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6/18/2020 EDIT: This chapter's undergone a minor revision, nothing major I simply fixed perspectives and narration accordingly, mainly as it was more written in third person omniscient, compared to third person limited in all further chapters. Chapters also now have names! Most based on flower language phrases and meanings, typically the WaSuYu focused ones while Negima's are more normal.

Magic was an incredible thing. One could bend the elements that shaped the very world to their command, heal the gravest of injuries, and even empower their bodies with strength that let even a small child surpass trained fighters; almost any number of fantastical things beyond the power of normal humans. Mastering aspects of it was a complex matter that could take years, or even decades for most, but Negi Springfield wasn't a normal mage. They possessed an ability with magic that, through extensive nurture by masters of magic, made them a powerful mage past people several times his senior, by age 11. There was much they knew of magic, but it still held untapped mysteries to the child, mysterious that may have very well been responsible for his current situation.

The situation at hand left them more than a bit perplexed. No, to say Negi would have been merely 'perplexed' would have been an extreme understatement. Baffled, mystified, bewildered was more like it. The child had been traveling with his friend, Fate Averruncus, to the magical world via the gateports connecting it and the old world, Earth, attending to some business matters, dressed in the formal wear to match. Fate in a pure white suit and coat that matched his hair, a dark colored tie contrasting it. Negi in a green colored suit with a button up coat.

Instead of the familiar landscape inscribed over Mars, he and Fate had found themselves in a completely alien world. Multicolored, with root-like lines thicker than a city bus and stretching as far as the eye could see across the landscape. Behind them, a great, glowing tree stood in the distance, radiating a near blinding amount of energy that seemed connected to the roots snaking around the two. In front of them, three large, things, for lack of a better word, floated in the air, firing attacks and striking with limbs at something, engaged in what seemed to be a conflict.

These large creatures, whatever they were, looked nothing like anything either Fate or Negi had seen. One had a midsection that was reminiscent of a skull. The twisted mockery of a face possessed bright teeth with no lips to cover them from the outside world, with eyes and a nose resting above, both being as equally bizarre and seemed to be more part of the skeletal structure than how ones features typically were. Where the forehead usually sat was an additional fissure in the structure like a secondary mouth.

To its right, another creature floated, covered in armor like plates, each dotted with what resembled an eye, and looking somewhat like a shrimp overall. Circling around it were six pink colored panels, the exact purpose unknown, but perhaps it was some kind of shield.

The final monster, taking up the left flank, was the most bizarre. Its body segmented into numerous yellow orbs, with its body thin and trailing toward a barbed spear of a tail, the closest thing that could be used to describe it was a scorpion. Aside from the tail that comprised the majority of its body, there rested a large faceplate, adorned by a yellow crown, protruding from a circular platform that also appeared to be the source of its tail.

The only common thing among all of them, appeared to be various injuries that were quickly healing, likely inflicted by whatever they were battling.

Yet, despite the myriad of alien feelings assaulting his magical senses, Negi could detect three more signatures, those of magically enhanced humans. Two of them were coming from far behind the monsters, their aura felt quite weak the mage noted, while a third, stronger but rapidly weakening presence was in the midst of battling the 3 monsters.

"Negi-kun." Fate's monotone voice stated, bringing the child out of his thoughts. "It would appear we have arrived in the middle of a battle. The remaining individual seems to be trying to push back those creatures. I don't believe she will last much longer." The white-haired boy continued, pointing ahead.

Though the distance was great, they were probably several kilometers away at least, Negi focused his magically enhanced eyesight on the moving figure of the person ahead, seeing with a clarity that telescopes would've struggled to match. They were cloaked in a red body suit, wielding an axe in each hand that was bigger than most of their body, with short gray-brown hair. Their height was also extremely short, probably between 145-150cm by Negi's guess. Coupled with a brief glance at their features, the person seemed to be a young girl, roughly around Negi's age in fact. Terrifyingly, however, was the condition they were in. With her uniform covered in gashes and dried blood, with more oozing from her injuries by the second, and holes in multiple places on her body, it was amazing she was still moving so well in combat.

"We have to help her." The 11-year-old mage firmly stated. "I think she's protecting… Whatever that tree over there is." Briefly glancing back toward the glowing energy, he continued. "I believe it's the source maintaining this bounded space. If we don't, she's going to die! Let's go!"

