Twisted Love

Summary: Shalltear Bloodfallen was supposed to scout the Dragon Kingdom and lay low, until she met the Dragon Queen, Draudillon Oricolus, whom she lusted after. Yuri SxA, SxD

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Chapter 1: Onward to Dragon Kingdom!

Shalltear grinned broadly, it had been her first solo mission for a while.

Well, 'solo mission' wasn't the right term, since she was also accompanied by Hanzos, Soul Eater, Death Cavaliers, Death Warriors, a Grim Reaper Thanatos and four Overlords.

"Peroroncino-sama, please watch over me, I will not fail!" Shalltear murmured, praying to her creator that she will not fail for the second time.

She was currently sitting inside a fancy carriage with Soul Eater to pull the carriage, and Death Cavaliers as coachmen.

Ah, and there's also her pet, Arche Eeb Rile Furt, who sat in front of her, fidgeting for a reason.

The Hanzos currently rode the Soul Eaters, guarding them as they left together.

Grim Reaper Thanatos, a high level undead sat beside Aurelius, an Overlord and they sat in a different carriage from Shalltear.

The rest of the Overlords, Cocceius, Fulvilus, and Ulpius sat in a carriage, discussing the task that was sent by his master, Titus and the Sorcerer King Ainz Ooal Gown.

The Overlords' duty was to scout the beastmen city to look at the quality of the pelt of the Beastmen, since apparently the material that was supplied by Demiurge was of … so so quality, which only could hold second tier spell.

Naturally Demiurge was surprised by Titus' suggestion before he smiled broadly, fully acknowledging the fact that the skins from weak humans were not fit to hold higher level spells, and Mare also had shyly and meekly told him about Titus' troubles.

Two high level undeads simply sat in silence, enjoying the silence, since after all they will go all out while scouting the kingdom and the famed beastmen tribe.

The Overlords were being lent by Titus Annadeus Secundus, while wishing that they will be able to obtain samples of Beastmen's pelt.

Shalltear frowned as she realized that she would have to made herself presentable to humans, which made her feel queasy.

She had to control her bloodlust, considering how his master, the Sorcerer King Ainz Ooal Gown had put the importance of obtaining the friendly relations with the Dragon Kingdom, and that she needed to obtain her trust, as well as putting the lesson she had learnt from Ainz about the visit on Dwarven Kingdom into use.

Shalltear stared at Arche, whom she had killed back then, but Ainz soon resurrected her for a reason.

She was given into Shalltear, who turned her into her pet, a dog to be precise.

Ainz told Shalltear that Arche would tell her all she needed about the Dragon Kingdom, since Dragon Kingdom is a place where human and dragons are able to coexists.

Shalltear was tasked to learn- and Ainz hoped that she would be having more… gentle attitude toward humans. Which confused her, but since it was her King's order, she did not question it.

Plus, she had an adorable pet, and Ainz has told her that Peroroncino always wanted to give Shalltear a pet but was not able to.

Shalltear cupped Arche's face, looking adoringly at Arche, who slowly looked at her mistress' face in fear.

Shalltear immediately dived in for a kiss, licking Arche's lips, demanding permission.

Arche moaned and Shalltear immediately shoved her tongue, enjoying played with Arche's tongue on her own.

They both broke their heated kiss as Shalltear grew concerned that Arche might not be able to breathe properly.

Arche stared back at her mistress and gave her a lustful look, wondering if they will have sex while riding a carriage.

Shalltear, as if able to read Arche's thought, grinned sultrily.

Of course they would.

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