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The story takes place during X-Men: First Class, when McCoy and Xavier use a prototype Cerebro to locate mutants. They were told by a guy in a bar to go away in not quite polite way a few days ago but Charles has just found a track of new mutant.


I glanced at the clock in the hall. It's 12:45. I was so bored I couldn't stop yawing. I only hoped our professor wouldn't notice. I looked at my classmate who was sitting next to me. She smiled and whispered: "15 min to go". We were both participating in English Literature course lecture. The truth is, I like English literature, especially the British one but the lecture was particularly boring today.

My name is Raija Merilainen and currently I live in the UK where I study the English Philology. I am not an English native speaker so improving my English was a good idea. I still have over 1.5 year to graduate. I could say I try to live an ordinary life but it's not such a simple thing to do. Because of war my elder sister and I left our homeland. Of course, war is over already but I wasn't safe there anymore. I'm a…

I am a mutant with a special connection with water; for instance I can boil it, freeze it, manipulate it with a power of my mind, turn it into gel-like substance and make it hard like tough glass. Notwithstanding my ability can be sometimes pain in the neck. I must avoid water; If I get splashed accidentally my body will be changed ten seconds later.

It happened in Ireland more less two years ago during a very hot and sunny summer.

"Let's call it a day" the professor said and my thought about the past disappeared quickly as I realised I was still in the class. I went outside to enjoy the beautiful day. Sun was shining and there were barley no clouds on the sky. The chances of raining were little, luckily for me. I was about to head my flat which was rented with my sister, the only family I had. I changed my mind. I needed coffee anyway.

Short way off there was a cosy café where I usually enjoy fresh ground coffee. The place was rather small but well organised: shelfs with various novels, pictures with mouth-watering cakes and some inspiring thoughts, enormous windows providing a lot of light, tablecloths with delicate flowers ornaments.

When I walked in I was greeted with the delicious smell of freshly-made coffee. Smiling to myself I sit in the table. When a waitress took my order I took a novel from the shelf Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by R. L. Stevenson. Scanning it I noticed difficult, old-fashioned vocabulary, let's try it nevertheless. I focused on reading. I didn't expect anyone to bother me. I didn't pay attention when two men walked it. After all, it wouldn't be anything strange but they walked straight towards my table.

Change of POV

"You are very optimistic, Charles" said Erik Lehnsherr. "Remember last time? The Go Fuck Yourself Guy?" The man named Charles looked amused. "You'll never know. We mustn't give up. Hey, look, it's here." He pointed at the cáfe "Sweet life". They opened the wooden door and the little attached bell rang. They look around; there were only a few people inside: a chatting cheerfully couple. Three student girls with their notes and handouts spread on the whole length of table, a man in middle of 60s reading today's newspaper. A girl about 20 years old reading small black covered book sitting alone and drinking latte. She had curly blonde, lacklustre, greasy hair like she hadn't wash them for a few days. She was of slim build with pale complexion and bright green eyes. The moment I set eyes on her I knew that she'd be the one we are looking for.

"Excuse me, my name is Charles Xavier" "Erik Lehnsherr" Then men introduced themselves.

"Would you spare us a few minutes?"

Raija's POV

Charles struck me as an honest and trustworthy person. The second one seems to be careful, paying attention to details. They sit down at my table and they ordered two coffees.

"We are looking for a talented people with a special gifts and I believe you are the one" said Erik to me. I closed the book and my hand slightly shuddered. "I am quite positive there must be a mistake" I declared. I had an emptiness in my head, moreover I had no idea how I should behave — all I wanted is to disappeared quickly. "Could you please pass me the sugar"? I glanced at Erik and he smiled a little. My eyes widened when a teaspoon was lifted from the sugar bowl in the air and the content was put in my latte. "I can control metal with my mind as you can see" Eirk gave me a toothy grin.

Just like nothing had happened the waitress brought the order to us. (Espresso with a glass of water for Magnito and Cappuccino for Charles) "What is your ability"? I asked Charles. "I can read people's minds." I froze for a second then I acted more confidently. "So, what I am thinking about"?

Charles focused his his gaze at me. I thought about the beautiful Finnish forest I used to have a long walk alone or with my sister. It was so calming and relaxing I always could find a solution for a bothering me problems. I really miss it now.

Charles's POV

"So, what I am thinking about"? Raija asked like she couldn't believe such power can exist. After a while I looked astonished at Erik. He realised immediately something's wrong. "I can't…. I can't do it. I can't read her thoughts." He add "Yet I was able to track you".

"What's your superpower"? Erik asked. The girl cleared her throat. "Speaking Polish and Finnish"

"That's pretty useful isn't it? "Speaking languages one's find hard like hell to learn is useful" she answered.

"You came here a long way to find me" The girl raised her hand in a gesture: a big walnut size water ball raised in the air from the water for espresso. Then, by using a slightly different gesture the ball turned into gel and after a few seconds it hardened completely. The ball fell on the table but Raija caught it and gave it to me. "I can do a few things with water." She explained. "We need your help to stop a fucking bad guy. Would you like to join us"? Erik offered me a good adventure. What a nice change in comparison to participating lectures "Sure."

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