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Introduction/Author's Note:

Thank you guys for your support with Metroid: Kamen Rider Generations Vol. 2 - Ex-Aid Era feat. Cross Ange. I would like to thank EeveeNicks, Dash master 48, alexwu704, and Toa Solaric for their positive feedbacks with Volume 2.

And, unlike the first two fics I wrote, this will be the first time that Samus is not the main protagonist of this story. This time, an OC will be a main protagonist, in the form of Goro Izumi. Goro is the 27-year old CEO of ZETA Technology Industries, a company who is building a new generation of battle armors for police and military use, the G7 Battle Armor series. The fact that he is a CEO of a company that builds battle suits, he's a contrasting foil to none other than Kuroto Dan/Kamen Rider Genm in the way how they started out in their respective series. Since both of these characters likely possess a narcissistic bravado and they are prodigy geniuses in their own right. Unlike Kuroto, who is very bombastic, wild, and is almost fighting like a beast; Goro is very angsty and brooding with a tragic backstory. Only time will tell if Goro will become a Kamen Rider.

Even though Samus is not the main protagonist here, she's still a main character throughout along the rest of her crew. Plus, we also got Soul Calibur's Taki and Natsu as the new guest characters.

Without further ado, I present to you guys the sequel to Vol. 2, Metroid: Kamen Rider Generations Vol. 3: Fates Intertwined.

UPDATE 8/21/2017 - Added the kanji of the cast and the actors' names, and Emu added into the returning cast as he is a main character too.

New Cast

(中川大志: 泉 五郎/仮面ライダーG 7イカルス)
Taishi Nakagawa as Goro Izumi/Kamen Rider G7 Icarus

(護 あさな: タキ)
Asana Mamoru as Taki

(平 祐奈 :凪津)
Yuna Taira as Natsu

(川本まゆ: 桐山 霞)
Mayu Kawamoto as Kasumi Kiriyama

Returning Cast

(水樹 奈々: サムス・アラン/仮面ライダーハントレス)
Nana Mizuki as Samus Aran/Kamen Rider Huntress

(高杉 真宙: 呉島 光実/仮面ライダー龍玄 [リュウゲン])
Mahiro Takasugi as Mitsuzane Kureshima/Kamen Rider Ryugen

(中山 絵梨奈: 稲森 真由/仮面ライダーメイジ)
Erina Nakayama as Mayu Inamori/Kamen Rider Mage

(稲葉 友: 詩島 剛/仮面ライダーマッハ)
Yu Inaba as Go Shijima/Kamen Rider Mach

(山本 涼介: 深海 マコト/仮面ライダースペクター)
Ryosuke Yamamoto as Makoto Fukami/Kamen Rider Specter

(磯村 勇斗: アラン/仮面ライダーネクロム)
Hayato Isomura as Alain/Kamen Rider Necrom

(飯島 寛騎: 宝生 永夢/仮面ライダーエグゼイド)
Hiroki Ijima as Emu Houjou/Kamen Rider Ex-Aid

(小野塚 勇人: 九条 貴利矢/仮面ライダーレーザー(ターボ))
Hayato Onozuka as Kiriya Kujo/Kamen Rider Lazer (Turbo)

(西川 貴教 『T.M. Revolution』: 烏丸 ケイイチ)
Takanori Nishikawa (T.M. Revolution) as Keiichi Karasuma

Episode 001: Fast Forward

(*Opening: "ROCK RIDE RIOT" by Nana Mizuki*)

[~Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...~]
[~Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...~]

[~Haikei shounen jidai mirai no kimi wa~] (Dear my boyhood days, and to your future)
[~E ni kaita mochi wo nedaru hibi PUROSESU ja naku kekka ga hoshii~] (Everyday asking for a ricecake drawn in the picture. I want results instead of process)
[~Demo, genjitsu kara wa ESUKEEPU~] (But, is it okay to escape from reality?)

