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People speaking – "Mina"

People thinking – 'Mina'

Bijuu/Summon/gods speaking – "Kurama"

Bijuu/Summon/gods thinking – 'Kurama'


Three days before exam, Afternoon time, Konohagakure

The day could not have been great for the legendary Gama-Sennin, Jiraiya as he was content with peeping on the bathhouses that had a variety of beautiful kunoichis of Konoha, including his favorite person of all, Tsunade. Just as he was about to see Tsunade in her birthday suit, he was spontaneously reversed summoned by Fukasaka and Shima, the Nidaisengama.

"NO! This close to looking at those valley gifted by the gods to Tsunade and you had to ruin it", ranted a pervert. "What did you say, Jiraiya-boy", asked Shima sweetly as she glared at him. "I can quickly inform Tsunade-san about your recent attraction to the bathhouse on this particular day and time through her summons". That quickly and humbled Jiraiya quickly as he looked on sheepishly.

"What is it you need of me, Fukasaka-sama, Shima-sama?" asked a curious sage only for the male toad to shrug and say, "Not me, Jiraiya-boy. It is Gamamaru-sama who requested you, but he seemed in a very bad mood so do not do anything stupid to aggravate him". Jiraiya blanched as he wondered how the forgetful toad could be in a very bad mood to the point that he could blow his top off.

Fukasaka and Shima led Jiraiya to the residence of Gamamaru with an awkward tension in the air that made Jiraiya really worried for his wellbeing. Just as he entered and closed the door, Jiraiya felt a killing intent coming from the very old toad from his sitting position. "Jiraiya, you idiot. Do you know what you and your student have done to receive my anger?" as old toad ranted to the pervert that made Jiraiya to almost piss himself and for the other two toads to jaw-drop at the radiating killing intent from behind the door.

Gamamaru knew he had to calm down before he mistakenly smite Jiraiya but his anger had been growing for the past two months when Kami had showed him Mina's life from when she was a child. He wanted to smack some sense into them for their stupidity. He shook his head to wash his anger away and kept quiet, occasionally glaring at the imbecile summoner in the room.

"10 years ago, I told you that there was a change in the prophecy of 'two children of a dual clan shall determine the fate of the world. One containing power gained from a being on par with a god, shall save the world from total genocide and the other possessing malice and hatred shall cause said genocide. Who the child shall be rest in the decisions of the parents' and what did you do? You neglected and treated an innocent child as a disease because of your assumptions and made our future into a bigger problem."

Jiraiya eyes bugged as he realized that they were taking about THAT child of Minato. Sure what they did was cruel but compared to what she did and would do was much worse. He was still thinking so when Gamamaru-sama ceased his thoughts, "Stop thinking those stupid thoughts. It was those thoughts that caused you to assume many things wrong currently and now the darn prophecy has changed. Tell me Jiraiya, what possessed you to accuse a three-year old of attempted murder and treat her like she was worse than death? What went through that worthless brain of yours to be an interpreter of prophecies? I told you Jiraiya that let events take its course and never manipulate it to your desire or there would be consequencies."

Jiraiya, the fool, got the courage to speak back as he tried to defend himself, "I did what I had to do to secure the continued existence of the Elemental nation. Naruto is the child of prophecy and is the only one that fit the saviour's part. Mina when she pushed her brother intentionally into boxes of sharp weapons to harm him showed that she was one destined to kill us all."

"WILL YOU SHUT UP! I've seen all the things that happened to that child and I know for a fact that Naruto was lying when he said that Mina pushed him. He was laying a prank on Minato and Kushina at which his sister tried to dissuade him when he fell into those boxes and harmed himself. You buffoons jumped to conclusions and started treating her badly", stated elder toad sage at a shocked Jiraiya. "Her brother, another individual who I am tempted to off his brain, lied to you and pretended to be a good boy when he saw that he could put most of his blames on his sister in order to not get in trouble. Now tell me Jiraiya, does that now justify your actions on an innocent girl."

"That cannot be right. Naruto never lied to us. He is a good boy and has never shown any sign of such acts when with us", stated Jiraiya in defiance. "There lies your problem. He never showed such acts in your presence. On to the next point, Jiraiya, never did I say that the child was Naruto and because of that the prophecy has changed once again."

