It was well after midnight.

The old wooden boards in the hallway of the little farmhouse creaked under her weight as she made her way through the sleeping household, careful to keep her movements silent.

Wanda had been staying with the Barton family for two weeks now, following the destruction of her homeland in the fight against Ultron, and her brother's death.

She was still bitterly upset that her twin hadn't survived the battle, her lust for revenge tempered only by her current helplessness. She had grabbed the very essence of Pietro's being into herself as she'd felt the bullets tear through him, focusing all of her magic on keeping him there with her, and every passing day that her grip on the shreds of his soul grew weaker, she got more and more desperate for some solution to save him.

Just this evening, however, as she'd been lying in bed waiting for sleep, it had finally come to her.

The door at the end of the hall opened without a sound when she pushed on it.

Wanda slipped into the dark room, her powers ensuring that the Barton couple remained soundly asleep as she padded up to the bedside and gently laid her hand on Laura's rounded belly.

A little push was all it took to transfer the fading scraps of Pietro's soul into the baby that was forming beneath her hands, and Wanda leaned close to peck a kiss to the slight deformity of a foot pressing against Laura's stomach from the inside.

"Soon, Pietro," she whispered. "You will be back soon. We'll be together again. Do not worry...big sister will take care of things until then."

"Neither of the adults stirred as she slipped back out into the hall and softly closed the door over before creeping back to her own room, her mind feeling more calm.

It had worked, his soul had taken to the new body.

Her brother would be safe.


Now, she could focus on getting her revenge.