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Over the next few weeks, Jacob had fun grilling the Luke, Blaise and Hermione about magic.


"So, like... you can turn my dog into a mug?"

"We could, but why would you want to?"


"So say I wanted blue hair..."

Blaise pointed his wand at Jacob and said Colovaria.


"Okay, but, like... dragons... they aren't actually real are they?"

"They are, I've ridden one before."

"Granger, I'm going to need that story."


"Do you always need to say a spell?"

"No, for simple tasks you can cast nonverbally. The harder the task, the more practice and power you need to successfully do it. For some curses, it can mean the difference between life and death."

"You would know that personally Granger."

"Yes, Blaise, I would," she said rubbing her collar bone.


"What does it feel like?"

"For me, it's like a warm summer breeze floating around me and rushing off."

"Water... Like stepping into a perfect shower."

"That first sip of cold water on a hot summer's day."


"Who is the most powerful of you three?"



"I've never duelled Luke, but I can beat Blaise."


"Can I watch you duel?"

"Jacob... are you really asking a war heroine to duel the son of a Death Eater?"

"What's a Death Eater?"

"Fuck. I am not sober enough for this. Luke, Hermione... want to help?"

"Think Nazi."

"Oh," Jacob looked down, worried he insulted everyone.

"One day you can watch. Maybe when Antonin gets out."

"You'd duel him?"

"I have before. Or maybe I can drag Kings here... but I trust their healing the most."


"Kingsley Shacklebolt."

"Only you would volunteer the minister of fucking magic for a duel."

She shrugged, "He trained most of us. Mad-Eye would observe and critique, Kings would battle."

Blaise shook his head and walked away.


"So you can fly?"

"On brooms."


Jacob was inspecting the glass Hermione had just repaired.

"So wait, if I drop it again it will break, right?"

"Yes. It's still glass."

"No, I mean like... when you glue something back together, it can break on those cracks easier."

"Oh, then no. It's back to normal."


"So if you stranded on a desert island with just your wand, could you survive?"





"Can you redo things?"

"If you have a time turner... I think there aren't any left though."


"So when you go get Tony, are you going to fly?"

"Well, no, but we'll use magic. We're not going to drive. That would take far too long to get there. We'll apparate."

"One, where is there. and two you'll do what?"

"He's moving into the guest house on her property. And it's... well..."

Hermione laughed, Blaise had trouble explaining some things because he lacked the muggle comparisons that Hermione grew up knowing and Luke had learned.



The day had finally arrived. Antonin was currently going through the process of release. They had handed him back the clothes he came in wearing, which he now knew were jeans and his familiar black Oxford shirt. He was smoothing over the sleeves and waiting for them to come get him from the holding room.

"Dolohov. They're here to pick you up."

He walked out of the room and saw Kingsley and Hermione waiting to escort him to the home they had set up for him. Hermione had the brightest smile he had ever seen on her as Kingsley signed the final forms and walked out the door without so much as a hello. It was suddenly very obvious why he was chosen as the minister- no one would have the nerve to question his orders in an emergency.

He was lead to a familiar room, the one he was ushered through on his way to prison. Hermione was talking about her newest spell, her hands flying all over as if he was able to see the whiteboards she had mapped the theory on. He was more than happy to watch her brain work. He wondered if anyone else ever noticed the way her eyes lit up when she started talking about her work.

He hoped not.

When they reached the small apparation building, there was a woman flanked by two Aurors doing their best to look imposing, though they were failing. To be fair to them, next to Kingsley it was almost impossible to reach any level of intimidation. The woman stepped forward and pointed a wand at Antonin.

Hermione was apparently still a fast draw.


"What?" she asked, wand still trained at the woman while she looked at Kingsley with the sweetest innocent look he'd ever seen her muster.

"You can't just-"

"I'm just ensuring proper procedure Minister. I would hate if all the plans got spoiled over a little technicality."

Antonin hid his smirk, apparently, you could look intimidating next to the Minister. You just had to be a tiny little ball of energy with a rather Slytherin attitude and a good bit of sarcasm.

He took a deep breath and his hand twitched. Hermione spotted it and her smile only grew, arm still trained on the woman.

"Fine Mione. You know the protocol, Silvia. Follow it or I can't promise Miss Granger won't get protective."


"No, she's right."

The woman glared at a very smug Hermione.

"Antonin Dolohov. I will now remove the charms on your regulatory pendant and remove it from your person. You will then be given a wand and walked through some test spells to ensure your magic isn't going to flare. You will be given recovery directions when you return to your chosen residence. It is important to not overtax your magic."

She finally flicked her eyes over to Antonin, "Is that clear?"

"As mud Miss-"

She ignored the implied question and flicked her wand at his chest, occasionally shooting a glance at Hermione and her wand.

"Oh don't worry darling Silvia I don't draw my wand unless necessary. I find it rude."

Merlin, but the girl had an attitude when she wanted to.

It took about an hour to test his magic and health, the whole time Hermione didn't put her wand away. He noticed neither of the Aurors seemed eager to challenge her either. Soon the three guests signed some forms and handed them to the minister and popped out.

He did not see the girl throw herself at him.

He definitely did not expect to end up sitting on the table with her pressed against him, her lips on his.

His eyes went wide and he froze.

He couldn't think anything other than react, you bloody fool.

But his body wasn't cooperating.

Well, part of him was.

She shifted closer and he finally wrapped his arms around her, letting his eyes close while he kissed her back.

This time he didn't need the pendant to feel the brush of her magic against his, and her shiver in response told him that she could feel the Russian winter as it gently expanded for the first time in two years, overtaking the space before wrapping firmly around them.

A cough from the corner of the room brought them out of their own little world.

"Sorry Kings."

He nodded and continued to look pointedly at the wall, allowing Antonin to hide his initial reaction to having a beautiful witch throw herself into his arms.