"Mr. Rhodes, can you help me with my science homework?"

Glancing up from his spot on the couch, Rhodey raised an eyebrow. "Kid, why would I help you with your homework?"

Peter made a face at him. "Because you're smart." Duh.

Tony was a bad influence on this kid. "Tony's smarter." Rhodey pointed out.

"Dude. You're a rocket scientist. Like, literally, a rocket scientist. Forgive me if I think that you're super smart."

The edges of Rhodey's lips quirked up into a smile. "You're forgiven." He agreed genially, and Pete rolled his eyes.

"So, homework. Now that I'm forgiven, will you help me?"

"Mm, I don't know." Rhodey answered teasingly as he leaned over to peer at Peter's homework. "Doesn't seem much of a challenge for a lowly... holy cannoli, kid, what is that?"

Peter chewed nervously on his lower lip. "Homework?" He answered hesitantly, raising his eyebrows.

"Kid, that's not homework." Rhodey frowned as he pointed at the diagram on Peter's sheet. "That's something else."

"No it's not!" Peter was not whining. He was not. (Okay. Fine. maybe. Just a little.) "Fine! If it's too easy for you I'll just go ask Bruce. He's my favorite anyways." At this point, Peter childishly stuck his tongue out as he began gathering his papers.

"No, kid, wait, I mean..." Rhodey sighed, and rubbed his temples wearily. "Kid, this looks like one of the diagrams for Tony's inventions. Why is something as complicated as this your homework?"

"Ooh!" Peter clapped his hands together, nodding in understanding. "No, this isn't like question and answer. It's my summative. We're supposed to get help from adults that we know and collaborate with others to create an invention. The point is supposed to teach us to be creative as well as realize that the more people helping you, the better you'll do."

"So let me get this straight... your teacher... as in, no copying other people's work teacher... is telling you to work with others?"

"To replicate a workplace situation, yes." Peter bobbed his head into a nod. "I mean, who's going to just think of an invention and build it all by themselves?" At Rhodey's awkward silence, he added with a small sigh, "Other than Mr. Stark, I mean."

Rhodey laughed and murmured, "Tony's the exception to just about everything." He agreed proudly.

"He's the first non super powered superhero." Peter agreed dreamily. "Mr. Stark is seriously cool."

Rhodey raised an eyebrow, amused. "Saying that to the guy who just offered to help you with your homework? I'm hurt, kid. Fatally wounded."

"You're awesome, too!" Peter quickly tacked on, waving his hands in front of his face. "You're totally awesome, and you were like, War Machine and you're also super smart as well as being a super hero and you're very nice and stuff and..."

"I get it, kid." Rhodey cut Peter off with a light smile. "So, homework?"

"Yeah." Peter offered Rhodey an awkward, but earnest smile. "Homework."

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