Wasting not an instant more, Negi channeled his magic into Magia Erebea. The dark and powerful magic was a dangerous one indeed, it's very idea, merging spells designed for destruction and harm upon your foes with your very existence, something many mages would view as insanity, but the merger of magic into one's existence could grant many incredible powers. However, Negi's preferred method was taking the strongest and most destructive lightning spell known to man and absorbing it not once, but twice, into a form he called Raiten Taisou 2. The effects of such a fusion had an immediate impact on his form, cloaking his entire being in a pink tint, creating an intense aura of crackling lightning around him, and extending his hair to the length of nearly his entire body, making it resemble a lightning bolt in motion. But the changes to his body were not merely cosmetic, his very being transmuted itself into the element of lightning, power surging through his body boosted his strength and speed staggeringly, peaking his reactions to those comparable of parts of a natural lightning strike. In not even a fraction of a second, Negi's had become an embodiment of lightning.

Rocking off at literally lightning speed and assuming Fate would catch up soon, Negi crossed the distance in barely a fraction of a fraction of a second. Upon arriving, he could see hundreds of glowing spears heading straight for the girl, moving in hyper slow motion from his perspective, who was too busy striking the shrimp monster to notice them. Dashing between her and the projectiles, the living lightning bolt raised a hand, creating a shield that deflected all the projectiles.

Behind him, Negi sensed the girl in red slice right through her target with a loud shout, cleanly cleaving much of the beast in two with one direct and powerful slash before landing onto a nearby root, where she stopped dead upon seeing Negi. Confused at his sudden appearance or injuries catching up to the girl, it didn't matter, any hesitation on the battlefield could be fatal. A fact one of the monster's was eager to capitalize on. With another flash of danger in his perceptions, Negi sensed an attack coming right for the girl.

"Watch out!" Negi, sensing the danger, called out to her. Once again using his immense speed, the mage shot forward, grabbing hold of the girl, then rocketed away from the battle and onto a root several hundred meters away.

"I-Huh? What are you-" The red clad girl stammered out, the complete and utter bewilderment very clear in her voice as she lay in Negi's arms, not that Negi wasn't expecting this. From her perspective, she was about to be struck one instant, then was hundreds of meters away the next. Especially with all those injuries, she must have been entirely in survival mode.

"I know you have a lot of questions, but please relax. We can talk after this battle. Just wait here and try not to move, you've lost a lot of blood. Don't worry, we can handle it from here." Negi said calmly and reassuringly, trying to put the girl at ease.

Unfortunately, this didn't seem to help things much, as her response was to try and struggle out of Negi's grip. "No! I can still fight! The Shinj-"

A tremendous explosion interrupted her flailing. Looking in the direction of the battle, a massive smoke cloud could be seen where the scorpion creature used to be, further increasing her surprise and ceasing the girl's struggling for the moment.

"See, Fate has it under control." Negi said without skipping a beat, smiling and speaking warmly.

An instant later, a colossal stone pillar, even larger than the final creature itself, materialized out of thin air, pointing toward at the beast at a downward angle toward the colorful roots.

However, once again, the duo's attempts at "help" seemed to have the opposite effect Negi had expected. The sight of the stone tower elected a brief gasp from the one he was carrying, followed by panicked words. "Don't throw that! If that hits the roots, it'll damage the real world!"

Though curious, Negi knew better than to ask questions right now. He knew nothing about the strange location they had found themselves in, and coupled with the sheer panic in her voice, she believed every word she said. "I'll handle it." Negi replied with an affirming nod while setting his passenger down. "Please, just trust me and wait here." Giving a few parting words, Negi transformed into lightning one more, speeding off before the other had a chance to reply.

The massive structure of stone conjured by Fate plowed straight through his target, the last remaining creature, with ease. These monsters, though possessing a scale and visage that would have scared the common man, were of no significance to Fate, who had starred down gods before. The yellow one had been vaporized with one swift strike, the remains of the red creature had been carved into nothingness with a storm of blades, while the final blue skull like beast had been shattered by his tower of earth as effortlessly as a bullet pierced skin. Likely due to the previous battle with the girl Negi rescued having worn them down and allowing the mage to catch them entirely by surprise and half injured, but the battle had been a brief either way.

Unexpectedly, however, Fate briefly saw Negi dashing from the safety he had carried the other fighter, straight into the path of his stone pillar, vaporizing it with a punch.

"Negi-kun?" Fate, floating toward Negi, called out, mildly curious of their actions.

