Title: Home Schooled
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: none
Summary: Summer after 4th year and after his trial, Harry becomes fed up with a number of things and decides he wants to spend more time with Sirius, so he convinces Sirius to home school him instead of returning to Hogwarts for his fifth year.
Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter; someone commonly known as JKR and probably several corps do. This is just for fun.

(A/N: This story has been outlined on my hard drive for about 3 years and it's time for it to move out as I clean things. The first draft is about 28K-words in 5 medium-sized chapters. Yes, I may have reordered a few events at the top, please go with it.)

Home Schooled

Chapter 1

(bold part at the top quoted from the OotP book)

Over the next few days Harry could not help noticing that there was one person within number twelve, Grimmauld Place, who did not seem wholly overjoyed that he would be returning to Hogwarts. Sirius had put up a very good show of happiness on first hearing the news, wringing Harry's hand and beaming just like the rest of them. Soon, however, he was moodier and surlier than before, talking less to everybody, even Harry, and spending increasing amounts of time shut up in his mother's room with Buckbeak.

'Don't you go feeling guilty!' said Hermione sternly, after Harry had confided some of his feelings to her and Ron while they scrubbed out a mouldy cupboard on the third floor a few days later. 'You belong at Hogwarts and Sirius knows it. Personally, I think he's being selfish.'

'That's a bit harsh, Hermione,' said Ron, frowning as he attempted to prise off a bit of mould that had attached itself firmly to his finger, 'you wouldn't want to be stuck inside this house without any company.'

'He'll have company!' said Hermione. 'It's Headquarters to the Order of the Phoenix, isn't it? He just got his hopes up that Harry would be coming to live here with him.'

'I don't think that's true' said Harry, wringing out his cloth. 'He wouldn't give me a straight answer when I asked him if I could.'

'He just didn't want to get his own hopes up even more,' said Hermione wisely. 'And he probably felt a bit guilty himself, because I think a part of him was really hoping you'd be expelled. Then you'd both be outcasts together.'

'Come off it!' said Harry and Ron together, but Hermione merely shrugged.

'Suit yourselves. But I sometimes think Ron's mums right and Sirius gets confused about whether you're you or your father, Harry.'

'So you think he's touched in the head?' said Harry heatedly.

'No, I just think he's been very lonely for a long time,' said Hermione simply.

At this point, Mrs. Weasley entered the bedroom behind them.

Harry sort of listened and participated after that, but he continued to think about the situation with Sirius, as well as his situation. A germ of an idea planted itself in him.

— — —

Several weeks passed and the day before it was time to return to Hogwarts, their school letters finally came. Harry wondered how they'd get to Diagon Alley to go shopping with so little time. Mrs Weasley solved that problem by volunteering to go get their two new books.

However, what really captured his attention was the fact that Ron got the boy's Prefect badge. He pasted a grin on his face and gave his friend a hearty "Congratulations". Still, he felt slighted and overhearing a comment from Kingsley Shacklebolt about how he thought it would have been good for Harry to have received the Prefect's badge didn't help. It just added to the bad feelings he had on a number of topics.

After he found Mrs Weasley struggling with a Boggart and she was rescued, he went to his room, or really the one he shared with Ron. Closing the door, he leaned back against it and thought for a moment. A thought he'd had weeks ago when they had been cleaning returned to him again, as if it couldn't leave him alone. The question was, could he do it? Thinking back to a few things he'd heard at the party, maybe he could and it might even be good for him; but there was only one way to find out.

Opening the door, he returned to the staircase just in time to see Sirius go up to his room. As quietly as he could, Harry followed him up. Just before Sirius could close his door, Harry called out quietly, "Sirius?"

The man stopped and stuck his head out. "Harry? What's wrong?"

This was it, thought Harry. "Can we, you know, talk?" Before Sirius could answer, he added hurriedly, "I have a few questions about you and my parents."

Sirius nodded slowly before motioning him in with a nod and opening his door. "Hurry in before Molly sees you." He closed the door behind his godson. "Take a seat wherever you want."

Making himself comfortable in an old chair while Sirius took the bed, Harry wondered what Sirius would say, but there was no way to know without asking. "Sirius, because you're my godfather, is it right for me to assume my parents wanted you to take care of me in case, well, you know."

Looking down, Sirius nodded slowly. "Yeah. Don't know what they were thinking and my actions proved that right. I abandoned you when you needed me most. Some godfather I am," he said guiltily and with self-condemnation. His tone turned a little angry as he added, "Can't do much for you now either since I'm stuck here."