[~Dara dara sugoshite wa itsuwari nagara~] (While all the lies are spent from laziness)
[~Mousou no jibun ni yoishirete ita~] (I was drunk in my own fantasies)
[~Kedo, kigatsukeba Minna boku yori mo~] (But, you know everyone is better than me)
[~Zutto tooku made aruite ita yo~] (I walked so far away)

[~I know, I know...oh...~]
[~I know, I know Mou modorenai~] (I know, I know I'm not holding back)
[~I know, I know Honki ni nareru riyuu ga hoshii~] (I know, I know you want this to be serious)

[~Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...~]
[~Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...~]
[~Kawaritai to negau~] (I wish to change myself)
[~Kawaranai jibun ni mogaiteta'n da~] (While I struggle with my unchanged self)
[~Sore wa kodoku ni mo yoku nita~] (It feels just like loneliness)
[~Sekibaku no shouting star~] (Like a lonely shouting star)


November 18, 2000, 17 years ago...

It was already 7:30 PM, and a car belonging to the Izumi family drove into the dark roads, with the cliffsides are near which makes it very dangerous to trudge at this time of night. Goro and his parents were out for a family outing.

Goro grew up in a wealthy upbringing, his father was a corporate businessman and engineer who runs a company known for inventing battle armors for police and military use. Even though Goro had a spoiled attitude in his young age, he was wise beyond his years to the point that he is superhumanly intelligent in the age of 10.

The young Goro's life was blissful during his time with his family, until tragedy struck...

Their car was hit by a truck in the middle of the pitch-black darkness. Goro's life was flashing upon him with their car hit the truck.

Inside Goro's consciousness, the young boy slowly hears voices a mysterious voice from within. Saying, "You need to live on. I will protect you." The boy is confused of what is going on, wondering if his mother and father are alright.

"Hey, who are you?", the young Goro cried to ask who is calling out to him. But, it was in deaf ears.

Two days later, Goro found himself awake in a hospital. Strangely, he miraculously survived that accident. But, when his grandfather, Takagi told him that his parents didn't make it, he was distraught... Wracked with grief, Goro's life had turned to a gruesome turn to him now that he is left orphaned.

However, ever since that fateful acident, Goro has a huge scar in his abdomen; something that he'll bear for the rest of his life...

-Prodigy in the Making-

Several years later...

From the day onward after his parents died, Goro lived with his grandfather. The boy inherited his parents fortune; Takagi revealed to his grandson that moments of his (Goro) parents' dying breath, that Goro is the heir to his father's company. However, only Goro will succeed his father's place at a right age, since he's still to young to understand his father's business. Goro is left to his own devices under his grandfather's guidance, along with his parents' fortune, that he will find a way to reach for success.

Takagi watched over Goro even until his teenage years, having seen his grandson grew up into a prodigy genius; having become top of his class, his superior intellect was recognized heavily by his peers. Goro has becoming more talented with robotics and goes in further heights to invent things that will, in his perspective, make him be recognized by the world.

At the age of 21, Goro graduated with a degree of Master's Degree in Computer Science in Touhoku University. Such achievements furthered his thirst for knowledge and as such is ready to put what his talents to the test. And eventually, upon looking at his father's will, Goro is now made CEO of ZETA Technology Industries at the age of 25.

August 2017, two years later...

Two years after finally inheriting his father's company, Goro has proven himself that he's a self-made man, having grown up from the ordeals after the deaths of his parents. All the merits and accomplishments in the past made him a man who's worked hard to succeed his father.

ZETA Technology Industries, or ZETA Tech in short has been dedicated in inventing battle armors designed for police and military use to a more futuristic levels. The company is stationed in Shouya City; but there are several branches of this company are across Japan.

Goro, now 27 years old, is a well-respected authority figure of ZETA Tech, a tall and handsome man to the point that female workers are sometimes attracted to him and show their motivations in office work. While he's in between a strict employer and a nice guy, Goro is an obvious workaholic, keeping the company at shift shape.

Meanwhile, inside the CEO's office, an employee enters, presenting a picture of what appears to be a finished product of the battle suit that the company is currently developing.

"Sir, this is the finished product of the G7 Battle Armor.", said the female employee.

"Good.", the CEO replied. "With this, we could present its specs in the company expo by the next three months."

The employee left, leaving Goro to make some preparations regarding ZETA Technology's expo that will be three months away from now.

So far, according to the finished blueprints that one of the workers represented to him, the G7 Battle Armor appears to be, as its name implies, a 7th generation exo-suit and successor to the G3 exosuits that was used by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Force during the time they were fighting supernatural beings. The G7 armors take form of almost identical to it's old counterparts, only that these have rhinoceros-beetle horns fitted on their helmet, rather than their stagbeetle-like antennae.