"That girl I rescued said that, if damage is inflicted to these roots-" Negi began, gesturing to the ground around them. "-it would inflict damage to the real world. I didn't want your attack to cause any accidental damage."

Wordlessly giving the similarly aged mage a subtle nod, Fate understood. Negi was always one concerned for the safety of others and trying to save everyone whenever possible. "And the girl's condition?" Though not holding these ideals to the same extent, Fate did have to admit, in the time he had spent with Negi, those beliefs, like concern for strangers he had never met, had rubbed off on him somewhat.

Negi's face darkened slightly. "She doesn't look good. Having gotten a closer look at her injuries, she needs immediate treatment. We should get back to her right away." Negi paused briefly to sigh. "I can sense she's already started moving again."

"Then let's go before that foolish child gets herself killed." Fate neutrally replied, already flying toward the direction of the red girl's energy, followed by Negi as they exited their lightning form, body, clothes, and hair returning to normal.

Being able to fly, along with the fact adrenaline would be wearing off now and slowing the other's movements, Negi and Fate found the girl in a matter of moments. Though still walking, her movements were sluggish compared to how they had been in combat. One of her axes being used as a support for walking.

"Hey!" Calling out, Negi shouted with concern, landing a few meters in front of the girl with Fate, approaching the other at a brisk pace. "Please hold still, you shouldn't be moving!"

Her face distorted in obvious pain, the girl in red continued walking. "I'm fine. I have-" She paused, grimacing briefly. "I have to go make sure Sonoko and Sumi are ok!"

Sonoko and Sumi. Those must have been the names of the two other energy signatures Negi sensed upon arriving. The picture of what happened was becoming quite clear to the him. The three must have been locked in combat with the creatures from earlier, but when her two friends were badly injured, she moved them to a safe location in order to fight the monsters on her own. Negi could understand her concern. He probably would've been the same way in her position.

"Wait." Putting a hand on her shoulder, Negi brought the girl to a halt. "We'll take you there, it'll be faster since we can fly and sense where they are. Your friends are injured too, correct? Fate and I- "Negi briefly gestured to himself and his white-haired partner, "-can use some healing magic to mend everyone's wounds."

"…. Alright." The grey-haired girl replied after only needing a moment to consider the idea.

"Excellent. Since we'll be flying, is it alright if I carry you?" Negi, ever polite, requested with a friendly smile. It was good she wasn't so completely out of it as to have trouble thinking straight. He didn't want to force another struggle if her thoughts were too muddled to understand between all the injuries, but trying to move would only make her injuries far worse. Between the holes in her body, especially the fist-sized hole left by impalement at her stomach, various deep gashes, and there being almost as much blood as there was red fabric on her, the girl still standing with only mild support from her weapon was a feat.

The girl nodded her head, dematerializing her weapon in a slight shimmer of petals, legs gently wobbling without the support, but still defiantly remaining upright.

Placing one hand around her knees and another on her back, Negi slowly shifted the girl into a delicate bridal carry. Too much motion at once wouldn't be comfortable, he knew that much from the various times he had taken severe wounds. Despite this, she still let out a small grunt, looking surprised at being suddenly put into the hold.

"Ah! I'm so sorry! Did I touch one of your injuries?" Concern flashing on his face and voice, Negi questioned, slightly adjusting his grip just in case.

"H-Huh? No, I'm fine… D-Didn't think I'd get picked up like this…" The girl muttered, making a very poor attempt at trying to literally wave off the concern with a motion of her hand that was less waving and more shaking.

Still frowning in concern, Negi wasn't entirely convinced. The fact she was still bleeding and currently staining parts of his clothes, didn't help matters. "If you're certain. Let me know if any of your injuries start acting up, alright? I can't do any major healing while we're moving, but I can still use a little bit of magic to help with the pain and some minor healing." Part of him would've liked to try healing her right here and now with these kind of injuries, or let Fate handle it with their better skill in this area of magic, but with how single-mindedly determined to find them she was, Negi doubted she would wait a second more than required. Besides, there could've been a chance the girl's friends were even more injured if they couldn't fight and with those weak presences.

Gradually floating into the air alongside Fate, Negi started applying some healing magic. It was better than nothing, but still, Negi felt bad he couldn't do more for them right now. While still above average in part with his sheer level of power, healing magic was one of the few areas in magic he could still be considered relatively weak in.