They were both in a fine mess, Harry thought. "Err, yeah, about that, I've had an idea, and well, I'd like to know what you think." He knew he was rambling, but he had finally managed to get the message across because Sirius looked up at him for a moment with curiosity.

"What's that?" the man finally asked as he really looked at his godson, almost as if seeing him for the first time as someone who wasn't a toddler or best friend.

"I, well, I need you to really be my godfather. I know you can't replace my father, but I need someone like that. I need someone to teach me some things, tell me things, and … as much as I may not like it, I need someone to make me do a few things."

Sirius gave a short bark of laugh. "Oh Merlin, you're growing up. Listen Harry, I want to help you, but I'm so … screwed up myself."

"Then let me help you as you help me," pleaded Harry.

"That almost makes sense," Sirius said with a shake of his head. "What do you want? Not that I can give it to you since you're about to leave for school." The last part was a little bitter.

"I think I need two things." Harry ticked off one finger. "First, I need you to act like my dad. You can start by growing up and acting like the head of the House of Black, or at least I was told this used to be an important family. If you are my godfather and hopefully will act like my dad, then I need you to stand up to people who try to do the wrong thing to us. Like, why do you let Mrs Weasley run over you? I can't do anything about it because she's an adult and I'm not, but why do you let her do it?"

"Well, I, umm, yeah, there's, err…" Sirius finally shut up for a moment when he couldn't complete a proper statement. "I don't know," he said finally. "Maybe I'm afraid of what I might say to her. She is trying to be helpful and," the bitterness returned, "doing things I can't."

"I need an adult in my life, Sirius. There's so much wrong that I can't do anything about and I know I don't know enough. Please, show me how things … life … is supposed to work."

Sirius nodded slowly. "You're right, you do need that. Your grandfather did a lot of that for me for the few years I knew him." He nodded more confidently this time. "Yeah, someone's got to do it." He looked at Harry for a moment. "That's going to be hard stuck in this house and with you at Hogwarts though. Next summer maybe…" he ended thoughtfully.

"Why are you stuck here?" Harry asked, hoping that came out innocently. Sirius wasn't fooled.

"You know why."

"Tell me anyway," Harry persisted.

"Fine," growled Sirius. "You know Pettigrew-"

"He's not," Harry interrupted, "the one keeping you in this house. He's made your life hard, but he's not the one."

Sirius stared for a moment. "Fine, you know Dumbledore says I have to stay hidden."

"Why?" When Sirius started to answer, Harry continued, "Why do you believe he'll help you? He's had over a year."

Sirius's mouth snapped closed and he blinked hard while he thought for a long moment. "I guess because I'm used to listening to him and taking his advice."

"Are you taking his advice or doing everything he says?"

The man looked at him before starting to chuckle and then laugh before ending in a sour expression. "I'm being what I never wanted to be, a follower. Yet, how can I get out of here?"

"There must be someone else that can help you. Can't you think of anyone?" Harry asked.

Sirius gave it a moment's thought, looking like he was really thinking this through for the first time. "Yeah, there might be, maybe." He grinned at Harry. "Dumbledore probably wouldn't be happy, but it's not his life either."

"No, it's your life," Harry agreed, "and it affects me too."

"True." Sirius looked at him for a moment. "I'll see about taking care of that tomorrow after you go off to school." Sirius looked at him thoughtfully for a moment. "I'm surprised at you saying all of that. I thought you believed in and followed Dumbledore."

Harry sighed. "I used to, but this past year and especially since the third task has made me start to think about things a little differently. He's not evil or anything like that, but I'm not happy with some of the things he's done, especially in regards to me."

Sirius snorted. "Yeah, I'm not completely happy with him either. You said there was a second thing. What was it?"

Here it comes, Harry thought. "I, well, I'd like you to teach me, maybe Moony too."

"Yeah, next summer, maybe even a little at Christmas," Sirius said with a nod.

"No," Harry stopped him, "I mean starting tomorrow." As his godfather started to object, Harry stated his thought boldly. "I don't want to return to Hogwarts; I want to stay here with you."

Sirius looked at him steadily for a moment. "You're serious?"

Harry couldn't help but grin as he said, "No, you're Sirius."

Sirius threw his head back and laughed hard. "Good one, Harry; you got me, well played. Now, about not going back to Hogwarts, I'd love to have you here, but really?"

