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The roaring wind filled Sportacus' ears as he flew down to LazyTown on his skutla. He couldn't hear the ringing alarm from his crystal but could still sense it flashing on his chest and so he pedaled all the harder to answer the call. A spot of yellow among the green trees guided his rapid descent. Someone was in trouble.

Stingy dangled by the tips of his fingers from the highest branch. He squirmed and kicked so much that one of his loafers came off and tumbled to the ground. The rest of the kids scattered around the base of the tree to avoid the falling hazard.

"Somebody help," Stingy cried.

"Watch it, you almost beaned me with that thing!" Trixie shouted.

"Hang on, Stingy," Stephanie called up to the boy.

"Look!" Ziggy pointed upwards, not at Stingy but beyond him. Hurtling through the sky came Sportacus, a blue bullet scattering the white clouds in his wake.

Stingy couldn't hang on any longer. His fingers slipped free of the branch and he dropped out of the tree like an overripe apple. The children screamed up at him while he screamed down.

Swooping in on the whistling wind Sportacus caught Stingy halfway to the ground. He steered the skutla on a wide arc around the tree and coasted to a landing. The kids ran after him cheering.

Sportacus set Stingy down and the fancy boy wobbled on his feet. "Everyone okay?" Sportacus asked, looking around at all the nodding heads. "Good. You shouldn't climb up in trees so high."

"That tree ate my kite," Stingy said, sniffing sharply through his nose. He jabbed a finger up at the canopy. "It's still up there now, I couldn't reach it."

"But you can get it down, Sportacus," Ziggy said.

"Yeah, it'll be no problem for you," Trixie said.

"Actually," Sportacus said, "I've got to be going."

The kids all looked at Sportacus. "Go where?" Stephanie asked. "You just got here."

"Yeah, why don't you stay and play with us for a while?" Ziggy asked.

Sportacus rubbed the back of his neck and offered a sheepish grin. "I would, but I'm already running late." He pumped his arms in his signature move and ducked down into a somersault before the kids could ask any more questions. "See you later!"

The kids watched Sportacus leave, then turned to each other.

"Sportacus can run late?" Ziggy asked.