"Well... I guess it's time to show the world of my inventions crafted by my unrivaled genius.", Goro whispered to himself, smirking. "Father, mother, where ever you are now... I hope you are all proud of me."

-400 Years into the Past-

Edo Period (1607) 400 years ago...

Fu-Ma Ninja Clan Village, Fu-Ma No Sato, Japan

Natsu returns back to the Fu-Ma clan village after journeying to the west searching for her master, Taki, who had been missing after learning that her foster-father returned from the dead. Once Natsu arrived into her adoptive mother's home, she is surprised that Taki has returned. Turns out that Taki was badly injured during her journey to find her supposedly dead foster father.

"Mother? Sensei?", the young kunoichi asked what is going on.

A man, who appears to be in his forties just like Taki, appears to Natsu and her adoptive mother, Chie. Judging by his rugged and muscular appearance, and at the same time is carrying a katana with him.

"Natsu, this is Mitsurugi-san.", said the Fu-Ma clan leader. "She is your sensei's acquaintance."

"You must be her (Taki) disciple, I presume.", the samurai spoke to the young kunoichi.

"How did you find my master?", Natsu asked.

Mitsurugi reveals that while he was traveling to seek after a demonic blade, he somehow found Taki badly battered and beaten after fighting presumably her supposedly former master, Toki. Before Taki was about to be killed, Mitsurugi intervenes and saves her from death, and there he brings her back to the Fu-Ma clan's village.

"Wow, you seem to know my master very well.", Natsu comments about how Mitsurugi knew about Taki.

To which the samurai replies, "Your master and I came a long way. I hear that you're growing up to be like her."

Mitsurugi does see Natsu a lot being similar to Taki, only that Natsu's personality in general keeps her from being like her master, who is very dutiful and quiet in contrast to the bubbly and cheerful Natsu. However, the young kunoichi has to keep quiet about the seal on her left shoulder blade to anyone outside of the ninja clan.

Relieved to see her master return, Natsu decides to take a break for a while. Though Chie will be the ones to look after Taki until she wakes up.

"I'll be taking my leave for now.", Mitsurugi leaves. But before that, leaves a message to Natsu for Taki. "Give my regards to your sensei the moment she wakes up."

"Mmm, 'kay. I'll let master know.", Natsu nodded as the samurai leaves.

A week later, Taki wakes up from her coma, realizing that she is returned back to Japan.

"Sensei!", Natsu approached her teacher.

"Taki!", Chie followed afterwards.

"Ungghhh...", the veteran shinobi groaned. "What happened? How did I end up here?"

"Mitsurugi-san saved your life.", Chie brought up that to Taki that was almost killed by what appears to the resurrected Toki, but she was saved by Mitsurugi.

The fact that Taki knows Mitsurugi for a long time, she wondered if he is still seeking after a certain demonic blade; but Chie said that he decided to forgo his quest to save her. Taki learns that Mitsurugi is living a life of a farmer since the Tokugawa shogunate no longer have a need of a ronin. And most likely ninja clans have been declining.

"I see...", Taki sighed after learning what happened. And decided to take a rest after unexpected turn of events.

Ever since she became an apprentice to the more seasoned veteran kunoichi, Taki, Natsu is deeply holding regret knowing that her master has been put into harm's way when she was in her journey. When Chie left the room, leaving the master and student at the time being.

"Natsu, why the wrong face?", Taki looked at her student.

"Sensei, I want to ask you something...", Natsu replied. "Why are you after your former master? I'm worried about that something might happen to you; I looked everywhere across the world for you."

Taki continued, "I see... But, it is nothing for you to answer. I know you're too young to understand this, Natsu. I never seen you are so worried about me."

"If that samurai didn't saved your butt back there, you'd be dead by now!"

"I'll find a way to make it up to you.", the veteran kunoichi assures that she'll forgive her student the fact Natsu has been a worrywart lately despite having journeyed and found comrades along the way. "For now, give me some time to recover."

That said, Taki is given enough time to recover from her wounds, while Natsu is tasked by her mother to buy some food and medicine. After leaving the market, Natsu notices what appears to be a black cloud in the sky from a distance.

"That's weird...", the blonde kunoichi felt something ominous about the black cloud of sorts. But, she decided to ignore it anyway as she heads back home.