"What do you mean? How can the prophecy change again?" asked a confused Jiraiya only for Gamamaru to answer him, "It changed because Naruto was never the child of prophecy. Just because it said that the savior shall contain power gained from a being on par with a god, doesn't mean that it is the kyuubi. It could be an actual god or a human considered to be a god. The kyuubi is a mere fraction compared to a god but it is a being that contains malice and hatred. Mina was the child of prophecy because she has a bloodline. What it is, you have to find out yourself."

Jiraiya was left to stew in his stupidity. They had treated an innocent girl worse than a criminal and now because of their choices, have destroyed her childhood. He couldn't help but cry. He now fully realized that his decisions could literally cause the end of the world.

Gamamaru stared at the pitiful man as he spoke on, "It is the same with Naruto. He was to be the cause of genocide but not directly. His decision or actions, like killing a client or causing the death of a comrade, might have led to the start of a catastrophe but I never said that Naruto will become evil and just kill everyone." Jiraiya was further saddened by that piece of information.

"The prophecy now states that 'The child of prophecy shall build herself from scratch without the support of blood. As a chosen by the blessings of the gods, she and her companions shall be the one to decide the fate of the world.' I hope Jiraiya-boy that you can live with yourself after this and I also hope that she continues to stay happy and loved away from you all. Right now, correct your godson and raise him well", just as he summoned away Jiraiya from Mount Myoboku.

Fukasaka and Shima, who overheard the entire conversation, were saddened by Jiraiya and Minato's decisions and hoped that they are able to gain Mina's forgiveness.

Back to Konohagakure

The moment Jiraiya was sent back, he went to the Inuzuka clan home to talk to Kiba since it was a Saturday so no classes. After much persuasion from his part to coerce the truth from the kid, he found out that Naruto normally used to put the blame for his pranks on a young girl that Naruto says his parents didn't like. He never knew that the girl was his sister and all.

After getting that information and then some, he raced towards Namikaze home to inform Minato and the rest about what occurred. Luckily, Minato had invited Tsunade, Kakashi, and Kurenai for dinner so he would not have to repeat himself anymore.

He wasted no time in barging into the house and towards the dining area which startled most of them. "Jiraiya what is the matter?" asked a concerned Tsunade. "Yeah Ero-sennin, why are you interrupting us?" stated a whining Naruto making Jiraiya zero in on him.

Most of the time, Jiraiya would shout at Naruto to stop calling him that annoying nickname or at least have some tick marks on his head but Jiraiya didn't even react making the adults worry and Naruto nervous. Jiraiya finally spoke to Naruto, in a monotonous voice, and asked, "Naruto, when you were three years old, you had an accident that injured you badly at that age but I want to ask Naruto, do you remember that incident?" Naruto frowned in confusion scratching the back of his red hair in though as he barely remembered the accident and the others wondered why Jiraiya was bringing up THAT incident.

"Yeah, I fell on some boxes of kunais and shurikens when I was trying to set up a prank on mom and dad." The others wanted to rectify what Naruto had said when Jiraiya silenced them with a glare. "You fell. Tell me do you remember anything else." Naruto thought hard considering he was three then and could barely remember. I think I remember a voice telling me not to do it but that is it."

"So let me clarify, you were trying to play a prank when a voice told you not, you fell on those boxes injuring yourself and that was it", stated Jiraiya to Naruto who nodded in confirmation about what he said. "Jiraiya, what exactly is the problem? We really should not bring about what THAT child did to my son?" the hokage said distasteful with a little bit of guilt.

Jiraiya seemed ready to explode on Naruto but crush his anger to explain the situation at hand. "I just came from Mount Myoboku and Gamamaru-sama told me of the situation that occurred all those years ago. He informed me that he had a vision of Naruto lying when he said that Mina pushed him. That he was laying a prank on Minato and Kushina at which Mina had tried to verbally dissuade him when he fell into those boxes and harmed himself. That when you and Kushina had jumped to conclusions and started treating her badly ever since."

