-Barkeeps: Trivia Night-

Echo stood behind the bar. The painted dog had her arms crossed as she looked out at the sea of patrons, a content look on her face as she enjoyed a moment of pride. The moment was interrupted by Trisha who jumped up and landed on the canines back and rested her chin on Echo's shoulder as she wrapped her legs around the owner of the bar.

"I come up with the best ideas don't I?" Trisha whispered as she gave her boss a sweet little nuzzle into the cheek.

Echo laughed as she leaned her cheek against the affectionate bunny, "Last time I checked Trivia Night at the bar was my idea."

"I know but I like taking credit for things," Trisha whispered as she planted a gentle kiss into the painted dog's fur. Even though Echo was the owner and manager of the bar she didn't have that intimidation that some managers relied on to get their employees to work. She was a leader through and through which showed in the affection her employees loved showing her. Thanks to her managing style all she would have to do was ask one of her bartenders to do something and they would happily do it. Which in turn showed in the happiness of her staff. Even on a night like tonight when almost every table was filled and the orders kept coming in the members of the 10-7 staff kept smiles on their faces as they happily served the first responders of the city.

"Trisha there is a lion at table #3 asking about a fancy water," Judy piped up, bringing the painted dog and bunny back into reality.

Trisha snorted as she hopped from her boss and landed next to Judy. Trisha took a moment to reach over and straighten Judy's shirt which was curling at one of the edges. Judy giggled as she felt a brown paw brush against the gray fur of her waist but watched as Trisha fixed the outfit. Trisha took a moment to admire her paw work. Judy still looked just as stunning in her special purple 10-7 shirt as she had the day Trisha gave her the outfit.

"I'll talk to them. That was just a drink for a special someone," With that Trisha scurried away as Judy placed a serving tray of empty glasses on the counter. She detected movement beside her and smiled up at Echo who helped the bunny unload some of the glasses into a steamer under the bar counter.

"Thanks, Echo!"

"No problem Judy," Echo said with a smirk as a cloud of steam wafted past her and caused her black polo shirt with the bars logo on it to become somewhat more form fitting against her body. "Thank you again for the last minute shift pick up. I know how much free time means to you and Nick but..."

"Don't mention it Echo," Judy said with a broad smile as they finished loading the glasses and activated the washer which would have the glassware ready for serving in no time. "In fact, we should thank you. The tips alone from last week really helped us out."

"Well, tonight should be especially helpful than," The painted dog said with a wink as she leaned against the back of the counter and took in the site of the packed bar. As the large canine scanned the crowd her eyes fell on Nick at the other end of the bar who was currently taking quiet the verbal assault from a large and enraged looking Bogo.

"Parking duty for a month!" Bogo bellowed as he waved his hooves around. His eyes occasionally going from the pink drink in the small glass before him and then back to a smug looking fox who gave the chief a sly wink. "If I don't have a drink in front of me in the next 30 seconds Wilde!"

"You do have a drink in front of you chief," Nick said smugly.

"I mean a real drink!" The buffalo bellowed, causing several mammals to look over at the amusing sight.

"You don't like the Bogo special?" Nick asked, feigning insult.

"That better not be what it's called!"

A tigress in a firehouse shirt managed to squeeze between mammals at the bar and waved over at Nick, "Nick two more Bogo specials please, the girls are loving them!"

"What can I say? The ladies love me," Nick teased as he started mixing two more bright pink drinks.

"Excuse me?" Came a firm voice to the fox's right. Nick's eyes widened as he turned to look at Judy who stood nearby with her paws on her hips as she tapped a foot.

"Oh hey, Carrots!" Nick blurted out and tried to act innocent, it didn't really work.

"Hopps!" Bogo yelped as he pointed down at his glass and then gave the doe a pleading look. Judy snorted at the sight. Though the chief gave off an essence of authority while at work this was technically outside his command. He had loosened up over the past year or so and started acting a little more friendly to the doe. When at the bar he acted like a completely different mammal and was actually rather kind. Of course, Nick couldn't help take advantage of this kindness and made a fun game out of it.

Judy was about to intervene when Nick placed an open bottle of beer in front of Bogo.

"Fine, but I don't think you know what you are missing chief…" The fox said in a defeated tone as he strolled back down the bar towards Judy. The doe couldn't help but notice a rather triumphant smile suddenly appeared on the fox's lips as he glanced over his shoulder.

The large Cape buffalo proceeded to join back into the conversation he had been having with officer McHorn as he took a swig of beer. His eyes widened and he began to cough. Judy then noticed a large piece of cotton candy sticking out of the top of the bottle of beer. Nick must have prepared for Bogo's eventual request for a beer and had filled an empty bottle up with the signature drink.

