-Barkeeps Intro: Help Wanted-

The 10-7 bar.

One of the many unique bars throughout all of Zootopia.

The outside isn't really much to talk about. It's a simple design and not meant to be flashy. A large black door with a set of blue neon numbers are the only way a mammal knows they have arrived. The bars name 10-7 normally mistaken as some kind of address by passersby. A large black rhino standing by the door at all times to ensure only certain clientele enter.

Once inside patrons are greeted by a large open room. The main bar to one side of the room while the other parts are filled with chairs, benches, tables, and several couches of varying shapes and sizes. What really makes the bar stand out is the décor. Flags from the different departments that defend Zootopia hang high above the patrons. Light bars and strobes from various vehicles flash from time to time. And one can't forget the many pictures that cover the walls of the bar. Many of them filled with images of mammals in varying uniforms. All of it follows the same theme: ZPD, ZFD, and ZEMS.

10-7 which also means "Out of Service" in 10 code is a bar reserved exclusively for the first responders of Zootopia. Meant for anyone currently out of service to enjoy themselves and relax after a long day of protecting, serving, and saving.

Beyond the bar are several restrooms, a very large stock room, a few freezers and fridges, and finally the back offices.

The offices were split into two parts. One part is a sort of break room or changing area for the employees of the 10-7. Also a great place to just sit and relax after the bar is closed. The other office belonged to the owner and manager of the 10-7. A painted dog named Echo.

Echo was a retired firefighter. After sustaining injuries which cost her one of her legs she was forced to leave the service and pursue other means of employment. She was of course taken care of by the fire department who didn't just toss her to the side. She was offered several jobs in administration or training but in the end turned it all down. She instead created the 10-7 bar as a way of staying in touch with the many friends she had made through the years in the first responder field.

Now she spent her days running the bar, keeping certain bartenders in check, and occasionally slamming her head on the desk in her office. That last one seemed to be the main focus of the afternoon.

Of course the noise from the constant attacks on her desk hadn't gone unnoticed. As Echo brought her head down one last time and rested her head she heard a soft scurrying noise. She didn't move her head but did roll her eyes forward to try and see what had caused the noise. Straight ahead of the painted dog was a bunny's head. The brown doe resting her chin right on the desk across from Echo. A concerned look on her face as the pair of brilliant blue eyes looked at the predator.

"Was your desk being bad again?" Trisha asked as her ears lowered in hesitation.

Echo chuckled at one of her favorite bartenders, Trisha always finding a way to cheer up the painted dog.

"Yes, he has been very bad," She grumbled. "He forgot to remind me that everyone seemed to request off at the same time..."

"Ouch," Trisha began, "Guess you are gonna have to tell some of the gang no…"

"I already told them all yes," Echo groaned as she closed her eyes.

Trisha felt her eyes go wide. Normally her boss wasn't so absent minded and remained on top of things.

"Wait….what?" The bunny asked as she stood up a little straighter. The blue shirt and 10-7 logo now visible to the predator who slowly opened her eyes and raised her head from the desk.

"I may have already told everyone yes…"

"Who is going to be out of town?" Trisha asked sounding slightly worried.

Echo reached over and turned the computer screen towards Trisha. A scheduling program opened on the main screen. Showing several of the employee's names. Green meant they were working, red meant they were off. Trisha felt her jaw fall open as she noticed how much more red there was than green. She then also noticed how her name had nothing but green.

"Hey! Why am I the one stuck with all the extra work?" Trisha asked with a giggle.

"Remember when I asked you to cover," Echo said weakly.

Trisha nodded and smirked. She had offered to cover some of the shifts that would be short pawed. However she hadn't realized all of them would be needing her skills.

"Trisha I am so sorry," Echo began as she looked back at the screen. "It's just everyone is out of town and I promised Petey he could finally have that vacation with his wife he has been planning."

"Wait!" Trisha said as she raised her paws up into the air. "Hold everything…."

There was a few moments of silence as Echo studied the doe.

"Petey is married?"

Echo couldn't help but laugh at Trisha. The bunny knew full well that the rhino at the front door was married. Both Trisha and Echo had attended the wedding after all. Trisha nearly caught the bouquet. Much to the relief of a certain male painted dog however the bunny had missed it and the prize had been caught by another certain bunny.

After a few moments of laughter Echo finally managed to compose herself as she leaned back in her seat, "Guess I can cancel my trip to the firehouse reunion..." Echo muttered. Every once and a while things like this happened and it was up to Echo to step up and cover the bar when needed. It was just part of being a leader. Sometimes you had to make small sacrifices for the sake of the team. Of course it would be hard to explain to her friends from her old fire house how she wouldn't be able to make it to the retreat that had been planned in Tundra Town.

Echo's thoughts were cut off however as Trisha slammed her paws down on the desk. Her small frame didn't make much of an impact but the action still carried some weight.

"No!" Trisha barked as she glared at her boss.

"No?" Echo asked.

"You have been looking forward to that reunion all year boss," Trisha began. "You can't skip it. You deserve to see all your friends again."

"I really want to go Trisha, but it's my fault we are short staffed."

"I can fix it," Trisha said quickly.

"How?" Echo asked, her ears flicked in curiosity.

"I have my ways," Trisha began as her mind went into overdrive. She racked her brain as she tried to think of a way to make it all work. From the looks on the schedule they would be short their main bouncer and a few bartenders. Her best work friend Em would be working with her all week while everyone was out. Em and Trisha were considered to be some of the better bartenders at the bar. They knew every type of drink that could be made and both of them worked well together. What they needed though was some muscle at the door and maybe some back up at the bar.

"Muscle…." Trisha muttered to herself. "Muscle…." She said again and the image of Judy flashed in her mind. Of course the image was of Judy in a bikini flexing at the beach. The pair of bunnies just recently having spent time together in the southern part of the city. Trisha blushed at the image of Judy showing off her strong arms. The officer having been bragging about a new work out program she had tried out to build some muscle for work.

Trisha and Judy had been able to spend a lot of free time together recently. The ZPD's overtime had all but dried up and Judy had managed to get some time off to spend with Nick. The vulpine and lagomorph partners normally tried to pick up a little overtime here and there to help pay off certain bills or put away into savings. The city however was in a bit of a budget crisis and the ZPD had to take the brunt of it and cancelled most of the overtime for its officers.

A thought came into Trisha's mind and it must have shown as Echo started to smile, giving Trisha a knowing look.

Trisha suddenly whipped out her phone and scrolled through her messages. There were several text streams but the most recent and most used was for a certain gray bunny.

Trisha typed out a quick message to Judy before turning back to her boss to explain her plan.

Across the city Judy and Nick had just finished dealing with a speeder. The gray bunny's ears suddenly flicked upwards at the sound of a message coming in on her phone.

Judy pulled her cell off her duty belt and unlocked her phone.

A single message was waiting for her:

"Hey cutie, I got a business proposition for ya ;P"

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So here is the continuation of my part of the What if project. Chapters 1-5 will be appear in both this story and the What if story. However the rest is new material. Please take a chance to go and see where Barkeeps got its start. Of course come on back here to enjoy some more chapters, drinks, and laughs.

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