The gods' chosen by Teirrah96 .


Namikaze Mina (OC) was chosen by gods to correct the balance of the Ninja world and prevent the total genocide of the Elemental Nation. Abandoned by her parents due to a misinterpretation of a prophecy, she and her companions would fight till peace finally prevails. OC(Mina)/Itachi, Sasuke/Hinata. Zanpakuto! Rinnegan! Sub-elements! Mutant! Mina, Zanpakuto! EMS! Itachi, Zanpakuto! EMS! Sasuke, Soten Kesshun! Byakugan! Hinata. God-like! Mina.


9 years old, Namikaze Mina or now former Namikaze due to her banishment from the clan for not being a 'jinchuriki' like her brother, Namikaze Naruto, was just living her life the way she wanted it to be. With no adult supervision from her 'parents' she was not as restricted as she was when she was five years old. She didn't know why her parents, Namikaze Minato and Kushina, seem to hate her. Her godparents, Hatake Kakashi and Yuuhi Kurenai treat her with disdain or her father and her parent's sensei, gave her the cold shoulder.

She had giving up on those bastards anyway. She was different. Would never pine or cry for love or attention like her asshole of a brother. She will never be angry that they gave him her birthright instead of her, the eldest.

With her highly mature, analytic mind, an eidetic photographic memory and the fact that she was a confirmed genius with an IQ of 199, she went about her way to gather her own inheritance as her right due to clan laws, as she observed her mother doing seals she created in the clan's sealing shop such as storage seals, copy seals, weight seals, preserving seals, self- cleaning seals, warding and protection seals and detection seals.

With the storage and copy seals, she copied the entire Namikaze-Uzumaki library. On 'family outings' to the Senju and Uchiha clans to meet Tsunade or Mikoto, she left shadow clones to copy their libraries. Tsunade was arrogant in thinking that nobody could enter the library since only someone could enter the library freely if they had Uzumaki or Senju blood in them. For Mikoto, her clan was stupid enough to think that anyone without a sharingan could never read their scrolls. They didn't even secure the door. Like she could not just copy it and find out what it is later on when she tries to decipher it.

One of the other places she copied was the Hyuga's. Their doujutsu techniques where useless to her (though she copied it) but she found other scrolls abandoned by the clan in their basement simply because they do not use 'ninjutsu'. If they had checked most of the scrolls they took from ninjas they had defeated, they would have found that there were Tiger, Wolves and Bats summoning scrolls.

The last place she had infiltrated was the Hokage vault (it was laughably easy to enter). She copied every scroll in it as well as the forbidden scroll. Not that she cared that it was forbidden, knowledge is knowledge.

She had fully equipped with weapons as she took three sets each one in the clan's inventory, money she collected as her right to claim one-fourth of their liquid assets. Luckily, the financial manager and adviser of the clan, Haruno Mebuki, was sickened by the treatment they show to the girl that she kept it from them until they ask for an update on their finances. That usually happens every 10 years and the last time they had asked was two years ago.

The reason she did all this was she overheard the conversation of her parents to lock her out when she turned six and ban any orphanage from taking the girl in. they would enact their plan before she turns six. Sadly for them, she left and paid for a home with five bedrooms, a living room, an office, and kitchen, all with furniture, and attic and a basement.

She chose the biggest room with a walk-in closet and a view of the sunset, stored her scrolls and weapons in the basement, her sealing equipments were in the office and one of the rooms was converted into a gym room.

Three months away from turning six, with Mebuki as her sponsor, registered into the academy much earlier, than the usual twelve years of age. It would have brought a lot of attention to her but with divine intervention (she suspects); she started to lose her blond hair as it turned into platinum white and completely straight. Her eyes were now aqua blue color instead of sapphire blue and aristocrat face and pale skin instead of tanned. Her current name was Mugetsu Mina, an orphan under the supervision of Haruno Mebuki, who was friends to her late parents (both snickered at that).

During the time in the academy, most of the children (who were 13 as she was placed in advance class due to her skills and knowledge) chose not to be friendly and didn't try to bully her since they knew that prodigies normally tend to be famous later in life so it was best not to create grudges that can jeopardizes themselves. She didn't care because she had training to occupy her time.

She trained her body and bukijutsu for 6 months, then started on extra chakra control for another six months as well as practicing the kawarimi, henge and bunshin no jutsu to perfection. With that, she graduated the academy as the 'Rookie of the year' and was given an apprenticeship with Uzuki Yugao, a kenjutsu specialist and still an active ANBU.

During the first year of her apprenticeship, she became close to her sensei. Yugao was a mentor to her and she confided to her about her history and her plans. To says Yugao was angry was an understatement. The rage that her mentor had spilled, her Killer Intent, was a LOT. She pleaded with her not spill or show any outward contempt to any of them, especially Kurenai. Yugao was disappointed with her 'supposed godmother'. To find out that her best friend treated a little girl like a monster was disgusting. The entire Namikaze were utterly embarrassing. To think that Kushina-sensei, of all people, who was also an orphan, would treat her blood like that was disappointing. Because of it, she trained Mina to the ground in order to attain complet freedom from the U-N clan.

For her first year, age 7, since she already knew the basics like chakra control, she learned of her affinities which stumped her and Yugao. She had an extremely high affinity to water, wind and earth and a minor affinity to fire and lightening. Yugao suspected that she had an unknown bloodline. Yugao helped her with her earth and fire manipulation, she asked help from Anko who had a water and lightening affinity and wind was from her ANBU teammate, Yamato, even though he didn't have the affinity but knew the steps of manipulation. Taijutsu training was done by Maito Gai

Her second year, age 8, she trained extensively in kenjutsu and genjutsu, and refined her other skills to their highest point. They focused on more C-rank missions and few on B-rank until her current age of 9. Her sensei recommended her for the chunin exams. Assigned with the genins, Kotetsu and Izumo, age 16, they headed to Kumogakure for the exams.

She had no idea that her life was going to change completely during the exams.