Summary: How's the destiny of Earthland going to look now that it has a Sorcerer Supreme who's inherited the teachings of a reality displaced Doctor Stephen Strange? Read to find out.

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"Here Lies… beloved mentor, friend, and guardian gone, but not forgotten."

As he stood, staring down the inscriptions of the grave stone in front of him, tears trailed down his cheeks and it was understandable, considering who the deceased man was to him for the years he was trained as a disciple.

He didn't have to die.

He knew he could've done something if he'd time. He knew he could have created a cure to the ailment attacking his mentor, the man who he saw as a father, utilizing the fruit of his teachings but he was unable to. And knowing that this man could've continued living life if he was stronger… well, let's just say that he - Naruto Stephen Uzumaki-Strange - was not feeling at a full 100 percent today.

Doctor Stephen Strange…

Even till now, 8 years later, he remembered how they first met, right after he fought with the defecting Sasuke Uchiha.


He gasped.


Suddenly snapping his eyes open in shock and springing up from his bed the bed he laid on, pushing off the blankets that covered his form, he couldn't help but hold his throbbing head, groaning, as his vision came into clear focus.


"You're in a realm that transcends time and space."

The blonde blinked, before turning his head to the source of the voice, easily spotting the form of a silver haired old man sitting in the lotus pose, wearing a blue full body suit with a strange emblem under a red high collar cloak that was fixed together by a strange amulet.


And he was floating on the air.


Naruto blinked.

Realm that transcends time and space…


The blonde's skin suddenly turned white in revelation.


He grabbed his hair, freaking out with his eyes wide.

Please NO!

He couldn't be dead! Not when he had so much to live for!

"Relax kid, you're not dead."


He snapped his blue eyes to the old man.


"You're not dead." The old man repeated, floating over to him, standing by his bed, with his hands folded behind him. "You're within a dimension that exists just outside of time and space. I brought you here after I healed that gaping wound on your chest, which - by the way - makes me curious, as to why a child none older than 13 would possess such a wound in the first place."

Naruto relaxed.


He wasn't dead, which means that he still has time to find Sasuke and get Sakura to go on a date. However, the fact that he wasn't dead didn't mean he wasn't cautious of the man in the blue body suit.

"Not that I mind the rescue and all, but who…"

"My name, is Dr. Stephen Strange, and I know who you are Naruto Uzumaki."

The blonde blinked, in confusion.


"When you arrived, you were already healing but it was done by an outside source that harboured a great amount of negativity, a great nine tailed fox beast that could put most of the other great beasts I know to shame." The old man explained. "Don't worry, I don't think less of you for it, in fact, what I did was add a few extra layering around the wards that keep the beasts influence from reaching you, that way you won't face the fox until you are ready to. It was in doing so that I came in contact with the spirit of two others that were bound to you just like the fox, and it is through them that I know about you Naruto."

The blonde scratched his head in confusion.


The old man sighed. He stepped aside from Naruto's view, motioning to a space with nothing there, until suddenly it distorted, and two figures came into view… figures who made the blonde widen his yes in pure shock.

"Perhaps I was moving too fast for you. Maybe they can help explain the situation."

"Hello, son."


He was glad he met the man because in meeting him, he was also given the chance to meet the echo of the souls of his diseased birth parents, both who passed away moments a few following his birth. It may have been messy at first - as he found out that the man who sealed the Nine Tailed Fox inside of him, which paved the hellish part of his life, was his father - but in the end, when all was said and done, everything worked out for them.

He felt lighter than he ever had in years.

A great burden he didn't know he was carrying on his shoulders was suddenly lifted, and it rejuvenated his spirit in a way he didn't know that existed when he was shown that he'd always have his parents love no matter the path he took.

He was happy.

An image of a man cackling madly in victory faded into his mind.

Baron Mordo…

Naruto angrily clenched his hands to fists by his sides.

That bastard was the reason the man he saw as a father was forced to go through the torment in the first place. His position as demon herald of Dormammu was something which not even the doctor foresaw and because of that, he was at a huge disadvantage when their battle ensured on Earth, continued in the Sanctum Sanctorum, and ended in the space which separates alternate realities and their multiverses from the other. And as it was a battle to ensure that the dark one didn't have an escape from his dimension, it meant that he had to fight seriously, focusing all his attention on his opponent and his moves thus, leaving him to an attack from an outside factor which he missed.

It poisoned him.

It was why he looked so antient and frail, according to what his father told him. Back then, he was doing all he could to fight the poison while he was fighting Mordo and the mage that poisoned him. Indeed, the battle may have ended with him as a victor with Mordo falling while his unknown attacker was dispose, but he, his father, was left unable to return to his home reality, a nasty side effect of the poison curse he carried, so he decided to follow the unknown attacker to wherever it was he fled to because if there was one thing he wouldn't do as long as he lived, was let the unknown reality become a meal to Dormammu's never ending hunger.

It needed a Sorcerer Supreme.

Indeed, Earthland was host to quite a number of powerful mages however, none of them could stand against Dormammu and his demonic power, and unfortunately for its people none possessed the amount of magical affinity required to be this world's Doctor Strange, until thanks to Sasuke, he showed up, and was ridden with the same curse of not being able to return to his home reality as the infinite number of realms and their various alternate universe realities was ever rapidly expanding.

"I may not have been able to save you dad…" Naruto looked up from the grave and at the blue skies. His facial expression was one of determination as his tears dried off from his cheeks. "But I can sure as hell make sure that your death isn't unvain!"

He would be the strongest Sorcerer Supreme that ever existed, and he would make sure that even if Dormammu never did show his face in this realm, he would be strong enough to protect those he cared about




Believe it!


Authors Note: Okay, things to note. First off, this version of Naruto arrived Earthland Pre-Shippuuden, as in, following the valley of the end, meaning that he doesn't have his Six Paths Sage Mode, his even his traditional Sage Mode, but thanks to him travelling between dimensions, however, his body now continuously absorbs Ambient Esoteric 'Magical' energy from multiple sources, aka multiple universes, so in a way, his body is constantly in a different type of Sage Mode that's much more powerful than his Canon Sage Mode.

Authors Note II: Naruto has the Cloak of Levitation and Eye of Agomoto. On top of that, he now manipulates his transformed chakra in a way that allows him to perform the same magical feats Doctor Strange Performs. This incarnation of Naruto could be one of the more powerful incarnations that existed, and he needs to be because someone needs to be there to eliminate the threat of Dormammu.

Authors Note III: Naruto still knows his Elemental Rasengan Variants as Minato explained to him the true purpose of the Rasengan and how it's incomplete. Doctor Strange helped him improve it. And in case you're wondering about a certain fox, he's still out there but his status as of this moment is going to be a mystery to you as the readers.

Disclaimer: I do not own Marvel, Naruto, or Fairy Tail.