"Wilde!" Bogo bellowed as he slammed the bottle down on the counter. Nick leaned down and gave Judy a sweet peck on the cheek as he quickly walked past the stunned doe.

Meanwhile, at the entrance of the bar, a familiar painted dog walked in escorting a rather lovely looking she-wolf. They were both obviously ZPD from their apparel. The painted dog wearing a set of worn dark blue BDU pants and an untucked navy blue T-shirt that had a logo on the front with a cartoonish looking bomb that was surrounded by a paw print. On the back of his shirt was a silly little phrase, "ZPD bomb detection. If you see me running….try to catch up!"

The light gray wolf he was accompanying was also wearing a ZPD shirt, hers, however, was a dark black with the ZPD flag on her chest which was covered in a series of blue lines. The wolf had taken the time to tie the shirt off into a knot at the side to reveal some of her lovely fur to anyone who was brave enough to chance a glance. A pair of black jeans that hugged her legs complimented the shirt.

Jennifer Howler had agreed to go on this little excursion because she needed some time to just sit and relax. When venting in the armory at the ZPD Delta had overheard the she-wolf and approached her. They had met once or twice in the past and had a friendly yet mainly professional relationship. Jennifer was actually taken aback slightly by the painted dog's offer of having Jennifer join him and some friends at the 10-7 bar. One because he seemed so calm while doing so, the other reason, however, was one she was slightly ashamed of. All her life she had been raised to think that wolves were the superior race in Zootopia. Sure there were mammals bigger and stronger. They had nothing on the strong pack bonds of wolves though. This mindset had somewhat corrupted the wolf who used to look down on some of the other species. Even other canines were considered inferior to the mighty wolf. Jennifer recently recognized that this mindset was poison and had no place in the world of Zootopia any longer. She was currently trying to turn over a new leaf. The only problem was this could be somewhat hard after having a different mindset programmed into her for so very long.

That was why when Delta offered Jennifer to join him and his friends she was hesitant but also eager at the same time. She was partially worried she may say or do something stupid to offend the others. However, she did see this as a good step, like dipping one's paws in the shallows of the pool. Painted dogs were pack mammals, predators, and fellow canines. So if Jennifer was to start interacting with other species in a friendlier manner this was probably one of the better starts.

One thing that did put her at ease though was the fact this wasn't a date. The last thing she needed was some splotched half dog- no…that's not nice. The last thing she needed was a painted dog like Delta trying to get lucky with her. Much better Jennifer. While Delta may have been handsome for a painted dog Jennifer was relieved when the canine started talking about his mate and how she worked at the bar. Of course, the constant reminders were somewhat annoying but also rather adorable.

"She has these bright blue eyes like…wow… and her scent! Oh gosh, it's so intoxicating," The painted dog would explain before realizing he was ranting and apologize to the she-wolf. She would simply wave a paw about and compliment the painted dog on finding a mate he was so into. She must be a lucky painted girl to snag someone so dedicated.

As the two weaved through the crowd of the 10-7 Delta scanned the tables all around and suddenly perked up when he spotted his friends over at a high table. Well, it wasn't exactly high for all of them. The table was just the right size for the painted dogs, though Jennifer was slightly taller being a wolf even she would be able to sit comfortably with the others. One of the mammals currently had her feet dangling in the air and had to sit on an empty beer bottle box in order to be at a comfortable level with the table.

It was when Jennifer noticed the non-canine at the table that she suddenly felt nervous about the night. She had thought that Delta would just be sharing the evening with other painted dogs. She cursed herself mentally as she realized that he would, of course, have friends of other species. Painted dogs were well known for their acceptance of other species and their willingness to help others.

"Hey you two," Delta began as he approached the table. He gave the other painted dog already sitting a pat on the back before making his way to the multi-colored bunny sitting on the beer box. He leaned over and gave the doe a friendly kiss on the cheek which she happily leaned into before motioning Jennifer to have a seat. "This is Officer Jennifer Howler of the ZPD."

Jennifer took a deep breath as she approached the table and did her best to put on a friendly smile.

"Jen this is my partner Atom who I believe you have met before," Delta said as he waved a paw over at the light colored painted dog. Atom gave Jennifer one of the friendliest smiles she had ever seen which made her feel a little more at home. She nodded in his direction as she made herself comfortable in her seat. "And that lovely multi-colored beauty over there is Dr. Sarah Hopps, Judy's younger sister."

