young age in the art of the blade, Kushina boasts a great prowess with a sword.

Uzumaki bloodline:

Being a pure born member of the Uzumaki clan, Kushina possesses an exceptionally strong lifeforce, chakra and stamina.

She is one of the rare few individuals of the clan born with the power to bring forth the Adamantine Chains. These chains made out of solid chakra can restrain and bind opponents, particularly effective when used in conjunction with sealing. Kushina has shown she is capable of even using them as focal points to erect barriers.

These golden chains are highly effective against beings made out of solid energy, as well as unholy or impure existences such as demons. Effectiveness is highly reduced against ordinary mortal beings.

While possessing great reach, the chains are not very fast, and so she uses them more against larger and slower opponents that are in close proximity.

FÅ«injutsu: S+

Like those of her clan, Kushina is a born adept of the sealing arts. She can create complex arrays, such as individual seals, barrier and field arrays, with a simple press of her palm in only a few seconds, as well as re-write seals done by other people.

A favorite tactics of hers is applying elemental effects to her weapons, namely fire. While her skill with fire techniques is C+ at best, her use of seals and chakra control raise that proficiency close to A Rank.

Wind Element: A

Possessing wind affinity, Kushina has mastered the use of wind elemental techniques. She can do B and A Rank techniques with a reduced number hand signs and reduced cost in chakra.

Water Element: A

Possessing water affinity, Kushina has mastered the use of water elemental techniques. She can do B and A Rank techniques with a reduced number hand signs and reduced cost in chakra.