"Yeah, I think so."

"Why?" his godfather asked.

"Well…" A knock on the door interrupted Harry as did a voice from the hallway.

"Sirius?! Is Harry in there?" shouted Molly Weasley.

The man seemed to deflate with wariness for a moment before he rose.

"Remember, it's your house and you're my godfather," Harry said quickly and quietly.

Sirius stopped and looked at him for a moment before he nodded and stood taller. As he approached the door, Molly started knocking again and more loudly. He jerked the door open and the woman almost fell forward as she was caught by surprise. "May I help you?" he intoned calmly and formally.

"I was looking for Harry since he wasn't in his and Ron's room." She peered around him and looked into the room; she didn't look happy to find him here. "There you are, Harry dear. Come, time for bed so you can get up in time for the train tomorrow." She looked at the man and berated him, "You shouldn't keep him up so late."

"I'm well aware of the hour, Molly, and my godson and I were having a conversation. You can rest assured that I'll make sure he's in bed at an appropriate time. I'll let you tend to your children," he told her.

"Sirius," she sputtered, "he needs to come now."

"My hearing works very well, thank you, does yours?" Her eyes went wide at the rebuke, but he continued on. "I appreciate your help when I've been unable, but I will take care of my family now. Have a good night's rest." Sirius closed the door almost in the woman's face, since she hadn't backed up from before. He also pulled out his wand and shot a spell at the door before he resumed his seat with his better posture.

"Is that what you were expecting?" he asked.

Harry grinned and nodded slightly. "Yeah, thanks; that's a good start."

"I'm sure I'll hear about it later," Sirius said with an amused look. "Now, before we were interrupted, I believe you were about to tell me why you didn't want to return to Hogwarts. I'd really like to hear this since I'm not sure it's a good idea."

Harry took a couple of deep breathes to screw up his courage. "Honestly, it more that I want to stay here than I don't want to return to Hogwarts."

"Oh? Do tell, because I can tell you it's positively boring here," the man said sarcastically, "not to mention that you won't have all of the same opportunities here; for example, no Quidditch in the house as we don't really have any place to go play it."

"I'll miss flying, but I can give up Quidditch," Harry told him as he put his fingers through his hair, already feeling a little depressed as he thought at what he was about to say. "Most of the reason I don't want to go back is that one or more bad things happen every year and I'm tired of it.

"It was only about two months ago that I was kidnapped and Cedric was killed right in front of me. I was forced to help resurrect Voldemort, be tortured by him, and then fight for my life. I may look OK on the outside, but I still have nightmares about that some nights."

"Still?" Sirius asked quietly.

"Yeah. They were bad the first week after, but I still get them. My nightmares from fighting the basilisk still come back sometimes too. Then there's ones from the Dementors a year ago."

"Those memories still haunt me," Sirius admitted as he looked down and breathed hard for a moment.

"This summer hasn't been a picnic either," Harry said after giving Sirius time to gather himself. "Attacked by more Dementors, then having a stupid trial for it all," he said a little angrily. "If that's not bad enough, even I can tell that Dumbledore is avoiding me despite having me tailed and not saying a thing about it. So I'd just as soon avoid him too by not returning to school. I can learn just was well here, I think, and I'll be a lot safer."

"Not sure what's going on with Dumbledore," Sirius said after a little thought. "I agree he's avoiding you, but he's also very concerned about you for some reason he won't name."

"Well, I'd as soon as not have to deal with that. Look at what he did with the Prefect badges. In some ways, it's not a big deal and I'm happy that Ron has something special, but it really should have been me."

Sirius's grin returned. "I'm sure I'm a little biased, but even when I try to objective about it, I would agree with you about that choice. I don't think Minerva knew I was listening in, but I heard her tell Remus that she had picked you but was overridden, and only one person can do that." He sighed and looked at Harry closely for a moment. "I'll agree that you've got some good reasons, but this is still a big deal. What about your friends?"

"You mean the ones that wouldn't write me because Dumbledore said so?" Harry asked a little caustically before he reined himself in. "I've mostly forgiven them, but I don't feel as close to them as before. We can write, I suppose, or maybe they won't write again. I really don't have any other close friends."

"That bad?" Sirius asked with a raised eyebrow and received a nod.

"There's two more reasons," Harry told him. "You heard what they said about the new Defence teacher Umbridge? She was at my trial and it was obvious she didn't like me. If she's going to be teaching there then after what the Ministry has said about me in the newspaper, I imagine it won't be fun with her."