Later that night, Chie prepared a meal for Taki, for herself and her adopted daughter for dinner. The ninja clan leader asked her friend what she is planning to do once Taki finally recovers.

"What are you planning to do after you get better, Taki?", asked Chie.

"I'll be going for another journey.", the veteran kunoichi answered.

"Sensei, mind if I come along with you?", Natsu insists to travel with Taki, as student and master.

"Natsu!", though Chie rejects as Natsu might do something dangerous along the way.

"You're such a worrywart, Natsu.", Taki smirked, and is left without a choice to let her disciple accompany her. "Okay, you will come with me. But, promise me that you behave . And, learn to control Arahabaki's powers properly. Never let anyone make fun of your hair, it's the only thing that the demon can take over you."

Three days later...

Both Taki and Natsu prepared everything they need for their journey - food, medicine, clothing, money, as well as their weapons - Rekki-Maru and Mekki-Maru for Taki, Kuzukiri and Awayuuki for Natsu, their respective ninja blades.

The two ninjas leave Chie's home as they leave the Fu-Ma Ninja Clan village. Along the way from the outside, Natsu notices what appears to be the same black cloud she saw several days ago blocking their way inside the forest.

"What is that?", Taki is curious about the black cloud, before suddenly it turns into a wormhole.

"That's the same one that I saw days ago.", the student replied.

Neither have any idea where did this black cloud come from, and the fact it is blocking in their way; not a single ninjutsu can make it disappear. When Natsu touches the wormhole, it appears to be harmless.

"Natsu, what are you doing?", Taki chided when she sees Natsu touching the wormhole.

"Come on, sensei. We need to get through that thing!", Natsu immediately ran into the wormhole, then Taki followed after seconds later. The wormhole closes seconds later...

-Fast Forward-

Heisei Period (2017), Present Time

Shouya City, Tendou Prefecture, Japan

Fast forward 400 hundred years into the present...

Shouya City, a city of luxury and futuristic progress. As according to nearby citizens, it is considered as Japan's version of Los Angeles in the US; having known for their landmarks ranging from an ancient Buddhist temple, to a Japanese celebrity walk of fame in the Tsugami boulevard, and many more.

ZETA Technology Industries launches an exposition in this city, that brings minds together from around the world and combines them to try and develop new inventions to improve quality of life for mankind and the world in the future. Many presenters in the expo includes several independent inventors from across Japan and across the globe came all the way to Shouya City to showcase their genius-level inventions. Maybe that humanity has a desire to create something that is beyond one's imagination, and so many people are gathered here.

While looking at every exhibited inventions and gadgetry inside the exposition ranging from futuristic gadgets designed for police and military use, as well as old exo-suits like the Generation 3-X battle armor used by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police that was used to combat supernatural creatures several years ago, Samus roamed around to observe each of these exhibited equipment being displayed.

Samus walked into one of the exhibitions coming from ZETA Technologies, their new G7 Battle Armor, judging by its pearl white coloration with aquamarine accents, this is the first time Samus took interest in this kind of technology.

Mitsuzane appears on the bounty hunter's side, "So this must be their new G7 exo-suit...", he keenly observed the armor. As well as the pistol holstered on the right leg. When he closely looked at it, it has written "G7 Paralyzer". Meaning, the weapon is likely used as a stun gun.

"Yeah. I never seen anything like this.", the bounty huntress answered.

"Can I have your attention, please?", a voice echoed within, coming from the stage. The MC announces the audience and expo visitors to take their attention to the stage to introduce ZETA Technology's chief operating officer. "Thank you. And now, I would like to introduce to all of you, the CEO of ZETA Technology Industries, Mr. Izumi Goro!"

The CEO of ZETA Technologies enters the stage as the MC hands over the microphone to him.

"Thank you all for coming into this exposition!", Goro spoke to the visitors of the expo. "I'm really happy to see people from all over the world to witness these inventions crafted by every genius-leveled engineers who used every ounce of their imagination to let the world recognize their fruits of labor. And now, without further ado, but at long last, ZETA Tech's newest project is finally complete and now I will unveil it to you all...", then, he introduces the new G7 Battle Armor to the audience, "the Generation 7 Battle Armor! This exo-suit is designed for both police and military use, especially in times of counterterrorism. A perfect tool in defending the innocent!"