Weaving magic, Negi started mending what he could in this position. His focus was directed on the most dangerous ones, stemming the bleeding and closing what he could while dulling pain. Most of the gashes was able to at least somewhat heal over, if not close, reducing the blood from almost gushing levels, down to a more moderate trickle at worst. The gaping hole in her abdomen was what took most of Negi's focus, however. Nothing vital appeared to of been hit, but the sheer size of the injury made it difficult to do much beyond stop the bleeding, let along closing it. Her other wounds likely wouldn't leave much due to the timely intervention, but this one would probably end up a scar at least. Still, at least her body was responding surprisingly well. It was healing far quicker than a normal person's even naturally, yet not remotely close enough to even be called a low level of regeneration. Some kind of innate healing factor would certainly help her odds and partially explain her being well off as she was at least.

"We never got a chance to introduce ourselves yet, sorry." Feeling he girl starting to relax in his hold, Negi decided to make a little conversation. "I'm Negi Springfield, and this is- "The child cut off expectantly for Fate. The other wasn't much for being sociable, so prompting him into his introduction seemed like a good idea.

"Fate Averruncus." Fate replied. Where's Negi's voice was comforting and friendly, filled with concern, Fate's wasn't anything like it. Though not hostile or uncaring, their voice remained largely level and neutral, something that could easily make them come off abrasive to some.

"-and you are….?" Negi finished, trailing off for the person he was carrying to introduce themselves.

"Minowa Gin. Thanks for the help back there." The girl known as Gin answered, her injured face flashing the first positive expression seen on it, a wide a cheerful grin.

"Pleased to meet you, Minowa-san. I'm glad we were able to make it in time." Negi replied cheerfully. "Now, ab-"

"Negi-kun." Fate's voice sounded, interrupting Negi from talking any further. "I see them."

Following Fate's voice, the mage saw two figures in the distance. The first was cloaked in a purple outfit, patterned similarly go Gin's own, with pale yellow hair that flowed down to her waist, the parts around her cheeks done up into loops, and wielding a spear, which she used for additional support in walking.

The other person was dressed in a pale lavender colored outfit, also of similar design as Gin and the others, with the main differences being their clothes possessed oversized sleeves that vaguely resembled a shrine maiden's outfit and coat lacked any parts around the sides, extending down to her ankles. Her hair, contrasting the other's vibrant color and long length, was a short black and in the style of an updo at the back.

Limping, it was clear both had sustained some heavy injuries, a few large cuts alongside both dried and fresh blood covering parts of their bodies, but fortunately, it appeared neither had the immediate and life-threateningly severe ones Gin had.

"Hey girls!" Gin, waving, called out while Negi carried her back to the ground.

The duo looked up, a variety of changing emotions crossing their face, first surprise, then confusion, before finally settling on relief once they spotted Gin.



Shouting happily, the two quickened their pace to the now grounded Fate and Negi, still carrying Gin.

Hopping out of Negi's arms, Gin began speaking. "Told you I could handle iiiiiiiiiiittttttt!" Gin's casual tone suddenly shifted into a shout as, upon getting away from Negi, and thus his healing magic, and her feet impacting the floor, the pain of her earlier injuries suddenly flared to life once more.

Acting quickly, Negi caught Gin by gently placing a hand around her back and arm at her shoulder as a brace before she could completely lose her footing. At least her spirits were far from injured despite her body being, that was a good sign. "Careful, Minowa-san. I know you feel fine now, but I've only done some light healing and dull the pain. Your injuries are still extensive and need some proper care. Stay close to me please, it'll be easier to continue using my magic." Negi explained, carefully helping Gin stand back upright before removing his hands, though keeping one at her shoulder, a soft green grow emanating from them due to the continued use of healing magic.

Though an easy thing to forget, pain existed as a reminder to people of when to not try and stress an injury any more than it already was. Remove that, and someone wouldn't be able to tell when to stop till their body was physically incapable of it.

"Ehehe, sorry. Guess I got a little carried away." Gin replied back, letting out a sheepish laugh as Negi banished the pain once more with continued healing.

"Gin, who's this?" The lavender dressed girl questioned, her face and voice changing into one of confusion, with some mild curiosity seeping into it. However, a moment later, her expression shifted to one of terror and concern, a slight gasp escaping her mouth, having managed to see Gin's injuries in closer detail. "Gin! What happened?!"