This news made Jennifer even more nervous. She was sitting at a table with a Hopps girl? So now she had some serious pressure to be friendly. Though she didn't fear anything from Judy she was worried about the bunny's reputation at the ZPD. Many in the service had grown to love the bunny during her time at the ZPD. This would most likely be the same for any family members. If Jennifer messed this up or said something speciest it would probably spread through the department like wildfire.

"Nice to meet you Officer Howler," The small doe said in a friendly manner as she reached a paw over in Jennifer's direction.

Deep breath deep breath, you can do this, just reach out and shake her paw. Tell her to call you Jen...come on you can do that at least right? No need for formalities. Hi, I am Jen! Hi, I am Jen!

"Ma'am," Jennifer said firmly as she gave the doe a professional paw shake. She was used to dealing with prey species during work and liked to think she could put on a good professional act. Just like the one she did just now. Cold, calculated, done. Smooth Jen…smooth.

"Sorry Sundae," Delta chuckled, "Some of us have a hard time turning off work mode."

Sarah, however, seemed un-phased as she waved a paw about. "Please! I can't tell you how many times I board the bus over to work and start evaluating mammals in my mind to try and diagnose any possible problems. The other day I pulled a lion off the bus because I could tell he had torn something in his leg that wasn't healing properly. Poor guy had a look of shock on his face the whole time."

Everyone at the table burst into laughter. Well everyone except Jen who gave the doe a polite chuckle. While Atom and Sarah continued sharing a laugh Delta gave Jen a look as he sat next to her. After years of working with Atom and learning how to pick up signals, he liked to think he was rather good at reading canines. Jen noticed the look from Delta and gave him a simple shake of the head which was enough for him, for now.

Outside of the bar, a large black rhino was currently sitting on a barstool that looked like it would burst at any second. Even with the reinforced material, the poor piece of furniture strained to keep the large mammal up. Petey was busy typing away on his phone. Sending his wife a rather cute poem. Not many other mammals knew but Petey was a closet poet, he loved writing short love sonnets for his wife at work and would send her something sweet to read while she sat at home and waited for him. The bouncer detected movement nearby, not just any kind of movement though, rapid movement.

As Petey looked up he noticed a rather tired looking Thompson gazelle running over, a look of eager anxiety on his face.

"Yo Earl? You ok?" Petey asked as he stood up and scanned the area for possible threats. The rhino was not just protective of the bar but also those who wished to enter. Sure he may not be a cop but he knew how to hold his own against any kind of troublemakers.

"Yeah fine!" the gazelle grumbled as he caught his breath for a moment. After a second or two of deep breathing, Earl stood up straight and gave the bouncer a concerned look. "Listen I got a guy coming here with the crew tonight. He is new to the team.."

"oooook…" Petey said, not sure what was next.

"He lost his first one today.."

Petey winced. Having worked at the bar long enough he had seen many mammals come in after suffering through what some would call their darkest days. The occasional officer who had to fire their weapon, a firefighter who couldn't get everyone out in time. A lot of them agreed though the medical had it worse. They were the ones constantly battling against death itself. Though everyone wanted to think that medical were some of the best in the world…it didn't mean they brought everyone back. Earl began to explain how they responded to a call that they could tell was going to go south when they got there. Sometimes those calls came in. The kind that no matter how hard one tries there is no way of bringing the patient back. What made matters worse was this was the rookies first week. They had hoped to avoid a call like that till the new guy had gotten used to things a little more. Apparently, though the universe had other ideas.

"He is pretty shaken up and I don't know if he even brought his credentials. We didn't tell him to so he might have-"

Petey raised his massive hooves up and shook his head.

"Hey bud, ain't no problem," the rhino said firmly. "If you say he is with you that's good enough for me. I ain't gonna give him trouble. Not on a night like this.."

The gazelle drew in a deep breath and gave the rhino a grateful nod. Seconds later two more mammals approached the entrance of the bar. A tough looking moose who had a hoof on the shoulder of a rather defeated looking lynx. As they approached the moose eyed the gazelle who gave a hooves up signal. The larger prey letting out a silent sigh of relief.

Petey stepped aside and opened the large door that led inside the bar. Before the lynx was inside though he felt a strong but gentle touch from the rhino. He paused and looked up. His brownish green eyes looking almost pale and devious of emotion.

"Hey bud, ain't nothing I can say that will make the world better," The rhino began as he put on a brave face, knowing it was something the lynx needed to see right then. "Don't you dare be afraid to show your emotions though. If you need to break down then you break down so we can help build you back up. You are safe here brother. Have a drink you earned it."

