A Very Long Night

Rock and Test helped Shane out of the ring and into the back. "Anyone got sunglasses?" Test asked. Hunter took his off and put them on Shane who smiled gratefully.

Shane trembled as he sat down. His whole body ached. He was glad that Hunter put sunglasses on him because his eyes were still sensitive after spending almost a week in a dark room. But even they didn't keep him from squinting so he gave up and just kept his eyes closed. Someone put their arms around him causing him to jump.

"It's just me Shane. Marissa." She said.

He leaned against her his body protesting until he was in a comfortable position. Marissa talked quietly to him while stroking his hair. He was holding back the tears.

The door opened causing him to jump again. "Shane!" His mother yelled. He guessed his father was with her. He didn't remember them rescuing him but then again he couldn't see well because of the arena lights. She hugged him. He grimaced from the pain that it caused.

"I want you to find my daughter and bring me the Undertaker's head!" Vince was yelling as he entered the locker room. He opened his eyes for a brief second to see Bossman, Big Show, Shamrock, the Mean Street Posse, Test, and Rock enter the room. "And I want it now!"

There was a sound of people hurrying out of the room. "You okay Shane?" Pete Gas asked.

"I hurt." Is all he said.

"Get the trainer Rodney." Vince ordered.

While they waited for the trainer, Linda got Shane a glass of water. Vince was ordering people to search the arena. Edge was sitting on the floor with Big Show keeping an eye on him. Marissa held Shane closely. The rest of the Mean Street Posse was helping to find the Undertaker. No one bothered asking Edge anything. They already knew he wouldn't say anything. By the time the trainer arrived, Shane was able to keep his eyes open for a little longer of a time. The trainer examined him and said he'd be fine. He recommended sleep and a good meal. By the time, they left the arena that night, the Ministry still hadn't been found.

The Bossman and HHH shared Shane and Marissa's hotel room as a precautionary matter. Vince didn't want Shane alone. He learned his lesson.

Shane had a hard time sleeping that night. He lay listening to Bossman snore. HHH was on watch. He looked over at his wife who was sleeping with her head against his chest. She looked so peaceful he decided. He hoped Stephanie was okay. Why did they take Stephanie? He wondered. Why didn't they take Edge back? Why did they leave me in the ring? Even after all they put him through; he would gladly take Stephanie's place. He was the older brother after all. He was supposed to protect her, like last Monday night when the Ministry kidnapped him. They would find Stephanie he promised himself.

Vince stood silently in the doorway watching his son 'sleep'. He was glad to have his son back, but he needed Stephanie back too. He should have been prepared for something like this. He should have known that Undertaker would try that. He was so concerned about getting Shane back, he hadn't thought that the Undertaker would take Stephanie. He made that mistake again. When he had been concerned for Stephanie's safety, he hadn't worried about Shane's. This time he had been concentrating on getting Shane, back he didn't really worry about Stephanie. Why did he do that?

He watches Shane get out of bed. He jumped when he saw the figure in the doorway. "Don't do that dad. I spent nearly a week in the dark."

Vince silently cursed the Undertaker. He wanted to find him and make him pay for hurting his family. "Ian said you needed to get some rest." Ian is one of the trainers for the WWE. "Go back to sleep." He looked over to see if the conversation had woken up his daughter in law but she was sound asleep. HHH turned around from his position at the door but hadn't said anything. "You okay?"

"Nightmares." Shane said quickly. "I see his face in my nightmares."

Vince put a hand on his shoulder and squeezed it. Shane saw the tortured look in his eyes.

"Shane?" Marissa asked sitting up. She had realized he was no longer in bed. "Shane?" The worry was evident in her voice. Shane went up to her. "You had me worried."

"Sorry Marissa. I couldn't sleep." He said deciding not to tell her about the nightmares. He got back in bed with her. Bossman and HHH switched places. It was quiet the rest of the night.

In a different hotel, it was quiet also. Undertaker and Stephanie had gone into another of the rooms and locked the door. Christian and Gangrel were not happy about leaving Edge in the ring. They hadn't been too crazy about Edge being a distraction to grab Shane. They could see the many bruises on his face.