"I'm fine, I'm fine. Not as bad as it looks." Gin said dismissively with a wave of her hand. But despite her affirmations, Negi could see right through the ruse of wanting to not worry her friends. It may have been easier because of a lack of pain, but especially with him being responsible for healing her, Negi knew it was indeed as bad as it looked. Was this how his friend's felt when he kept pushing on despite being half dead before?

"These guys helped me out. You should see what happened to the Vertex." Gin's continued words drew Negi away from his self-reflection and back to the present.

Taking that as a cue for introduction, Negi took over speaking. "Negi Springfield. Pleased to meet you both"

"Fate Averruncus."

Repeating the words given to Gin, the two magic users introduced themselves once again, Negi adding a slight bow to his, now that he was on solid ground and capable of properly introducing himself. He couldn't do much more than use a dip of his head to imply the motions while attending to Gin's wounds, but it was only respectful to still try for proper introductions.

"Nogi Sonoko!" The blonde, Sonoko, cheerfully replied with a smile. Her body may have been injured, relying on her staff to stay standing, but the girls voice and face were radiating life and warmth from them. Sonoko's demeanor and air gave off that that of a carefree individual.

"Washio Sumi, likewise." Returning the introduction and gesture, though a bit slower on account of her wounds, Sumi replied. Her voice was formal and composed, just like her somewhat strained movements, yet still kind. Compared to Sonoko, the air given off the girl felt similar to one from a high-class family, professional and business-like.

"Now, I'm sure you have a lot of questions. Fate and I do as well, but let's attend to the more pressing concern of everyone's injuries. We're capable of some healing magic-" Negi began, speaking as diplomatically as he could.

"Oooh~" Sonoko hummed, evidently intrigued by the mention of healing magic.

Sumi, on the other hand, seemed somewhat skeptical.

"-but it would help if you were lying down to keep still-"

Needing no further excuse to lie back down, Sonoko collapsed onto her back with a thud and pained cry, not giving Negi the chance to finish. "Ow… That hurt more than I thought it would."

"Sonocchi!?" Came Sumi's concerned voice, pacing over to her downed friend, shot out.

"I'm ok, Wasshi~. Negi-san said to lie down and it feels better than standing." Sonoko's relaxed voice, body still as a rock, gently responded.

Negi couldn't help cracking a small smile, now that it became clear the girl didn't collapse from her injuries. Though her body had suffered quite a bit of damage, like with Gin, at least she remained in high spirits. Perhaps, in this case, it just looked worse than it truly was.

A quaking of the ground suddenly drew everyone's attention, causing Negi and Fate to glance around in confusion, more so Negi, while the trio of Gin, Sonoko, and Sumi seemed more surprised than perplexed.

"Forestization is over already?" Gin, raising an eyebrow, questioned. She hadn't even seen any signs of the Flower Calming Ceremony, what usually happened anytime Vertex were beaten, come to think of it.

"Forestization?" Negi parroted, confusion, but also curiosity in his voice.

"You guys'll see in a second." Gin answered casually.

Negi could sense a surge of magic emanating from everything around him, shifting and changing in accordance to the will of whatever was using the energy. The pulse might have concerned him, but the demeanor and reactions of the girls toward it kept his worries in check. Wherever or whenever this was, they were clearly experienced and knowledgeable about what was going on. Gin had tossed out a few terms completely alien to his knowledge, like Vertex, the name for those monsters they battled earlier it appeared, and Shinju, which had to be the great tree he sensed and what Gin had been protecting when he arrived with Fate. If they weren't concerned over it, neither would he.

{Fate.} Speaking telepathically, Negi wordlessly communicated to the other. The act of telepathy, to mages, was more than just speaking with their minds and a way to talk without being overheard, but altering the very foundation and idea of what it meant to "communicate". Instead of conventional language used by everyone else, telepathy enabled a mage to truly 'feel' the intent behind the words 'said' by the other. 'Words' bound by an entirely new concept of 'speaking' and unhindered by the problems of conventional dialog.

{You sense it too, correct Negi-kun?} Fate answered calmly.

{I do, and I think we should lower our magical defenses for it. These three don't seem too concerned by this event, so I believe it's safe. I'm not sure exactly what this is, but on the chance that the protection provided by our barriers and the like interferes with it, I would rather be safe than sorry.} Subtly nodding as confirmation, Negi explained, dropping his invisible and passive defenses.

{Very well.} Fate said, mimicking the action.

Moments later, a great and brilliant light washed over the group.

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