That stumped everyone including Naruto who was starting to remember the event clearly (A bored Kurama within Naruto's mindscape had helped pushed a clear memory into Naruto's mind in order to see how much trouble Naruto would enter. Plus he recognized his father's chakra in the girl so he really wanted it to end badly for the little coward). Minato, the ever gullible hokage, said, "That can't be right. What about all those cruel pranks that Mina has been causing to most of other clan and civilian children and adults. I mean Naruto was there to witness it and reported to us about each event."

Naruto was rapidly paling at that bit of information. He knew that for some reason that his parents hated his elder sister but he never really put much thought in it when his godfather had told him that she was a nuisance that need not to be cared for. To find out it was basically his fault when he lied about that accident. It became worse when he started putting the blame on the pranks him and his best friend Kiba set up. Sure he knew his pranks where a bit cruel and he even stopped them when he witnessed what had happened one day when he followed his father secretly and witnessed one of his sister's punishments for one of his pranks.

It made him flinch on horror every once in a while when he remembered it four years ago. Six months later he never saw his sister again and thought that she was sent away. He couldn't pick up the courage to tell the truth because he taught that he might be in the receiving end of his father's punishments.

Jiraiya looked at his godson's face and knew then that Mina was innocent. He slumped into one of the chairs just next to Tsunade as he rubbed his head like he had a headache. "Naruto lied about it. Gamamaru-sama informed me that those pranks were set up by Naruto himself. After I came back, I went to meet Kiba to confirm if it was true and it was."

The others were shocked with the news and Tsunade and Kushina were boiling with fury at Naruto, Kakashi and Kurenai were in denial and Minato seemed to want to have a heart attack. "How is this possible Kushina? You informed me that Mina was caught red-handed when she pushed Naruto into those boxes with the intention of harming him and you", she rounded on Naruto, "Why did you lie you goddamn brat and why did you blame your sister for all those pranks?"

Naruto was shaking in fear at the glare Tsunade was giving him. Kushina was having a panic attack with Kurenai and Minato trying to calm her down. Kakashi spoke in a dejected tone as he spoke, "What have we done?" Kurenai asked her own question, "Why did you do it? See what you have caused to Kushina-sama."

Naruto finally snapped at them. "Why are you acting like this is my entire fault? For your information, I only lied so you wouldn't find out about my prank. After that accident, you treated her badly that it was so obvious to me. I didn't know about the accident being the cause of your sudden hatred for I doubted it was enough reason to alienate her like that. In my mind I was three and was just following your example."

They realized that he was telling the truth. He was three and didn't know better. It was their behavior that led Naruto into being the bully that he was then until the pranks stopped all of a sudden four years ago. Kushina pleaded in a strained tone, "Then why did you not say anything about it afterwards? I know that the harmful pranks stopped some months before Mina…" she gulped to find the words to say in place of their abandonment.

They caught on to her hesitation and winced at that as Naruto answered Kushina. "I was scared. The reason why I didn't say anything and also stopped my pranks was because of Tou…." Naruto stopped himself from completing that sentence, glancing at his father and turning away from the group. They didn't miss the word Naruto said as Kushina and Tsunade narrowed their eyes at Minato who wondered and worried about what Naruto was about to say.

"Naruto, what did your father do?" asked Kakashi. Naruto finally spoke in hushed tones, "I had followed him when he dragged Mina to his office because of one of my accusations." 'OH SHIT!' Minato thought as he rapidly paled at that statement, knowing he was going to die today. "Tou-san was very furious that he didn't notice me just behind the partially open door. I was curious about why he normally drags her first to his office then to her room unlike mom who normally grounds her without food for a week (cue flinches). So I watched what happened and saw tou-san had …" Naruto hesitated.

Jiraiya had a horrified look on his face, already suspecting what had happened when Naruto gulped as he spoke the last words, "…he had beaten Mina until she was unconscious"

Silence presented itself and no one did anything for a while as all except for Yondaime stared at Naruto. Then a huge killing intent ripped off the three women in the room, all focused on the Hokage in the room as they roared in absolute fury, "MINATO!" From there, chaos ensured.

!To be Continued!