The lynx took in a deep breath and nodded. He had been hearing the same words all day. To stay strong, to not be afraid, to act tough. The words from the rhino though we're different. He told the feline it was ok to let those emotions out. He wasn't on bursting out in tears mind you. Just knowing he didn't have to be afraid to let things come out though did wonders.

Once the three medics were inside Petey pulled out his phone and began to send a text to the only one he knew that could help make this a better night for the new guy.

"when did the host say when he was gonna start Trivia?" Trisha asked as she took a sip of water and caught her breath. All the extra drink orders were really challenging but they still managed to keep up somehow.

"I think Taco is helping…him...set…oh no…" Judy said as she heard the words come out of her own mouth.

"Who sent Taco to help him?!" Trisha asked as she flailed her arms about. The doe jumped up onto the bar and looked across the sea of mammals towards a table where the trivia host had set up his equipment. Seconds later the lights to the whole bar went out and plunged the large room into darkness.

"Ooooops!" Came a sweet sounding voice from across the room as the bar fell silent.

Every mammal in the room took in a collective sigh before they all said a single phrase, "Taco!"

The lights suddenly came back on and illuminated the bar.

"I fixed it!" Came the small bunny's loud voice.

Several mammals started laughing as others gave a round of applause.

"I'm gonna do it again!"

"NO!" Everyone shouted.

Trisha rolled her eyes and was about to head in the direction of the 10-7's resident troublemaker when her cell phone chirped. The bunny normally kept her phone by one of the serving terminals since her pockets were too small to hold it safely and it would tend to get in the way as the night went on.

The brown bunny scooped up her phone and eyed a text message from Petey. As she skimmed the text message her eyes shimmered with a tear before shaking her head. There was no point showing sadness, no that's not what a certain medic needed right now. Trisha looked over at the table where the trivia host was set up and let out a sigh. She would have to let Taco continue to "help" set up while she went and dealt with a mammal who really needed her help.

Across the bar, a rather confused looking mammal was staring down at a black and white doe currently covered in different wires. A broad smile on her face as she looked up at the fox horse hybrid.

"I think I found the problem," Taco said gleefully as she began to undo some of the wires.

"Me too," The foxy stallion said as he eyed the doe. The look went over the bunny's head however and she happily continued to play with the cables. "Here let me," The medium-sized mammal said as he reached down and moved some of the cables about. How could someone so small cause so much destruction?!

It took a few minutes but soon the trivia host was satisfied his equipment was in working condition. A series of portable speakers surrounded his table while some cables plugged into the bars sound system so the patrons of the establishment would be able to hear the questions with ease. Once he was sure he had everything in proper order the russet colored mammal decided to test out the bars sound system. He picked up a microphone that had been placed next to his laptop and a small black box full of different trivia questions.

"Good evening 10-7! How we all feeling tonight?" The host asked as he beamed at the crowd. Everyone looked up from their drinks as the handsome fox hybrid's voice carried over the bar with ease. There was a polite clapping and some cheers which caused the host to roll his eyes. "Really? I have been to old folks centers with more energy!"

"What were you doing in old folks home?" Asked a Bengal tiger in a firehouse uniform.

"Visiting your mother," The host shot back without hesitation. "She says you don't visit her enough!"

There was a roar of laughter from the audience and the Bengal tiger joined in as well.

"I like this guy," Came a female's voice from across the bar.

"Sorry ladies but I am taken," The host shot back with a wink.

"Yeah, taken your sweet time to get started," Nick shouted from the bar.

"Nick Wilde everyone," The host said, "So nice that Judy lets you out of the house every once and a while."

Nick's eyes went wide but his expression calmed as he gave the host a certain look.

"My name is Felix Stoddard," The host said with a slight bow. "And I am going to be your handsome host for the evening. A few things before we get started…"

As Felix began to explain some housekeeping and other such rules the different bartenders of the 10-7 egearly hurried around the large room and made sure everyone's drinks were full or orders had at least been taken.

"Hey Jennifer," Judy said in surprise as she arrived at the table with the 3 canines and one small bunny. "So putting up with the painted trouble makers tonight?" The gray doe asked with a playful wink as she gave her sister a peck on the cheek and Delta a gentle squeeze of the arm.

The she-wolf who had been somewhat quiet at the table did her best to put on a friendly smile. It looked strained but everyone at the table just brushed it off.

"Try everything right?" The hesitant wolf said, doing her best to seem casual at the somewhat awkward situation.

