They arrive at the Magic Carnival, and it was huge event lots of people are going in and out of the carnival so it must be a famous carnival. Lilim couldn't see the carnival since she was small and arata notice lilim was sad that she couldn't see it, so arata piggyback and lilim could see the carnival she was happy so was arata.

Lilith couldn't help but smile at her husband and daughter and they went to the ticket booth to enter, and they saw lady in charge of the booth and she was in her late 20s once the trio were next she greet them "Hello and welcome to the Magic Carnival, where magic happens how many tickets?"

"Three tickets please" says arata with a smile, the ticket lady gave them three tickets to the boy and she look at trio and put her hand on her cheek. "Oh my~ are you three a family or something such young love" she giggled.

"Well you could say that were engage but still have not propose to my future wife yet" he said as he wink at Lilith, while Lilith was feeling hot and red. "Yes we are engage and have a daughter" she pat lilim's head as she smile that she likes it.

"Oh so you two have finally tie the knot, so tell me who's the Dom and who's the sub" the ticket lady was talking like a schoolgirl, arata and Lilith were blushing but arata recover from his embarrassment" that will be another time can we please enter the carnival the boy ask politely to the lady.

The ticket lady nod as she did a polite gesture "Once you enter the Carnival you get a free toy for your little girl" this information was making lilim happy. They enter the carnival but stop a man, this man was a overweight man he was bald and has a mustace behind him was toys ranging from guns to plushies. The man smile at them " hello and welcome to the magic carnival, where magic happen" he look at lilim and ruffle her hair " what a cute girl you two have, she looks just like your wife" the big guy smile.

The duo smile in return,lilith spoke first " lilim is there any toy that you want" lilim look at her mother and looks back at the toys.

"They all look cool and cute but i don't know which one to pick?" lilim says with curious

"Hmm" Arata was thinking then it hit him and he crouch to lilim's height "why don't you pick the toy your comfortable with" he says

she nod and she looks at the toys again, one toy caught her eyes and it was a gun it was just any gun it look like Lilith's handgun. She point at the the toy that she wants and the big guy nod at this he took the gun and give it to her as he says " this is a water pistol my dear girl" he smile at her. Lilim smile and bow at him to a sign meaning thank you.

"sign of course daughters always choose their mothers weapon" arata shook his head in amusing while Lilith had a motherly smile at her daughter.

"So shall go to to the carnival" says Lilith

Ok/yes they both said

they went to the carnival