Can Peter just say this one thing?

Talking to Captain America is the most awkward thing ever.

Like, in the history of forever.

Since before the big bang, forever.

He's dead, he swears. There's no other explanation for this extremely awkward situation.

"I'm not taking up your time, am I?" Captain America asks hesitantly, and it's all Peter can do not to yell, you're freaking shy!?

"No, I've only got a bit of homework." Peter shuffles slightly, pursing his lips together as he offers up a vague, sighing, "Sorry for stealing your shield."

"Not a problem," Captain America waves his hand, and as if this whole situation wasn't uncomfortable enough, all Peter can think of is that one video, so you've got detention... "Most of the situation was my fault, anyways. Um, shouldn't you finish your homework?"

Peter lifted a shoulder, trying to meet Captain America's eyes but utterly failing and ending up sort of just standing there, looking around, his eyes rolling in his head like marbles on a slide. "I can spend some time with you." No matter how much this conversation makes him wish that he didn't talk like a drug dealer on a sugar high. "As for the whole who's fault thing, Mr. Stark says that everyone who was involved had part of the blame."

Captain America looks a bit surprised, and asks quietly, "Really?"

"No," Peter snorts, and then huffs in frustration, arms flying up in angry, sweeping gestures. "He was all like 'I could've done this or that...' but he knows that he's right, and he doesn't regret it, but he doesn't blame anyone else, so he's just sort of there, all idiotic and self deprecating."

Captain America, unsurprisingly, looks like he's not sure whether or not he wants to laugh at that or go and smack some sense into Mr. Stark.

(He lets out a tentative laugh, uncertain and soft, and then grumbles something under his breath about the latter, so Peter figures he's decided to do both.)

"Tony's getting better at it," Captain America offers, weak and not much of an excuse, but Peter knows that Captain America only half believes it himself, so he just kind of rolls with it. "He yells at me sometimes, and then we sit down and chat. It's nice."

"Getting yelled at is nice?" Peter asks dubiously, deciding to forget about any pretense of being subtle.

"His therapist says that it's good to get it all out." Captain America shrugs, still giving Peter that weird, tentative smile, so he returns a sort-of smile that doesn't quite turn into a real one, but he decides that's okay for now. "So we're letting him."

"Oh." Peter doesn't really know anything else to say, so he just sort of goes, "I, uh, better go finish my homework."

"Yeah, um," Oh man, now Captain America is bright red and kind of making vague motions with his hands. (He's so nervous, he's acting worse than Peter... okay, fine, maybe not that bad, but almost.) "That, that sounds good, sounds fantastic, really, good idea, homework should be finished as soon as possible."

"Yeah," Peter agrees, equally nervous and weird. He echoes the sentiment, making equally vague motions with his hands, and when he realizes what he's doing, he clamps them to his side, smiling nervously. "I'll see you around, around the city."

"Around the city." Captain America agrees, reaching out to shake Peter's hand, and Peter shakes it, resisting the urge to tap his fingers nervously against his leg. "Small city."

Peter offers him a crooked smile. "Pretty big city, actually." Captain America turns bright red at that, and Peter laughs, the sound sort of startled out of him, before he says, "Joking."

Captain America smiles, a full blown, not-nervous smile, eyes lighting and cheeks dimpling.

And, well, Peter has homework, but maybe he can do it later.