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I sat on the couch in my house. Bakura was gone, probably out to a bar or club. Getting drunk or something or another. I sigh. I loved him, yes but I couldn't tell him.not ever. He would laugh in my face, beat me more then normal.kill me. How I wish he would at times. I would rather die at his hands then anyone else's. I don't know why, I guess im just weird. And weak. I don't want to live. I can't take it anymore. There's just so much one can take before they break, before they become insane. I passed that point years ago. But now im going to show it, im going to show Bakura how I feel.how much pain he puts me through.how much pain.Nothing could show him how much pain he puts me though. Nothing.

The front door bangs open and I hear Bakura curse. He's home, not drunk, but angry all the same. Bakura came through the doorway that led from the front door to the living room. He stormed over to me picking me up by the collar of my shirt and punches me in the face, I can feel the blood come out of an old wound on my forehead. I don't know why he's mad, he never tells me, he just takes out his frustrations on me. He throws me towards the wall and my body hit's it with so much force I could almost hear my bones crack threw my screams. I slump to the floor. He storms over again and starts yelling at me about how weak I am, how I could never defend myself, and how nobody could ever love me. I stand up with much effort, using the blood stained wall to help keep me up. Then look him in the eyes, and say with all the pain.all the heart wrenching pain he put me though...

"Kill me."

He stares at me shocked for a minute, im not to sure if he wants me to repeat what I said but I do anyways.

"Kill me, Bakura." He looked into my eyes, and I could tell that my eyes showed no fear of him anymore. No fear, just pleading for the pain to stop. I want the pain in my heart to stop.

He doesn't say anything. He just looks at me.

"KILL ME!" I yell. Is he deaf? Why won't he kill me already? Does he want me to admit something? I know what he wants to hear. So I say it. I don't care what he thinks of me anymore. Just put me out of my pain!

"Im to weak to do it myself. I-Im not strong enough to take my own life." I look down at the floor, where I hope to be laying down, blood pouring out of my chest with a blood covered knife beside me and Bakura's fingerprints all over it. At least I think he has fingerprints.something to think about later in hell.

I fall to my knees. Hand still on the wall. I can still feel him staring at me, why the hell won't he do it!

"Please." I whisper, pleading, BEGGING him to kill me. I start to cry. Im just to weak to kill myself, and the person, the ONLY person, that I want to kill me, wont do it.

"Please," I start again. "Put me out of my pain." Tears dropped from my eyes and made those little circles on the carpet. The tears mixing with the blood, the blood I wanted to lose and be rid of. It did always cause so much of a pain to start bleeding after an old wound re-opened from one of Bakura's beatings.

Bakura finally decided to speak, after like, five minutes!


I look up at him, my tears making trails down my face.

"Wha.?" I start, I couldn't finish. Why won't he? Why won't he kill me!

"No." he said more firmly, making me flinch. I stair at him in disbelieve.

"Why not?"

He doesn't say anything, his eyes a void of emotion. I scream at him,

"Why not? Why the hell not?!" He still doesn't say anything so I continue. "Kill me God damn it! Kill me now!"

Bakura shakes his head.

"Is it because you need my body to live? Is that it?!"


"Can't you say anything else?!" I couldn't take it anymore, I broke down crying.

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