The Acolytes and Mideon were playing poker. "When we grabbing Shane again?" Bradshaw asked Paul Bearer.

"As soon as the Higher Power tells us to. That's who's calling all the shots. Until then, we just stay here. I doubt Vince is going anywhere when his daughter's missing."

"Why did we leave Edge?" Christian demanded. "They had beaten him up.

"We couldn't take both." Paul quickly explained. "He'll be fine. When we grab Shane again, we'll take back Edge."

Gangrel glared at him before quickly leaving the room. Christian followed him. The poker game continued.

Stephanie stopped kissing the Undertaker. "I'm glad I was traded. Though it was fun to see my brother go through more punishment. It was hard pretending I was worried about him this week."

"I bet. But you did a wonderful job Stephanie. I was kept up to date and they told me no one suspected anything was wrong. Your brother will be hurting for awhile."

"And it's driving my dad crazy how me and Shane keep disappearing right in front of his eyes." She laughed. "It probably didn't help that I was saying 'Who knows what they are doing to him right now.' He even cried!"

Undertaker smiled. They were making a progress.

Shane saw his face leaning down closer to his own. He was bound and helpless to do anything. He waited for the punch to come but it never did. Undertaker grabbed someone else. Someone with long dark hair.

Shane woke up with a start. He sat up. Marissa was still sleeping. He looked up and saw that Ken Shamrock was now occupying the spot that Bossman had been in. He had to tell Ken about Ryan being in the Ministry. He knew Ken wouldn't react too well to that news. There had been a lot of talk about how Ken and his half brother Frank didn't get along. "Ken? Can I talk to you? It's about Ryan."

"Ryan? What about her?"

"She's with the Ministry. I saw her."

"What the hell are you talking about Shane?" Ken was starting to get angry. Ryan wouldn't join the Ministry. Shane had to be wrong or very confused.

"I saw her Ken." He didn't have time to protect himself from Ken's fist. He fell to the floor. The noise brought the Corporation running into the room

"What the hell is going on?" Vince demanded. Bossman helped Shane back to his feet. Vince saw Ken's clenched fist. "Did you punch him?" He demanded.

"He told me a lie..."

"Yes or no Shamrock!"

"Yes but..."

"No excuses. You are not to lay a hand on Shane. He's gone through enough." Ken glared at Shane before storming out of the room. "You okay?" Shane nodded. "What did you say to him?"

"I told him that his sister Ryan is a member of the Ministry. He didn't believe me and punched me. But dad I saw her. She had pretended to be Stephanie when I was first kidnapped. I saw her!"

Vince took in the news. "I will talk to Ryan tomorrow about this. Don't worry about Ken. He cares about Ryan just like you care about Stephanie. Why don't you get dressed and join us at the restaurant for breakfast? You and Marissa."

"I'll talk to Marissa about it but that sounds good." Vince walked out of the room. Shane went to wake up Marissa.

Shane picked at his breakfast. People had been staring at him since they entered the restaurant. Some had been bold enough to walk up to him and asked him if he had really been kidnapped or if he had faked it like Internet sites had been saying. Vince had blown up at the last person who asked that. He looked at the far end of the table where Edge was sitting between Bossman and Big Show. Both were keeping a close eye on him. Shane finally gave up on eating and shoved his plate forward with a sigh. He glared at the approaching teenager. He was tired of the questions. But he was just asking for autographs. He gave him one then squeezed his wife's hand. Marissa had been talking to Linda. She smiled at him and they kissed before she went back to talking to Linda. He turned back to his uneaten breakfast. There was a note next to his plate. He quickly opened it and read it.

It said: We haven't forgotten about you. And it was signed the Ministry of Darkness. Vince took it from him and quickly read it.

"Let's go." Vince said. They all got up and left the restaurant. Vince stopped to pay for their meals. "Bossman and Pete Gas stay here. The rest of you continue your search for Stephanie. Vince led his family, Bossman, Pete, and Edge back to the hotel room. There they stayed the rest of the day.