In the presentation, it seems that suiting up with the G7 Battle Armor needs what appears to be the G7 Paralyzer, as what Mitsuzane observed earlier, along with a key inserted within the pistol. It is just like transforming into a Kamen Rider.

The whole expo was going great, until...

Demon-like aliens started attacking the expo! Causing a massive panic, people ran for their lives as they see the demonic aliens, riding on their steeds began ransacking the expo.

"What the hell is that?", Goro didn't like the look of this when he sees alien-like creatures started attacking his expo.

"Here we go again...", the young Kureshima muttered, feeling like he hasn't seen a lot of action for the several months.

Meanwhile, Samus and Mitsuzane are helping people evacuate the place as they suppress the people from panicking. After they clear the people out of the buidling, they turn their attention on the attackers.

"Hey! Go wreck someone else's party, will you!", Mitsuzane taunts the attackers, and in turn they turn their attention to the two Space Explorers. Each of the alien demons got off from their demonic steeds as they began to attack Mitsuzane and Samus.

The two Space Explorers fend off each of the attackers, but the numbers game has proven to be out of control for them.

"Just how many are they keep on coming?!", Samus exclaimed as she finds herself being pinned down.

Goro comes to help the two Space Explorers, only to be knocked back. However, things got a little bit curbed down when Kujo Kiriya shows up as he flying kicks one of the alien demons and aids Mitsuzane and Samus.

"Man, how the hell did those alien Mongols get here?", Kiriya commented, comparing the alien demons to Mongols.

"We still have no idea what's going on.", Samus replied.

Mayu arrives on the scene, as she regroups with Mitsuzane, Kiriya, and Samus herself.

"Come on, we need to get these guys off this place!", Mayu said.

Kiriya gives Samus her Gamer Driver and Mighty Action X Special Gashat, since they need to transform into a Kamen Rider once again. Even though the Kamen Rider Chronicle incident is already over, Kiriya still has his antibodies intact, and so does Samus. Mayu scans her Driver On ring on her Hand Author, materializing her Mage Belt. Mitsuzane buckles up his Sengoku Driver.

*Mighty Action X!* / *Bakusou Bike! Giri Giri Chambara!* / *Budou!* / *Shabadoobi Touch Henshin~!*

"Engage Mode Two.", Samus chanted.

"3rd Gear!", followed by Kiriya.

Before all four Space Explorers chant, "Henshin!", as they transform.

*Gacchan! Level up! Mighty Jump, Mighty Kick! Mighty, Mighty Action X!* / *Gacchan! Level Up! Bakusou! Dokusou! Gekisou! Bousou! Bakusou Bike! I Gotcha! Giri Giri! Giri Giri Chambara!* / *Budou Arms! Ryuuhou Ha! Ha Ha!* / *Change, Now!*

Samus transforms into Kamen Rider Huntress Action Gamer Level 2, Kiriya into Lazer Chambara Bike Gamer Level 3, Mitsuzane into Ryugen Budou Arms, and Mayu into Mage. Huntress pulls out her Bugvisor II and holds it in its beamgun mode, Ryugen then pulls out his Budou Ryuhou, Lazer with the Gashacon Sparrow, and Mage with her WizarSwordGun.

"Time for a ride!", Lazer proclaimed.

"Just who the hell do you think we are?!", Ryugen followed.

"Now, it's time to end this!", Mage added.

"We'll protect the Earth with No Continues!", Huntress finished, reprising Ex-Aid's phrase, as she and her fellow Kamen Riders fight off the alien demons and all hell breaks loose!

See you next mission...

Author's Note #2:

Izumi's tragic backstory is similar to that of Haruto's since both of their parents died in an accident, with both children survived somehow. Also the fact that his parents died in a car crash, leaving him the only survivor is similar to that of Kiba from 555.

The fact that the G7 Battle Suits are said to be the successors to the G3 exo-suits from Agito, if the G3 suits is based on Kamen Rider Kuuga, G4 being based on Agito, the G7 is based on Kamen Rider Kabuto. The G7 Battle Suits are colored white.

The Tsugami boulevard in Shouya City is named after Shouichi Tsugami, aka Kamen Rider Agito.

Taki noting that if anyone makes fun of Natsu's hair is sure to trigger Arahabaki is a reference to Josuke Higashikata from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable; Josuke will react violently whenever anyone insults his pompadour and will disfigure the said offender with his Stand, Crazy Diamond.