Sirius harrumphed. "She was before my time at Hogwarts, but I remember my mother talking about her and liking her family, so that says a lot against her. What was your other reason?"

Harry did his best to smile adoringly. "I'd like to spend time with you. We've barely been able to get to know one another because of others interfering and I want to spend time with you. I can't think of a better way to do that than letting you teach me, not only school work but the things that my dad should have taught me growing up."

Sirius shook his head. "I was afraid you'd say something like that."


"Because that's the hardest one to say no to, you little rascal." Sirius reached out and ruffled Harry's hair with affection as Harry grinned and let him. "Let's go see if Remus is still here and get an opinion from him. I'd need his help to pull it off."

"Yes!" Harry hissed and jumped up with joy.

Sirius laughed. "Come one, but given what I suspect will happen, you might be better off standing outside the door to the kitchen and listening without being seen."

"I can do that," Harry said happily as they left the room.

On the final set of stairs, Sirius put his finger to his lips and then pointed at a spot right outside the door to the kitchen. Harry stationed himself there and prepared to wait as Sirius walked into the next room that had several low voices talking.

Sirius had barely walked in the door when Harry heard Mad-Eye Moody say, "Sirius, is there a reason that-"

"Yes," Sirius interrupted the man, "there's a reason for that and a few other things. Remus, I'm glad you're still here because I could use your advice on something. Hmm, Cousin, you should probably come with him. I'll be in the library when you finish your conversation."

"Is Harry in bed now?" Harry heard Mrs Weasley ask in a piqued tone.

"Molly, my apologies for my abruptness earlier, but you had no way of knowing that you were interrupting an important conversation. Therefore, let me take the time to say now what I should have said then.

"Although don't say it often enough, I do appreciate all the work you've done here from preparing meals better than I could and for your efforts to clean this old house. I appreciate even more the efforts you've made in the past to watch over Harry when I couldn't. That being said, while he's in this house and under my care, I will see to his needs. After all, he is not only my godson but my heir."

It was all Harry could do not to gasp at that last part as he hadn't known about being Sirius's heir.

"I know I haven't acted like I should for most of this summer, but as Harry reminded me this evening, although he didn't use these words, I am the adult and it's time to start acting like it, not only for my sake but more importantly for his." Sirius paused for a moment before he also said, "Have a pleasant evening, Arthur, Molly, and you as well Alastor. Remus and Nym, I'll see you both in the library shortly."

Sirius strode out of the kitchen and Harry made haste to follow him as well as walk quietly while considering that he hadn't heard any protests from Mrs Weasley and he speculated it was because Sirius had surprised her.

In the library, they made themselves comfortable while they waited. Harry had to ask, "Is it really true that I'm your heir?"

"It is," Sirius said with a satisfied look. "I made you that shortly after you were born and there was no one on the horizon for me. Even now years later, I still think that was one of my better decisions and I stand by it. Perhaps that won't be needed eventually assuming I marry one day, but you'll always be a part of my life and I hope to always be a part of your life."

Harry nodded very slowly, not able to speak as he felt almost overcome with happiness.

"Speaking of being my heir," Sirius said thoughtfully, "I have a couple of things for you, but I'll need to find them first…"

Before more could be said, they heard footsteps coming towards them and Sirius shut up and pulled out his wand as he watched the door.

Remus stuck his head in the partially open door. "Ready for us?"

"Do come in and take a seat." After Tonks shut the door, Sirius cast a spell at it and put his wand down. Looking at his cousin, who shifted her hair a darker pink, he finally asked, "Nym-"

"Don't say it," she said testily.

He glared at her and commanded, "Hold your tongue for a moment, Cousin … or really my Niece. I know your dislike of your name, hence me calling you Nym earlier."

She looked down a little guiltily. "It's only a little better."

"As I was saying - Cousin Nym," Sirius started again and his look promised dire consequences for being interrupted again. "One of the things I believe I need to do is to fix parts of the family. Your Aunt Bellatrix will receive her due tomorrow when I kick her out of the family. I've yet to decide what to about your Aunt Narcissa; however, your mother has a choice."

Tonks looked up at him suddenly.

"Your father has taken good care of your mother from what I've heard, and I've found him to be pleasant the few times I've met him. Has your mother ever expressed any desire to be reinstated into the Black family even though she is married?" he asked her. "Or do you have that wish?"

