Published: 7.20.17

"I can't believe Snivellus got himself a girl..."

"Who is she anyway?"

"Granger, tied with Evans for smartest witch in our year, and a bloody Hufflepuff at that."

"When'd they get together? I've never seen them interact before."

"Hell if I know, but long as he's away from Evans, I could care less."

"So you're still hung up about them Prongs? Just how much does he bother you that you could care less?"

"Shut up Padfoot, you know what I mean."

"Oh look, Evans is walking this way, look smart Prongs!"

"I am smart, you git. I just don't show it."

"Whatever makes you float, but here she comes!"

"Hello Evans, lovely day today, wouldn't you agree?" James asked, running a hand through his hair when he felt his bangs fall in his face, and he glanced straight into her eyes as he let himself smile. Merlin she looks brilliant, he thought, loving the way her eyes flashed with annoyance because he dared talk to her when she was just trying to get past them.

"It'd be lovely without your ugly face ruining the picture," Lily quipped back, and she wasn't above cutting him down a peg, or two, possibly three if he responded the way she hoped he'd respond.

"Don't you mean Snivellus' ugly face?" Sirius piped up, gesturing wildly to the couple reading a book under a tree.

Lily blinked in disbelief, and her mouth opened in a gape. "Sev?" she muttered, trying to make sense of reality as he wrapped his slender fingers around the girl's hair, dragging her down to lay on his lap, and making it seem as though he truly enjoyed her company.

"Well look what we've got here boys."