"You mean like you and Trisha that one-" Sarah began but her mouth was suddenly covered by a gray paw. The doe giggled underneath her sister's paw and gave Judy a playful look.

"You two need to stop hanging out," Judy teased before turning back to Jennifer. "What can I get ya?"

Besides out of here? No…that's not right. They have been nothing but kind to me. Just have a drink…relax. Open up for once you stubborn wolf.

"Oh, you have to try the Bogo special!" Sarah said eagerly as she looked over at Jennifer and waved a paw at the wolf in a friendly manner. A hint of disgust flashed in the wolf's eyes but was so quick no one noticed. Well, almost no one. Delta's ears twitched slightly but he didn't bring any attention to himself.

"umm," Jennifer began. "Whats the Bogo special?"

"Its pretty much a watermelon drink that Nick puts cotton candy on top of.," Judy said as she rolled her brilliant purple eyes.

"If you don't like cotton candy Atom is always happy to help," Delta teased. The other painted dog at the table suddenly perked up, having been busy writing down the tables team name on a piece of paper.

Either you order this drink and be polite or else!

"Sure," Jennifer said, a friendly smile breaking out across her face. "You getting one too Sarah?"

Had Jennifer taken a look at Delta she would have noticed the faintest of proud looks come across his multi-colored face.

Across the bar, a group of EMT's sat at another hightop. All of them trying to chat and keep the topic as bright as possible. None of them wanted to let their newest member fall into a state of depression. Fortunately for them, reinforcements had just arrived in the shape of a brown doe who tugged at the pant leg of the moose who looked down at first in curiosity but soon an eager smile crossed his lips. He reached down and picked up a pitcher that the bunny had brought over. She held up a paw and darted away only to return seconds later with several chilled mugs. This time jumping up onto the table and placing a mug in front of each mammal.

"So you are new to the 10-7," Trisha said with a cheerful smile towards the lynx with bags under his eyes. The feline looked up and gave a weak smile. "You got a name handsome?"

"Anthony Nails.."The Emt said with a slight nervousness.

"I'm Trisha," The bunny said with a smile. "Why so nervous?" Trisha asked having finished pouring the tables drinks and taking a seat on the edge of the table next to Anthony.

"Just be a long night," The lynx admitted. He let out a sad sigh as he looked at the beer in his glass. His ears twitched slightly when he felt a small soft paw on top of his own. He looked over at the brown bunny who had a warm smile on her face. She then leaned over and gave him a gentle peck on the cheek. Before pulling away she whispered softly into his ear.

"I heard what happened," She said in a loving tone. "You want to talk about it you give me a shout. You aren't alone at the 10-7. This is my bar and I take care of my friends."

"Thank you, ma'am," The lynx said as he closed his eyes and simply enjoyed the soft touch of Trisha's fur against his. Sometimes just a little affection could do wonders to someone who had experienced their worst night.

The brown doe excused herself but not before giving Anthony another friendly smile.

"Stinks she only dates mammals in blue," The gazelle teased as he sipped at his beer.

"She seems nice," The lynx said softly which caused his friends to look at him with a form of relief, "I think I just needed a new friend…"

"To new friends," The moose said as he raised his glass.

Over at the trivia host's table, Felix had just finished going over some simple rules for the trivia night.

"Alright now that we have the boring stuff out of the way start thinking of some team names because in just a few minutes we are about to have the first of what I hope is many trivia nights. 1st place is $50 bar bucks! So get ready because it's not just pride on the line…but also your bar tabs."

With that Felix set the microphone down only to have it scooped up by Taconny who stood up on the table. "Wrangled sing along right after Trivia everyone! So get ready I have the sing-along edition and partition is mandatory!"

"Give me that back!" The foxy stallion said as he tried to pry the mic away from the ball of black and white energy

"No! I am Taconny! Ruler of the microph-" The doe tried to chant into the mic only to have it taken away and held into the air, just out of her reach.

Behind the bar Judy giggled as she watched Taconny jumping up and down, trying to get the microphone back only to have the trivia host hold it higher out of reach.

"Are we allowed to participate in trivia?" Judy asked as she looked over at Trisha and Nick who were busy making drinks. "I mean in between orders."

"I would hope so," Nick said slyly, "I mean otherwise I rigged some of the questions for nothing."

"Wait for you two?" Trisha asked as she gave the fox a surprised look.

"You two cheated?" Judy asked in shock as she stared at her mate and her best friend. "At Trivia? The most sacred of bar events?"

"Those bar bucks are mine!" Nick and Trisha said as one, only to freeze and glare at one another.

"Alright folks," Felix said happily. "Let's get this started!"

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