Tonks stared at him for a moment, just blinking. "I, uh, I know she was upset at being thrown out, but I don't believe I've ever heard her say anything else about it. As for me, I really don't know since I've never been a part."

"Sad but not surprising she hasn't talked about it. I'd like you to take the offer to her that it is possible if she desires it." Sirius picked up a quill and began writing for a minute. After what appeared to be a short note, he sealed it and then handed it to the young woman. "For your mother. Also, I would like to ask a favor of you. If I gave you a letter for Amelia Bones, would you be willing to take it to her and give it to her privately?"

Remus hissed as he sucked his breath in. "Are you sure that's wise, my friend?"

"Err, yeah," Tonks agreed. "What if she accused me of knowing where you were but not bringing you in?"

"I will do my best to protect you," he promised. "I'll point out that I contacted you via an owl because you're an Auror and family. I will also be offering to turn myself in to you if she'll promise me a real trial, if it's required. I'm not sure that it is, but it might be. I'm still looking into that. If you're willing, I'll get the letter to you tomorrow."

It didn't take her long before she said, "Yeah, I'll do it. It'd be good for my career too."

"There is that," he said with a smile, as if he'd planned it. "I'll let you go. Please talk to your mother soon."

"Sure," she agreed and rose. After a quick good-bye to everyone, she left.

Sirius locked and silenced the door again. Now he grinned as he looked at his old friend. "Mr Moony, Mr Padfoot requests your cooperation on a most brilliant prank devised by none other than Mr Prong's own little buck. I also believe Mr Prongs and Mrs Flower would endorse this if they could speak to us."

Harry couldn't help but grin after the funny speech and the warm thoughts of being included an almost an equal with his parents' friends.

Remus was wearing a slightly amused smile by now. "Do tell, Mr Padfoot. What scheme has been cooked up this time?"

Sirius walked over and sat next to Harry and put his arm around his shoulders, as well as became more serious. "Harry has been having quite a bit of trouble at school each and every year, as I believe you're aware?"

The smile left Remus quickly and he gave a tight nod.

"Harry has also expressed some other opinions on the matter of his life and how unhappy he has been, not to mention he's been … pissed off?" Sirius looked at Harry, who nodded, "about not being able to spend some quality time with me, and you too for that matter. This year doesn't sound too promising either with talk about that Umbridge woman. Therefore, he'd like you and me to open the Marauders School of Magic."

Remus shot up out of his chair. "What?! You can't be serious, and don't say it!" he ordered as he looked between the other two.

"He knows me too well," Sirius said conspiratorially to Harry, who chuckled. "Actually, Harry is quite serious about this and I think I have to agree."

Lupin looked at each of them for a moment before he sat back down. "Now I understand why you'd push for a trial, but I don't believe I understand why you'd still allow this. Hogwarts would be better for him."

Sirius looked at Harry and Harry went through his argument again. When he finished, he noticed that Professor Lupin didn't look happy, but he wasn't arguing either. "You know," Remus said after a long moment of thought, "this will make some people unhappy … in fact, really unhappy."

"I know," Harry answered before Sirius could. "But it's my life and I want to try something different. I want family in my life and you two are the closest thing I've got, even if you are both half-daft," he added the last part slyly.

The two men chuckled lightly at the joke that had broken the slightly depressing mood after Harry's reasons for not going back to Hogwarts.

"So, Molly or Albus?" Sirius asked suddenly.

"Molly will only be loud and that's easily taken care of; you've already started on that," Lupin told him. "Albus will be who you have to watch out for."

"I know he'll bring a lot of pressure, but both Harry and I have noticed that he's avoiding Harry this summer, something he hasn't mentioned at the Order meeting either," Sirius pointed out.

"Hmm, you have a point," Lupin agreed in a thoughtful manner.

"He also can't turn me in himself unless he wants the Order all charged with aiding an escapee," Sirius told him.

Remus snorted with amusement. "True." He looked at Harry. "You're really sure about this? It'll get very lonely, even if there are two of you here."

"Three," Black said firmly. "Move your mangy carcass here. I said I'd need your help to teach and there's no reason you can't join us. I'll even make you a special room downstairs in the basement if you want it and we can afford the potion for you."

"Padfoot," Moony protested with almost a growl in his voice.

"Stuff it, Moony," Padfoot said with a little heat. "Get over your 'I don't need charity' bit. Harry needs you in his life and that means here. You'll be earning it. Or are you going to run away again? I shall not. The shame of once is more than enough for me."

