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Common enemy

Two sisters came tearing down the street into "Sweet life" café like greased lightning. They were about forty minutes late for the meeting. It's not such a simple excuse like " I set the alarm for half past six but it hadn't gone off and I overslept"

The full moon was on Friday. It was a chilly evening and Raija was exposure to cold weather while wearing only a blue, sleeveless shirt; she eventually felt it fully on Sunday. She has all the classic symptoms of a cold - the coughs, the sore throat and sneezes. Especially sneezes. Everything with having a cold is perfectly ok, as long as one's a human being.

Curtains were set on fire causing flames that was quickly extinguished by Mervi ("I am gonna kick your ass!" was all she managed to say)

The sisters had a whole long weekend to threat the illness. Mervi did her best to nurse little sis back to health. The mermaid spent the day in the bed, or sofa actually; being forced to eat a few cloves of garlic as a punishment for the curtains. The hot tea with lemon and honey was prepared and chicken soup was for dinner. "Grandma always said it's perfect for cold"

The girl did felt much better in comparison with the previous day. They both woke up early; they hate being late. They dressed quickly, made simple sandwiches with cottage cheese for breakfast, and did morning routine in the bathroom. Raija was packing her books for afternoon classes and Mervi was finishing her make up when it happened. The mermaid sneezed.

Out of the blue tick, wet snow flakes began to fall, quickly covering the whole space in the living room. Water triggered the transformation ten seconds later. A blanket of snow laid on the floor. So was Raija. And then, older girl open the door.

"You know, next time I'll let you expose yourself" Mervi frowned at her, clearly annoyed.

"I love you too!" the mermaid signed, and added "Damn it."

"Stop it or neighbours notice. The snow can damage lower floors" The girl scowled at helpless sister and went to bathroom to get a few towels.

Raija shivered with cold unable to escape from the snow flurry. Temperature in the flat rapidly decreased. "I fe-fell so co-cold" she stuttered. Snow flakes dressed her wet hair, bearing resemblance to a snow queen — except the tail.

Mervi felt adrenaline. She lifted the mermaid up on the sofa and delicately covered her human part with a piece of cloth. Raija took a deep breath wrapped in a towel.

Mervi blinked. "Sis, we have no time. Heat it up! Do you expect me to open the window and throw out snowballs in bloody JUNE? The mermaid gave her a fierce glare.

"Challenge accepted" Raija closed her eyes, focusing on heating. Magic flowed through her veins and snow began to evaporate. At the very end, her tail was dried up and separated into legs.

She felt happy and exhausted. Using so much power to defeat the winter drained much of her energy. Moreover she was already weak. "Just open the window and we can go" The flat was full of steam.

"I am really, really sorry for being so late" Raija apologised. Charles beamed at us. They were wearing elegant suits, like on special occasion "I bet him today's coffee you will eventually show up" Their coffees were already half drunk.

"Anyway, this is my sister"gesturing at Mervi. "Hi, how do you do" the man greeted Mervi, shaking her hand. Girls joined men at the table. Raija nervously tidied tangled hair with her fingers while Mervi took off her jacket.

"What took you so long?" There was no impatience in Erik's voice.

We had a tiny accident Charles heard Mervi's mind.

"Two latte please" Mervi said to waitress, which just came.

"What I was about? Oh, we had um… an accident" Raija stated slowly, carefully using the words. "Was it that bad? Erik asked.

"I am not sure, I've only created a blizzard in our flat" A big grin appeared in blonde's face.

"It took us ages to clean it up."

"Raija caught a cold" Mervi explained. You didn't have to jump to ice-cold water.

"Did you wait long"? Raija intended to change a topic.

"We are fine, don't worry" Charles calmed them.

The coffees were brought. Today the café was crowded. Customers were taken-away their beverages but many found this place appropriate for newspaper's reading or catching up on all the gossips with friends. The risk of too many eyes spotting the "evil, hatred mutant" was Erik's reason for not showing off mutant skills when Mervi asked for sugar.

Erik took his hand towards sugar bowl. His sleeve was rolled up revealing the tattoo. It was a constant reminder of the days in the Nazi Death Camp. He wasn't allowed to die, they have known about Erik's mutant ability. He was forced to move a single metal coin telekinetically but failed; as a consequence his mother was murdered.

The man covered his arm in a split second but it was just enough time for Mervi to notice it.

"Wait, you were…" Her eyes widened. "You have survived in a place where everyone died"

Her voice started to tremble. "Just like my mum and neighbours. I was told they were taken there."

"What about your dad?"

"He was an army soldier. No hearing from him for a long time. He must have died."

Raija interrupted. "So the man who killed your mum could be the same who killed our's. Even he's not the one; he's indirectly responsible"

Charles nodded. "His name is Sebastian Shaw who has his own team of mutants. If we won't stop him a nuclear war between the US and the Soviet Union begin. Atrocity of the II World War would be nothing to the war to come. We cannot defeat him alone."

If I loose my little sis….

Charles looked straight into Mervi's blue eyes. "Mervi. We need her. We can provide with any help you find necessary. She is worth waiting." He gently touched her hand.

The older sister gazed out of the window.

"I am aware I cannot stop you. I could lock the door but you would just find another way." The statement was an obvious truth.

"And we are here, drinking coffee as if nothing were to happen." Raija was upset. "Guys, expect me tomorrow morning."

Later, in the evening.

Raija was taking a bath. Her fin was flopping out of the bathtub, way too small for mermaid body. Water was splashed onto the floor tiles but no one bothered.

"May I come in?" Mervi's voice sounded. "Sure"

The girl walked, shutting the door behind her. "I wanted to talk with you"

"I know. It's the last day together. What do you plan to do?"

"I'll stay here for a while. I have a steady job. Then we will see" Mervi paused. "What about you?

You don't regret quitting your university?"

Raija hesitated. "I will graduate one day. But now… Literally everything has changed. I met mutants and they had had to go all the way to the UK to meet me"

"You are special. I do not mean your tail now." She glanced at the flopping fin. "You know, you could be a proper replacement for the Warsaw mermaid." Raija giggled and poked her tongue at sister.

There was a moment of uncomfortable silence. They both wanted to keep each other in good mood but their separation was the inevitable. "Do you believe it's true? A nuclear war is a real danger now?" The mermaid splashed even more water onto the floor.

"I did my best to live a ordinary, simple life, apparently you are destined for something greater."

"I've never wanted to draw too much attention to myself" Raija whispered.

After a while announced "I am done". The mermaid pulled herself out the bathtub (Mervi insisted on helping her) and dried herself together with bathroom surroundings. The mutant was hugged tightly; virtually goodbye like. She was on the verge of tears, only hoping Mervi won't notice.

"You'll get cold because of me" Raija said almost apologetically.

"Let me make one more lemon tea for you" The older girl smiled.

"I'll be back. I'll be back soon!" She couldn't know how wrong she was.


PS The coat of arms of Warsaw consists of a mermaid with sword and shield.

PS 2 Death camps were German

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