"Sirius…" Harry started, but the man stopped him with a hard squeeze on his shoulder.

"I screwed up, Harry. I let my emotions take over what little sense I had and I abandoned you to ten difficult years you should never have had to endure. I'm really sorry and it won't happen again. Remus," Sirius flicked his hand at his old friend, "abandoned you too. It would have been a lot harder for him to have taken you in, but he could have been there for you, checking up on you instead of running off as he did. This is his chance to make up for that."

Harry noticed that Remus was hanging his head and wouldn't look up at all. He wasn't sure what to say about the past, as much as he would have liked to have someone come check on him; but he could speak to the future. "Please? Please be in my life now."

Lupin finally looked up and there was a tear going down one cheek. "I'm so sorry, Harry. I couldn't deal with life rationally then. I might have been insane after your parents died, I'm not sure. I'm very sorry I never checked up on you." He nodded after a moment. "Albus isn't going to like it, but I'll do it for you, and for James and Lily."

Sirius snorted. "Albus has had you wasting your time. You've checked on the packs and have their answer. Going back again isn't going to help and you know it."

"Yeah I do," Remus said slowly, "but he's still not going to like it." He suddenly grinned and his mischievous look from earlier returned. "So, how are we going to do this?"

"Not much to it really. Harry stays here tomorrow while everyone else leaves for the train," Sirius said with a shrug. "The more interesting part comes during the early afternoon, I'd think."

"Probably, but you're going to get an earful from Molly no matter what time of day," Lupin pointed out.

"Only if she can find me," Sirius said with a grin. "I think Harry and I will spend the morning learning a few things about the Black family, as well as the Potters. When we can't be found, you'll just have to innocently point out they have to leave or they'll all miss the train…"

"And Harry will have to come later on his own," Lupin said with a nod. "Simple and not too hard to screw up."

"Always good," Sirius agreed and stood. "Kreacher!"

The elf popped in. "Filthy master called?"

As Sirius took a deep breath, Harry quickly pulled on his robes. "Gently."

Sirius looked like he'd eaten something distasteful, but he held it in for a moment before he very evenly said, "Kreacher, I order you to never again insult myself or my heir, Harry Potter. Is that clear?"

Now Kreacher struggled and opened his mouth, though no sound came out.

"Now, Kreacher, you are to go to the room that has Harry's trunk and possessions and move them all to my old room. You will do all of that as silently as possible and not wake anyone up. After that, you will start on cleaning the house until it is time for breakfast, and then you will sleep as much as you need to be rested and then continue cleaning the house. I want the house looking as good as my mother expected it to be by the end of next week. You may go."

The elf looked upset but bowed his head ever so slightly before he left.

Sirius let out an explosive breath. "That was so hard to do. I've hated him for years."

"Good job," Harry told his godfather. "The bottles of alcohol will be put away tomorrow too, right?"

Sirius grimaced but nodded. "Being the adult sucks sometimes."

Remus chuckled but Harry beamed at his godfather. "I appreciate it."

"Just for you, Harry. Come on, let's go find your room. I want you away from the portrait of the old Headmaster and my great-grandfather, or whatever he was," Sirius said as he led him away.

"He was watching me?" he asked aghast.

"Don't know for sure, but probably, knowing Albus." Padfoot looked at him and grinned. "You'll like my old room. Remus, bring your stuff with you tomorrow."

"Very well, for James and Lily," Moony said as he headed down the stairs while Sirius and Harry went up.

Sirius opened a door that had his name on it. Inside was a room done in maroon and silver. However, it wasn't the colors that grabbed Harry's attention, it was the two posters with barely clad girls on it. They were Muggle in nature since they weren't moving and Harry didn't think most witches would have posed for a poster like either of those.

"Think you can live with these decorations?" his godfather asked.

"I'll, err, manage," Harry eeked out, barely keeping a normal voice as he eyed a pair of very healthy look girls in red bikinis on one of the posters and a girl with a deep tan in a white bikini on the other poster..

"I'm sure," Sirius said and clapped him on the back. "Get some rest. I'll come wake you up in the morning."

As he left, Harry looked around and saw his trunk. A check showed it all to be there. He used the bathroom and then changed before going to bed. A part of him was really going to miss his friends, but he still thought he was doing the right thing. Hopefully, he'd still think that in a month.

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